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Steve Irwin

Born: 1962-02-22 - Died: 2006-09-04
Cause of Death:
Stingray attack

Death Summary: Steve Irwin the "Crocodile Hunter", died after being killed by a stingray when he was filming an underwater documentary in Australia. He was diving in Queensland's Great Barrier Reef when he got stung in the chest by a stingray. He was 44 years old.

Who was Steve Irwin : He was an Australian naturalist. He hosted, with this wife Terri Irwin, the TV show "The Crocodile Hunter".

Here is a video of him with a snake on an Australian TV Show:

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61 Signatures in Steve Irwin's guestbook

  1. Joojoobee Says:

    Always remembered. Steve, you are missed. Love to you in Heaven.

  2. Trella Bozeman Says:

    Steve, you are a very wonderful person and you teach so much good things about animals that we don’t stop and think of doing. My oldest son wants to be like you, he is 14, his name is Kane. Both of my boys got a cat and named him Irwin, after you had passed, because they loved waching your show. You have a wonderful family and I know the Lord is with them and will take care of them.

  3. jonno. Says:


  4. jonno. Says:

    we all loved u steve we will never forget u xx <3

  5. greg mcneely Says:

    From the first show I saw I was amazed by you lack of fear and your respect for animals. YOu were the first of your kind and other tried to imitate. You were the crocidile man for sure. May god bless your soul and our family Steve. RIP.

  6. lori Says:

    my daughter worshipped you and still cries sometimes when you are mentioned. rest in peace crock hunter.

  7. Oh no... Says:

    Why you? Why not one of the fakes like Jeff Corwin?!

  8. Bells Says:

    no! why did you have to die! I will forever watch the Croc Files, Crocidle Hunters and that. RIP! 😛

  9. Hannah Says:

    I Love Croc Files,, why did you turn on us :(

    we love u R.I.P

    <3 Hannah <3

  10. Megan Says:

    Crikey I love Steve I alway watch his show. Poor Bindi though her dad cant assist her in her show. She must fell horrible. I liked her speach it was touching. Stingrays arent bad they are just protecting themselves. :)

  11. Nicole Says:

    We all miss you and love you………..
    ☺ in loving memory Steve Irwin ☺

  12. tracey Says:

    ur were a very loved n respected man.ill never forget u n how brave u were.r.i.p

  13. Clifford Jones Says:

    Steve, I know it has been some time since we have seen you however the events of that tragic day feel like they happened. Everytime I do something good to help out animals I always think of you. I am about to have a son and I can’t help but to think of what it would be for him to grow up with out a father. I thank you for the time you spent here on earth and hope all is well for you in heaven—-god bless

  14. Kasey Vaughan Says:

    Steve,you are a very wonderful person when you were alive and now that you have gone to R.I.P, you have made a very good change in the world. I’m one of your biggest fan and my dad and my sister always thought you were so cool and awsome we have bought all your books. All i’ve got to say now is CRICKEY! R.I.P

  15. nick Says:

    no why did he have to die now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. nick Says:


  17. Kyle Says:

    He died how he lived; with animals in his heart.

  18. Johnny Glades Says:

    Gee Steve, who would have ever imaginged you would be killed by a fish? RIP Buddy!

  19. Wendy Says:

    You had a great life and family, and gave of yourself for Australia. A great bloke who left us too soon. God Bless.

  20. dylan Says:

    u were the greatest animal expert anyones ever knew ur gbiggest fan dylan

  21. jake Says:

    the neighbors watching me oh oh oh oh the mail man watching me

  22. James Says:

    He was a true legend..RIP. CAtCH THOSE CROCODILES IN HEAVEN!!!!! LONG LIVE sTEVE!!!!

  23. James Says:

    U should b proud, Ur daughter has become what u always dreamed of. A bright star ready to shine.

  24. Danielle Franck Says:

    I Love Steve Irwin so much! I used to watch animal planet just for him because i loved to see him do his thing. It was so amazing to watch him work with animals and see how they reacted. It was so cool to see his true reaction and his fascination with animals. I miss you so much

  25. holly Says:

    will miss him. he was a flippin good bloke who was feerless to the point of stupidity but for all the right reasons ! :)

  26. Loren Blair Says:

    Hey i had bunches of fun and laughs watching your TV shows and im glad you had fun doing what you loved to do and I want you to know you gave me the courage to go out and do what i love to do and let nothing stop me because i can do it! thank you and R.I.P StEvE <3

  27. wendy c Says:

    Shocked… thats how i felt the morning i heard the news that you were gone.the animals have lost their protector an best friend.r.i.p

  28. Victoria Says:

    Thanks to you I have a great respect for mother nature.Rest in Peace.

