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Whitney Houston

Born: 1963-08-09 - Died: 2012-02-11
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Houston was found dead in a room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, in Beverly Hills, California. The cause was not immediately identified. She had battled a highly publicized drug problem in her past.

Paramedics reportedly found Houston unresponsive in the room, and performed CPR for around 20 minutes before ultimately declaring her dead.

Who was Whitney Houston : Whitney Houston was a famous singer who rose to stardom in the 1980s with hits like "How Will I Know" and "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". By the early 90s, she was a huge star. Anyone old enough to remember 1992 will remember how huge Houston's hit "I Will Always Love You" was. The song was from the soundtrack to the movie The Bodyguard, which Houston also starred in.

Houston married Bobby Brown, also a singer, in 1992, and they two of them had a daughter named Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown. Whitney and Bobby would go on to appear in the spotlight numerous times for drug-related issues.
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300 Signatures in Whitney Houston's guestbook

  1. SM Garcia Says:

    Another gone too soon….But your music lives on.
    R.I.P now…for sure…you earned your wings!

  2. Cholon Edwards Says:

    My prayers go out to Bobbi Christina and Ms Cissy Houston and the rest of the Houston family

  3. Ellsworth Bonia Says:

    My name is Ellsworth Bonia I Am Deaf and I’ve always loved your music, i collect’em all I’d read lyrics so i know what you said all of those music you have,You’re my IDOL, you have one of most precious voice, you’re just a humane being you’re a true color. you’re going to be seat in god’s white thoroe chair cause you’re diva queen of the music! your music will always goes on, also I will always love you!!!!!! your memories lane will always be there! RIP my prayer goes out to houston family!




    RIP WHITNEY WE LOVE YOU,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. Mandy Stinson Says:

    Whitney i have always love you, i have listen to ur music every since i was a little girl, u will always live on in your songs and everyones heart. You have always been my idol and always will. I Will Always Love You. R.I.P Whitney, you are now Gods Singing Angel.

  7. verbia parker Says:

    i loved all whitneys music and movies she will truely be missed

  8. Eudora J Gutmann Says:

    You Lifted Me Up!! I hope You have found the rest and ultimate Peace, that you richly deserve!!!

  9. Andre Peres Says:

    Você se foi muito cedo, sua voz continuará viva!
    condolências do povo brasileiro a família!
    André Péres – Rio Branco, Acre, Brasil.

  10. Sheila Smith Gibson Says:

    I do not know anyone who could express the way I feel about love in a song like Whitney did……her music helped a lot of people out when they did not know which way to turn…If I should say I will only be in your way….Oh my God, bless and protect her family. Give them the strength to make Whitney proud..People be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might…..

  11. Neessy Jones Says:

    Im still cant belive your dead i will never forget you Not only you was my hero You was my idol See you later love alway Neessy <3 R.I.P. Whitney Houtson's

  12. Denise Says:

    your family is in my prayers…gone to soon <3



  14. WILL CHILES Says:


  15. zingisa Says:

    We will always remember you-R.I.P

  16. Webstar Dainamite Says:

    You are a gift to us, you taught me love, your music lives in me, Rest In Eternal Peace, my love.

  17. Jessica m ramos Says:

    My condolences to Whitneys family MAY SHE REST IN HEAVEN! WE LOVE U MISS WHITNEY HOUSTON BROWN!!!

  18. Sandra B. Says:

    To all of Whitney’s family, I am so sorry for your loss. She will always have a special place in all our lives. The battle is over and peace has come. \

  19. claire byrne Says:

    God spoke and asked for one of his angels back into heaven, rip whitney your memories will live on forever and your music for eternity

  20. dejah mccoy Says:

    We miss u.!!!!!!!! We will always love you……..

  21. Sharon Skerritt Says:

    Rest in peace, you will be missed.

  22. Natasha Rodgers Says:

    Sing in heaven Whitney!!

  23. Ann Robinson Says:

    whitney, i grew up listening to ur music and it will always be special to me u will truley b missed. RIP

  24. VICKIEJ Says:

    Another beautiful voice and angel has left us too soon.Wear your crown and wings.RIP QUEEN OF POP!!!!!

  25. Christopher Says:

    “All at once, I’m drifting on a lonely sea, wishing you’d come back to me… and it hurts me more than you know, so much more than it shows, all at once…”

    “And in that one moment in time, I will be, I will be, I will be FREE!”

    “I wonder if I could be your miracle…”

    Whitney Elizabeth Houston, for all of us who were inspired by your angelic voice and your presence, you WERE our miracle, and you shall be for always. Thank you for the music and the memories and for sharing the gifts God gave you with us. Now you sing in God’s heavenly choir with Laura Branigan, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Karen Carpenter, and so many others taken from us too soon. Rest in peace my angel, and I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.

