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Steve Jobs

Born: 1955-02-24 - Died: 2011-10-05
Cause of Death:
Respiratory arrest caused by a pancreatic tumor

Death Summary: Steve Jobs died at 3:00 p.m. on Oct. 5th of respiratory arrest caused by a pancreatic tumor.

Who was Steve Jobs : Jobs was born in San Francisco and was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs of Mountain View, California, who named him Steven Paul. During his early years Jobs would often attend after-school lectures at Hewlett-Packard Company in Palo Alto, California and was later hired there. This is where he met Steve Wozniak, they were both summer employees.

Jobs attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon, but dropped out after only one semester. He continued going to classes, even though he wasn't technically a student. He is quoted as saying: "If I had never dropped in on that single calligraphy course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts."

In 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, with later funding from a then-semi-retired Intel product-marketing manager and engineer A.C. "Mike" Markkula Jr., founded Apple. Some years later Jobs would be removed from the head of the Macintosh division. He would go on to form NeXT Computer. Much like the Apple Lisa, the NeXT workstation was quite advanced, but generally wrote off for it's cost.

In 1986 Jobs bought "The Graphics Group", today they're known as Pixar, from Lucasfilms for $10 million. After a couple of years of unprofitability selling the Pixar Image Computer, they were contracted to Disny to produce a number of computer-animated films.

In 1996 Apple announcd that it would buy NeXT for $429 million, which brought Jobs back to the company he had co-founded. Shortly after the acqusition, Jobs was CEO again.
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119 Signatures in Steve Jobs's guestbook

  1. Truth Says:

    Job Well Done ………… RIP

  2. The Apatini Family Says:

    This is modern humanities greatest loss. He was a genius human being. We sincerely hope Apple can continue it’s innovations with Steve gone. We grieve together with his family and friends


    The Apatini Family

    Jules Eva and Lisa (we are Iphone4 users)

  3. Brian McClory Says:

    This is a loss for everybody. Steve Jobs’s name belongs in the history books along with Abe Lincoln, Alexander the Great, Martin Luther King, and Rosa Parks. May he rest in peace.

  4. Marc Says:

    Steve you were the main reason I entered into the technology industry. You’re vision and leadership were truly an inspiration to me.


  5. Ime Says:

    RIP Steve

  6. Steve Forman Says:

    You will continue to enrich more people’s lives through technology than any other man that will ever live!

    Thank you and God Bless

  7. Tim Pratt Says:

    Your vision will live on. Thank you for your passion and genius that was so prominent in the work I love. You touched us all, my prayers are with your family.

  8. Rottler Family Says:

    Steve will be missed. He was a great business man, one who inspired so many. It’s a very sad day in America, he who gave so much but expected so little. May he rest in peace and the family is in our prayers daily.



  9. Patrick Metzger Says:

    Thanks for your great contributions to history and your innovative ideas! You made a difference in every persons life! You will be missed!

  10. Harsh Kar Says:

    Steve, your impact has fundamentally changed the world we live in. May god bless your soul

  11. Ana Cabrera Says:

    The world lost an innovator and visionary today. He changed the way we live our lives. Thank you… you will be missed.

  12. Pamela Jackson Says:

    THAN YOU STEVE FOR YOUR POSITIVE CONTRIBUTIONS TO THIS WORLD! YOU ARE A LEGEND. JOB WELL DONE! You have completed the circle of life and exited it gracefully as we all must. My prayers are with your family. AGAIN JOB WELL DONE WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU. REST IN PEACE!

  13. Steve Travali Says:

    10 year Mac addict. Steve,
    Thank you for the inventive toys and gifts you created.. I’m sad to say the planet got a little less innovative today without you. Get started on that cloud computing up there!

  14. Marianne Says:

    I am so sad to hear of Steve’s passing. What a loss. I pray for comfort for his family during this time. I hope that Apple will continue on with his vision. God Bless Steve.

  15. Ameen Says:

    What a loss we have to face. I offer my condolence to his loved ones. I will think of you in my prayers. As he said himself “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life,”. He fought a hard battle. Rest in Peace

  16. Chip Turner Says:

    Steve, you were always ahead of your time and I am grateful for that. Your products inspire me and help me work better. Thank you so much! I will miss you.

