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Susan Atkins

Born: 1948-05-07 - Died: 2009-09-24
Cause of Death:
Natural Causes

Death Summary: Atkins had been ill for well over a year and had been receiving medical treatment at the prisons nursing facility.

At 11:46 p.m. on September 24, 2009 Susan Atkins died of natural causes. It had been rumored that she had been suffering from brain cancer, but this cannot be confirmed at this time.

Who was Susan Atkins : Atkins was a convicted murderer and member of the notorious "Manson family", led by Charles Manson. The Manson family committed a series of nine murders over a five week span during the summer of 1969.

Atkins, known as Sadie Mae Glutz within the family, was convicted for her role in eight of these murders, which includes the infamous Tate / LaBianca murders. Atkins incarcerated on October 1, 1969 and sentenced to death, which later became life in prison. Atkins had been denied parole 13 times.
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109 Signatures in Susan Atkins's guestbook

  1. Christine De Jesus Says:

    Its awful that you had to die in prison but you should of never did what you did. hope your in a safe and warm place

  2. Ray Says:

    She doesn’t deserve to be on this site!

  3. Becky Says:

    I am glad her miserable life is over. I only wish the lives she took could be returned to the families who mourn them to this present day.
    God Bless all who were involved in this horror.

  4. Tauqir Ahmad Says:

    Hi… Yeah we know once she was a bitch..but before her death may be she was sorry or felt guily about what she had done before….May be

  5. Alice Says:

    She really deserves no recoginition, in life or death. I hope those she has to face those she so coldly and cruelly butchered, and suffers for eternity.

  6. mike Says:

    you that are without sin, let them cast the first stone.

  7. frog Says:

    such a waste…she was so hot.
    I think just about everyone had a crush on her.

  8. will Says:

    I think your right Frog…she was gorgeous and should have been released from prison and treated as a spoiled princess.

  9. bryan santee Says:

    i would have fucked her when she was young

  10. bryan santee Says:

    i would have fucked her in the butt

  11. Lea Watson Says:

    Was the devil waiting for u right after death?
    Hope so……

  12. ada Says:

    God forgives all, even susan atkins, for the horrid crimes she committed.Lets also forgive her, for he without sin, cast the first stone

  13. ada Says:

    But to be forgiven you must repent, and seriously repent for what you have done

  14. Laurence Says:

    the MOST important aspect in anyone’s life is GOD. Man’s existence has been plagued with evil and wickedness from all centuries. We will never understand any of the atrocities that mankind has endured, the loss of life from natural disasters or mass killings. Don’t equate these things, because then we are all hipocrates and an ignorant society if we think that we live in a peaceful and harmonious society with a safe and protective shield around us. I believe there is alot more devilish and evil in our world today than ever before. Remember, in the 60’s people and society never thought about home invasions, today its a way of life for some to survive and take advantage of you.

  15. dee Says:

    the reality of it all,,,,she had to stand before god with all of the horrid things she did with the manson family,,,,,,we all know that manson has a condo in hell waitin on him,,,,oh and the devil will be shovin a pineapple up his ass everday at 4pm…ON TIME!

  16. Gary Says:

    Her to die in prison was the right thing to have happen. She took life. I am glade she repented and in the afterlife that may make a difference to what will happen to her now. Only God can make those decisions.

  17. roger Says:

    you should be in hell by now !!!

  18. Georgie Loinaz Says:

    I hope you asked God for forgiveness.

  19. Barbara Says:

    The heck with her wanting us to give her mercy. She didn’t give any of those people she so brutally murdered any mercy. She got hers. Poor Sharon Tate and her unborn child. And the LaBianca’s. Oh well Susan, now you have to face even a worse jury…eh? You are pathetic along with all the Manson idiots. Number one: Charles Manson. You are a total nut case and your time is coming too.

  20. norman Says:

    if you did a little research,you would find that she wrote a book in the late 80’s,and was a born again christian.what she did was horribly wrong , but if it was a true conversion and not jailhouse, then God has forgiven her.

  21. Kevin O'Neil Says:

    Whatever you did or did not do.RIP

  22. MBritt Says:

    If there really were a god, Sharon Tate et al and the LoBiancas would still be alive. Sharon’s child would now be 40 years old. Not at all concerned about Atkins dying in jail. Where else should she die? What goes around, comes around.

