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Tom Bosley

Born: 1927-10-01 - Died: 2010-10-19
Cause of Death:
Heart Failure

Death Summary: Bosley died from heart failure at a hospital near his Palm Springs home while battling lung cancer.

Who was Tom Bosley : Tom Bosley, most notable for his starring roles on Happy Days and Murder, She Wrote has a diverse resume and has appeared in everything from Broadway musicals to numerous product endorsements.

Bosley had played various religious figures but was Jewish. He served in the United States Navy before getting into acting. His first break came during the Hallmark Hall of Fame telecast of Alice in Wonderland, where he played the Knave of Hearts. Bosley would go onto to perform in various roles on tv, and theater. In 1963, he would appear in his first movie, Love with the Proper Stranger.

Bosley's big break would come in 1969 where he would star in a Night Gallery story, and would receive acclaim for the performance. From here he would go onto land the role which he would become most famous for, Howard Cunningham, on the ten season long show Happy Days. The year Happy Days met its end, Bosley received another role on a popular show called Murder, She Wrote. He played the town's sheriff, Amos Tupper, and would carry the role until 1988.

Bosley's last credited role came in 2010 when he starred in the movie The Backup Plan, starring Jennifer Lopez. He also gained renown for sharing his Holocaust experience for the documentary Paper Clips.
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34 Signatures in Tom Bosley's guestbook

  1. tracy Says:

    r.i.p mr tom bosley x

  2. Alessandro Cancian Says:

    a great actor a myth of my childhood watching television every evening with all the heroes of happy days… never forget you! rest in peace!

  3. trina dalton Says:

    trina dalton we love ya god bless

  4. Velma Brchmiller Says:

    I Grew up watching Happy Days, He was the perfect dad figure. He will be missed alot. R.I.P. Mr. Tom Bosley, May God Be with your family and friends.

  5. Velma Brchmiller Says:

    we love you alot Mr. Bosley. You were the best dad figure of all times. Your family were very lucky to have you as there dad. R.I.P. Tom Bosley. May God be with your family and friends always.

  6. Raymond Blanco Says:

    Thank yOU tOM Bosley FOR every thing, I’m sorry I will miss you. You and the cast really gaive me Happy Days. I’m so sorry.From Cabo San Lucas Capital Funding

  7. cathy collins Says:

    I liked him he was a very jolly guy. I think his actor personality was who he really was and more. He seemed down to earth and very caring. He will be missed.

  8. Chiton Butterworth Says:

    You will be missed. America’s favorite father… Here’s to Happy Days for you from here on out!

  9. Lisa Weiner Says:

    To Tom Bosley,
    I wstched you as Howard Cunningham on the sitcom Happy Days and you just hillarious. You cracked me up. I will miss watching on t.v. Lisa Weiner

  10. Freddie Armstrong Says:

    Rest in peace…MR. C.

  11. wanda Says:

    i was searching through famous people gone andi seen where mr tom has gone on.. he passed away on my birthday.. he was truly one of the best.. loved him and he will be missed.. God be with the family.

  12. ali Says:

    i grew up watchin Mr.C on happy days and always thought thats what days were suppose to be like lol and what a voice he sang so amazingly the world will miss him even if they don’t know it .

  13. ali Says:

    i ment i thought thats what dads weres suppose to be like wow i need sleep sorry for the mess up *

  14. Victoria Says:

    RIP MR.C

  15. Victoria Says:

    RIP MR.C Safe journey to your new home.

  16. chase Says:

    yyyyyyyooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu sssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkk

  17. Lisa Palmgren Hogg Says:

    We will Miss You Tom….Father figure of Many..
    …So Very sorry to hear of the Loss to the World…God will take good care of them….Their Passing is Never easy…I know..It is never easy..Blessings to the Family…
    Sincerely,Lisa Palmgren Hogg

  18. VICTORIA Says:

    Safe journey MR.C GOD BLESS YOU.RIP

  19. KENDALL Says:

    LOVED YOUR WORK ON HAPPY Days you will be saddley missed

  20. lora snorton Says:

    u rock man luv ur shows dude ur a geniuos!!! rock on 4ever in rock an roll heaven!! yea!!

  21. tommy Says:

    love your show you are so funny! lol

  22. ashlee Says:

    yea i agree u rock on 4ever

  23. steph Says:

    awsome work

  24. lala the teletubi Says:


  25. lala the teletubi Says:

    tom u rock

  26. dipsey the telitubi Says:

    hey hey u like to lick bananas kids well come 2 mi new show!! yay

  27. jamy Says:

    never missed happy days will miss tom.

  28. LIN Says:

    I had no idea Tom was Jewish. A cool dud

  29. Divya Lazarus Says:

    Dear i need your financial help to build the churches. in his memory i need help please. Divya, from INDIA.

  30. Flaco munious Says:

    He was a Jew? Omg!!!

  31. Soumen Says:

    Thanks Maxine for your tour of Dachau concentration camp last Sunday.It`s good to see a guide who puts her heart ( brain) into her work and your humtliiy for the victims came across so well. It`s all too easy for guides to just go through the motions without any sense of empathy for the victims. However, you gave the victims the dignity that they deserve and the tour didn`t at all feel voyeuristic. Kind Regards. Tony, Manchester England

  32. william lee Says:

    u will be missed

  33. Levi Says:

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