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Ryan Dunn

Born: 1977-06-11 - Died: 2011-06-20
Cause of Death:
Car Wreck

Death Summary: Ryan Dunn died in a car accident on Route 322 in Pennsylvania. TMZ reports that he posted photos of him drinking with friends hours beforehand. At the time of the accident, Dunn was believed to be driving in excess of 110 miles per hour. An unidentified passenger was also found dead at the scene.

Who was Ryan Dunn : Dunn was a reality television personality who was probably best known as a member of Jackass, Viva La Bam, and Homewrecker. He was also a notable member of the CKY Crew.
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169 Signatures in Ryan Dunn's guestbook

  1. Jake Says:

    We will all miss you Dunn R.I.P. :(

  2. rachel Says:

    going to miss ryan dunn he was great rip will miss u

  3. Wilesy Says:

    True Ledgend RIP !!!!!!!!!

  4. Nikola Says:

    R.I.P My Brother

  5. Justin Says:

    Jackass will never be the same, and you will be missed Ryan, we will always miss and love you!!

  6. clare louise Says:

    Will miss you Ryan, you were brilliant such a funny man, gonna miss you loads.xxxx

  7. Anthony Gianone Says:

    Dunn was a funny man.

  8. S L Harris Says:

    Am sorry for this tragic death and my prayers are with his family and close friends, and those family members of his passengers. Let’s also respect Dunn for the entertainer he was, not the way he died. No matter what the facts of the cause of the wreck are determined to be.

  9. Kassy Rowe Says:

    What a tragedy… Ryan Dunn you will be greatly missed.
    My heart and prayers goes out to his family and the guys from the Jackass Crew. RIP Ryan.

  10. Kayla Says:

    So sad! R.I.P Ryan Youll be missed by many! Your family and friends are in my prays.

  11. Starla Dodge Says:

    That’s too bad about Ryan!! I watched “Jackass” all of the time and he was cool!! In fact I just got through watching “Jackass 3.5 The Movie” last week on MTV 2 and I would have NEVER thought of this!! My friend, Adam, is MAD because he was his favorite on the show and movies!! CRAZY!!

  12. Tim Dodge Says:

    Too bad about Ryan, but if he’s going to act like a NUT and drive drunk, then he got what he deserved!! I still like him and will still watch him on “Jackass” repeats on MTV 2!!

  13. julio Says:

    he died the way he deserved: as a jackass!!

  14. Victoria Says:

    young people should take this as a lesson DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!!!!!!!!!

  15. Robert Rivas Says:

    Hey all u haterz out there go 2 hell . Ryan dunn was the shit ok , not his fault . Imma miss u bro my thoughts and prayers are with ur family ='(RIP

  16. Paulrus-Keaton? Says:

    There is now one less person in the world who is willing to let himself get kicked in the nuts for fun. That, my friends, is a tragedy.

    Ryan Dunn, rest in peace… and pull a good prank on God for us.

  17. Greg BAM Johnson Says:

    Rip dunn. Gonna miss seeing your awesome pranks. All you assholes that have something bad to say about this traggic event, you need the hell beat out of you. We will miss you dunn.

  18. nope Says:

    dudes…don’t drink and drive. you’ll get this as a result…


  19. Katie Says:

    RIP Ryan. You will be missed. </3

  20. Dominic Says:

    R.I.P Ryan Dunn jackass is never gonna be the same without you! my condolence going to the family and friends!

  21. Angelina Grice Says:

    Rest in peace ryan dunn! You will be missed by billions of people. We will always miss you & love youu. Jackass isn’t ever be as funny now that your gone )’;….

