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Walter Breuning

Born: 1896-09-21 - Died: 2011-04-14
Cause of Death:
Natural Causes

Death Summary: Breuning died of natural causes in a Great Falls hospital. He had been admitted to the hospital earlier in the month, due to an undisclosed illness.

Who was Walter Breuning : Walter Breuning was the oldest, undisputed American-born man on record before his death. On March 30, 2011, he became the third oldest man ever, and remains as one of the 50 oldest people ever.

Breuning was born in Melrose, Minnesota, and moved to South Dakota at the age of five. Breuning has recalled how his family lived during this period of time. They lived without electricity, running water, or plumbing. He came from a family which featured longevity. His grandparents on both sides lived into their 90's. His siblings had long lifespans as well, the oldest making it to 100.

Breuning worked for the Great Northern Railway in 1913, who he would work for more than fifty years. He worked for the railway company until the age of 66, when he became a manager and secretary for the local Shriner's club. He held this position until the age of 99.

When he started getting up in age, Breuning became a famous figure in Montana. The governor attended his celebration, when he was declared the oldest living railroader in the United States. He was also featured on a couple of news related shows, where he provided advice on living long.

Breuning had a one wife during his entire life, who died in 1957. He never remarried, and had no children to survive him.
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18 Signatures in Walter Breuning's guestbook

  1. Tauqir Ahmad Says:

    RIP Old Man

  2. James Says:

    I am so sad about the loss of Walter’s life

  3. aldrin Says:

    My idol has gone what a loss im sad.

  4. Gary Mizer Says:

    Rest in peace Mr. Breuning’s. I can only imagine the things you were able to see in your 115 years. To think you retired at the age of 66 and lived an additional life is amazing. May God be with you and enjoy your new life with out the certainty of the end.

  5. Matt Darling Says:

    Walter…my great great uncle, your passing has bought such sadness to me, but as you say “were all born to die” as you were aware of my planned visit this summer, it will no longer be, all the conversations we had-i will cherish for the rest of my life. I love you -Matt

  6. land60 Says:

    Amazing man..Mr.Breuning. Rest in peace Sir..God bless

  7. Tristan Cook Says:


  8. Tristan Cook Says:

    I hate Matt

  9. Tristan Cook Says:

    I am a homo and so is Walter Burn-loser. He deserved to die! Rot in HELL

  10. Ryan Clark Says:

    I hate this man cause he is stupid and ugly and fat and old but now he’s dead so its ok!

  11. Trisan Cook Says:

    That responce above me is a lie, but I really HATE this man, Im glad he is perrishing

  12. petey pab Says:

    Hey Tristan cook why are you talking about the deceased like that did you know him??

  13. machell Says:

    Its a blessing to live this long and still hv a pretty good memory so u other 2 guys that are talking about this man are young and stupid and evil what goes around comes around you pay for what you do and say wishing this man to hell maybe you will make it there instead of him cause he is with God you probably dont even believe in Him

  14. Amanda Says:

    Wow…., how cool to have seen so much In his life i bet. rest in peace

  15. Patrick Bateman Says:

    This guy wasted 114 years. I accomplished everything he didn’t in only 26. What a loser.

  16. paige marie Says:

    Didn’t your mother ever teach you, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.
    Rest in peace<3

  17. Holly Says:

    RIP Walter ill wish u the best in heaven! 🙂

  18. mark thilmony add me on face book Says:

    dirty perverted old bastard
    im old to but this dickhead won the cocksucker awards

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