  23. Donald T Henriques Says:

    I hope she finds peace in Heaven, R.I.P

  24. theresa Says:

    god judged and she got what she desearved i was young when this happed , the stories that was told when i got older, well she shount have gotton any medical attention at all, should have suffered . i fell sorry for the lives she took, now maybe the family members can have closuer.

  25. Joe Says:

    There is no eye for an eye. I don’t think many people know how much she did to try to right the wrongs of the past for the last 35 years. God’s grace is sufficient for anyone who is truly repentant.

  26. oli e Says:

    U turned it around bless ur heart

  27. mia Says:

    this woman was a crazy witch. she deserved everything she got. She’s probably going to hell anyway.

  28. kaitlin carmona Says:

    I know what she did was wrong but I’m not going to set my mind off of that she is Dead!!!…obvisously she is on here for a reason and i want to recognize that. So May Her Wicked Soul Rest In Peace!

  29. Unknown Says:


  30. Catherine Says:

    Sad she died. I was a fan of the Manson Crime. Hope Charles Manson doesn’t die next.

  31. Darryl Says:

    It’s got nothing to do with heaven or hell,god or the devil. Nobody forgives her, that was involved. She was involved with an insane butcher and like a lemming she followed along, she’s rotting in the ground now….

  32. bambi Says:

    vengence is not mine.. go to God forgiveness is there.. rest in peace

  33. Wendie Sweetwood Says:

    I honestly believe every single person does deserve to die with some type of diginity (no matter what crime the person has done in the past), along with deserving some type of forgiveness in order to give the dying person some type of peace of mind.

  34. Sandy Pister Says:

    Good riddens

  35. Rebecca Says:

    Susan was a cold-blooded killer who is spending eternity having swastikas carved into her body. No rest for you, Susan.

  36. Tod Says:

    I watched everything right from the beginning of your story. The incidents, trial and snetencing…It’s sad to see an icon go. You’ll always be in my memories as an inspiration to dedication and committment for a personal and internal cause. T.C have sweet freedom now!

  37. Tod Says:

    Have all you CRITICAL ppl realize that even your sins will put you in HELL right beside her IF YOU THINK thats where she’ll go…YOU MAY BE there b4 her HYPOCRITES!


  38. Tod Says:

    Sharon Tate was a victim of Roman Polanski. Child sex freak…He’ll get what he deserves too , she would not have been where she was if Polanski wouldn’t have trained her in the art of popularity and sex that go HAND IN HAND with Hollywood …..I BLAME POLANSKIE for her demise.

    The Undead

  39. JACQUI Says:


  40. fmd Says:

    fuck her murdering cracker soul, let her rot in hell

  41. Judy SV Thomas Says:

    If you are reincarnated, I hope you have a happy life next time around.

  42. Debra Says:

    What comes around, goes around.

  43. joseph O Says:

    Bet it’s hot as hell down there?

  44. Brad Says:

    Isn’t “karma” just a bitch.Hope you enjoy your stay in hell Susan…

  45. Lucy Anne Says:

    I think that susan was killing these people because someone was telling her to do all these nasty things to kill these incoent people who didnt want to be killed by this nasty lady called susan Atkins

  46. jenny linden Says:

    I hope now your at peace

  47. Niecey C. Szymanski Says:

    I am just finding out about the death of Susan. I had no idea that she had passed away. I feel really bad that she died, but feel a sense of relief as I had sent a card to her wishing her well, and I know that her husband got it and wrote me back. He had told me that she was doing better. I know how people feel about her, but I did care about her and feel awful that she died. At least she had a family and a husband that loved her till the end. Atleast she knew that I cared and wrote her and expressed my condolences ahead of time. Rest In Peace Susan! Always ……..
    ~Hippie Niecey~

  48. Victoria Says:

    I hope you burn in HELL!!!!!!!!!!

  49. shannon Says:

    Has everyone forgotten that Susan was but just one of the many Manson family murderers. She was trapped in the life of a monster who used their poor souls as puppets to carry out these horrific murders. Susan was just a puppet who in time finally cut away her strings. I don’t condone, by any means that what she did was right, because she took the lives of those people so hanously, I pray for her soul that now will have to answer for what the true monster would have done had he not been such a coward himself. Susan was guilty for every thing she had done. As with any other death, I pray for her soul but it’s left to God to finish the rest. Like some one else had said, I hope now that the family members of these victims have a bit (a small one at least) of peace now that another one of the Manson family members has gone on to be judged one last time. Yet Manson still remains that Puppet Master Coward that we have become to know all too well, and we wonder when will his day finally come. Rest in peace Susan and by God’s will, if you trully have come to know him, you will rest in peace.