  22. jakub Says:

    i love u

  23. tommy yule Says:

    i love you man R.I.P

  24. TOMMY YULE Says:

    i love you man R.I.P

  25. Marcus Says:

    man i will miss u, itll be hard to laugh at jackass without u gettin frunk im gonnna miss you :(

  26. Marcus Says:

    drunk i menat drunk 😀

  27. jakub Says:

    all the best man R.I.P

  28. Marcus Says:

    i say they should do a jackass near his grave so he can appreciate it, go jackass, jackass for da win!! woohhoooo im pissed 😀

  29. jakub Says:


  30. Marcus Says:

    i ment (ment)

  31. TOMMY YULE Says:

    hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  32. Marcus Says:

    this is in the name of jackass, if you read this u are seriously noseyy and need to pay more attention to ryan yeahh!! 😛

  33. Marcus Says:


  34. jakub Says:

    tommy your so gay

  35. jakub Says:


  36. Greeneville Tennessee Says:

    R.I.P RYAN DUNN you was the best an the funniest guy that i have seen on tv an now that your gone it just isnt going to be the same i hope the (jackass crew) will do something in your memory just to let your family an friends how special you was to them an to the rest of the world an how funny you was, prayers go out to your family an friends, but we all know that your looking down on us laughing with us, rip buddie we love an miss you. AN FOR ALL THE ONES THAT ARE ON HERE SAYING STUIPD STUFF NO TIME FOR IT SHOW SOME RESPECT HIS FAMILY AN FRIENDS READ THIS STUFF TOO.

  37. Rachel T Says:

    You always made me laugh Dunn, your the best!! Luv you Random Hero!xoxo

  38. caroline Says:

    R.I.P ryan dunn :(

  39. Pat Burns Says:

    Well atleast Ryan died of something he loved doing, drinking and going fast (having fun).

  40. Emily Says:

    RIP ryan dunn you were a deast on jackass and you will be greatly missed by all your friends and family and your great pranks will live on forever and you r a true legend RIP RYAN DUNN :(

  41. Bryce Davenport Says:

    Thanks for the laughs, you were one of the funniest guys, if not, the funniest in jackass!

  42. Vivian McMillan Says:

    he will be greatly missed my wishes go out to the friends and family of his

  43. ashley diane p Says:

    rip ryan dunn!!!!!

  44. Gabbie T. Says:

    R.I.P. Ryan Dunn, you brought so much laughter and joy to a great deal of peoples lives. You will be missed! :'(

  45. shawn Says:

    so shocked to hear of ur passing. died so young but will never forget the moments u gave to us. hope u r in a better place. rest in peace

  46. Alec Says:

    You will be missed buddy.. Your in my heart I’m praying for your family.</3

  47. Kym Says:

    Illove Ryan Dunn he was a funny and hot man. so sad he is gone R.I.P

  48. destiny cochran Says:

    rip ryan dunn you will be missed jack ass will never be same

  49. Candice Says:

    You will be missed…you went before your time.
    To those ignorant people,do not speak ill of the dead!Jerks

  50. tommy yule Says:

    hi hi hi

  51. tommy yule Says:

    hello i love you R.I.P

  52. Alicia bays Says:

    Wow when i heard about this i allmost didnt believe it…..! This is a very tragic accident and you will be greatly missed always thought of and never forgotten! MY HEART GOES OUT TO THE WHOLE JACKASS FAMILY ALONG WITH RYANS FAMILY! RIP RYAN DUNN

  53. haider ali Says:

    r i p

  54. Timmy Says:


  55. tonya brewer Says:

    just cant believe that this has happened..jackass will never be the same without him..my heart goes out to all ryans friends and family…….this is shocking!!!

  56. tonya brewer Says:

    this is sad

  57. Jennifer Says:

    Still can’t believe it, you will be missed forever! RIP

  58. Doug Says:

    Ryann I love you buddy R.I.P and my condolances to his family and friends.

  59. kal revell Says:

    R.I.P Ryan, may u keep every1 entertained in heaven wiv ur pranks & stunts <3 Sweet dreams m8 xxx

  60. kate Says:

    RIP man. You are a legend and will be remembered for many years to come. Sorry for the family’s loss

  61. Diamond Roa Says:

    this suck to have to sign for Dunn, and knowing he’s gone.. R.I.P we’ll miss your dare devil butt!

  62. kim lynd Says:

    I was devastated when I found out the news that ryan had been killed in a tragic accident…my thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of ryan….. Gonna miss you a lot ! RIP RYAN <3

  63. Barber Bill Says:

    Its Very Sad, However he also took another persons life as well.

  64. Gaston Says:

    long live dunn. He was a funny, great friend. R.I.P.

