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Stevie Ray Vaughan

Born: 1954-10-03 - Died: 1990-08-27
Cause of Death:
Helicopter Crash

Death Summary: Vaughan was involved in a Helicopter crash, just after performing at a concert with band Double Trouble, a show that also featured the Robert Cray Band and Eric Clapton.

He was supposed to leave by bus, but Clapton's crew had a helicopter with an extra seat and he took it. That helicopter took five people including Vaughan, and they were all killed. The official cause of Vaughan's death was loss of blood as a result of a severed aorta.

Who was Stevie Ray Vaughan : Stevie Ray Vaughan is considered by many to be one of the greatest guitar players who ever lived. He played a brand of blues-rock that is often imitated, and Vaughan's songs still get heavy radio airplay to this day.

He battled drug and alcohol problems, but as many rock stars would meet their demise from these, they weren't what took his life in the end.
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156 Signatures in Stevie Ray Vaughan's guestbook

  1. Big Joey Says:

    its sad to loose someone so talented in Music To the best who rocked this world…..

  2. Rod Correa Says:

    Stevie helped improve my blues playing-thank you Stevie! You’ll always be the greatest!

  3. GARY D. BRYANT Says:

    Stevie Ray is one of my all time favorites next to Jimi Hendrix. To this day, I am very sad at his loss. He died too young and I keep thinking of what might have been in his musical career and life had he survived the terrible helicopter crash on 8/27/90. I hope that he willo be elected to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame of which I feel he greatly deserves to be. I really miss him!

  4. Bree-Lynn Cummings Says:

    he was a great man and one of my favorites im only 15 and wanted so bad to meet him it is a crying shame he was not alive to do that i look up to him in many ways and always will his legend lives in

  5. cameron Says:

    The greatest guitar player who ever lived we all miss u stevie

  6. Rachel Conrad Says:

    one of the best guatarist ever

  7. benjamin franklin Says:

    when in 1990 i found out that Stevie was dead i was in shock. he had cleaned up his life from the drugs and booze and then boom then an accident took him way too soon but he will live on in his music
    SRV forever

  8. tupu Says:

    SRV really had “the flow” in his music.It is very rare! He didn`t try to pretender to be more than he was and I think that was one of the reasons why people loved him.He had his problems, but he was also very spiritual person (as Tommy Shannon has told). It is very sad thing that he died so early!! I am missing him too! His music will live forever!!

  9. tupu Says:

    SRV really had “the flow” with his playing. He was kind and spiritual person (as Tommy Shannon has told). I am missing him very much! His music will live forever!!!

  10. Wally Ray Ostrander Says:

    The author of this article should have stated that Stevie not only battled drug and alcohol addiction, but conquered it nearly quite a few years before he passed away and preached about the dangers at every show and was also a born again christian.

  11. Steve Harrington Says:

    I loved the man and his music he really inspires me.
    Such a great loss of a GREAT TALENT!!!!
    He will never be replaced.But long live his music.

  12. Bambi Lynn Grau Says:


  13. RP GUTIERREZ Says:

    I am of mexican descent. Guitar player from southern, southern california. Santana was a big influence in me. But when I heard Stevie play, especially his rendition of Little Wing, I became a huge fan. Rest in peace Stevie you’re with “Jimi” jamming away in blues heaven.

  14. LaDonna Darty Says:

    May you rest in peace…my brother.

  15. Diane Anderson Says:

    The music of Stevie Ray Vaughan lifts me up . . . it’s timeless.

  16. Rob Says:

    Still miss ya Stevie :(

  17. Veronica June 5,2009 Says:

    We all lost one of the best when Stevie passed. His music is the best! Love it all!!!!

  18. Cindy June Says:

    The memories of his last show still linger in my mind. His raw energy and love of life made it an incredible experience. The next morning we all waited by the radio for the names of the departed. Much to our dread, our biggest fears came true. We love you SRV. You will remain in our hearts forever. See you in heaven someday. 😉

  19. Daragh Buggy Says:

    Just a legend.. R.I.P. will always live on in our memories…


    To this very day, I deeply miss this unique musical talent. At times, I feel like I actually met;though I never did, and understand this mans music, as well as some of his life’s hurts, which he suffered. maybe that is why I still identify with his tragic loss. Thanks for the music, and may God bless you Stevie Ray Vaughan.