  17. Scott Lary Says:

    When I first opened my iPod, I was greeted with the statement, “DON’T STEAL MUSIC”.  I believe that Jobs by taking a moral stand on providing a legal way for mass marketing of digital music gave Apple the market share it needed to later jump into the telecommunications market, i. e., the iPhone — which allowed for multiple millions of units and which gave the public a viable alternative to the stodgy Blackberry.

    In the movie where he and Gates were bantering. Jobs said, ‘but mine is better’ to which Gates replied ‘it does not matter’.   Time has told the tale – Apple has surpassed Microsoft. So I guess, after all Quality Does Matter.

  18. Dzafer Kulenovic Says:

    My deepest condolences on loss of a great American hero. May he rest in peace.

  19. chirag Mehta Says:

    I am thankful to lord for bringing u to life and the things that u done for human life will never be forgotten your innovations had really made the flow of life better.
    Once again u rest in piece and angels look after u .
    God bless u

  20. Dzafer Kulenovic Says:

    My deepest condolences on the loss of a great American hero. May he rest in peace.

  21. Angela Mitchell Says:

    WALL-E started to cry! I hurried over with a can of lubricant to keep him from seething up. The “Monsters” came out of their closets to comfort their children. The “Toys” are on Andy’s bed, hugging each other, with a big box of tissues. I send my prayers out for Steve Jobs and his immediate family and extended family at Apple and Pixar. I’m sure the “Toys” and their creators need lots of tissues today. Please, don’t let his legacy die. I really hope he left an iron clad will that saves his creations intact. RIP

  22. shane hilton Says:

    I lost my mother to cancer. I have lost family members prior and since. But that was the most painful way to lose someone. To watch them slowly wither away to nothing. My heart goes out to the family. I have felt their pain. Unless you have watched someone die of cancer you just don’t know how life changing it is. Even now this brings back the painful memories of my mother and how bad she looked and how some family members didn’t even reconised her. I prayed for my mother to die the day befor she passed. I couldn’t even look at her anymore. I can garantee steve is in a better place and now he is at peace. I will also morn for him and all others that’s terminal with cancer for it is tradgic and truly grusome as to his family I am sorry for your loss and will say a prayer tonite. Its sad to say but he is a man who truly suffered and everyone should bow and say a prayer for him

  23. Amber Massey Says:

    You were a visionary and a creative genius. You changed the way people communicate, and your loss will be profoundly felt. Prayers to your family and co-workers during this hard time.

  24. Adarsh Says:

    iCame iMade iGone – R.I.P Steve Jobs

  25. Constantine Pikoulas Says:

    RIP Steve Jobs. How you have changed the world! One of your creations, the ipod touch, is being expertly used by my 4-year old grand children!

  26. Dr anand Says:

    We in India love Apple Computers, which has fascinated us beyond imagination, by the creative imagination of our Beloved Steve who stirred the hearts of all Indians to fall in love with his creation, we here are so addicted to Apple, we pray that Steve will hover in his spirit over the company to take it to greater heights in helping humanity to experience and enjoy life and understand it through Apple started by our beloved Steve, we love him for what he has done for India and the world. We miss him and may God bring healing to the berived family and members and company staff, our prayers goes out for them. Thank you Steve for your love fours ppp

    Apple lover
    Dr Anand

  27. Vincent Says:

    The end of an era.

  28. Verna G. Harts-Whitfield Bouie,RN Says:


  29. Judy Says:

    Steve, you are the epitome of what people should strive for in life. You were a revolutionary.

  30. Don Quan Says:

    A genius, an innovator, a giant among men. Thank you, Steve Jobs.

  31. Luciano Says:

    Thank you mr jobs for all the things you’ve left behind

    R.I.P. Steve Jobs

  32. Rick&LoriMorgan Says:

    The Johnny APPLEseed genius of our generation’s technology …his legacy that of our children’s &grandchildren’s.You’ll be missed&re-membered.PEACE&LOVE to your family friends &coworkers

  33. Swapnil Naik Says:

    It’s a great loss to the this,as well as the coming generations.The way he looks at technology is what technological vision should be,hope he is reincarnated again.The world gona miss u …

  34. Julio Says:

    I don’t usually grief for the filthy rich, but this man proved genius and artistically, elegant designed products. An innovator in his own right. I heard people comparing him to John Lennon. I would rather go for a Walt Disney comparison, since that man also started a product that is still giving a long factory of wonders.