  26. Kevin Says:

    Whitney as you rest in peace their are literally millions…… Heartbroken

  27. julie harding Says:

    a beautiful shining star will brighten the sky allways rip whitney <3

  28. Tonya Kindler Says:

    Oh how sad this is I thought she was gonna be around for alot longer than she was what the spotlight must do to people such an amazing person she was and how many lives she touched with her music I pray for her family how tough this may be you will be in my heart whitney

  29. Richard W. Brim Says:

    When I heard, she had died, my heart stopped for a second, and I thought G-d what a lose to this world she brought so much life and energy in her songs, now she sings in G-d’s choir. I meet her for a short conversation in NYC at a downtown restaurant in the late 80’s she was exactley what I had always felt about her, she was down to earth and not snooby or above anyone else she was kind and joyful and their was a twinkle in her eyes of life. The world will miss you Ms. Houston and the future generation will never witness a voice so energetic and powerful as yours.

  30. Houda Tarzi Says:

    Whitney, you’ve gone to soon from us, and I will always love you, now you sing for Gods choir, the hearts all over the world will miss you, your last song you sang on your last album is a testiment to this world, I Turn To You, and the last song you sang at the Pre-Oscar party YES JESUS LOVES ME- I’ll miss you and always love you!

  31. Starre McKinnon Says:

    You were an inspiration to us all has the gift of music in their heart like I do. Your music touches my heart and soul. I normally do not cry at Funerals, but her death saddens me. Gone soon but Not forgotten! May you rest in Peace and sing to us from the Gospel Choir of Angels in Heaven

    To Whitney’s Family:
    God Bless you, and sorry for your loss. Sending all my love, she was my first album as was Michael Jackson’s album on cassette tape. Starre (fan of her music)
    Starre McKinnon

  32. Katie Hudson Says:

    RIP Whitney Houston you’re my friend

  33. Katie Hudson Says:

    RIP Whitney Houston you’re my fat mamma singer

  34. Katie Hudson Says:

    my 100 fan

  35. marie phillips Says:

    i will miss you always my heart are withyou family and friends i am your fan always and for ever whitney are the the greateat gift god could put on this earth andthe woman i could ever be i love you

  36. marie phillips Says:

    i love you r,,i..p

  37. david siyakurima Says:

    Outside the grave yard its written at the door were u are we were there, lnside at the door it says were we are u will come so may ur soll rest in peace we will be there also

  38. Tom Timberman Says:

    Whitney now in God’s heaven: She sings with the angels: The first time I heard Whitney sing: “I will always love you” brought tears to my eyes. I truly thought she was singing to me oh yes and the rest of the world too. You had my love from the first time I heard the song. Whitney I will also “Always love you”
    To the Houston family: This journey is most difficult for you. My heart goes out especially to Bobbi and Cissy: Know my thoughts and prayers are with you and my deepest symphathy. May each memory bring a peace and comfort to your heart and fill it with joy … so there is no room for sorrow. God’s light will guide you … just put out your hand.

  39. Zackariah Says:

    I will miss you as will every one else in every corner of the world you will not be forgotten and You shall join Micheal Jackson cause together you are the KIng and Queen of music you soul will live on god bless america.

  40. kam Says:

    i cryed when i heard the news

  41. andrewt Says:

    she wsa a timeless treasure and cwill be missed forever ,and i always loved her and her music .

  42. Turquoise Williams Says:

    I remember I was the “special guest” singer when she received her Doctoral from Grambling State University in 1986. Certainly a moment in time that I will never forget. She cried, I cried and her mom cried , such a joyous high point in my life. Whitney we love and miss you so much. God needed you more than we did.

  43. Melissa Says:

    You are a star to me and all ways will be R.I.P !



  45. Jenyce Says:

    R.I.P. Whitney your was and will always the bomb

  46. Roberta Says:

    My prayers go out to her Bobbi Cristina and her family.you are my idol and you have a precious voice.

    RIP Whitney Houston

    you will be sadly missed

  47. buck ide Says:

    i loved ” i will always love you”

  48. Kelecia Says:

    Im so heartbroken all I want to say is I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU…! Rest n peace my condolences goes out to your daughter and family god bless them

  49. NigHater Says:

    Good riddance crackwhore!

  50. Tito Washington Says:

    RIP whitney…you can have all the fried chicken and watermelon you want now baby

  51. Eric Holder Says:

    Funny how your career died about 15 years before you did.

  52. Al Sharpton Says:

    Don’t be hatin’ on my baby Whitney now.

  53. MartinLoofaKang Says:

    A worthles derelect. An immoral,filthy,arrogant,stupid,sexually loose slut,a lousy mother,a rotten excuse for a professional.Good riddance you has-been horse-faced bitch!!

  54. MartinLoofaKang Says:

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  55. Dolly Parton Says:

    Way to screw up my song, bitch.

  56. YourCrackDealer Says:

    You were my best customer. Now I have to go find more nigger crack whores to sell to.

  57. Neil Says:

    It’s off to Dead Nigger Storage for you!

