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Sahara Davenport

Born: 1984-12-17 - Died: 2012-10-01
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: On October 1st, 2012, Sahara Davenport passed away at the age of 27. The cause of Davenport's death is unknown at this time.

Who was Sahara Davenport :

Sahara Davenport (born as Antoine Ashley)was a well-known drag queen, dancer, and singer from Dallas, TX. Davenport was known for being part of the season two cast of RuPaul's Drag Race reality show.

Apart from Davenport's fame on RuPaul's Drag Race, Davenport also released various singles, such as: "Pump With Me" (2010), and "Go Off" (2011).

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57 Signatures in Sahara Davenport's guestbook

  1. mario boulet Says:

    No one will miss you.

  2. Cynthia Says:

    R.I.P. Sahara. I will miss you & anyone who says otherwise is a sick & twisted creep.

  3. Orlando Says:

    You are now a start shinning in the sky.. You will be missed.

  4. mimi Says:

    u will be miss

  5. Eddie Says:

    what a asshole you are Mario.. everyone is a child of god. including you. you ingnorant needle dick. Perhaps you wouldn’t be missed and you know that. What did Sahara ever do you to.. Dick head…

  6. Alaska Blonde Bear Says:

    There is a new star in the heavens! May your family and friends feel of the love and considerations being sent their way. You will live on, and one day, rise up again as Sahara!

  7. mario boulet Says:

    I don’t give a shit of what you spit, Fart face Eddie.
    These people are the dregs of society.
    They are perverseness for children.
    THEY FUCK BY THE ASS!!! I don’t see them as children of God. God didn’t create faggots and people who fuck by their anus. I don’t give a shallow fuck if they exist. EVERYTHING has the right to exist, but to parade perversion, sodomy, and acts against human nature, well that’s another story. What about YOU, Eddie? Do you also enjoy sticking gerbils up yours?

  8. Poopskies Says:

    Eddie what book are you reading? God is the original gangster and has done some horrible stuff. Live it or leave it dopey.

  9. Eddie Says:

    Mario your NUTS.. I know a lot of straight people that take it up the ass.. not just gay people.. so you need to get your facts right. you have the mentallity of a 2 yr old.. you should read the bible if you know how to read..

  10. mario boulet Says:

    Well, I’m happy to report that Sahara is, as we write, going through the EXLAX test with Saint Peter, at the gates of Heaven. That is to swallow a whole kilo of those pills to teach him the right use of his anus.

  11. kim Says:

    mario your a douche bag.

  12. mario boulet Says:

    But not a cock eater like you

  13. Eddie Says:

    Mario.. I am sure your only relationship is with your right hand.. You dick head.. with the way you think, I am sure your alone in life. I am also sure your the type of guy who likes to suck dick on the down low.. Ponder that you asshole.

  14. mario boulet Says:

    Fuck you!! cock suckers & ass kissers!!
    The fucking guy was an aberration of nature.
    Humanity has come to its lower level by celebrating dregs of humanity like this one.
    I’m proud to be a straight male, as nature intended ME to be.

  15. Arty Stein Says:

    Did he die of anus exposure? The sad thing about these queens is that when they get older they really look like shit.

  16. mario boulet Says:

    Anus exposure?
    That’s a great one!!

  17. Heanes Says:

    There is an autopsy report online and it states that he/she died of Drowning from taking on water in the tub. He was taking a bath and the anal cork fell out thus letting that loosened anus gape and take in five gallons in less than two seconds. This over hydrated her body, causing anal drowning. Once the anus died the rest of its body shut down. Please help stop this affliction by giving to the Stretched Anus Foundation.

  18. mario boulet Says:

    The Stretched Anus Foundation!!
    I’m inclined to think that “he” was chocked by the cork being pushed up to the throat.
    Funny thing, if you’d asked me. Back home we see horses drown when crossing deep parts of a river: they absorb water by their anus which makes them immerse on account of the amount of water stored in their bellies. I must make the point that those horses were straight males.
    How can one collaborate for the above mentioned foundation? I hope they also include straight horses on the list.
    Thanks for the info.

  19. Liz Morris Says:

    Mario, A person has died. There are family and friends grieving. Your posts are atrocious! Would you like your daughter or mother to hear the way you speak? Before you attack me, I am not gay, I am a married woman and very glad you are not my son!

  20. Heanes Says:

    Oy vey Liz!!!

  21. mario boulet Says:

    And I am glad I’m not your son!!
    My mother is dead and I have no daughter, therefore neither can hear me.
    Remorse doesn’t work for me. I have no sensitive chord when it comes to fags. Homos I respect.

  22. Heanes Says:

    Mario has a point here, even the gay guys I know can’t stand those drag queens. It’s like a total mess when they get old too. Boobs hanging to the floor and the faces oh my god the faces that droop like a 90 year olds nut sack. Also Mario you can send donations to the loosened anus foundation by contacting The Institute Of Omg The Entire Fist Fit In There. Located at 334565 Kankamangus Rd. Anusvile USA. These men and fake women will pretend that they are something they are not with your donation and will try hard to stop gaping ass syndrome.

