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Tammy Faye Messner

Born: 1942-03-07 - Died: 2007-07-20
Cause of Death:
Lung Cancer

Death Summary: On July 20, 2007 Tammy Faye Messner died at her home following her 11-year long battle with lung cancer.

Who was Tammy Faye Messner : Messner was a Christian singer, evangelist, entrepreneur, author, talk show host, and television personality. She was the former wife of televangelist Jim Bakker (who is a convicted felon), and she co-hosted the PTL Club with him from 1976 to 1987.

She is probably most remembered as wearing loads of makeup, especially mascara. She often wore oversized fake eyelashes, and went as far to have her eyebrows tattooed on.
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19 Signatures in Tammy Faye Messner's guestbook

  1. Tara Says:

    She was a wonderful woman to the LGBT community. Even though I am not close to any religion I amired her for her faith. We shared one strange thing in common which I found very cool, we both collected frogs. She collected them because of the phrase Fully Rely On God, I collect them because I always catch them when I see them. I e-mailed her once and she was so great that she e-mailed me back! She was so personal in her e-mail and gave me a boost in my self confidence. I will miss her smile and laughter. No matter what people say about her she should always be remember as a kind and loving person who loved everyone not matter what!

  2. Chris R. Says:

    Tammy Faye was a person who loved much. As a child, I watched her children’s program. I will always remeber that she was a woman full of joy, always had a song in her heart and encouraged many in her life. She will be missed by those who know of her whole TV life and Heaven is blessed to have her.

  3. Gale Says:

    ah, there is but one Tammy Faye. I loved and adored you. Will see you in Heaven one day, I know you are up there singing with the angels!

  4. lobo Says:

    I must say she redeemed herself in my eyes when i saw her on that reality show where Ron Jeremey and vanilla ice came out on (the surreal life). Isaw nothing but sincerity and concern for the rest in her eyes……

  5. Sandra MacKenzie Says:

    This was a woman who was always bright, positive and absolutely endearing. I always admired her faith, her humor and her tolerance/acceptance of others. One of her finest moments was shushing Ron Jeremy and making him behave on the Surreal Life!

  6. John Mairs Says:

    Tammy, you inspired me! I never met you , but I considered you a friend . You were the most beautiful Non judgemental person! I pray for your family to live in peace , and surround themselves with the wonderful memories you left for them

  7. wally Says:

    stole from alot of people….. total fraud..you bible beaters should go get your ged!…..W

  8. Lana Says:

    what a GREAT woman!!!!!

  9. Pierre A Jefferson Says:

    Tammy was truly close to God! her unconditional love and acceptance of all people was due to her
    beautiful Spirit. Our bodies are only envelopes but our souls are Eternal. Your free Tammy God keep you safe.

  10. rightyus Says:

    They say never speak ill of the dead. So, even though it would be real easy to do so, I won’t.


    Thank you for the beautiful music that i enjoyed , Rest now in the presence of God and his son Jesus Sadly missed

  12. sherry saultz Says:


  13. jeff Says:

    been a long time but she was a great servant of God. rest in peace tammy faye

  14. David Says:

    Con woman who lied for money and then betrayed her husband for more money.

  15. Online high school Says:

    Great keep it up.

  16. dlc Says:

    1Loved tammy faye, wonderous spirit, loving, caring, all people,faiths, understanding, and beautiful, mascara and all. Infectious optimistic that I will miss, and brave, gracious, to the end.

  17. Robin Vore Says:

    I miss her singing. I miss her faith and I miss her. I too will see you in Heaven Tammy. You were a great woman.

  18. Itz'Meh Says:

    .. 🙂 ..
    – nice makeup ! –
    / itz’meh \

  19. Emelda Says:

    Hi Amanda,you might want to read another intrapretetion of the same press release by Stan at Birds Of the Air .I can bash conservative Christianity with the best of them, but what is the answer then, liberal Christianity? Gimme a break!You seem very honest if only a wee bit gullible at times. 1 Cor. 13 tells us that love believes all things and something that is false is NOT a THING. Self-deprecating Christian agit-prop is not all true by default.I commented at Stan’s site that the real Jesus is neither the liberals’ Buddy Jesus nor is it the conservative’s Bully Jesus. Anything other than the real Jesus is just an idol, isn’t it?Take care.

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