  35. Tom Says:

    Steve, you were an inspiration to us all. You will be sorely missed by everyone. The fact that people from rival companies have made tributes to you just shows what influence you had on people.

    To show respect, Apple should issue a statement declaring that the S in iPhone 4S will stand for Steve. That would make Apple’s followers incredibly happy that Apple show respect for their founding father.

    Thank you,


  36. Maria Iragorri Says:

    Thank you for not only becoming the most important figure in technology but also for being one of the most sensitive and most human businessman. It’s not usual, (not at all) to see such a great mind, and great HEART, in the business world. Please be certain your legacy will not be forgotten for its print is way too unusual to be left aside. We love you.

  37. Balakrishnan.G Says:


    YOU may have left us physically today.

    Where ever you go , may your soul rest in peace in full knowledge that we are not going to forget you for ever for what you have left behind you.

    My first exposure to computer was in a mac in the year 1995 and i cherish every day from then on in using the product that you and your team gifted to the world.


    YOU WILL INSPIRE many a young heart to innovate and offer to the world what you left behind and dare to dream beyond.

    My humble salutes.

    My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and friends and fellow apple mates.

    Velava – Pondicherry

  38. Constantin Barazzetta Says:

    I was given this terrible news this morning, few minutes before going to school.
    He tought me not to give up even when i was in the worst conditions and thanks to his faith I was able to solve all my problems except one: HIS DEATH!

    Twinkle! Twinkle! Steven Jobs,
    you enlightened our dark life
    with your overflowing imagination!
    Now all of us is missing you.
    You left and left us feeling empty!
    Staring at the sky we can see
    the brightest star ever seen
    shining as yours. Lead us
    from the high of the skies.

    Thanks for changing in better our lifes!

  39. dorothy reames Says:

    The ITouch, my 15 year old boy might not be able to move much or breathe on his own, but, put it in his hand, turn his head so he can see it because he can sure use his thumbs, his ITouch is his most favorite thing, he can use it all by himself, watches many things on youtube, school can even download text books on it, from his Kindle he can upload regular books and read them, send emails, use Facebook, surf the net, all with this tiny little device, a regular book or his Kindle being too heavy to hold. Thank you, Mr. Jobs and Apple, for my little boy’s most favorite thing, job well done.

  40. Noreen Sullivan Says:

    The Apple IIe was my first back around 1980. It changed my life and the way I taught. It made teaching fun and changed the way my students and I learned. From then on I was hooked and a colleague and I fundraised for Apples and later Macs for our labs and fought hard to get them since most people thought PCs were the way to go. But we endured and to this day, all of the labs in elem and middle school are Macs. Thanks Steve- in your brief time on this earth you changed the world and made it a better place.

  41. Kasia Says:

    Steve, you were an amazing individual whose creativity enriched so many. There are no words to express the gratitude for what you have done, What’s left is that selfish sorrow we feel now, missing you. You are and will be an inspiration to many to come.

    Warm wishes for your family and close friends.


  42. Jawwad Ul Haq Says:

    Though I never bought any apple product but I really liked Steve, his passion toward innovation and his approach. After knowing about this great loss, I tend to miss him. He is one of the very few persons whom death really shocked me and dropped me into deep sea of grief.
    I will miss him.
    RIP Steve.

    God Bless your family n friends.


  43. Joel Bohm Says:

    Every great story has an ending, even the greatest. Steve was without doubt the most impactful human on technology culture in the history of the world, even though that history is maybe less than 100 yeas old. He changed the world in ways we haven’t realised yet, and gave birth to a million other creative geniuses.

  44. John Brassfield Says:

    Steve pioneered the “Apple Culture”, which made it such a wonderful place to work. A perfect environment for creative people. He leaves a fantastic legacy and millions of fans. Further, he represents the best of America. Thanks Steve, you will be sorely missed.

  45. Matthew Dayton Says:

    RIP Bro! T-T

  46. Akash Bahai Says:

    Today techworld lost one of their greatest pioneers.
    May you rest in peace!!!

