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Russell Means

Born: 1939-11-10 - Died: 2012-10-22
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Russell Means died on Monday, October 22nd, 2012, due to a long battle with cancer. Russell Means was 72 years of age.

Who was Russell Means :

Russell Means was a well-known native American activist from Wanblee, South Dakota. He is mostly known for his involvement with native American rights and the American Indian Movement.

Means was also involved within the arts, acting in various movies, such as: Pocahontas, Last of the Mohicans, and the most recent movie of Pathfinder. Means also recorded an album called Electric Warrior, and published an autobiography titled Where White Men Fear to Tread.

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19 Signatures in Russell Means's guestbook

  1. felix mendez Says:


  2. felix mendez Says:


  3. Squanto Says:

    Him no drink firewater. Him good man to give beads too. Me make em scrotum pole.

  4. Brandy D.Ramos Says:

    My condolences to the family and friends of Russel Means. He will never be forgotten and I pray his work will continue with future generations. May his spirit rest in peace.

  5. Dine' Says:

    My deepest sympathies and prayer to the family and friends of this great man. He really had a deep impact on the entire Indian nation when we most needed it. He will never be forgotten and always well revered. Rest in Peace!

  6. Sitting Bull Says:

    He no makeum treaty for beads of shiny glass. Where our sparkling glass? Why our woo woo no see choo choo. Whistle make more time go hey how are ya.

  7. Brian Winterhawk Says:

    I know you are really walking in beauty now my friend and hero….where the sparkle of the water cant be bought and has no price…no asphalt or concrete….a place of miles of rivers and a sky so filled with stars that they cant be ever counted in the sky above….many fields of that beautifull sweetgrass…best of all you no longer have to fight……Live well my friend…..

  8. Irene Clifford Says:

    Please be respectful in this blog, This is a memorial blog! Where is your decency???

  9. Irene Clifford Says:

    Be respectful, Where is your decency? This is a memorial blog!!!!

  10. Chief Sniffing Wool Says:

    He teach us about mazola corn oil, it’s corn goodness.

  11. jennifer ackley Says:

    we will miss this great warrior and may his journey home be a good one

  12. clinton pushetonequa Says:

    aho matakia sey.warriors never die.we just multiply.

  13. Gina Crockett Says:

    To the family:
    Our prayers and thoughts are with the family at this time!

  14. Gary Miller Says:

    He will always be remembered for the person he was… A true american. I have always enjoyed watching his movies . Will be missed…..

  15. John [JC] Cosgrave Says:

    What have the sarcastic sick simpeltons done in their lives, who are such cowards on this guestbook they fear to reveal their names. Russell Means was the opposite of you weaklings! He was strong and brave and fought the good fight. From the Dakotas to Wounded Knee to Alcatraz, to films, to beyond. See you in the Spirit world.

  16. Robert Heanes Says:

    I bought a house from him years ago. It cost two rifles and three cases of beads. It was a great purchase for my family. I do have to say that we did have to remove over 30 scalps from the scalp display room. Oh and when we put the pool in we had to move some old injun bones that were burried in the backyard. Don’t worry we only moved moved them about 500 feet and tossed them in Lake Squating Deuce.

  17. Running Sinus Says:

    Him owe 17 wampum points at casino. He never present peace pipe to Indian folk. Only silicone lubricant is good trade, say chief anuswreck. Letum see the true glory of peyote the peace maker.

  18. Fraan Says:

    I hope you realize there is more to Katy and Russel than what meets the eye, lrlaielty. Half the time people will only walk up to her to get a close range eye view of her tits. Men got to stop thinking with their cocks for once and man up. But no, Russel Brand is not a fucking sex addict (lie) but its not like thats all the relationship is constructed of, sex. They have feelings, aspects and their personalities. Thats why they’re together, not because katys breasts blocked russels sight.

  19. william Says:

    u will be miss

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