  65. mikey Says:

    we will mis you ryan how will they do jack-ass without you :(

  66. Xandeer Says:

    Ryan, all the best! A lot of strength to all the other Jackasses!

  67. marty Says:

    a very sad affair but unfortunatly a result of drink driving no excuse for it

  68. Brian S. Byrne Says:

    Ryan, my entire family will miss you. Bam, we wish were there to hold you when you got the news…our prayers to you and Ape & Phil.

  69. jennifer fontana Says:

    you will forever shine you will be missed!

  70. jennifer fontana Says:

    shine on ryan you will be missed!

  71. Amanda Miller Says:

    Jackass will never be the same. You will be greatly missed.

  72. Andrew Says:

    Only the good die young, Ryan. We will miss you.

  73. angela1201 Says:

    Ryan dunn r.i.p. you were my favorite on jackass and also a very nice guy. I met u at duffers and u were so nice. We r going to miss you.

  74. tammy haga Says:

    you will be missed by all

  75. Karen Eveland Says:

    RIP Ryan. Thanks for all the hilarious moments, you’ll be deeply missed

  76. Brandon Kayne Says:

    RIP Ryan. thanks for all the laughs

  77. glorimar Says:

    i just want to say to the family and friends of ryan dunn that im so sorry about ur lose,i know its going to be hard waking up every day and knowing that he is not around to make u feel good,but always know that he will forever live in our hearts and mind. R.I.P RYAN DUNN U WILL FOREVER BE MISSED BUT ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS!

  78. maria Says:

    i’m so sorry! :( we are missing you! *DTB* good luck!… :(

  79. ben Says:


  80. jesscaroll Says:

    you were an amazing person.
    you showed everyone the meaning of life.
    ryan, <3

  81. Christian Coulson Says:

    Let it R.I.P up there Ryan…thank you for it all.

  82. Biff Says:

    Do not forget the fact that this fool killed another person, the passenger in his car by driving drunk. Thank God he didn’t kill anyone else.

  83. Justin B. Says:

    I am a huge fan and you will most definately be missed Dunn R.I.P.

  84. Rene Williams Says:

    The death of Ryan Dunn saddens my heart my condolences 2 his family, friends, and girlfriend Angie stay strong and keep ur head’s up during this hard time R.I.P. Dunn <3 u :o(

  85. Ashley Watterson Says:

    You will be greatly missed we have lost a great actor and a great family member for the jackass family

  86. Alicia timmons Says:

    still hard to believe you are gone. you will be missed by many may you rest in peace my friend

  87. Cory Burchett Says:

    Alot of people are missing you, and always will Ryan. My beard is looking really good so far.. 😉 rip mr. “random hero”.

  88. Dea Says:

    you were everything to me..i’ll miss you. R.I.P my dear friend.

  89. tyler vaughan Says:

    we will miss u ryan!!! always!!!!

  90. Al Kahol Says:

    Where’s the page for the ‘not famous” passenger this jackass killed by driving drunk?

  91. Manda Says:

    you will never be forgotten.

  92. SteveA Says:

    RIP.We Will Miss You.

  93. jim Says:

    glad you didnt kill any kids, you drunken A-hole

  94. Sarah Says:

    RIP Ryan Dunn I loved you so so much and you will be sadly missed!

  95. margaret henry Says:

    I loved ryan dunn in jackass he wil be truly missd

  96. sam Says:

    RIP Ryan <3

  97. janine Says:

    ryan dunn was my favourite out of the whole crew.. such a legend..RIP xxx sleep tight dunn..xxx

  98. David Says:

    R.I.P Dunn he will be doin jackass stuns forever in our hearts and also up in heavan

  99. Missy Says:

    Ryan you were alsome we will miss you. r.i.p. Ryan there will never be a Jack Ass like you.

  100. Rocky Trey. Says:

    What can I say about you that friends and family havent already about you… I rather just say you made me laugh and you made me feel good about myself, and thats what matters the most to me. From 2000 when they debut jackass I knew there was magic! Jeff Tremaine said and I Qoute ” I dont know why jackass works but it does” I feel that jackass is not over just down but not out! I really feel for Bam…. just want you to know that whatever religion yoou believe I dont care “in the sense that I am in my own think about that… just that there is a higher purpose! Rocky C.