  47. Carlos Bosco Says:

    I write this on an iMac, something that is part of Steve’s visions. He has changed the way we think of technology, whether you want to accept it or not, it’s the truth. Where the world of technology will go from here, I don’t know, but Steve has inspired so many people to follow his steps. There will be a piece of Steve Jobs in the souls of future technology gods.

    R.I.P, Steve

  48. claire kearns Says:

    a great mind lost forever xxx R.I.P

  49. Blaine Klingaman Says:

    I’ve been a MacHead ever since the Mac Plus – back when it wasn’t fashionable to use Mac, often laughed and sneered at.

    A lot has changed and in doing so and so has the world!

    Thank you Steven for your genius.

    I just know if anyone can find a way to communicate from the beyond, “You Will” and we will be waiting.

    We’ll miss you.

  50. Faisal Raad Says:

    a amazing human that will always stay with our hearts

  51. Bruno Oggioni Says:

    I Have never been so Lucky to meet Steve in person, i neither not know his family but I feel Like a part Of me is gone.
    This short Message is my simple way to say goodbey Steve, The whole World is gonna Miss you!
    Condolences to’ all The Jobs family: you have lost a wonderful genious but you must be happy: he is immortal, he will 4ever live in our hearts And you can have The dimostrance Of what I’m writing watching The entire Wolrd crying for his death. You’re not alone.
    God bless you guys, please keep Steve way as The only way for Apple!
    Bruno Oggioni

  52. Sharon Moore Says:

    To the Jobs Family you are in my prays.

  53. Stephen Says:

    WOW he really loved doing his Job and if theres oen things I remember hims saying its that the ios users emails and positive responses is what kept him going. A job well done and one that will never be forgotten.

  54. Fred Says:

    My sincere condolences to Steve Jobs’s family. I am among those influenced by his geniality. He is in my prayers.

  55. Erik Says:

    The world has l

  56. Erik Says:

    The world has lost a very talented abs creative person. I’m sad because we lost him but I’m happy that he is in a better place now. Rest in peace steve jobs.

  57. ronangel Says:

    Newton was inspired by the apple
    Steve jobs inspired the apple

  58. Ali R. Yeganeh Says:

    Steve, we grew up with your innovations and pass it on to our next generation, and I strongly believe that this jurney will remain for very long time. Thank you steve for being the greatest mentor to me and my 10 years old son
    Nima who is following your keynotes since he was 5 years old. The world is going to miss you steve. Rest in Heaven.

  59. Harjinder Singh Says:

    The world has lost one of the most incredible and innovative entrepreneur of our times.

    Very few people in this world are born with a vision to change it on their own terms; I feel blessed to grew up seeing one of them, someone who redefined the way we communicate.

    The Techie Einstein of our time ‘Steve Jobs’

    May His legacy,Vision last forever.

    ‘’Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’’
    R.I.P- Steve Jobs

  60. John Thornhill Says:

    Steve Jobs a man who will be missed greatly.I enjoyed the products he created.Thanks for all the work you have done in the computer world.

  61. kate ngui Says:

    steve jobs, we are very sad,everything is what happen,you are greats men and good businese men,now you gone,we are so miss you ,you are amazing human,we are ever for ever remember to you,steve jobs we are love you so much,,,

  62. CroKova Says:

    You are the iGod… RIP

  63. hanady Says:

    I am so sorry, I loved all apple products thanks for everything.bye!”crying”

  64. hanady Says:


  65. Nicholas B. Louis Says:

    Steve Jobs may not have been born with a silver spoon,
    but his creativity and genius enabled the world to swoon,
    with inventions and innovations that reached the moon.
    A bad day it was that he passed away, so much too soon.

    He left a world that became sad and forlorn,
    now waiting for another like him to be born.
    Whenever that will be, no-one knows,
    but because of him, the earth now glows!

  66. Karishma Shaheen Says:

    Just three days before his death, I read his biography & was really very inspired. May u get the best place in heaven.

  67. bella & brooke Says:

    R.I.P you’re a genius!! you made our generation !!! your inventions are da bomb(:

  68. Eliab Says:

    R.I.P ! And May God Help Your Family in Your Lost

  69. Gabriela Gonzalez Says:

    We grieve together with his family and friends. I am not an iphone users yet but i loved all the products that he had accomplshed in his live.

