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Steve Clark

Born: 1960-04-23 - Died: 1991-01-08
Cause of Death:
Drug Overdose

Death Summary: Technically it was a mixture of alcohol an prescribed painkillers and anti-depressants that took Steve Clark's life. It was concluded that his death was not a suicide, as there was no real evidence suggesting that it was. A friend of Clark's claimed to be hanging out with him the night of his death, leaving after he passed out on the couch after some heavy drinking.

Clark was buried in Wisewood Cemetery in Hillsbrough, Sheffield near his family's home.

Who was Steve Clark : Stephen Maynard Clark was one of the guitar players, and founding members of the rock band Def Leppard. He was featured on the groups earlier more hard rock-oriented albums "On Through the Night", "High and Dry", and "Pyromania", as well as the softer edged "Hysteria" that propelled the band to the height of its success.

He was a huge fan of Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, and played Gibson guitars because of him.
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29 Signatures in Steve Clark's guestbook

  1. Flora James Says:

    I love you.

  2. Terri Says:

    Steve was one of the greats my sonwho is 16 thinks that is is a hereo in his eyes and steve is a hereo to me he is missed by many

  3. Steve Hile Says:

    Words can not describe what def leppard and watching and hearing him play guitar means to me.
    I will never forget you Steve “steaming” Clark, you can never be replaced.

  4. Marie Clark Says:

    I love him and I think that He is the best!

  5. Jonathan Ebanks Says:

    I can’t believe you are 18 years gone….Everytime i listen to armageddon it & hear his name called & he answers with his guitar it still seams like he is still here with us…We the fans & rest of them at Def Leppard miss you & we always will…Thanks God you left something behind worth while…Jonathan

  6. Kathleen Burley Says:

    Still fondly remembered after 18 years.

  7. Debbie Guindon Says:

    I watched the movie about the band the other night, and cried for the loss of Steve and the difficultly Rick faced. I am a huge fan and always will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. marv johnson Says:

    you was a great guitarist and fun to watch on stage. you’r still missed, rock on, rock of ages.

  9. sobzie Says:

    Your one awesome gutarist,will be missed. =[

  10. Rane Johnson Says:

    he was just an amazing man, incredible guitar player….he will be missed forever

  11. Kristi Scott Says:

    There will never be another. You will be missed always and forever. You will never be forgotten . Kristi Scott

  12. John Says:

    Steve Clark is one of my guitar heroes, the first guitar player i ever watched and listened to. he had great technique, extroadinary talent and a brilliant riffer( someone who plays great riffs). he’s up there with the greats. Miss you Steamin.

  13. Dr. stan. M.E. Says:

    cant say i feel sorry for him he should have left the Drugs alone. when will the guys learn DRUGS KILL.

  14. Bill Lewis Says:

    Saw Def Leppard in Birmingham in’88 on Hysteria tour.Blown away by Steve’s musical ability,amazing guitarist.Steve was the main songwriter of the band and the driving musical force.After Steve’s passing Leppard soon turned to shit and lost their way.I wouldn’t cross the road to see them now without Steve!

  15. Bill Lewis Says:

    As Jim Royle would say, ” Vivian Campbell, my arse!!!”

  16. Angel Lee Says:

    Steve, You are loved and greatly missed. The band and the music just isn’t the same without you. Rest with the angels.

  17. Suze Says:

    I grew up listening to the riffs of Steve. He was the first guitarist I ever had a crush on. I was totally crushed when I found out he died. He was an amazing guitarist. I know we all miss him every much. But, I just have to say this: Def Leppard hasn’t been on the same great level of music for 20 years. I’m sure he had dark shadows that followed him that none of us would understand, so I can see a reason behind his drinking. But, I’m saddened that no one spoke up to “shove” into his head the dangers with mixing booze & pills. I just don’t think that was a widely known fact back then. I miss you so much Steve & am still devastated I never got to see you in all of your glory on stage blasting out the most awesome riffs anyone’s ever heard. RIP Steamin’. <3

  18. VICKIEJ Says:

    I still listen to DEF LEPPARD but now it is with sadness because u are no longer there I will always miss u ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!

  19. Omar Valenzuela Says:

    steve me inspiraste a ser guitarrista poos tocan con el alma como tu

  20. Sandy Says:

    I was 14 when you passed Steve. You were my first love. 21 years later I still love you. I have some unpopular opinions and anger towards innocent people. I dont like Vivian because he isnt you, thats not his fautl. And I wonder if Janie had stayed up and not left you on the couch if there was any chance you might have been saved. I know its wrong, I never knew you but you and Def Leppard brought such joy to me. The old music still does. Rest in peace love, you deserve it.

  21. gina Says:




  23. AlannaBarr Says:

    Gone but NEVER forgotten. Huge CANADIAN fan here. Saw U all for 1st time in 1980! & Steve’s death still hurt. He was so cool & self assured as he stood on the stage & SHREDDED. Love U all!

  24. william lee Says:

    u will be missed a lot

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