    P.S. To: Ryan Dunn
    You save my life friend. and now you know what I mean. cant wait to see you again… this time face to face!

  101. Missy Says:

    R.I.P Ryan my # one Jack Ass.

  102. Heather Says:

    Ry, words cannot express the feelings I have had since you’ve been gone from this plane. I will see you soon, dear Ryan…

  103. kimmie Says:

    ryan will be missed, jackass wont be the same without him :(

  104. Liam Says:

    You were the man Ryan!! RIP! Jackass will never be the same! we’ll miss you Ryan!

  105. Chase Says:


  106. Roberto Rodriguez Says:

    I didn’t know of this person much…but it seems he took his life rather for granted…and that in that accident ..he also could have taken other lives….I’m sorry I say what I feel…may god have a good place for you ..

  107. Biff Says:

    This jerk did take another life, you boob. Where’s the page for that person I wonder? How many guestbook signatures?

  108. ur mum Says:

    dick is nice ask ur mum she knows 😉

  109. Angie Says:

    RIP you legend

  110. Genevieve Angwin Says:

    you were always one of my favorites!
    you’ll be missed dearly. <3

  111. Pandora Hedrick Says:

    I Miss You!!!! Jackass will never be the same!

  112. Lui Says:

    One of the nice guys of the jackass cast.
    Rest in peace Dunn


  113. Lydia Valentine Says:

    Heaven will truly get mooned, do your thing Ryan I just saw you on minute to win it too, be kind to my mom Pauline jennings

  114. Leo Says:

    RIP Ryan Dunn. I live in Colombia and when I heard of you passing away I broke in tears. We will always miss you!!

  115. edmun berja hernandez Says:

    RIP ryan dunn!!

  116. Sofia Says:

    Met BAM last night and I thought of you. Seeing him in the flesh made it more real that u are gone. Luv u Dunn <3

  117. Rocky trey Says:

    Ryan so sorry that i miss the chance to meet the jackass crew now you know how sick i was do to the fact that i was so scare to get on that ambulance. i hoe that you give me another chance, alot of people dnt get the depression i have and im really sicks. Please send you brother bam to help me cope witht what i have. I have a doctors appoitment on 10-18-11, i need metnal health i am so scared that no one can help me! Rocky Trey

  118. Rocky trey Says:

    ps Ryan i change my # do to the fact that weirdos started texting me so just a fyi i know that you can find my # agian …. please help me trey

  119. Rocky trey Says:

    date has change for doc appoitment but would really like another chance to meet the crew

  120. liz Says:

    ryan u are always with the jackass crew and always will be u are missed much

  121. amanda Says:

    i love you you were my favorite jackass RIP <3

  122. thatdirotisosguy Says:

    your funny

  123. misty hindmon Says:

    RIP Ryan…jackass won’t be the same we will miss you buddy

  124. SidniMarie!!!! Says:

    i love jackass. you were great. i miss you!!!

  125. james Says:

    he went out with a bang like a bad ass RIP dude RIP

  126. Caitlin Says:

    R.I.P! You will be missed. :'(

  127. Lizzie Says:

    I am very sorry for this tragic death and my prayers are with his family and friends. He was an amazing funny man.! RIP Ryan Dunn

  128. Thomas hooper Says:

    he was the best:(

  129. Celest Says:

    So very missed.

  130. Sydnee Says:

    Miss you R.I.P.

  131. Derek McClaflin Says:

    R.I.P Ryan Dunn he was a great actor thanks for making me laugh u will always be rememberd

  132. Jacob Phillips Says:

    Ryan Dunn what a great actor he was all ways funny and was all ways getting picked on in the jackass,and viva la bam R.I.P don’t hold back

  133. Evie Says:

    wow… I didn’t know you died =(… Rest with the Angels

  134. Travis Says:

    Ryan you will be missed. You were my favorite of the Jackass group. R.I.P Ryan Dunn

  135. Kayla Says:

    My favorite Jackass Star dead its not the same watching the movies knowing hes gone. ='(

  136. alexx Says:

    we love and miss you dunn! random hero <3

  137. alexx Says:

    we love and miss you dunn!!! ransom hero <3

  138. Ryan Storm Says:

    R.I.P Ryan Dunn

  139. tiff galbraith Says:

    You lived..you laughed..you were love..and you passed..a memory remains in those you entertained…see u on the other side..thank god heaven has clouds..