  70. Humam Shahare Says:

    Dear Steve Job’s,

    Live in rest and go to heven

  71. Binary Corners Says:

    I have been lost 2 “Jobs” in this month…God Bless You… Steve

  72. anyomous Says:

    thank you for technology

  73. hi2u Says:

    be a leader not a follower fuck the iphone go with android

  74. andrew beltran Says:

    apple user all day every day

  75. Nathan Says:

    Thank you Steve Jobs for everything that you have done for all of us! It’s so sad that you had to die so early. I mean, what did you do to deserve the crap you went through? It’s weird that the biggest technology person died of pancreatic cancer.

    You will be missed forever! For generations and generations, everyone will know about you. You’re like a Thomas Edison of the 21st century.

    I wish he could’ve lived to see the sales of the iPhone 4S.

    Rest in Peace Steve Jobs! I’ll miss you forever, even though I never met you.

    I made a site in remembrance of Steve Jobs, and you can see it here: http://steve-jobs.yolasite.com/

    Nathan Johnson

  76. Rob Says:

    3 Apples of significance – Adam’s, Newton’s, Steve’s. He was the essence of what America is about – born to a Syrian immigrant, adopted and reared by christian parents, spiritually inclined towards Buddism. RIP.

  77. Margaret Wu Says:

    Steve, we love you! iPeace.

  78. Sylvia E. Malnikow Says:

    Through his uncompromising vision and work ethic, he has been an inspiration to the world.

  79. Mokabuku Says:

    R.I.P Mr Jobs,

    Your legend will continue to inspire those that follow the voice inside, your work and your word reached spaces that you probably never thought it would. This is from the deep corners of South Africa, Johannesburg. Condolences to your family and friends, you made it to the book of Einstein’s and the Nostradamus’s, Rest in peace good sir. Salute!

  80. Aleksandra, Montenegro Says:

    Thank you for all…We will never forget you,
    Rest in peace!

  81. Mathew Says:

    I am so saddened of the passing of Steve Jobs, he was a man who has really left a wonderfully positive mark on the world and not just because of the products he gave us.

    Steve’s vision and was of listening to what we all had to say turned so wonderfully into products and services we all wanted rather that what we were told we could have. If others in the world had the same attitude what a wonderful place this would be. Steve did this and did is so well with guided his team to deliver so often, in products, services, ideals and visions.

    My first visit to an Apple store opened my eyes to a new way of looking at customer service, this has come from above, right to the top and anyone who has an apple product knows that there was so much of a great man inside. I have taken this attitude into my life and especially my job role in giving the customer a positive experience every time. I watched every keynote speech with great excitement and then getting more excited with just the pure positive energy and vision Steve radiated from the passion of his words.

    Thank you Steve for all that you did for this world, you have a left a legacy that enriches us all may you RIP.

  82. melissa loves btr Says:

    steve jobs a legend in our eyes he was a god in the technolgy world and dying a day befor the iphone 4s came out was creation he never got to see live out its high expectations you have inspired many people through your work and your 7 year battle you took befor it was enough
    you will be missed.

  83. Bubba Says:

    RIP Steve Jobs. You were a great and wonderful man. One day I will make something in rememberance of you.

  84. Sydney Shepherd Says:

    Thank, steve for everything you have done. Also thanks for starting the icloud. I bet they wouldn’t have thought of it. You will be missed by everyone.

  85. lola Says:

    i liked your work, u will be missed

  86. lola Says:


  87. lola Says:


  88. lola Says:

    apple company

  89. lola Says:


  90. Thesa Garcia Says:

    A genious, the world evolved because of YOU. Thank you for making an impact worldwide. Rest like a king Steve.

  91. emmitt Says:

    wel well his last name says it all, impressed with such an impact in my life as well as others. RIP

  92. Reed Ash Says:

    I’m so sorry. I know I can’t even begin to start one of those long memorial notes I’ve read and seen today, but at least I can say this: Rest in peace Steve Jobs. You were an inspiration to many and I hope you’re never forgotten.

