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Ronnie James Dio

Born: 1942-07-10 - Died: 2010-05-16
Cause of Death:
Stomach Cancer

Death Summary: In 2009, Dio was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Between then and now, he underwent seven chemo treatments and eventually passed away due to complications with the cancer.

Who was Ronnie James Dio : Ronnie James Dio is one of the legends of heavy metal, who's influence can be seen in the last five decades of the twentieth century. He had been performing in bands since the late 1950's, and the experience would eventually culminate into a band called Elf.

In 1969, Elf would open for the band Deep Purple. During this time, Dio became noticed by Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore. Once Deep Purple disbanded, Dio was recruited by Blackmore who started up a band called Rainbow. The band would release three albums throughout the 1970's.

Towards the end of the 70's, Dio's career took an interesting turn when he was recruited to replace Ozzy Osbourne for the band Black Sabbath. The move was extremely controversial at the time, creating a schism between die hard Osbourne fans and those who accepted Dio. However, Sabbath's first album with Dio was a huge success and helped to revitalize the band. The arguments between Osbourne fans, and Dio fans still occur to this day. It was during his time with Black Sabbath, that Dio created the devil horns hand signature which became a moniker for the metal lifestyle.

In between his stints with Black Sabbath, Dio had a self titled band which would release some albums with various levels of success. Along with his band work, Dio organized the 'Hear N' Aid' effort in 1986 to help raise money for the famine relief in Africa.

Dio has continued playing music to his dying day. He was actually planning to return to his band, Heaven and Hell, after his latest chemo treatment. The band consisted of some of the Black Sabbath members he toured with, but the show has been canceled due to Dio's death.

Dio's heavy metal spirit could be found even in his fight with cancer, "This hasn't really been a problem for me. Cancer? I'll kick the hell out of you"
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53 Signatures in Ronnie James Dio's guestbook

  1. Victoria Johnson Says:

    REST IN PEACE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hugo (ecuador) Says:

    Descansa en paz maestro del heavy metal

  3. Dave Says:

    Dio was the man, is the man, and will forever be the man. Rest in peace, Ronnie.

  4. michael champagne Says:

    heavy metal lost a great rock master he will be greatly missed

  5. Darrell Says:

    He now knows that after all those years of worshipping Satan, he was deceived and is alone and suffering in Hell. He will never see his god, and now wishes he had accepted Jesus as his savior.

  6. Ime Says:

    RIP Ronnie

  7. ungh Says:

    Jesus say him “play satan music 4 me”
    den jesus say him “stumuck cancer wuz my joke 4 u, did u get it?!!1”

  8. metal fan Says:

    Ronnie,i did not know you but i loved your music,,very deep methodical words in your songs…relax,,your in a place of peace now with our Creator…

  9. alan harrison Says:

    king of vocals.i can hear it screamin in my mind long live the king.hope u cahgt the rianbow home,rock will never die. thanks ronnie ur a legend.in this house

  10. steve Says:

    was a rocker myself always loved them pipes of yours,god bless you and your family!!

  11. mathius Says:

    dio , you were and always will be one of the best , your memory will go down in history. take the metal to heaven and continue rocking on

  12. Ella Says:

    Ronnie, you were a legend

  13. marv johnson Says:

    farewell ronnie, see you someday on the silver mountain. R.I.P.

  14. Leslie M. Lauscher Says:

    you are a legend that will be missed dearly,you wont be forgotten.

  15. Arnt R LImås Says:

    Your music will liv forever. R.I.P

  16. james lefker Says:

    Ronnie james dio will never die his music was his life so he lives

  17. james lefker Says:

    ronnie james dio lives on n his music

  18. Dio Says:


  19. Ken and Fran Miller Says:

    Peace be with you. You are a legend and now you can rock on in Heaven’s Choir. Sadly missed, your friends in Knoxville, TN. K-town

  20. eric caron Says:

    good fight to the end!!!!!
    god only takes the best, and you truly were in the rock world.

  21. Octavio Ibarra Says:

    Good bye to a Great Rock Musician and to a great human being. He had a good life and now we still enjoy what he did.

  22. Francesco Says:

    We’ll miss you Ronnie; You was the best! You live every day with us through your music!
    Thank you Ronnie!! R.I.P.