  58. Reverend Kane Says:

    You were as beautiful a negro as I had ever seen before turning yourself into a crackwhore. May Satan kindly accept you back from where you came

  59. mr. jigaboo Says:

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  60. buckwheat Says:

    you were a filthy skanky crack ho

  61. barak obama Says:

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  62. Cartel Says:

    Thank you for supporting the mexican drug cartels.
    We love nasty crack whores like Whitney

  63. Truth Says:

    So from what I am reading, this woman, at some point in her life, had some actual worth. Well, from what I know of her, she is just another nigger crack whore, who overdosed and drowned in a godamned bath tub….good riddance to another failure at life. I also heard she blew through her entire $160 million in earnings, all on drugs. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why you are not supposed to ever allow ANY nigger this much money. Nothing good ever comes of it, and they most certainly did not deserve it.
    I did look up her last two big hits though, out of curiosity. They turn out to be #1 the crack pipe, and #2 the fucking floor. Good riddance to another worthless nigger crack whore, 40 million more to go. Stay classy, niggers.

  64. Samual (spanky) Jackson Says:

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  65. Truth Says:

    Her whore of a nigger daughter is also strung out on drugs already, and she is only 19. The entire nigger family will be burning in hell for an eternity, which is exactly what each and every nigger deserves for what they have done to our country.
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  66. My Momma Says:

    You go, girl!!!

  67. Truth Says:

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  68. Kentucky Fried Chicken Says:

    You will be missed!!

  69. Bitter Sylence Says:

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  70. Jamal Jenkums Says:

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  71. Jamal Jenkums Says:

    1 less crack head and one less smelly nigger! The price of crack will probably go down now due to decreased demand!

  72. Abdulaziz Muh Dik Says:

    Another dead, worthless sheboon. All her fans are to blame. Will NOT be missed.

  73. Martin Says:

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  74. jessie jackson Says:

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  77. Charlie Sheen Says:

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  79. Bobby Brown Says:

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  80. Amy Winehouse Says:

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  81. Tyrone Muhdikson Says:

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  82. Tyrone Muhdikson Says:

    Tell Bobbi I’m fuhk him up he don’t covah de cost fo dem pills.

  83. Tyrone Muhdikson Says:

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  84. Hotel Plumber Says:

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  85. billy bob one tooth red neck Says:

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  89. Bobby Brown Says:

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  90. Kanye West Says:

    Yo Whitney That was great but lets me tell you about one of the greatest deaths of all time. Mines! When I do the same thing only Im gunna shoot heroin into my eyeballs rape a few goats and the jump off da Empire State Building.

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  92. billy bob one tooth red neck Says:

    Whitney u were so much better then Amy Whorehouse

  93. Shelia Smith Gibson Says:

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  94. Surburban Trailor Trash Says:

    I don’t blame Whitney for killing herself I would rather O.D. then watch another Republican Nominee Debate

  95. Satan Says:

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  96. Surburban Trailor Trash Says:

    Why couldn’t that Cock Head retarded George Bush od….he can’t sing or run this country

  97. Coroner Says:

    Cause of death unknown? I don’t think so. Cause of death was TNB with a pill chaser.

  98. Angie Says:

    To all the family members and her sweet daughter the whole world are saddened to hear of your sudden loss of Whitney, I saw her in concert 4 times she was so wonderful and a voice of an angel. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you during this tragic time. God Bless

  99. Mr. Muhdik Says:

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  100. Whitney Houston Says:

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  101. Tupac Says:

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  102. sharkeater75 Says:

    Oh lawldy, the useless ho who never wrote her own songs, hasn’t had a hit in 20 years and lost her voice due to smoking 100 million in crack is gone.

    What a loss.

  103. Whitney houston Says:

    I finally turned my life around!!!

  104. guesswho Says:

    sooooo sad!

  105. Truth Says:

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  106. guesswho Says:

    beta b cos its sucks wen u ar alive

  107. Michael Jackson Says:

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  108. billy bob one tooth red neck Says:

    I apologize for all my mean comments to white people. I owe you for everything…I will do the honor of turning my life around tomorrow.

  109. M. Foster Says:

    We will always love u. RIP.

  110. johnnie wadd Says:

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  111. Reading in disbelief Says:

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  112. Brad Smith Says:

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  113. Al Sharpton Says:

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  114. Reverend White Says:

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  115. Shitnig Coonshun Says:

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  116. Hugh G. Rection Says:

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  117. Heywood Jabloemey Says:

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  118. niggermaniac Says:

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  119. Ben Dover Says:

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  120. Bongo Says:

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  121. Bongo Says:

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  122. Jerry Starnes Says:

    love ur music going to miss u

  123. Niggerbaiter Says:

    Another nigger that was “just about to turn its life around”. Your caterwauling won’t be missed, Wailey Houston, especially by those who like music.

  124. JenkumJim Says:

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  125. Jorge Says:

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  126. Crazy Russian Says:

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  127. Crazy Russian Says:

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  128. Mr. White Says:

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  129. James Crow Says:

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  130. endangeredwhiteguy Says:

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  131. marie mills Says:

    i have always loved your music from when i was a child and still do in adulthood. You will be sadly missed it is such a tragedy that you have been taken from us. You are in the best place and will be looked after with all the other angels. God bless and my thoughts are with your family RIP xxx

  132. NiggerHater Says:

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  133. nikiva from bermuda Says:

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  136. Whitney houston Says:

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  143. June Says:

    R.I.P. Whitney..May God bless and protect your precious daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

  144. ted bundy Says:

    do you remember the night i cornholed your black skanky ass and then you licked the shit off my cock

  145. bill clinton Says:

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  146. Cherlyn Says:

    Rest in peace Whitney!