  23. Liz Morris Says:

    My son is very happy to have me as his mother. My mother is also dead and I don’t have a daughter(tho consider my son’s wife one). Our gay friends who are recently married are like family. I have lived all over the world, as a medical provider. I have never heard anyone speak with such hate and vile words. Perhaps my upbring,education,cultural and professional status have shielded me from people like you. You can’t be very happy filled with so much hate that you are happy when someone dies. I would rather be me.

  24. mario boulet Says:

    Heanes, euh..you forgot the zip code…
    Gaping Ass Syndrome. Isn’t there an Ass-o-ciation or some ASS-er-tive scientific study about it?
    Can you re-ASS-ure me on that info, my dear Heanes?
    Boy, every time I read you I’m going to bed less ignorant.
    Who are you stranger?

  25. mario boulet Says:

    Hey Liz,
    Stop interrupting the academic exchange between Heanes and me.
    READ & LEARN from the big guys.

  26. Liz Morris Says:

    You actually think your conversation is “academic”? Where exactly did you go to college and grad school? As for learning from the “big guys”, there are many ways a man can behave to appear “big” in a woman’s eyes. The way you talk is not one of them. It would disgust most women. But then you’re not talking to a woman, you’re talking to a guy.So maybe it’s to the other guy that you need to prove just how disgusting and “big” you are-your version of male bonding. SAD!

  27. Heanes Says:

    Well said my good man well said. Our collegiate conversation should be standard reading in our schools. Yes I believe with all my moral fiber as a southern gentleman and a Christian in good standing that these drag queens have gone far enough!! Also may I add the guy broad we speak of is a neygra as well. That cannot be forgiven or overlooked sir Mario. This Liz woman sounds like a real killjoy I have to say. Perhaps she hasn’t beheld the many good works of our foundations and charities. I personally donated 200 boxes of alum for these things to powder there gaping shit pipes with. The alum thusly will tighten the anus of thine queens. So Liz please forgive our scholarly conversation if it bothers you. Sahara was no different from anyone else who takes it up the ass. She had these issues also and was to be our poster child. Sadly the works she did for loose anuses may never tragically be realized. When she died it was wide open, wide open. We pitched pennies into it while we waited for the coroner to arrive. Truth be told you could have dumped a wheelbarrow of pennies in there. I mean wow what a cavern.

  28. Heanes Says:

    She had the whitest set of teeth I ever came across.

  29. mario boulet Says:

    Male bonding will always be superior to fag bonding.
    It doesn’t take college education, as the one you say you have(?) to see that I’m not glad that fag died. I repeat myself, as said on my older text, that everything has the right to exist. What I hate is to see fagots, transvestites & perverts, being glorified by the mass media: THEY ARE PERVERSION TO CHILDREN. Then again I reiterate that HOMOS are a different kind of breed. I respect them.
    On other news, there’s also the passing of Sylvia Kristel, the French actress from Histoire d’O, that 70’s cult film. That was classy pussy, if you’d ask me. That’s the kind of pussy & woman that YOU’LL NEVER BE, Lizie!!!!
    You grew teeth in your vagina long time ago. It haunts men. You are one of the 40 million frustrated lone women who only cats can stand.
    Go back to your cats, Lizie!!

  30. mario boulet Says:

    Memo to Heanes:
    Why Liz never comments or answer your comments?
    Maybe she comes from the South also, and learned to respect Southern men. You guys know how to tame women & horses.

  31. Liz Morris Says:

    Your powers of supposition have failed you. I modeled through college and med school. I am married and have never been “frustrated”. I have never owned cats. I am from New England. I served 20 years in the military. My complaints about what the two of you are writing are not about what kind of woman I am. They are about what kind of men you are.

  32. mario boulet Says:

    20 years in the military? OMG, you still wear army shorts, Liz? I imagine the gallons of fluids that you’ve swallowed during those years. I salute you.

  33. Heanes Says:

    Thank you Mario for complimenting me in my southerness. You also are a great man and we have bonded via the death of this bottom feeder. Liz has done it all a doctor, soldier and model what a woman. Was she a doctor at the V.A. Hospital? Did she model for Tank magazine? Is she the women that Sahara was striving to be.

  34. mario boulet Says:

    Maybe there’s an anal connection between her & the departed. Is she a proctologist? She must be very versed on Oclophage, scanning the marginalia of the plexus muscles situated on the lower abdomen that branch to the rear, which in turn activate the nervous sensations coming from the sphincter. On the normal human being, they announce the time for evacuation of the lower intestine, whereas for the departed in question it rang the bell for bottom feed time.
    That’s my ANA-logy.

  35. Heanes Says:

    Pure genius Mario, pure genius I say. You may just be correct in your diagnosis of this situation. Perhaps this site will be a bastion to ridding the world of these mixed up kooky he/shes. We must ring out these truths that the sewer pipe living folk need to go hide again. The world was a better place then.

