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Sid Vicious

Born: 1957-05-10 - Died: 1979-02-02
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Sid's death and the events leading up to it are a bit complicated. He overdosed on heroin, but he was revived and then went to sleep the same evening and never woke up again.

At the time, the coroner said that he died because after a heroin overdose if the victim goes to sleep, their heart slows with each REM phase, and the heroin that he used was much stronger than what was normal for that time. He had also not used any in a long time and his tolerance had dropped.

Sid's mother allegedly confessed before she died however, that she had given him a lethal dose while he had slept so that he didn't have to go to prison for murdering Nancy Spungen.

Who was Sid Vicious : Sid Vicious (real name - John Simon Ritchie) was the bass player for punk rock band the Sex Pistols. He was a drug addict and so was his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, who he was arrested for murdering.

It is not certain whether or not Vicious actually killed Spungen, because he had no recollection of doing so. After both of them being drugged out of their minds, he allegedly woke up to find her dead from a single stab wound to the abdomen.

There are theories that one of two drug dealers to visit their home that night had actually committed the crime, but it was Sid who was arrested, though he made bail.
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48 Signatures in Sid Vicious's guestbook

  1. Joojoobee Says:

    Yes, he killed his girl but does he really fit in this category? He really is best suited for the musician section if there is one. Sid you were a tormented soul. Rest in peace.

  2. Lucaskt Says:

    sid vicius vai se ferar

  3. funky Says:

    sid vicious r.i.p. vive le rock

  4. Ben Says:


  5. theapathy Says:

    You were truly a character Sid… Even when you could barely play the bass, you made history and we all remember you… R.I.P.

  6. Jim King Says:

    Fucking dumb ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Bellasidhe Says:

    Sid’s innocent, Silly Thing. Whoever killed Bambi, killed Nancy. GOD Save the Sex Pistols.

  8. Natantex Says:

    Viva la vita … e in culo a chi ci vuol male !

  9. Nathan Says:

    Waste of human (?) flesh. I hated the Sex Pistols and you are a f’n loser.
    Was hell worth it ? I’m sure that is where you are now.

  10. Heather Says:

    you where nothing but a shithead anyway

  11. cherry Says:

    I LOVE U AND NANCY! RIP, sleep well darlings

  12. cherry Says:

    OH and heather, nathan and jim….FUCK U BITCHES

  13. dave Says:

    awesome guy man r.i.p sid

  14. bambi Says:

    vengence is not mine..go to God, forgiveness is there..rest in peace

  15. Alexei Says:

    No matter what people say, you were not a waste. Punk is the way it is, because you made it that way. And it’s better because of you. RIP Sid.

  16. Lillie Says:

    Sid could not have killed Nancy. But at this point, almost everyone associated with this tragic event is gone. Sid was stone cold out on heavy sedatives. I’ve studied this case quite intensley, and while what really happened may never be known, I wish the families of these two human beings peace. What so many fail to understand was this: “Sid and Nancy” were not Legends, they were real people with real problems that was sadly, not addressed. Nancy was diagnosed as having Schizophrenia when she was approximately 14 (?) years old. Sid obviously had issues with depression/self-mutilating and both were self-medicating to try and feel “normal”. I understand this very well. It runs in my family.
    So, I won’t remember them for the sensationalized story, but I will remember them for who they really were: 2 people, like you and me, with problems, health issues and unfortunately, severe problems with self-medicating.
    They both needed not just rehab, but serious psychiatric help that wasn’t given to them due to the period of time when it was “hush, hush”. It’s a physical brain disease, not a weakness of character or “freaks”. It’s called brain disease and many, many people self-medicate with all kinds of things till they get the proper help. If anything, I pray their story will inspire those out there who need to get real help. It is available. I hope they have found the peace they so desperately were searching for in this life and that the pain has been taken away. It’s an awful pain. Indescribable.

  17. matt medina Says:

    SID VICIOUS SUCKS HE DIDNT EVEN KNOW HOW TO PLAY BASS WHAT A LOSER FUCK HIM DUMBASS LOSER IDIOT GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 FUCK OFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  18. Poto majic Says:

    Sid, you were really a no talent prop for the pistols. You couldn’t even play bass. Didn’t factor at all in that band. In fact, the other members of the group unplugged your bass when you were on stage. Pathetic .

  19. Armond st.Pierre Says:

    OI!!!, If it wasn’t for you and the sex pistols we would all be listening to rap.
    Punk rules!!!!!

  20. savannah Says:


  21. AnonymousGirl Says:

    Sid you were the sexiest…

  22. pammy Says:

    sexy ass.

  23. Jesus Says:

    Dad and I want that none should perish but Lucifer can have this one.

    Love Jesus

  24. Lee-Lover Says:


  25. Aqua14 Says:

    Sid is the biggest loser ever and so is that Nancy whore.

  26. bonnie Says:

    rip sid. you truly changed nthe face of rock and rol. love you <3

  27. bonnie Says:

    absolutely truly a legend and the sexiest person in punk music . rip.

  28. brettfromoz Says:

    Having a nice old laugh at all the hateful stuff being said about a 21 year old heroin addict who died over thirty years ago… go ahead, get angry and say something uninformed… it entertains me and sid would have LOVED it that you are so angry… and rightly so…. what a bunch of fuckin freaks you guys are… now pull your head out of your arse (just for a moment, don’t worry you can put it right back in a minute) and go and write a love poem on chis benoits page… seriously… what a bunch of knobheads…

  29. josh Says:

    i like this dude

  30. Shawn(Punx 77) Says:

    Punk still lives,R.I.P. Sid,Never forgotten

  31. Hikurangi Says:

    rip i looved you and i always will
    you were the best performing artist everr
    you inspire me ! (:

  32. Tukua Says:

    i am a dust eater !

  33. anahera says Says:

    ilove you u
    uee inspired me

  34. Scott Says:

    Sid was the man. Yeah, he may have had no musical talent, but what he stood for was truly punk. And for that he remains an icon.
    The fact that people are ignorant and bashing a dead guy whom was a heroin addict is pathetic.
    R.I.P Sid, keep being a bad ass.

  35. Violent Beauty Says:

    I admire you Cherry and Lillie. Lillie with ur kind wisdom n research and Cherry ur fuck you attitude n respect for the lovers n his music <3 R.I.P Sid & Nancy

  36. Hannah Parmanandam Says:

    rip Sid Vicious

  37. Megan M Says:

    Sid, You were a truly an amazing person and musician may Rest In Peace

  38. White Pointer Says:

    nice life history. I intend to follow Sid’s lifestyle.

  39. Kage Says:

    I am so doing my research paper for school over you!!!! R.I.P!!!! Your awesome πŸ˜›

  40. MetalHead Says:

    I dont think sid should be in this category this is gay, the one that should be in this catergory is Nancy she actually Murdered sid for Making him get into Heroin. so who ever owns this site, if you may change sid to the Musician category.

  41. Andrew Says:

    Oxygen thief.

  42. yo Says:


  43. Nathan Dunlop Says:

    he looks like a retard , BUT R.I.P only GOD can judge you ….. see you at the crossroads so you wont be lonely , see you at the crossroads so you wont be lonely

  44. elaine Says:

    may god keep you in his arms. rip

  45. charmecia austin Says:

    rest in peace sid.

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