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Walt Disney

Born: 1901-12-05 - Died: 1966-12-15
Cause of Death:
Lung cancer

Death Summary: Walt Disney died at St. Josephs Hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest, caused by lung cancer.
There is a very popular urban legend that says that his body was cryogenically frozen.

Who was Walt Disney : Creator of Mickey Mouse and co-founder of The Walt Disney Company.
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67 Signatures in Walt Disney's guestbook

  1. Camille R. Says:


  2. miiiigh Says:

    disney <3 :*

  3. STEVE Says:

    doing a report now! this ccame in handy on a source card!!! rip walt

  4. lulu Says:

    u ROCK

  5. Serena Jackson Says:

    Mickey Mousee 4 Eva!!!

  6. RAGAFLAGA Says:


  7. javier Says:

    i am so inspired by ur creation. you will be my childrens will injoy watching your creation ….

  8. Sheyanna Says:

    I am giving a speech tomorrow on the rumors in circulation about your death. I was rather shocked at how many I found.

  9. Henry Says:

    45 years ago you left us but you left a legacy R.I.P. long lost nephew

  10. Barbie Says:

    Walt you will be honored in life or death… …1# fan


    Supercalafragalisticexpialidociously frozen, this guy is

  12. ashliana Says:

    hey, i love u ur so awesome! im doing a poster on u for scool for socail studies olimpiad.i cant wait to see how it turns out. sorry for the lost your like a life changer to me! thanks for the memories!

  13. lilabob Says:

    I have read books on elias ever sunce second grade and three thungs shocked me the most…
    One mickey mouse was based off of oswald the lucky rabbit
    Two elias himself played mickey and mickeys name was chosen by his wife lilly
    Three elias was cremated

  14. Liz or Lizard Says:

    I <3 u dude

  15. Rio Danica D. Mahusay Says:

    your my inspiration your the best of all the best!! we love your attitudes! specially you sir! i SALUTE you!!!! <3 🙂

  16. Rio Danica D. Mahusay Says:

    i forgot ! i will report about your success in our school about you ,inspiring everyone! i’m very proud and happy ! very excited ! hope i can do it ! 🙂

  17. jennifer Says:

    Mr. Disney the most amazing man ,a creative, daring, brave, and respectable, truly unique human. Just spectacular. Thank you

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