  21. Joseph Harmonica Joe Termini Says:

    Saw SRV twice.Last time was the show before the last show at Alpine.To this day I still remember….His music is in my soul….

  22. Joyce Smith Says:

    The Very Best Guitarest EVER, a man full of humility and talent.

  23. Albert Falkenstien Says:

    man i wish u hadent left so damn soon i wold have loved to see u in concert i am twelve play gutair nd am in a tribute band i am gonna play one of ur songs for sure

  24. Norma Jean Says:

    I still miss this man. I loved him. Saw him perform at Fitgerald’s in Houston, Texas
    August 18, 1981. He glowed and made everyone else glow.
    miss ya Stevie!!!!!

  25. Terry Says:

    Missing you SRV!!

  26. Jennifer Lawrence Says:

    I have just discovered your talent, as a result of seeing Tallan Noble Latz, your reincarnate. Rest in Peace

  27. mark smith Says:

    Isaw Stevie in 1984 what a great great show miss ya Stevie always will

  28. dan martino Says:

    stevie was brilliantly creative and played to the world how lucky we all are!!!!!

  29. dan martino Says:

    stevie was brilliantly creative and played it to the world….how lucky we are…….

  30. Chris Leighton Says:

    Your Music will rock all the future generations!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Wolfgang Carter Says:

    A legend and influence whose music I will always treasure as the greatest of gifts.

  32. Mark Bonin Says:

    SRV had the most unique style that will never be duplicated by any musician that picks up a guitar. We miss you Stevie.

  33. the james Says:

    stevie ray vaughan you are dead but DEFINITEY not forgotten my friend. rest in piece

  34. PETER - Brazil Says:

    Este cara faz muita falta…Fly lillte wing.

  35. logan Caners Says:

    stevie is the best FREKIN PLAYER OF ALL TIME!!!!!

  36. logan Caners Says:

    rest in piece.

  37. Melody Says:


  38. MARY ISBELL Says:


  39. Gerardo Lomas M. Says:

    I’m Mexican but I think that the music like he use to play and write, doesn’t have nationality, just feeling.

  40. Mark Diaz Says:

    the day stevie ray vaughan died was the day real rock and roll music came to a sudden stop…greatest guitar player we’ve ever been witness to…..next to jimi hendrix!!!

  41. PYSCHOWard Says:

    The Music of a LEGEND, will live for Ever, thanks SRV for the memorable performances.

  42. Terri Fredrick Says:

    Stevie Ray was great. He is deeply missed.

  43. listennowbreath Says:

    Your music has become my passion. The longer you have been gone (from sight), the better your music, not only withstands the tests of time…but blows it gently away. This is nothing you do not know, it is something you have always known…”energy cannot be created or destroyed”. Albert and I know you are still here…there…always Stevie

  44. richard reyna Says:

    luv always,, u r my heart and soul,,,

  45. Katie Garcia Says:

    I heard the song “Pride and Joy” just once. After that I became a fan for life.I listen to one of his albums almost everyday. Especially when I’m cooking. I sing along with the songs. It’s to bad that he wasn’t able to be here with us longer. I would have liked to know what of songs he would came out with. I really miss his music.

  46. Katie Garcia Says:

    I heard the song “Pride and Joy” just once. After that I became a fan for life.I listen to one of his albums almost everyday. Especially when I’m cooking. I sing along with the songs. It’s to bad that he wasn’t able to be here with us longer. I would have liked to know what kind of songs he would came out with. I really miss him and his music. I loved his music.

  47. Rollo Says:

    Alpine Valley was a two night gig, and I was there the previous night. Fantastic show, Stevie blew EC off the stage. It really tore me up on Monday morning when I heard the news. He would have been 55 a few days. We share the same birth month and year.

  48. Barbara Figura Says:

    Stevie’s music is alive today as much as it was the day he went to heaven. He will always be the best. He was a gift from above. God bless him.