  147. DaTruf Hurtz Says:

    Truly sad. Another useless, dr ug-cra zed ch i mp passes, and all the Lib ta rd s are broken up. Sha me on the Whi te people that sign thi s bo ok in sorrow…

  148. shitneyboonston'scrackpipe Says:

    I miss that old sow. Surprised it made it that long.

  149. Bobby Brown Says:

    You fuckin hoe, how dare you kill your niggerself like dat. You got yourself one dayum good skull crackin bitch slappin comin your way, slut.

  150. Truth Says:

    RIP Beautiful.

  151. Jesus Says:

    I’m glad my Father didn’t give niggers souls!

  152. Niggerbaiter Says:

    We’ve heard about a nigger that decided to waste its existence by blowing money on a drug habit, ok? We’ve heard about how it felt unloved; how it suffered a failed marriage; how it allegedly faced “poverty” (life must be tough when you’re on your last three million pounds or dollars); how it died, after it decided to shove more drugs
    into its body. We also heard it murder other peoples songs. Songs it never had to work to create, but only had to ook “Gibs muh dat”.

    Cry me a river.

    When was the last time you niggerlovers heard the names, saw photos of, and had detailed accounts of the soldiers that are fighting for your country? How about the same criteria, but prolonged for six or seven days?

    Whittle that one down a bit, how about just one soldier; injured or killed?

    Get back to me when you niggerlovers have an answer.

  153. TenMillionIsAGoodStart Says:

    Flag flown at half staff? are you KIDDING ME?? hope your singing some songs for St. Peter that you didn’t STEAL FROM ANOTHER MORE TALENTED ARTIST.

  154. Water Says:

    How do you think I feel? First I was poured into a large vessel, then some huge lump of shit gets in the vessel at the same time I’m in it! My only hope was that either the vessel became unplugged, so I could escape to the sewers (heaven, compared to being in contact with that brown turd), or I evaporate (a much slower process), or the lump of shit hauls its fat arse out of the vessel (I’d still be stained brown though).

    The ungrateful turd fell asleep! It didn’t unplug the vessel I was filling, nor did it crawl out of the vessel. I could only evaporate away.

    Dear god! The stench! The taste! It only got worse as I evaporated. How I longed for the misery to end!

    Why is there no law against torture such as this!

  155. quincy henderson Says:

    as a dj i play the music that captivates my soul and with your music ive seem to grow as a true person thank you and you will be missed

  156. St. Peter Says:

    That fucking nigger knocked on my gates so over the intercom I ased it what it wanted.

    It said, “It’s me. Whitney. I want to come into the Kingdom of Heavan. I ased it why it thought it should be let in.
    It replied, “Because I sang in the church choir and I was a famous singer.”

    I just laughed and said, “But your’e a nigger and niggers aren’t human so get the fuck off my property, Bitch!”

  157. traci brown yates Says:


  158. traci brown yates Says:


  159. Cheryl Wiggan Says:

    TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! Rest Now My SISTER, will always have Your show in the summer rain at Bush Garden Va. Will always love you. My prayers are with the family. GODS GOT IT!!! LOVE YA

  160. lorleta phelia Says:

    hello you dont know she dont at all I love her so much it hurt my heart so bad I feel like I lose my sister and a very close friend your family are in my prays so thank you for letting me share that she will be miss so much.

  161. Wtfnig Says:

    Bathtubs and wata be rayyycisss! Gnomesane?

  162. Scharlyn Scott Says:

    Before Whitney was a Star she sang beautiful Gospel Music. There is a meaning to the word gospel, it means good news. The good news is that good people don’t go to Heaven —FORGIVEN people do. R.I.P. Whitney you have been forgiven. No more pain.

  163. hillbillygirl45 Says:

    You had the most beautiful voice, it took me back to when I was younger and a whole lot happier. No more pain, just peace. My thoughts and prayers are with the Houston family and friends. RIP, Whitney, you are and will be missed.

  164. wilma jackson Says:

    my payers go out to the houston family. whitney will be missed but not forgotten. her music will forever be remembered. an american idol and icon always. rip we will always love you

  165. jackie drew Says:

    im speechless.. we have truly lost a legend, an icon,an idol, a diva, a sister. our prayers go out to the entire houston family. no one can judge her now but god. we will always love her

  166. The Allstate Nigger Says:


  167. esha Says:

    Some pale people are so dumb and such haters you basters will be the first to rottttttt in Hell ps our president is BLACK … RIP WHITNEY U WILL TRULEY BE MISSED… i love all races u just have some dumb wet back crackers.

  168. Tangela Williams Says:

    Whitney Houston am one of your bigest fan.R.I.P

  169. Neessy Jones Says:

    Im only 18th year old Maaaan I just cant believe ur gone :**( and im not gonna believe it your music brought joy happyness to everyone even young girls like i hope someday i could be just like you Whitney I love You sooo much if I only knew you i person I will haaad stad behind helping every step of the way Im not gonna say goodbye well I will see you soon love Neessy <3

  170. surrena walker Says:

    Whitney you will be sorely missed.

