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Stephen Gately

Born: 1976-03-17 - Died: 2009-10-10
Cause of Death:
Choked on his own vomit

Death Summary: Stephen Gately was found dead in his apartment near Port d'Andratx on the western tip of Majorca in Spain.

It's been reported that Gately choked to death on his own vomit after he spent the whole night out drinking at a local gay club.

Who was Stephen Gately : Gately was a signer / songwriter who is probably best known for being the lead vocalist of the pop group Boyzone.

Boyzone had sixteen consecutive singles enter the top five of the UK singles chart.

In 1999 Gately became one of the first pop stars to come out as gay.
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43 Signatures in Stephen Gately's guestbook

  1. Tauqir Ahmad Says:

    Poor GAY Guy………..

  2. Tracy Bourton Says:

    So sorry and shocked to hear of his death, such a great guy, sadly missed

  3. Heather Says:

    so sorry to hear that stephen has died. my thoughs are with his family and the band.he will sadly miss by everyone.

  4. Jennie Says:

    So sad to hear such sad news about someone so young and talented. He has touched many lives & will always be missed.

  5. said Says:

    gay+nice/good=no idea of what to say

    i really dunno what to say :pp

  6. glen a. raymundo Says:

    i really admire stephen,he’s so talented,i really miss him

  7. Sonja Says:

    Lumos Stephen Gately!

    I find a pity that you are now in the rainbow country.

    We miss you.

    I wish you that you find many friends in the rainbow country.

    I wish you that you have no boredom in the rainbow country.

    I wish you that it goes well to you in the rainbow country.

    Furthermore I send you a candle in the rainbow country. If she may bring you up there light and protect you.

    If Robert Knox meets you in the rainbow country, greet him please from me.

    Many thanks and many greetings
    from Sonja with Robert Knox completely, quite deeply in the heart.

  8. Settor97 Says:

    We are taking concrete actions to change course. ,

  9. Crazy89 Says:

    Do not be condescending, shaming, judgemental, critical, avoidant, short, frank, angry, or exhibit any sort of anti-social behavior. ,

  10. Mav. Says:

    Poor kid. His family must be devistated. I hope hes singing with the angles.

  11. Sonja Says:

    For the friends and fans of Stephen Gately I would like to clarify sometimes the following.

    Stephen Gately died from an acute pulmonary oedema.

    —————Stephen Gately————————————–1976 – 2009———————-

  12. Mike Ryan Says:

    Poor Stephen! Choked on his own vomit. Similar to Stumpy Joe one of many drummers from Spinal Tap. Except, Stumpy choked on somebody else’s vomit..strange. You see you can’t really dust for vomit, the authorities said it was best really to leave it, unsolved.

  13. milan Says:

    R.I.P You will be missed greatly such a great guy xx

  14. Says:

    Aw, my! I’m really shocked and sad to hear of his death.:(
    I still can see him singing “No Matter what”, if I close my eyes! Poor guy!!

  15. Conor Scullion Says:

    rest in peace stephen gately

  16. poopeye pipskies Says:

    i saw him the day before he aspirated and died. he seemed quite amiable and happy. i gave him a rim job and thought to myself what a tatsy anus this is. i had been eating exstacy and smokeing cat poop. as i looked deep into his rectum i realized how fragile life is. here one moment licking a tasty anus. yumm yummy!!! i knew stephen was angry at something that night because he bent over and violently grabbed his ankles then bit a pillow. we could barley fit a softball up his arse he was so tight. well he will be missed in restrooms all over england. the queen is dedicating her first deuce dropped in may to his memory. it will be signed and bronzed so that all can see this wonderful deuce.

  17. chantelle Says:

    I really miss u babbez u was the cute one of them all my mum that u was cute to miss u all the time.

  18. olivia Says:

    i hate stephen he is gay

  19. victoria murphy Says:

    As a little girl Boyzone were always my favourite, steven was gorgeous and was a great singer, my thoughts are with those near and dear to him x

  20. Audrey Says:

    Stephen I will love you forever all you have to do is find me.

  21. maggie Says:

    Soon be a year since you went away,still love and miss your beautiful smile

  22. amy Says:

    he didn’t choke on his on vomit he died of natraul causes (heart disease) and somthing to do with the artireis near his hear. r.i.p steo x

  23. april Says:

    i am really upset that he has died he was a great singer and he fitted in the band really good.

  24. marini bestarie Says:

    Boyzone was my Idol, and i love ur voice, dear..
    So long, stephen… amy Jesus with u always…RIP

  25. paula davies Says:

    R I P stephen.. love u lots , and miss you loads .. sleep tight god blessxxxx

  26. alison atherton Says:

    so sorry to hear of your tragic death may the angels help you continue to make the amazing music u did r.i.p xx

  27. maggie Says:

    still miss u loads luv maggie

  28. joe dick allen Says:

    cock sucker i hate gay guys he deserved to die u bitch

  29. Josef Goebbels Says:

    what a faggot!! if i hadnt have died in hitlers bunker in 45 i wud have queer bashed this little anal whore into oblivion. and then raped his corpse

  30. zoe Says:

    i really loved your work you were the most talented so what you were gay to most people that didnt matter and if it did that is there problem they need to get into the 21st century and grow up …sad twats…

  31. sarah Says:

    josef and joe shut the heck up and have some respect!! if u didnt like him why bother post on here, nothing wrong with being gay at all.. rest in peace steo, number 1 fan here still sadly missed by all ur fans 🙁 xxx

  32. Bill Says:

    Stephen was a great singer and may he rest in peace. I find it despicable that gay bashers will use this memorial guestbook to attack Stephen. It is sad to know that people like that exist in the world. People with no compassion and people that have that much hate. I feel sorry for them. Imagine living with all of that hate inside yourself. It would be awful.

  33. lynn turner Says:

    This lad was a human being and some of the remarks on here are totally scum and made by idiots,,funny they seem to come outta the woodwork!! RIP Stephen you enjoyed your time on this earth pity people on here hadnt the guts to say these things to your face !! gone but not forgotten x

  34. george micheal Says:

    I told him I told him not to suck so hard on my cock you see he did not choke on his own vomit it was my cock my bell end got stuck on the back of his throat after I said it was too tight be he assured me it would be ok I knew we shouldnt have had a few snorts still if he hadnt died now he would have died of full blown aids R.I.P. you shit countersinker

  35. Angel Says:

    Homophobes SUCK! RIP Man!

  36. Mildred Harry Says:

    bless your heart Steph…miss you so much…

  37. David C. Says:

    heart issues was the cause of death… id know a {personal friend}

  38. ALONDRA:) Says:

    I heard be dead from wide anus syndrome. It’s rare but it happens, the wider the anus the more he sifted it.

  39. sissy thiessen Says:

    to bad…. so sad
    but he was gay

  40. cherese Says:

    my hight school crush… mmmmmmm RIP sexy

  41. Don Parsley Says:

    Dick sucking homo

  42. Sofia Says:

    Hi everyone, Well here we are with our brand new blstgioe for Family Portraits Brisbane.Stephen and the team look forward to providing the same fantastic service and images that we have been known for while running Grapeshot Studios as the wedding arm of the photography business. Feel free to call or send us an email.Cheers, Stephen and the team.

  43. zillah mae Says:

    poor guy.. is a great guy in music industry..
    ilove stephen! so much his always stay in our hearts! <3

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