  49. DAVE NOLAN Says:


  50. bob zotara Says:

    trully missed. the best there ever was.

  51. burton S. Whaley Says:

    I pray that God rested his soul .He was the best and played like he was decending at the speed of light !!!!!I was deeply impacted by his life and will continue to celebrate his life till my final hour. Burton S. Whaley,TSgt, Retired US Air Force,Guitarist/Bassist/Drummer

  52. Edward Hildebrandt Says:

    It saddens me that we are still trying to fill a big hole that SRV filled. I have been a huge fan of his since I was a young. I think he was the greatest guitar player ever and if the so called Rock and Roll hall of fame wants to be credable again they will induct this SRV and double Trouble. They deserve it and it would be nice to see people paying espect to him and the band for changing the spectrum of blues fans to a wider fan base. Bless you SRV and Esp. your faily that still will the Your Loss.

  53. Edward Hildebrandt Says:

    It saddens me that we are still trying to fill a big hole that SRV filled. I have been a huge fan of his since I was a young. I think he was the greatest guitar player ever and if the so called Rock and Roll hall of fame wants to be Important again they will induct SRV and Double Trouble. They deserve it and it would be nice to see people paying respect to him and the band for changing the spectrum of blues fans to a wider fan base. Bless you SRV and Esp. your family that still with Your Loss.

  54. Daniel Tucker Says:

    I was watching Stevie this morning on past Austin
    City Limits, what a great guitar player / singer.
    I truly miss his music.

  55. john wright Says:

    Thank you Stevie!!

  56. Carol P. Rhodes Says:

    So sad when we lost him. Talent like his is few. He will always be missed and mourned by those of us who loved him. R.I.P. Stevie Ray. The world will always love you.

  57. Ricardo Says:

    Such a tragic loss, I still get choked up reading about his untimely end. Certainly the best guitarist that ever walked this earth. Loved the man. RIP SRV.

  58. john francis fahy Says:

    Happy New Year, Stevie. Oh, how I loved you…

  59. coolio Says:


  60. jory Says:

    i hate yu

  61. jory Says:

    yu dumb ass

  62. not jory Says:

    you only hate him because u have no life

  63. jory Says:

    jjk he was cool

  64. not jory Says:

    ur still a fag u cock sucker

  65. Simon Cade Williams Says:

    You took it to another level, Stevie. God blessX!

  66. Bekim Says:

    Bekim Mikullovci

  67. Simon Says:

    your little wings are still flying high

  68. Brad Lindsay Says:

    I only discovered Stevie Ray Vaughan recently and he soon became my favourite blues guitarist and performer. I was in awe of his music, he was truly a magnificent musician. I am so sad he is no longer with us. Stevie’s music will live on forever and will continue to be an inspiration to musicians and music lovers the world over.

  69. Annie1270 Says:

    Heard his music for first time two years ago, at the age of 65. Fell in love with his music and listen to it every day. It inspires me.

  70. Kyle Botello Says:

    He may of died a year before i was born,but my dad go me into his music when i was little and i still listen to it till this day,he is one reason why rock is what it is today.

  71. Kyle Botello Says:

    He may of died a year before i was born,but my dad got me into his music when i was little and i still listen to it till this day,he is one reason why rock is what it is today.

  72. T.Hogan Says:

    I can’t believe it will be 20 years this august that Stevie Ray was taken back home.He will live in our <3’s 4-ever.

  73. T.Hogan Says:


  74. tara lynne Says:

    Stevie, Your music will always have a place in my heart. You’re One of a kind. urgirltara @hotmail.com . Drop me a line, other die hard fans.

  75. marv johnson Says:


  76. Te Rod Says:

    Sang with him at the Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin in the early ’70’s and it was an AMAZING experience. A fabulous loving soul who is dearly missed to this day. R.I.P. Stevie

  77. Ric Chrysler Says:

    I discovered stevie in 1991. what a beautiful and horrible moment that was. Wishing will never help nor regret. both are obselete, but Stevie does live on on every novices frett-board.