  50. Joe Says:

    No matter how many people someone killed or no matter how bad someone is/was, there’s still room at the cross. And I believe and hope that she found Christ. I do believe that. I believe she’s in a better place now. Susan, you are loved and appreciated.

  51. samuel w blacklock Says:

    at last justice for the dark princess

  52. samuel w blacklock Says:

    at last justice for the dark and evil princess

  53. Joe Says:

    Does anybody remember the story in the Bible when Jesus was hanging on the cross? There was two others besides him. One on His left and one on His right also hanging on a cross. One was a thief and one was a murderer. The murderer said to Jesus…”remember me this day when you enter into paradise.” Jesus said…”Today, you shall be with me in paradise.” He had a sincere heart and repented to the Lord as Jesus was dying on the cross for all of humanity’s sins.Jesus in faithful and said…”You will be with me this day in Paradise”(heaven).

  54. Victoria Johnson Says:

    BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!

  55. Joe Says:

    Rest in peace

  56. NoRussian Says:

    Oh ms atkins you’re one less manson follower we have to worry for, may you enjoy your stay in the eternal lake of burning sulfur were in every moment you’re tormented & raped,gnashing your teeth constantly thinking about how stupid you were to follow manson, and not make the right choice. sincirly – NoRussian

  57. jeff asch Says:

    this pig doesn’t deserve to be on this list, i’m doing a jig that her life is over and glad she dies in prison , where she deserved to be . she was a disgusting excuse for a woman and i hope her death was painful .

  58. Khalil Johnson Says:

    bitch nigga trick niggaroach!

  59. michael champagne Says:

    fuck that bitch i’m glad she ‘s dead

  60. victoria murphy Says:

    you were an evil bitch

  61. Understanding Says:

    At the tender age of 18 we are very impressionable. Our mind wants knowledge, craves it. When we think someone has given us something we need, wheather it be love or knowledge, we fill obligated to return the favor. Drugs intensify the feeling we have.
    Susan was a victim of her own emotions and narcotics. She was obviously remorsful for her crimes, and none of you should speak ill of the dead.

  62. Gary Says:

    I hope to see all the people who have put “RIP Susan” over on the guestbook for Sharon Tate……nah maybe not, people like you always dogood on the wrong ones dont you !

  63. Linda Abbott Says:

    I am not God so I can not judge you, now you are being judge..May Sharon Tate’s loved ones be at peace now

  64. ChOzEnFeW666 Says:

    I wud of done wen she was younger..

  65. happy camper Says:

    see you in hell bitch πŸ˜€

  66. happy camper Says:

    see ya in hell bitch πŸ˜€

  67. Diane Trim Says:

    This is what happens to our kids that leave home to early They get together with the devil name Charlie…The demons are out there waiting for our kids…what a wasted life…It is sad for all.

  68. may susan atkins rot in hell Says:

    ding dong the crazy ugly murderous witch bitch is dead, ding dong the bitch is dead!!!!! Good riddance you crazy whore i say!! i hope the c*nt felt a ton of pain as she lay dying as her hideous brain rotted away. I am glad she was given no mercy, just like she gave NO mercy to that poor tragic soul, the gorgeous woman known as sharon tate and the others. Ugly hag was probably just jealous she was hideous & homely, just like patrica Krenwinkle and that sasquath looking beast leslie van houten; and sharon tate was stunning and beatiful–inside and out. Sharon Tate was very kind and sweet natured too.

  69. Kool-Aid Says:

    Where She is Going She wont Be Needing a Sweater.
    Killing a Pregnant woman and Her Unborn Child. Hope she Rots In Hell

  70. Ken Whitney Says:

    May God in his infinate wisdom grant you grace

  71. AnonymousGirl Says:

    She does deserve to be on this site. She was a criminal hence the tab “Criminals” You clicked it.

  72. Velma Brchmiller Says:

    I think what she did was bad, and there is no excuse for it, no one can make you do anything that you don’t want to do, so she needs to take blame for her own part of the murders that happen. But only God can forgive her of her sins. We all will be judged , when that time comes.

  73. Jim Says:

    Now she’s going to meet the Real Judge~!
    The living is now free of her.