    Reed Emily Ash

  93. Anthony Gonzalez Says:

    steve jobs was amazing he was the greatest inventer that i ever known, i have an i phone and many apple products! i love apple thank you for all the inventions and great ideas!

  94. Seth Soderholm Says:

    Seth Seth Seth

  95. Rodrigo Matta Says:

    Im sorry dude. But shit happens. and i want you to know that of all the people involved in this fucking world of comPUTAS and interneTs you were the the best of it all! theres nothing like my comPUTA man… i really need to go to sleep… by St

  96. Barbie Says:

    Steve was a honored person, i cant express my sadness. But i keep saying to myself that he is in a better place. God bless yo Steve and your family, you desearve peace. Dear Steve R.I.P (rest in peace).
    Sadly griefed #1 fan

  97. salimbag Says:

    He was about empowering the individual. “Now it’s about companies running people. It should be about people running companies,” he said in the early days of the Mac. Think about it… you’re a small rock band. With iTunes you now have the same access to the market as the most famous musician. Remember Pagemaker? People at home at their desks could produce output comparable to million dollar companies, and a whole generation of freelance commercial artists was born. With an iPhone, you can now take credit cards anywhere – at an art festival, a Ren Faire… now YOU are competing. The list goes on and on. Like or hate him, Apple was about the shift in paradigms to individual empowerment rather than corporate control. Oh, don’t like Steve Jobs and Apple? Boot up to a DOS prompt. Copy 10 files. Now do that on a Mac or Windows machine. That’s what Apple brought to us.

  98. rabia Says:

    oh no i will miss you terribly as there might be no more i thingss im ever so srry rip i know u loves ur life you deserve a good life x

  99. Tori Says:

    Although I did not know Mr. Jobs personally, it is evident that he has made a marked impression on our lives for the better and was deeply loved. To his Family & Friends: Please accept my deepest condolences in your time of sorrow. Here are some thoughts from the Holy Scriptures that were a comfort for me during the loss of my father: At John 11:25, Jesus told Martha, “I am the resurrection and the life. He that exercises faith in me, even though he dies, will come to life.” Shortly after speaking those words, Jesus resurrected Lazarus back to life right here on earth. Very soon, by means of God’s Kingdom, for which we pray (Matthew 6:10), Jehovah God along with His Son Jesus Christ will permanently remove death, resurrect our loved ones, and restore our bodies and this earth back to their originally-designed perfect condition. Until that time, may you be comforted and sustained by the warm memories of your dear loved one. Most truly…

  100. hollie cosgrove Says:

    rip steve jobs i my lap top is a mac book i hope some one will make more of your i phones and more stuff ….. ? love holly hope u have a good time in heven

  101. hollie cosgrove Says:

    you suck cock

  102. Jasmine Sosa Says:

    I would marry this maan.
    He could have fixed my hard drive;]

  103. Wesley Rawls Says:

    Steve Jobs was cool

  104. bill Says:

    fucking greedy jew.

  105. romantictoysme Says:

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  108. Diane Rocca Says:

    Thank You Steve Jobs for your intelligence. RIP

  109. Francis Says:

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  112. Curtis Says:

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  113. Hillary Coello Says:

    Steve was a great hero to me and to everyone.Steve was a great person and he was the reason i drew and design thing all day long in my notebook thinking “hmm wonder if steve jobs made this”Steve you inspire me to do great things for my life! May You Rest In Peace

  114. Lance Bevan Says:

    i love that you came out with the iphone before you died. and im so happy that siri talks. wow what an accomplishment. its my only friend. she calls me sexy man chocolate. i just wanted to say thanks for coming out with the iphone. it has made my life so much easier

  115. Jp Says:

    Steve you were a respected person in the world. With your many inventions it has shocked me when you died. your legacy will keep on going even after your death. your legacy will move on with the iphone.

  116. Michael Gabriel T Castillo Says:

    I’ve always thought of Mr. Steve Jobs as a fortunate man of the intellectual society, who, with his works on digital computers has found his way into many hearts as well as the minds of the young and old alike. Sincerely, Michael Gabriel T Castillo

  117. Somiah Hussain Says:

    R.I.P Steve Jobs – You Have lot For The People. Your New iPhone 5 Is Just Soo Amazing … x :)

  118. Constantin Says:


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