  78. mr. Kelley owens Says:

    you will alway be the greatest guatarist player i have ever heard.rock on forever stevie

  79. Amanda Anderson Says:

    Imiss him so much , there will never be or has been another, his music touches me, he inspires me to be a better person

  80. Kathleen polutan Says:

    The first time I heard stevie ray vaughn I was hooked he will always be a bad ass blues player number one, His talent is so overwelming to me i get goose bumps when I hear his music There will never be another like him ever. In my opionion both his brother jimmy and stevie are the greatest blues Ive ever heard case closed…

  81. nancy smith macfarland Says:

    the best guitarist and blues singer ever. cannot get enough of him. the more i learn about him, the more i miss him.

  82. Janet Says:

    You are still the best guitar player ever you are sadly missed your music lives forever

  83. Elias G. Martinez Says:

    thank you for all the love you passed our away i came from mexico to meet you and i missed you we’ll meet again someday my friend my brother,, while i’ll be here in austin lovin everything you love …

  84. Linda Says:

    Still miss you Stevie.

  85. Melanie Wojcik Says:

    What soul he had…I get goosebumps everytime I hear him!

  86. Mark A Perdue Says:

    Today is the 20th anniversary of Stevie Ray’s death.We should all take a moment of silence to remember the legend.For he is deeply missed.

  87. Annie1270 Says:

    He was the greatist blue- rock artist. the world has missed him. I was 65 before I heard him and just fale in love with his music and

  88. Annie1270 Says:

    Found his music after he had died, and it was the most moveing I had ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love his sound, where is the movie above his life? He was so profined about his live.

  89. Annie1270 Says:

    Jimme, he would have wanted his story told, he sang about his recover and he trying to get a message out to his listeners. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!

  90. Robert Keto Says:

    He was an inspiration to those battling drug and alcohol addiction. Stevie overcame so much to have ended his life so young. He will be remembered as one of the GREATEST guitarists of all time.

  91. jeffreyLynn collins Says:

    you will be missd for ever.jeff C.

  92. steve beck Says:

    i grew up listening to stevie ray and he will be very missed.

  93. Toni Brown Says:

    I can’t think of any other adjective to describe him.

  94. Damien Wilson Says:

    RIP: Stevie you will never be Forgotten.

  95. kay pederson Says:

    I never knew you—-but I miss you

  96. Jon Davidson Says:

    Stevie your still and will always be the best and most of all you and your music are MISSED every second your gone!!!!!

  97. cheryl Says:

    Stevie Ray was one of the greatest guitarist that ever lived. RIP

  98. ronald Says:

    he was the one of the greatest guitarists and my inspirations to play the guitar. rip stevie

  99. Chris H. Says:

    Can’t believe it has been 20 years since his passing, I can only imagine what his music catalogue must have been like today if he was still with us. He deserves to be enshrined in th rock n’ roll hall of fame for sure. Thank-you Stevie for the wonderful music you gave us, RIP.

  100. Baps Bradford Says:

    Stevie a talent that left us tooooo soon, his music will live on forever. Industrial Blvd i Dallas should have been named after him

  101. Ron Lake Says:

    Stevie Ray Vaughan may be gone but his music will live on.

  102. Tyler Says:

    Stevie Ray is DEAD! I didn’t even know he was sick!!!!!

  103. Tyler Says:

    Stevie Ray is DEAD? I didn’t even know he was sick!!!!!

  104. KEN OXFORD Says:


  105. KEN OXFORD Says:


  106. KEN OXFORD Says:


  107. Phillip Serpetti Says:

    He was truly one of the greats…

  108. david cox Says:

    stevie you were an inspiration god bless

  109. Deborah Norman Says:

    wherever you are, and I do believe in the afterlife, I hope you are watching down over your loved ones and friends. You are truly missed.

  110. CHANCE BAND Says:

    we had a very huge fan of Stevie ray ,in our band, ,Shorty Ray…..always was in stevie ray mode!….music has great memories,especially dug bbking and stevie together!