  171. Jacqueline Bell Says:

    If we could bring you back again,
    For one more hour or day,
    We’d express all our unspoken love;
    We’d have countless things to say.

    If we could bring you back again,
    We’d say we treasured you,
    And that your presence in our lives
    Meant more than we ever knew.

    If we could bring you back again,
    To tell you what we should,
    You’d know how much we miss you now,
    And if we could, we would.

    By Joanna Fuchs

  172. Gregg juarez Says:

    You were a true lady

  173. Gregg juarez Says:

    Gregg juarez

  174. kayla bivins Says:

    same here for you whitney and tell randy and my family in heaven i love them thanks love you and miss so much more

  175. David The Branch Says:

    My Beloved Whitney, your mission was accomplishment and overcome your battle of life that is your time to go home to be with God. I love your music with amazingly voice that part of your greatest gifts. Your music was inspiration and touching many lives from your pure angelic voice remain in our heart that will never forget you forever and ever. We will be miss you in special memories. May Lord take you rest in peace. That is your calling come home join with Angels sing in Heavenly. Pray for Bobbi Christina and Cissy Houston stay faith in God. I’ll always love you forever more.

  176. RENA HARPER Says:


  177. Tonia Brindle Says:

    Whitney will be miss was a great singer and there will never be another singer like Whitney…

  178. Roxanne McDaniel Says:

    I will always LOVE YOU Whitney,My Love and Prayers go out to her Family once again GONE TOO SOON.

  179. LaShon Norris Says:

    Rest in peace, safe in our Fathers’ arms.
    You are greatly missed by all; we will always miss your love and spirit; To God Be The Glory!!!

  180. Patrice Irving Says:

    Ms Houston and Bobbi Christina when you loose someone you love you must let go of what could have been and hold on to your memories of Whitney especially those memories of hers in your heart. God will allow you to grive as long as you need to and dont ever let anyone tell you when it’s time. God will heal your hearts. God Bless

  181. Andrew Says:

    rip we will miss you

  182. Nicole Says:

    There r some dumb ass white people in this world. May u rest in peace whitney houston such a great talent

  183. Andrew Says:

    Great talent, shame she could not find better ways to entertain herself other than booze and drugs!

  184. Shirley Sanders Studymine Says:

    Whitney, I will always love you. Whitney’s family, thank you for sharing her with us through the years. Whitney’s music has been such an inspiration and I will continue in prayer for all of you.

  185. Carolyn Young Says:

    My deepest condolences to Bobbi Kristina and Ms. Cissy Houston and the rest of the Houston family. The world has lost an icon but the sky has one mome truly bright star. Whitney will be sadly missed on the sreens and for the great voice of every. We have lost a great talent and she will be missed by all. Another gone to soon. But your music will continue to live on for ever. smile May God Keep you smile down on us. ” And I will always love you”

  186. Carolyn Young Says:

    My deepest condolences to Bobbi Kristina and Ms. Cissy Houston and the rest of the Houston family. The world has lost an icon but the sky has one more truly bright star. Whitney will be sadly missed on the screens and for the greatest voice of all.You have always been my idol. We have lost a great talent and she will be missed by all. Another gone to soon. But your music will continue to live on forever. Sing and fly around in heaven cause you have truly earn your crown. May God Keep you smiling down on us. ” And I will always love you” REST IN PEACE. GOD LOVE YOU.

  187. obvious Says:

    um she las had a hit like 21 years ago and that makes her a has been crack head

  188. Selena Barefield Says:

    You seemed to be in my life forever! I loved you so much but now God is asking for you and you must go! With wing stretched out you will. I will miss you Whitney and much love to your family it will be hard for them. I will always love u.

  189. Cheryl Wall Says:

    I will always remember and love you R.I.P

  190. Dolores Garcia Says:

    Whitney…..May You Rest in peace in the arms of our Lord,I WILL ALWAY LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  191. Truth Says:

    Typical…leave it to a nigger to gain this much fame and fortune, and piss it all away in such a short time span with crack cocaine…..what an ungrateful nigger. May you rest in piss, and burn in hell.
    The only good nigger, is a dead nigger. Niggers lost the only worth they have ever had in the history of all mankind when slavery was abolished. Now they are truly, completely, utterly worthless. Niggers are the cancer of this planet.

  192. L. Brinson Says:

    What a sad world, the negative views & nasty comments. Despite it all, Whitney you touched many people of various backgrounds thru your music. May you R.I.P Soulful voice!



  194. Beverly Onyango Says:

    We will always love you!

  195. Wtfnig Says:

    May the rest of your worthless nigger family soon follow, you sucking cock for crack ass nigger.

  196. Thaiz Park Says:

    We gonna miss you so much…

  197. vesna Says:

    dear whitney reast in peace,be our angel up in heaven and watch over us..i love you forever

  198. 1488 KKK Says:

    a filthy nigger swine black whore. she was the one who caused nigger women to act like black trash pigs. thank god this nigger died early. she was musically insignificant and promoted because she was black. she had no skill and wanted to be a model but no one wanted to look at niggers then nor now.

