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Vernon King

Born: 1961-00-00 - Died: 2009-05-02
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Vernon C. King died on May 2, 2009 in Greensboro, North Carolina. The King family released a statment, but didn't divulge any information on how King died. He was 48.

Who was Vernon King : King was the nephew of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and a senior paster at St. James Baptist Chruch in Greensboro.

He was a board member for both the King Center and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

King was the youngest son of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s only brother, A.D. King Sr.
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17 Signatures in Vernon King's guestbook

  1. Jennifer Walker Says:

    Please accept my sincere condolences at the loss of you loved one. Know that God does not make mistakes. Rev. King is now with the Lord and all those who went on before him. He is now an angel looking down and protecting each of you.

  2. patty Says:

    rip with your uncle now a great man bless

  3. grim Says:

    why was your father so full of hate the only people holding the brothers down are the brothers who think the people are holding them down

  4. Fedoseev Says:

    Большое спасибо. Появилась уникальная идея, но она нуждается в полной реорганизации вашей мысли, займусь на днях. Скоро поделюсь с читателями блога!

  5. Гавриил Says:

    Я более 2х лет стабильно занимаюсь этой проблемой и думаю ваши идеи черезчур легкомысленными

  6. Dennis Says:

    I wish some1 would have shot your fat nasty nigger ass too. Eat shit porch-monkey.

  7. grim Says:

    you are black so you must have benn full of love and goodness. ther is no reason wha a hatefull hurtfull country like america should be allowed to have goodness like you and youre people. you should do all you and youre famly can to take youre people back to ther country and make it the promised land that your people are due. lets make africa a wonderful beautiful land.

  8. Richard cum head Says:

    i will always member you in my heart and my dick even thoh ur edje looks like the ridge of my dick

  9. malcom excreiment Says:

    i member he swinging he 13 inch roll of tar paper ins da white womens faces while he be screamin “eat this nigger cock mudafucker”. such a gentlemens he be. he daddy was dr. koon a fine zample o he shitbag ways. i was der da he raped a babbon ats da zoo. he dos it like mami wants he too. he loved da welfares fo he bitches 2. ridin hims daddys coattails likes a good sambo ass mother fucker. whats a fat pig lieing sacks of shit he was. satan gonna haves he way wit dat fat ass waste o space mother fucking cock sucker. guess some glad that loser be gone. hell i knows iiis be to. gots to get my shit baby out da toilet and takes his smelly ass fo a walk. i cants be sittin here al dae writin stuff. dats aint rite. writein i means da shit baby looks jus like me do. well fuck king and he famliy dats dead.

  10. lufunstarica williams Says:

    i was his lover fo a few years. he was a good man and a good preacher. i remember the time he prayed that my sisters baby be born with the gift of a bad back. that way the baby never has to work. praise he name the baby had a spine like a questionmark. dreams do come ture he said. often times he would nod off to sleep from his heroin snortin or sometimes just cause he was a fat slob. he told me once that i should blow gabriels horn and not question him. lord i did and he filled my mouth with the spirit and the spirit juice. hims ass stunk bad though like a sweat and shit factory. but my pussy stank like dat sometimes also. fuck that shit i says to him mama. he daddy was a good guy and a whoremaster two. great pride they taken in gettin white women shakin. well i gotta go get my welfare check now.

  11. Michelle Says:

    IDK what this man has done to make people talk about him the way they are on here…but to those with the slick tongues just remember that he was a man of GOD and was appointed that power by the Father himself..you shall me condemed by the things that you say..May GOD Bless You All..

  12. michelle Says:

    i think a man of god shouldnt make he money fo his new rims by telling people he can save them. only one can save thats god not false profits who profit from peoples insecuritiesand fears. god didnt choose him. he chose to be a salesman and give bullshit as his product. he exploited plenty of people for money. or fo money or fo da fo he fo when he be foein it.

  13. jason Says:

    Too bad this fat ugly nigger didn’t get shot too. One less is no loss. So long you fat motherfucker.

  14. mr.nazi Says:

    another one that im glad is dead!too bad the rest of his kind is still around sigh

  15. Slobone Winthrop Says:

    I loved him in planet of the apes.

  16. Deucey Says:

    We tested his body at the autopsy it was 97% fatback ribs. He never stood a chance I tell you folks.

  17. Decacat Says:

    I loved him in the Hippo And The Dildoest.

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