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Saddam Hussein

Born: 1937-04-28 - Died: 2006-12-30
Cause of Death:
Execution by hanging

Death Summary: Saddam was tried for crimes against humanity by an Iraqui court and sentenced to death by hanging, in Baghdad, Iraq. He was 69.

Who was Saddam Hussein : He was president of Iraq from 1979 until April 2003 when he was captured by American troops. He was a ruthless dictator who ruled Iraq by terror, and fought two wars, one against Iran which finished in stalemate (1980/1988) and later, in 1990, invaded Kuwait, leading to the first Gulf War.
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29 Signatures in Saddam Hussein's guestbook

  1. ryan Says:

    May he burn in helll!!!

  2. ryan Says:

    in his afterlife. he will be a ass

  3. Pedro Says:


  4. tracey Says:

    im a christain so im not goin to say anything but how could u be so evil to kill ppl u dont even know.

  5. winrar Says:

    lulz, yes we must only kill people we know!! tracey iz da winrar!!!

  6. tree friend Says:

    yayayayayayyaay saddam was like jesus and hitler

  7. tree friend Says:

    not really

  8. tree friend Says:

    was a joke

  9. jordan carpenter Says:

    i love this guys

  10. John Says:

    It amazes me how well Americans are at invading nations around the world, murdering innocents, and syphoning the resources of other lands to fuel their own greed, all the while fooling the wolrd into believing that they fight for justice… It amuses me, how many Americans were sacrificed by the US government during 9/11 for oil. How many innocents and American soldiers have died fighting against these so called insurgents trying to defend their lands…

    Will History repeat itself? Will Rome fall again?

  11. John Says:

    LMFAO Americans are pawns only good for sacrificing!!!

  12. Jim Says:

    John, you are an idiot…

  13. Sleik Says:

    You fucka burn in hell with Hitler!!!

  14. charles weeden Says:

    burn in hell you murderer

  15. Joe Says:

    yeaaaaa beotch

  16. Dena Says:

    you evil snake, have a nice life, in HELL!

  17. SARAH Says:


  18. gina Says:

    He Suxxxx monkey butts. let him be shot into hellllllllll

  19. jan Says:

    you were great

  20. AnonymousGirl Says:

    First of all whether he killed people or not- YOU only know what we were told by way of the media! I got news for you, NO ONE is going to “BURN” in HELL you stupid folks also believe that there is a fiery pit that you will burn in after you die. Got news for you losers, WE ARE ALL IN HELL as I speak, There is also no man in the sky that is going too resurrect and save anyone from the world itself, Not a chance! I don’t think I would trust a zombie anyway.

  21. James Waller Says:

    The Saudi Arabs wanted you taken out, so their man Bush did it for them. Of course he gave you and family 24 or 48 hours to leave. But then he had you hung when caught? Seems odd some how.

  22. Richard Verreault Says:

    WARNING When Americans shows-up, it has to nourish their wallets.

  23. Joe S Says:

    “Saddam” means “shit pile” in Farsi, so there should be a Saddam Hussein Memorial Toilet. And it should be on a street corner in the worst slum in Iran, for dogs to piss on, and for AIDS-infected, drug-addicted, gay male prostitutes. Good riddance, you scum.

  24. Vishnoo Says:

    you have enjoyed all your 69 yrs in Iraq,now enjoy the rest of your life in HELLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

  25. summan hussein Says:

    how dare all you talk about my great father like that … if he was still living and seen this web site he will prboally kill you … i watched him kill 2000 people fuck yall … us muslims dont go to hell ..our souls stay on earth to haunt all of you people …. hahahaha lol jk this is a person that is messing with you lo !!((((;

  26. safooooooona Says:

    Saddam is a retart who aparently was a ‘muslim’ who ate PORK! how does that work?????????

  27. John Says:

    summan hussein, if you want some, come get some, because i was in Iraq when that worthless coward Saddam was caught & i personally would have put a bullet between his eyes if i got the chance

  28. Linda Says:

    I Thank GOD that he do forgive.And to Anonymous Girl I hope that JESUS forgive you for your comment

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