  199. Tracy Homes Says:

    I will always miss her.

  200. War Widow Says:

    How many U.S. Servicemen died that same day?

  201. Star Goldman Says:

    Yes ,it is always sad when the world has lost another talented entertainer,yet again please people do be kind with your comments, and for those who did not respect her while alive I ask that you do so now more than ever for the respect of her family and friends in this moment of grief.For most of us Whitney will be remembered as the Greatest Singer of all Times From: Star Goldman

  202. sophie estelle ecumoire Says:

    my favourite songs of yours is i will always love you and will still be it you will never be forgotten love always your fans :)

  203. Janneth Rodriguez Says:

    i <3 whitney houston!!!!!!!!! will be missed

  204. Janneth Rodriguez Says:

    i will always love you

  205. Harlena Jones Says:

    Gone but never forgotten. Will always love you!

  206. Shawna Robinson Says:

    I will Never Forget You. All My Love.

  207. Bobby Brown Says:

    Now I have to fix my own ham samich! Any young talented women out there wanna fix me a ham samich? I can ruin your life, too.

  208. Sylvia I. Says:

    I’ve been a fan since the very beginning of her career. Her talent was unique and God-given, and we will never see another quite like Whitney again. She is now the lead singer in heaven’s choir of angels, delighting God and all the souls who reside in heaven. We are all very privileged to have lived on this Earth at the same time as you, being witnesses to your incredible talent! RIP, dear Whitney. Perhaps I’ll meet you in heaven one day.

  209. Crystal Riddick Says:

    I cant stop listening to your music or watching you on youtube you were and still are an iconic beautiful women that I am blessed I have been able to listen to.I pray for your daughter and family everyday to recover from your lost an to know an believe you are in a better place singing with the angels. I love you Whitney…And I will always love you forever and ever and ever

  210. Velma Bruchmiller Says:


  211. Velma Bruchmiller Says:


  212. Mary Says:

    Whitney Houston was a great lady who had swayed from her path in life. I have enyoyed her singing and great persona. She will be missed! To the family – Sorry for your loss! Please note that Whitney will be remembered through the rest of my life time. Thank you for giving Whitney to us!

  213. ruth Says:

    the shocking death of whitney makes me wonder if the illuminati had anything to do with this, which im guessing it did. I dont know if she made it to Heaven, i sure do hope she did, dont know if she was apart of the whole illuminati. If she was, i hope she got out jus in time before she left this cruel world. Try rest in peace Whitney. We will always love you :(

  214. April Hardeman Says:

    Rest in peace Whitney. Heaven just got another choir member

  215. Unknown unknown Says:

    I love whitney houston.she moved me with her song I will always love you!!!!No,i will always love you!!! R.I.P.

  216. esha Says:

    U dumb crackers need to shut the hell up u bitches gon be the first to burn in hell u wet dogs smoke more meth n crack than anybody ps you white trash n this comment is not to all white people just the negative shit heads on here with they bullshit Black is beautiful white ain’t right nasty bitches

  217. esha Says:

    Its funny because anna nicole smith n meroline monore what ever the fuk her name is wasn’t shit but dope heads n druggies

  218. Chariel Says:

    Whitney Houston was one of the greatest singers of all time! I will truly miss such a great woman! My love, prayers and respect go out to Bobbi Christina and Ms. Cissy Houston! RIP Whitney!!

  219. Bobbie Carroll Says:

    Bye Whit, you were an outstanding person first and singer second!

  220. Sherrell P Says:

    Beautiful Inside and Out…RIP

  221. mark thilmony Says:

    dirty slut your gonna burn in hell for overdose you dumb bitch

  222. Michelle Husbands (B'dos) Says:

    My prayers go out to your family, whitney and I will surely miss your beautiful voice. I pray that you spend eternity with your heavenly father. God needed you more. Rest In Peace, Whitney.

  223. Nena Says:

    I am so sad and you are my idol i can’t really sing without your songs that I sing I sing your song when I perform a show. I want to let you know I LOVE YOU

  224. T. Slater Says:

    Whitney, heaven was missing one of its angels and decided to ask you to come back home. I know you are singing more beautifully there and fit right in with all of the other angels. We miss you Whitney down here but heaven needs you the most.

  225. sharon young Says:

    so sad I guess she just finally was so tired out of it all that sometimes we can not take it anymore so she decided to just leave the world and just sleep in a restfull peace with no worrys and problems to deal with anymore she was such a good singer and pretty its like her song to all her fans and loved ones I will always love you and that is what she left everyone with she has found her peace at last – rest in peace with god up above like a dove who shall sleep with the angles forever and now – she will be sadly missed

  226. makayla brooks Says:

    Whitney i will always love you, u r mii hero even through we never got the chance to met each other u taught me how to get the the toughest pain.We will met again in heaven, so i am saving all mii love for you!!Since u r n heaven u will have someone to dance with, who loves u…. and u will never c a heartbreak hotel again!! I love and miss you!!