  140. Jenny Says:

    i miss you. rest in peace..

  141. rocky trey Says:

    I want to say thank you for the support that I have recieved, now i know theres a God that watches us every moment of the day. I feel like a new person that is ready for life in the fast lane. I wish the Jackass crew a merry christmas and a happy new year. Rocky Trey

  142. Brian Elliott Says:

    Thanks for the laughter and being true to your art. God speed R I P

  143. mike phillips Says:

    Rest in paradise i will miss you

  144. Rocky trey Says:

    As the new year comes in i cant imagine what this year has instore for me, and with that said i feel like i blew this chance to meet Bam and the crew. Maybe its just me im a very inpatient person, or maybe i just need to smoke and chill out i dont know. Rocky C.

  145. Aaron Hernandez Says:

    Rest in Peace

  146. Alex Piazno Says:

    I Miss U I Only Watched Jackass And Viva La Bam Cuz Of U But U Will Always Stay In My Mind R.I.P

  147. james r bennett Says:

    We will all miss you Dunn R.I.P.

  148. Charlie Says:

    Ryan Dunn – THE jackass!!! We’ll miss you buddy

  149. Daton dirty Sanchez crew Says:

    Top man Dunn, rip buddy

  150. Rocky Costilla trey Says:

    When I set out to write on Ryans Memorial Guestbook I had no idea it would get so big and reach out and touch the jackass crew as well as family and friends. I thought I knew Ryan Dunn,i was wrong very wrong I miss him more now do to the fact that friends and family are talking about him, and how he lived his life. I got to see the real Ryan Dunn not to say that he was fake but to say that he was a real person, and didnt put on an act for the cameras. Rocky Trey

  151. Rocky Costilla trey Says:

    Just want to say that if i offended bam or any friends or family memebers I am truly sorry. I was sick and depressed, and was asking for help the only way i knew how. It makes me feel better every time i write to Ryan, and so i do because he was a legend to me I still cant believe that he is gone…

  152. Lyn Smith Says:


  153. Eric Says:

    congratulations… your dumb drunk ass killed your friend..and someones family.

  154. Sofia Says:

    you will be missed, we will ALWAYS remember you, and love you. <3 :'(

  155. Jayna Says:

    Hey up there, Eric, why don’t you shut the fuck up!? He’s dead you fuck! You will be missed Ryan Dunn ♥ The show isn’t and will never be the same.

  156. Kankamangus Says:

    What a maroon.

  157. Tyler Klarstrom Says:

    you were loved man. we will all miss a great person

  158. Eli Says:

    Craziest person I’ve seen! Awesome guy! R.I.P. man

  159. Morgan Says:

    I am going to miss the one true man that came into my life 7 long years ago and changed it around. I love you Random Hero and thank you for all the laughs and smiles you bought to me.

  160. Cindy McPhee Says:

    Rest in Love

  161. Dalton Says:

    You where the funnyest and will miss you

  162. Kobe Wood Says:

    I watched jackass 3.5 two days ago I would never think of him dying he and his family members will be in my prayers

  163. Carlos Serrano Says:

    im gonna reaniact u in my class project

  164. Joe Sevy Says:

    Hi Ryan.

  165. Joe Sevy Says:

    Love you <3

  166. Cheyene Atkinson Says:

    Im lesbian.

  167. Judit Says:

    – these are awesome shots of our dear nisa and her sweet fam! love them all, but was tllaoty blown away by the black-and-white faces family shot (right under keaton’s solo black and white). and if nisa’s trunk suddenly disappears, it’s probably because i’ve stolen it. LOL. it’s to-die for! terrific, terrific shots! :)October 16, 2010 1:20 am

  168. Marleigh Greebe Says:

    Ryan, I friggin love you! You’re hilarious and I love you in Jackass! <3 Missss youuuu,;* R.I.P. <3

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