  74. Alicia B Says:

    I know that what she did was wrong and I don’t know what was wrong with her psychologically. I believe that Manson was like Hitler…just maybe worse…and she may have been brain washed into these things. I hope you came to your sense Susan, I hope you realised what you did was horrid…I hope you accepted the Lord and I hope you can rest in peace.

  75. Michael Says:

    Maybe the phrase should be changed to “Let he who has never slaughtered an innocent young woman and her unborn child long with four other people and then laughed about it in court cast the first stone.” That way pretty much every single person on Earth would be eligable for first shot!

  76. Anthony Says:

    you were a waste of a beautiful young lady, but so were those people that you slaughtered and a unborn child. well i know were i think you should be right now but that was only god to judge that. i know we are not supposed to wish evil on someone but it is hard but it is hard not to. its in gods hands now.

  77. mare mortal Says:

    Hear, hear “AnonymousGirl”. Seems as if there is at least one person on this site who is clued in to reality. This is “HER” site. “YOU” are here. All of your idiotic comments are missing something and that is “SEE YOU” in hell, because all of you thinking you’re so just…think again. You’re probably just as sinful and wicked as she was. Difference is, she apparently turned it around. All of you who talk about heaven and hell and Jesus and the devil should no that if she did repent she is with Jesus…you on the other hand still have time to turn yourself around, otherwise one thing is clear, and that is you won’t see her in hell because she is in heaven …ignorant, foul minded idiots!

  78. ocean Says:

    Good bloody riddence

  79. jumel Says:

    Now you are DEAD no decent person wishes to say anything nice about you, maybe in hell you will now suffer the same terrible pain of your poor victims did.

  80. Lyn Smith Says:

    good riddence



  82. Cierrah Says:

    Um.. Ive never ever heard of this lady before. But for the people who signed this and who are saying rest in peace and ur in a safe place. You are all DUMB.! Susan deserves to be dead and she aint gonna rest in peace shes gonna fry in HELL.! Were that Evil BITCH belongs. No 1 like her(Murderers) Deserve to go to heaven Im srry thats my opinion. Yea it might sound bad meh writing this about someone who has passes but she deserves every lil inch of pain she gets when she gets to meh the devil HIMSELF.!

  83. rodney ertle Says:

    sorry for your loss

  84. victoria murphy Says:

    my mum was freinds with Sharon Tates neice, the devestation this evil bitch and the other sickos caused for sharons and the other victims families was massive, she should have got the death penalty. pity it wasn’t sooner.

  85. Angel Says:

    she sould have been killed right when she go to jail

  86. torrence Says:

    r i p for the ppl life that is gone

  87. josh Says:


  88. mr.nazi Says:

    ha! she should have got what she gave out!perhaps a little fun with someone stabbing here with a knife!

  89. Brian S. Byrne Says:


  90. Swshades Says:

    I would have laid her,back in the 60’s

  91. Jon Combs Says:

    Sadie are you still into death, rest in HELL Susan.

  92. patricia anne mathis Says:

    well i say an eye for in eye burn bitch –

  93. Max Stevens Says:

    Burn in hell sweetheart.

  94. helen/adam Says:

    dont think ur going to be missed,never mind

  95. jimmy99ways Says:

    she did her Time.. Life.. thats hell on earth.. so!! may god be kind to her. cause this old world was not….RIP

  96. Lauren Says:

    Hey Sadie you were pretty awesome and I was depressed when I heard you passed. I hope you’re having fun now…

  97. james G Archibald Says:

    all murderers become Born again, big deal, she is the daughter of Satin, burn in hell

  98. Rhonda Says:

    May God have mercy on your soul.

  99. lisa Says:

    i cant believe what you did and let happen.

  100. peggy Says:

    Its to bad she went so easy…

  101. William Earl Miller Sr. Says:

    Shows you what drugs and an immoral life can lead to. Now she faces her ?

  102. sams Says:

    may she rest in peace no matter what she did only God can judge her.

  103. Joe Says:

    Tex Watson killed Sharon Tate.

  104. Christopher Says:


  105. Bree Says:

    I dont understand why you people have nothing better to do than to rag on dead criminals… idiots this is the memoril guestbook :p

  106. not a fan Says:

    why would anyone want to give tribute to such a horrible person ….

  107. jonny Says:

    rot in hell

  108. Scralett Says:

    you got better than you gave….burn in hell..

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