  36. Liz Morris Says:

    You keep trying to find ways to insult me but it never works. You are always wrong.there is nothing clever in what you say. This time: wrong branch of service, always worked in the hospital wearing a skirt, never worked with or took care of the male soldiers(I’m an obstetrician). You should salute me. Twenty years of military service is important! As I was Active Duty for 20 years I did not work in VA hospitals. And, yes, when you add wife and mother to that list, I am one of the fortunate few women who has managed to “have it all”. None of it was handed to me(except the way I look), I have worked very hard for my successful life that the two of you enjoy turning into what you think is a clever,funny, academically interesting joke. You two are hopeless.I have spent my life caring for people. You two actually enjoy actively hating a group of people. That’s the worst part of all this. This is my last post, which I am sure will make both of you very happy. You will be able to get back to your “male bonding”. I will get back to my life of purpose. Don’t waste your time writing anything to me, I won’t be reading it.

  37. mario boulet Says:

    Obstetrician…In the Army? Worked wearing a skirt, and has God given looks, and, on top of that “she has it ALL” I’ve got the picture:
    She lies down on the obstetrician table(currently used for water boarding)opens wide, put her heels on those metal stirrups, and WAMO!! Of course she has IT all inside. And she wants us to salute her for that? Wanna a hero medal, Liz?
    Well, the good part is that she’s not coming back. The bad part is that she never got to understand that I don’t give a tar’s fart about that dead fagot. My point was that I hate the media hype this type of perverts get, spreading a false image of cool, attractive, fashionable way of living to fragile young minds.

  38. Heanes Says:

    Well I am glad I have paid plenty in taxes in my life. Thank you for your public service liz and defending the fetal front lines so we can use our freedom of speech rights. I think I remember her I am not sure but I think she was an abortionist. Over 4500 kills to her credit if it’s really her. The women I am thinking of had a 1983 sears shopvac as her weapon. This could be the great admiral abortionisto.

  39. mario boulet Says:

    Was she the one using that welder’s mask?

  40. Heanes Says:

    Yes it was the welders masked abortionist for a while that was water boarding fetuses. I heard tell that she used a double fist once during the abortion of the girl that starred in Precious. Perhaps we are solving a war crime Mario. Doctor, model, doctor, war criminal? At the very least we could have a tv drama on our hands. The fetus and the abortionist,

  41. mario boulet Says:

    Let’s get the torches, the wooden pics and the hammer!!!
    It just comes to mind that she’s from New England…..That’s where witches & vampires come, man!!! Her son, is he a Werewolf? That’s WHY she doesn’t have cats at home!!!
    Heanes, WE are a team!!

  42. Heanes Says:

    Yes Mario we are a team and need to scroll this site for the other offenders of nature.

  43. mario boulet Says:

    Onward male Soldiers.
    Forward into battle against fagots we go!
    On then, Male soldiers, on to victory!
    Fagots’ foundations quiver at the shout of praise;
    Words of Liz can never shadow that Males prevail;
    Blend with ours your voices in the triumph song.
    This through countless ages MEN and angels sing.

  44. Heanes Says:

    Hey hey ho ho drag queens have got to go. Ho ho hey hey loosened anuses are here to stay.

  45. Centimeter Says:

    Where is the Lizbian?

  46. mario boulet Says:

    She left.
    I received her postcard from Lhasa.
    She’s attending a 5 weeks seminar on Hubris & Hamartia.
    I miss her dearly.

  47. Heanes Says:

    I feel the loss in the very pit of my stomach, lizbian come back to us. Who will regail us with stories of a supermodel, doctor and of course assassin for the military. Where will the children listen to stories of the abortions performed by a bikini model on the front lines. Who will fill the asses of freaks like Sahara with stem cells so it regain the youthful tightness of youth. Who lizbian if you are not here who will we look too. She promised to let me paint her nails and horse sized clitoris. A lie I say,a lie to me is one thing but when it involves kids who want to follow in her footsteps that’s just unforgivable. Mr. Boulet please join me in our quest for another communist to iratate.

  48. lalakitty Says:

    Mario is gay

  49. Luigi Says:

    Whats wrong with you Mario? You such a hater after you got back from the castle with Princess Peach. I don’t even know you anymore, my own brother!

  50. Athena Says:

    R.I.P Loved you on season 2. You shall be missed.

  51. Luigi Says:

    I am mildly retarded and apologize for the unfunny comment above.

  52. mario boulet Says:

    Is mildly retarded something like half pregnant?

  53. Shagz Says:

    You know they say those that are as homophobic as Mario are still in the closet themselves. Don’t even respond to him because all he wants IS attention. It breaks my heart when anybody dies especially a great performer such as Sahara. She will be missed and homophobes need not respond, everybody has a choice and NOBODY has the RIGHT to bash others choices!

  54. Mary Magdalane Says:

    Her penis is flacid now so let it rest.

  55. stephanie Says:

    i love you sahara you were one of the best and always will be r.i.p

  56. mario boulet Says:

    Hey Shag, I’m not homophobic.
    I just hate the public display of fag creatures that can affect our children.
    Then again, fags like you can never understand this since you only fuck by the ass and there’s no chance to make children that way.

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