  23. GIGs Says:

    god damn it.. I grew up on his songs he was the best and he’ll stay the best but today rock is fucking dead because of stupid alter bands fuck them long life where ever u are Ronnie (m)

  24. Paul Marten Says:

    Saw him at my first gig in SFX, Dublin Ireland in 1983? Absolute pro!Brillian vocalist, will be sadly missed – Godspeed you Ronnie!!!

  25. Linda Abbott Says:

    May you rest in peace…You brought many people happiness!

  26. joe Says:

    R.I.P. You had a few good song’s .But I hated the fuckin key board sound . Keep it real a guitar,bass,and drums was all you really needed.

  27. Aleksandra Moon Dancer Says:

    I was a vid actress back in the early 80’s and was considered for one of his videos….alas…I couldn’t fit into the costume! I know from meeting him that he was genuine and extremely considerate of his fans – he treated e-one as an equal; he never thought himself as an icon or idol, just loved life and went out of his way to ensure he treated e-one kindly. A real stand-up man.

  28. Aleksandra Moon Dancer Says:

    What is all this garbage about Dio “worshipping the devil”?!?! R U referring to his hand gesture – the ‘devil’s horns’!!??? Do U know that his Grandmother started that when Dio was a boy??!! Yeah, it is a signal as to say that she is watching him….or something to that effect but absolutely NOTHING 2 do w/satan. He held it up during a concert while still w/Sabbath and it’s been history ever since. He has a “witchy” look perhaps and what w/his black attire – I can understand someone jumping to such an absurd conclusion due to stereotyping the man…but I assure you, he was the opposite of all that bull. He was of Italian descent and was very close to God, so please, give his soul a break. He was one of the most caring, intelligent and wonderful people I have ever met.

  29. Ken Whitney Says:

    As we all journey on our seperate paths toward the Silver mountain we will use you as our lighthouse. Rock on Dio!

  30. Matt Says:

    Fuck those who wish him bad in the afterlife, you sadist fucks. Ronnie James Dio is and always will be a master of metal, and metal bands will always have influences from him, so to you fucks who are saying bad things about him, go to hell yourselves

  31. robert james dio Says:

    i fucking love you man.
    like a rainbow in the dark

  32. Adrian Sharpe Says:

    I saw the first three Dio tours when he went solo and they were absolutely amazing. The tribute tot he man is that despite not being an out an out fan I was looking him up on YouTube some 20+ years later because his voice was excellent. Although a little late my condolences to his family and, also to his family, rest assured this man brought pleasure to millions of rock fans. He was excellent.


  33. Adrian Sharpe Says:

    Could the entries from Darrell and ungh please be scrubbed. They are in poor taste from sick people. If they were really people who believed in God then they would not be seraching out such a place for retribution.

    Like many I will remember Ronnie James Dio for an excellent voice.

  34. Eric P. Says:

    he music will last forever in our hearts long live rckand roll and ronnie james dio’s spirit

  35. Jesse Says:

    RIP Dio \m/

  36. heavy metal mom Says:

    Dio has rocked for a long long time, now its time for him to pass the torch. Going to miss you holy diver your one of my biggest influences you will live forever in my heart and music rest in peace you’ll never be a rainbow in the dark. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in heaven or hell. The devil horns of all your fans and followers go out to you! <3

  37. shaddowpuppet Says:

    rip dio thanks for teaching me about tenacious d and tigers

  38. Monty Says:

    How dare some of you write those things about RJD? He is a metal god \m/ You people are sick in the head, damn hypocrites He was more than you alleged christians could ever be! Your religion is a joke. you are a fool! R.I.P Ronnie, You are the man on the silver mountain \m/

  39. suzanne Says:

    your vocal chords were kissed by the angels

  40. brad brown&heidi Says:


  41. jimmy mosley Says:


  42. jimmy mosley Says:

    you gave music a whole new meaning rip my frenid

  43. anastasia andino Says:

    rest in peace ronnie,you will be greatly missed, bolski

  44. John Steele Says:

    The GREATEST metal voice of all time!! yeah Ozzy had that distinct sound,but Ronnie had the power to blow your eardrums.

  45. william lee Says:

    u will be missed

  46. BUDDY Says:


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