  227. Hannah Shepherd Says:

    I loved Whitney I will always love you. I can’t believe this happened to the most infulential person in my life. My soul died with you Whitney!

  228. Leslie Lauscher Says:

    I have always loved you,you are one of the greatest singers that has ever lived,thank you for all the wonderful music.Enjoy Heaven,you have earned it.

  229. Harriet Says:

    I’m so sorry we lost you so soon but then we did not o own you and you did not have a det with this world sometime it seemed like the Pepole beloved you had this voice and needed to sing for us or like if you dident sing you were not doing what you wew supost to bei doing but I hoped you lived relly live I know you
    loved .

  230. chad moore Says:

    love the music

  231. jahlil Says:

    rip i will miss u

  232. Tony Says:


  233. ShonaC1473 Says:

    Whitney… I Will Always Love and Miss U….

  234. Nick Rodriguez Says:

    we miss you

  235. Orion Merrill Says:

    i wont

  236. dede Says:

    we always and forever LOVE YOU WHITNEY . your voice is amazing , i say is because you music will always live on . ! sing in heaven . !

  237. Rich Says:

    Mark Thilmoy, why don’t you curl up and die you worthless piece of shit!

  238. Monica G Says:

    I was so saddened to hear of her death. It’s such a tragedy for someone to slip so deep into drugs . It ruins everything. I loved her music and her smile and laugh. I only wish she had found peace in life that she has now found in death. Her voice will live on and her music will continue to inspire. Prayers and good thoughts go to her family during this horrible time for peace and guidance.

  239. kaila Says:

    Shes is messed we love her and her music <3333333

    Love kaila <3

  240. jane Says:

    whitney houston story is one of familarity but true sadness, she was beginning to be a train wreck by the early 2000s, marrying bobby brown may have been the beginning of her demise, not judging her cause we all got demons, but she never knew how precious she was to god, and to her fans. how could you be as religious as she seem, and grow up in a spiritual world and family and turn to drugs, for truth and comfort… she had more than most of us could dream of… and love abundance… she started to reent her mistakes and probaby was just unhappy with her self.. ray jay did not love her, he used her,, now he will always be known as her last boyfriend…just like he and kim kordasian plotted that video to be released.. he had motives for being with whitney.. bless her soul, i pray that she has now found the peace she seeked. god bless you whitney tru fan

  241. Helena Rosdahl Says:

    R.I.P Whitney you were one of a kind!!!
    My love and prayers to your Daughter Bobbi Christina and Mother Ms Sissy Houston.
    Helena <3.

  242. Ewa Says:

    Thank you Whitney for the music,your wonderful voice.that voice will never sing again but you´ll will sing in heaven…So I will hear you again when I am gone…..

  243. Glen Says:

    Your music was the soundtrack of my life. I feel a huge part of me was taken away. I am forever grateful for your gift to me.

  244. Uncle Elmo Says:

    Timothy, you’re an asshole.

  245. shelly plant Says:

    hey whitney what ever happened you will always be loved i dont think you died of what they are saying r.i.p xxxxxxx

  246. Lynda Sanchez Says:

    R.I.P i never heard of you but i had a report on you and i saw this Guestbook and decided to sign it.

  247. Rene A. Daigneault Jr Says:

    We have lost one of the best voices in history.!

  248. hi Says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  249. hi Says:


  250. Autumn Says:

    You will be missed. I will always love you. You were sent to me as my guardian angel. When I heard you were dead my heart sank. I thought I could never go on. I listen to your music. It pulled me out of a deep hole after I was broken up with. May you rest in peace. Bless your wonderful family. 

  251. Liz Says:

    i realy love whitney houstons singing,she’s a very good singer and very talented!

  252. moniek wells Says:

    I love u . Wanted to be. Even used coke cause i wanted to,be u now,i’m scared . I don’t want die like you. I knew u wasn’t happy but never knew you where so alone., i feel ur pain baby rest in peace. See u soon.

  253. moniek wells Says:

    You where my life.

  254. Barbie Says:

    My deepest condolences to her daughter and family. Whitney, you will always live, angels are everywhere and that is you. Even though god called you and you are in heaven now, you sing to the angels and we can still here you. thank you god for giving us such a great singer and person. Your voice will always be heard in years to come and now and forever. Now you live as an angel and no more worries. Live and shine my angel in heaven

  255. jennifer Says:

    rip girl loved u loved the music. u will be missed very much.

  256. Solène Thouvenot Says:

    Hi, I’m Solène Whitney it was a famous diva in the world but now she’s dead :'( You missed you!!! <3 Pleaze do not turn off her voice!!! WE LOVE YOU WITNEY HOUSTON… <3

  257. ipad 3 Says:

    I don’t even know the way I stopped up right here, however I assumed this post used to be good. I do not realize who you’re but certainly you are going to a well-known blogger for those who are not already. Cheers!