  111. Dottie Ritchie Says:

    I just heard of you the other night, and You were blessed with a God given talent, so God decided he wanted you at home playing for him. You really touch the heart and soul when you play. Great Job
    youn man well done.

  112. Dottie Ritchie Says:

    Stevie, I just heard you jamming with Albert King on tv the other night and the way you play touches the heart, and soul, of everyone who hears it. You were blessed by God with a great talent, and he brought you home to play for him,
    God Bless you forever. Dottie Ritchie

  113. Dottie Ritchie Says:

    Stevie, God’s talented child who touches the heart and soul when you play of everyone who hears you. As you played for everyone down here,
    but now your playing for God and everyone in heaven. God Bless you forever.

  114. Dottie Ritchie Says:

    Stevie great job young man, your music touched my heart and soul, and now your doing the samething in heaven. God Bless You Forever

  115. Derrall, P.j Oswill Says:

    stevie will always live in my and my sons hearts.His legacy and music will always live in our hearts.

  116. T. Hodgson Says:

    Very Nice! Stevie, Rest In Peace.

  117. marko w Says:

    the greatest listen to you every sunday morning

  118. G.Vandromme Says:

    Stevie,you will always be remembered as one off the greatest guitarists, just like Hendrix. Your music lives on forever.

  119. Gina Says:

    I never listened to his music (My ex-husband kept me listening to country) until he was on the PBS network the other night with Albert King. I have since been so fascinated with him that I feel that I knew him. My birthday is Oct. 2, 1950, which is 4 years before and one day before his birth. I had listened to Jimi Hendrix when I was a 60s hippy but not to SVR. I bought 3 MP3 albums right off the bat & can’t stop listening. Playing for Him now, are ya, Stevie? We all still love ya!

  120. Pat Burns Says:

    Stevie Ray and Chris Duarte would be a great show to see, id spend a shit ton of money for that show… R.I.P buddy.

  121. chris Says:

    I just recently visited his grave. I brought flowers and paid my respects. I to this day is sad that he is gone. Gone from is his brother and friends. He is gone from his love of his guitar and making it play so smooth. He should be in the rock and roll hall of fame. Stevie deserves it. If not, we all that love him will always listen too him and know that there will never be another Stevie out there. Miss your blues bluesman

  122. joseph bentley Says:

    SRV will never die in the hearts and minds of those who heard and saw him perform and all the future generations of “blues” fans. The genius he possessed as a musician, and the warmth of his soul among us will be forever missed. God bless you Stevie, and thank you.

  123. Larry D. Davis Says:

    The man was one of the best guitar players there ever was. In heaven he is still jammin and makeing people very happy.

  124. Ralph S. Alonzo Says:

    Oh My brother, it hurts my heart to read of your passing. Even though I didn’t know you personally, I feel like If we were best friends. Your music has not only made me realized how great a musician you were and what an inspriration you have been to myself and other upcoming guitar players. If I could only turn back the hands of time and direct you to the bus that was scheduled for you instead of the helocopter that had that empty seat waiting to take you away from us. We all have our destiny and the Good Lord was calling for you. I just wish your passing was not that of a mechanical bird. I pray for you and your family and the individuals that were with you on that foggy night. I am sure your immidiate family and your fans will never recover from this unforseeable tragedy. We will see some day iknow you are in good hands and we will celebrate the years you gave us your best music. Love ya Man. Alonzo.

  125. Sandy Farris Says:

    I met you after you left us. You stuck by me through your music in one of the darkest times of my life. You healed me. I will always love you. You are my number one Stevie. Your music lives on forever in my heart. The Man in the Black Hat strumming sweet melody. Rest In Peace. You are greatly missed.
    Love from a forever fan,

  126. Michael Madison Says:

    Wish I would have been alive to see him in concert, such a sad loss. you will always be remembered Stevie!

  127. Robert Says:

    SRV was the greatest ever and aways will be.Will never forget you.