  29. Ara Serio Says:

    I had fun watching your TV shows, My bro miss you and loved watching your movies over and over. We will all miss you for years to come!!
    We love you Steve Irwin !! :(

  30. clark Says:

    i’m crying… :( oh god..

  31. Edwin Says:

    Steve Died Doing What He Loved And Did Best And Now Hes In A Better Place. R.I.P Steve You Were The Best At What You Did We Will Never Forget Your Braveness And Excitement In Your Specialty

  32. Sonja K Says:

    he was such a hiped person i loved watching his show. now my grandkids watch bindi’s adventures.. You are deeply missed R.I.P.

  33. josh Says:

    rip dude i remember him thism guy had nuts it takes allot of guts to pick up a poison snake or get next to it rip man

  34. alana Says:

    hey me and my mum watched his shows from the first one to the last one

  35. alana Says:

    hey me and my mum watched his shows from start to finish

  36. john c lockwood Says:

    Thanks for all your great work. To your wonderful family God Bless Love and Peace!

  37. Kathy Tickell Says:

    Sadly missed. RIP. God bless your family and the work that they are doing in your footsteps.
    Kathy (Ontario Canada)

  38. XinYi Says:

    4 years now and i still can’t believe you’re gone.

    It was as though you have never once left. There were countless of videos and photos of you everywhere on the net. You are remembered because the gravity of your enthusiasm has inspired and touched the lives of many.

    Gone too soon, my Idol.

    But you will forever be in our hearts.

  39. maggie Says:

    Still can not beleive you have gone

  40. Caitlin Says:

    RIP Steve you were AWESOME!!!!

  41. bill Hockenberry,jr Says:

    i am and always will be a great fan,RIP steve.god bless your wife and kids and country..

  42. dean mulcahy Says:

    u will always be remembered

  43. Elizabeth Breeding Says:

    R.I.P we all miss u and love u

  44. Pamela Osburn Says:

    Goodbye to a brave kind heart. We’ll miss you.

  45. snsudha Says:

    CRIKEY!steve,I love u so much,u r such a great personality in the world.i am unlucky steve bcoz i couldn’t work with u.my ambition is to become a veterinarian and i am doing that and will save animals in australia zoo.not only as vet but also as a conservationist.steve ur amazing.I miss u croc.u r my legend for ever steve.we our family members are big fan of u.I always follow ur footsteps.u r my inspiration steve.luv u sweeta.

  46. snsudha Says:


  47. snsudha Says:


  48. jack Says:


  49. Brittany ♥ Says:

    ♥I love you! I wanna have sex that makes me sweat and burn! ♥

  50. Brittany ♥ Says:

    when i die can we go out???????????

  51. Brittany ♥ Says:

    When I die please can i suck ur hairy dick

  52. horny chick Says:

    fuck fuck fuck fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee im so so hornay fuck me hard baby get in their so hard ohh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  53. Brittany! ♥♥♥ Says:

    I want ulgy babbies with you! I thinking about you right now and im having sex right now

  54. lisa Says:

    you were a very courageous man and did a great job. you taught me alot of things about alot of animals so thank you for that. r.i.p

  55. Hans van Poelgeest Says:

    Next to Steve, there is no other like him! I admire him because he wanted en made the world understand nature more, that what we lost he tried so hard to repare! Hero’s die young an always to soon, but never forgotten from memory! My thoughts go to the family Irwin, Steve rest in peace and know that I will remember you always.

  56. Manny C. Says:

    R.I.P. Steve; Bindi, Bobby & Terri are doing good.

    Thought we would escape sicko messages & almost did. No such luck. sorry for their bad manners.

  57. Erin Farrior Says:

    The best lover and teacher of animal/reptile or any living thing not human there has ever been or will ever be. We all miss you Steve.
    Erin @ family

  58. Cheyenne Says:

    This may be kinda late but, R.I.P. Steve! <3

  59. Georgia Says:

    Miss you, you were a great role model

  60. william lee Says:

    u will be missed a lot

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