  258. Mariesa Huthwaite Says:

    R.I.P. Whitney,you will never be forgotten

  259. leah Says:

    R.I.P Whitney you will always be in our hearts <3

  260. dorothy redmond Says:

    i love whitney she was a god since person i truely believe she is in a better place

  261. Doo Dad Says:

    WHITENEY you are nothing but a high priced drug user, you did not care about your self, your family or your fans, I am glad this happened to you RIP

  262. Jacob Mackey Says:

    I still find it so hard to believe that you’re gone! You will always have a big part in my heart! I’m devestated by the loss of you! I always wanted to see you in concert and meet you someday. Unfortunatley that time never came. Now I know you are always with me, guiding me through life from up above! I feel safe because of you! Rest In Peace Whitney Houston! I Will Always Love You!!

  263. Jacob Mackey Says:

    Just to let all of these haters know! I hope you burn in hell! R.I.P. Whitney!

  264. Jane Murphy Says:




  266. Robby Black Says:

    God Bless you and Keep You, you made ua better by your presence. No judgement needed nor given. Rest in Peace sista. You are more loved than even you ever knew.

  267. elaysha flowres Says:

    all the people on here are you listnieing i think the deadd beat dead father had something to do with it and youll can quit hating on whitney page go somewhere and hate on your on that is all i got to say punks .!

  268. barbara Says:

    you are truly miss

  269. barbara Says:

    you are very truly miss

  270. wendy stanford Says:

    no matter what people say you had the voice of a angle.I hope to see you when i get there.

  271. Catrese Mewborn Says:

    I love My Whitney so much. GOD knows I do. I know that she’s HIS angel now, so I’m okay. I pray for Bobbi Kris & the entire family. I will see WHitney again oneday, but until then, she will continue to live through her beautiful music. That’s my Whitney :0)

  272. Diane Rocca Says:

    RIP Whitney Houston, you were great.

  273. Larry allen nickerson Says:

    rest in peace whitney

  274. James Blue Says:

    I will never forget when I saw Ms Witney, while working as a assistant skycap at Delta airlines. I was sock and happy at the same time. We all love us some Witney and I feel no one will ever replace this great talent. R.I.P. God has add another Angel in heaven!

  275. Q.B. Says:

    Mrs, Houston, it’s always been my dream to cite you as one of my biggest musical influences. You’ve inspired me to make music and everything possible. I’m very proud of you. R.I.P. 😉

  276. just anotherwhite cracker Says:

    It looks like the person with all the mean remarks must have been on crack themselves. They were sure up for quite a long time trying to be so creative in thier pin headed way. R.I.P. Whitney.

  277. amadou Says:


  278. Cameo Says:

    I remember when i was little you were the most beautiful women i had ever seen. It disapointed me when you started useing drugs. Because i knew it would make you ugly on the inside, and you wouldnt be that beautiful women i grew to love. Rip pretty lady!

  279. denitria mills Says:


  280. Nina Says:

    Whitney I still can’t believe your gone. I’d always said if I could sing I like to have a singing voice like yours. You are missed and will be for a long time. But like other great singers who gone before you I know your up there on that big stage in the sky making em smile

  281. kathy bequette Says:

    whitney you will be missed and i will always love you

  282. Victor RamosGlez Says:

    I do love your music so much, you were a great singer and we will mis you so much RIP Whitney one of your fan.

  283. KKK Says:

    Don’t do drugs, or you will end up like her

  284. emergency plumber Stockfold Says:

    Great issues altogether, you just won a emblem new reader. What would you suggest in regards to your submit that you made a few days in the past? Any positive?

  285. Deelew Says:

    In my opinion, Whitney Houston is the greatest singer of all time! Her birthday is seven days after mine, and I have been depressed about her death… I will love u and ur music always Whitney!

  286. Rhonda Says:

    You Were The Best Female Singer Of All Time.

  287. Tatyana Williams Says:

    R.I.P whitney, your voice still remains with us angle (:

  288. Tamanna Dhillon Says:

    im barley half Whitney’s age but i fell in love with her singing the minute i heard her songs, she would be someone i want to meet <3 RIP


    we miss you and you will sadly be missed

  290. jantre-crownmuzik entertainment Says:

    http://www.crownmuzikent.jigsy.com RIP Whitney Houston one of your greatest fans

  291. kate Says:

    i love her

  292. Ana Paula Garcia Says:

    we will miss you

  293. Terrica Paul Says:

    Love Ya ,You was the BEST OF ALL

  294. Kylie and Abbe Says:


  295. Cayla Says:

    I adore you and you are a famous major icon to this world. You have brought so much joy into this world and will never be forgotten. You and your family will be in my prayers

  296. ella Says:

    May u RIP Whitney im still sad i love ur family new show!

  297. Kevin G. Says:

    I LOVE WHITNEY!!!!!!!!!! IM A GUY

  298. Sierra Says:

    rest in peace whitney I loved you.

  299. Waldo Says:

    Just a fast hello and also to thank you for discussing your ideas on this page. I wound up in your weblog right after researching physical fitness connected issues on Yahoo guess I lost track of what I had been performing! Anyway I’ll be back as soon as again inside the long run to verify out your blogposts down the road. Thanks!

  300. william lee Says:

    u will be missed

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