  128. Hope Says:

    The best guitar player ever…still can’t get enough of his music

  129. kathleen Says:

    Stevie Ray Vaughn is and was the best the greatest blues player that Ive ever heard!!!!!! When you watch him play its with such heart soul, it blows my mind, I cant take my eyes off him, not just his guitar playing, but his body movments, his who deminer,,, there will never be a man this talented and his brother Jimmy they both are the best there is… I never got to meet stevie, but I met Jimmy his brother at the fat cat in modesto, I wished I could of met stevie i picture myself sitting next to the best one time just one time to be able to be next to the best… Stevie Ray Vaughn is and was the best there is!!!!!!! watch the video saywhat life in tokyo and the sky is crying such talent need I say more STEVIE WE LOVE YOU ,, YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTON EVERR

  130. christian liechty Says:

    stevie is my idol he was one of the greatest guitar players in history

  131. Roger Cooper Says:

    Stevie, you’re still missed as bad as the day you were taken away……21 years today….RIP mate.

  132. Lawnie Says:

    Hey Stevie, a dear friend…Derrall, introduced me to your music, and I will always listen to and get lost in it :-)

  133. Michael Crook Says:

    He is my greatest favorite ever. It makes me wonder if he had never gotten on that heli if he would have become even greater than he was/is.

  134. John Dinger Says:

    i listen to his music still today

  135. Grant May Says:

    How would the Blues world be today ?
    Thankyou so much for what you left us with

  136. blake edwards Says:

    i didn’t get into stevie ray vaughn’s music until after he died,i am sorry about that but i still consider myself one of his biggist fans.he could flat tear up a guitar!

  137. Raynond Says:


  138. Steve Riffle Says:

    One of my greatest inspirations, I play guitar and he is why.

  139. chris Says:

    sadly missed. my only favorite. the best there will only be. R.I.P bluesman.

  140. Ryan Raley Says:

    Stevie Ray Vaughan is The BEST THAT WILL EVER LIVE.

  141. Deen Nair Says:

    Stevie Ray was the best. I am to this day still saddened by his death. The irony was that a friend of my mine was buying some of his CD’s for me on the eve of his death and the morning news came on mentioning his passing and I thought I was dreaming.
    Thank you Stevie for the great music. You are and will always be the very best.

  142. Eric Says:

    One of gods greatest…..

  143. Mariesa Huthwaite Says:

    Stevie you and Jimi the greatest guitar players ever.

  144. franallison Says:

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  145. nicola Says:

    the best guitar man…..

  146. Marc Peron Says:

    He could make a guitar cry, talk, moan, whisper, sigh and scream. One hell of a talent.

  147. Bill Varenas Says:

    Stevie Ray Vaughan was simply AWESOME! He made that guitar sing like no body has in the history of music! By far, THE GREATEST guitarist who ever lived! Stevie Ray Vaughan is sorley missed!

  148. brandon gun Says:

    I still remember the day I was watching MTV and they announced you had died. Told my friends dad the news and he started to cry. Had never seen a grown man cry before. He then pulled his acoustic guitar out and played some of Stevies songs all the while in tears. We miss you and will never forget. Hard to beleave its been 22 years today. And now I live life by the drop.

  149. Susan Fuller Says:

    Does anyone have a recording of the Apple Valley, WI concert?

  150. Justin M Smithson Says:

    U will always be the best u did so much in the 35 years u were here aug 27 will always be a sad day in music

  151. mike wright bondo. Says:

    Srv.something about the way you hit the strings.my 8 year old son Dylan.listen to you’re music as much as possible.it bonds us together.if that makes any sense.see you in heaven.dw&me.

  152. mike wright bondo. Says:

    Srv.something about the way you hit the strings.my 8 year old son Dylan.listen to you’re music as much as possible.it bonds us together.if that makes any sense.see you in heaven.dw&mw.fans for life!

  153. eric zumwalt Says:

    you got me through some tough and lonely times you will always be there

  154. eric zumwalt Says:

    your always there for me when I need you

  155. Ella Says:

    Youre so awesome, man! I cant believe I missed this blog for so long. Its just fantastic stuff all round. Your design, man…too amazing! I cant wait to read what youve got next. I adore every thing that youre saying and want a lot more, far more, A lot more! Maintain this up, man! Its just too great.

  156. william lee Says:

    u will be missed a lot

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