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Soraya Raquel Lamilla Cuevas

Born: 1969-03-11 - Died: 2006-05-10
Cause of Death:
Breast cancer

Death Summary: Soraya died of breast cancer at the age of 37. Since she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she start helping other women in the same situation. She even wrote a song about breast cancer.

Who was Soraya Raquel Lamilla Cuevas : Pop Singer & songwriter, Grammy winner.
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21 Signatures in Soraya Raquel Lamilla Cuevas's guestbook

  1. Jenny C Says:

    I first heard your music around the mid 90’s and instantly became hooked. Your music touched my heart and spoke to my soul and now with my own mother’s passing just recectly, your music speaks to my heart and gives my soul a voice……Thank You……Thank You

  2. clarissa brigida velez Says:

    I surfed for the video of your song Suddenly and was both mesmerized & surprised to find wuch an inspiring video that touched my soul. I googled your name to know more info about you since I’ve been listening to some of your songs some 10-12 years ago. Am just both shocked & suddened to know about your passing. Thank you for creating an inspiration to the world by what you were and what you’ve shared of yourself.

  3. Simone Says:

    I just recently saw a beautiful picture of you on the internet, i was blown away. I started looking for more information about you and i was more blown away. Your had such a warm personality, made so many beautiful songs, you are such a strong, beautiful and amazing woman with such a good heart. I regret i didn’t met you sooner. I’ll never forget you Soraya, you’re my inspiration. R.I.P.

  4. muriell Says:


  5. caroilna Says:

    i love your songs so so much
    why did you have to leave
    you will all ways be in my heart!!!!!!!!!
    i love you so so so so
    so so so much!!!!!!!!!!

  6. John Riley Says:

    I have never in my life been so mesmerized by the words or music of anyone the way that Soraya has truly touched my life. She is an inspiration to us all. I am now and always will be in love with the most wonderful woman God ever placed on this earth. Soraya Raquel Lamilla

  7. Emilio Flores Says:

    I have a 28 year old niece who has breast cancer and Soraya just cought my eye for what she did before she died.

  8. shelley Says:

    i love ur songs u r so kool i think u r a stong ladie and all of us here at my sckool will admire u!!

  9. sherry saultz Says:


  10. febe alcantar Says:

    i luv ur songs so much! i’m 1 yr cancer free. i thank God dat i was diagnosed at a very early stage & absolutely luv my doctor 4 ordering a mamo 4 me. i wished u were still here..u have brought so much comfort with ur beautiful songs..u will always b remembered!!!

  11. Leslie Says:

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  13. Shirley Says:

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  14. Hariri Al Ghazir Says:

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  15. sven a. johnson Says:

    god bless, my cuca

  16. quick advance Says:

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  17. Lyn Smith Says:

    not forgotten

  18. sven a. johnson Says:

    Love you Cuca

  19. sven a. johnson Says:

    Love you always, Sven

  20. Diane Salatino Says:

    you where the reason my husband and I came together the song memorized was given to me and then I herd your voice for the first time and feel in love with it rest angel

  21. Anita Says:

    Soraya ¡un año más! tan lejos de nosotros pero tan cerca de tus seres queridos. Si Dios quiere algún día tendré la suerte de conocerte allí donde estés.

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