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Ron Palillo

Born: 1949-04-02 - Died: 2012-08-14
Cause of Death:
Apparent Heart Attack

Death Summary: Palillo reportedly died from an apparent heart attack at his home in Palm Beach Florida. According to TMZ, he was found by his partner Joseph Gramm around 4:00AM. He was 63. According to the report, he had been coughing, and had a doctor's appointment for the day he died.

Who was Ron Palillo : Ron Palillo, born Ronald Gabriel Palillo, was an American actor best known for his role on the 80s sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter, which also featured John Travolta.

He also appeared on Laverne & Shirley in the Army, The Love Boat, The A-Team, CHIPs, Murder She Wrote, and a number of other television series, as well as some films. He also did some cartoon voice work.

His last film credits were: It's A Dog Gone Tale: Destiny's Stand and The Guardians.
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29 Signatures in Ron Palillo's guestbook

  1. Daniel Williams Says:

    RIP Arnold Horshak

  2. Eddie Says:

    Very sad.. RIP Horshak.. you will be missed.

  3. Jeff H. Says:

    R.I.P Arnold Dingfelder Horshack You will be greatly missed

  4. Darbi Fry Says:

    I remember watching “Welcome Back Kotter” when I was younger. You will be missed.

  5. michele Says:

    I remember watching welcome back kotter, and seeing he’s smiling face all the time he had a smile that could make the clouds go away. Rest in peace I hope his long time partner will remember the good times you had with him and best wishes for you as well 🙂

  6. tara shanagher Says:

    God bless your sweet soul.RIP

  7. mario boulet Says:

    Bye, sweet Horshack.

  8. Martin Says:

    I’ve always associated him to Welcome Back Kotter. Then, when I saw more recent pics, I recognized him from a bunch of other good work as well. RIP

  9. Breasteses Says:

    Hims gone two soon from this earth. Praise he name and blessed be the men’s he be livin wit.

  10. Loredana Ferrante Says:

    we will miss you. we all grew up watching the show will miss you

  11. Christina Almendarez Says:

    You will be missed my god bless your soul RIP

  12. Leslie Menges Says:

    God Bless, Brother.

  13. barbara Says:


  14. Don Burkett Says:

    You brought joy to the seventy’s rest in peace Ron

  15. Idi Amin Dada Says:

    I watched this man while I ate a doctors liver. Ha ha ha

  16. Mary Jane Cornielle Says:

    He was “young-old”, so sad. I’m 61 and I too have been coughing, could I too die of a heart attack?!

  17. Decacat Says:

    Yes yOu could Mary Jane. Yes you could and need to try harder.

  18. decacat Says:


  19. Decacat Says:

    Come get some is the best I can say. I always remember my dad saying that before the molesting would begin.

  20. Decacat Says:

    I also cannot spell douche correctly because I never graduated high school because I was caught with the school mascot. Why make a goat the mascot, they are too attractive to keeps hands off of. Yes fly to Idaho and come visit me so I can try and get my 300 lb body through my front door. Mama greases the jam sometimes so I can squeeze through. Mama is the neatest women I ever came across.

  21. J.P. Allen Says:

    To Rons’ family my deepest sympathies. My prayers are with you. And you all really need to keep your fighting amongst yourselfs off the site, it is not only disrespectful but inapproprate as well. Life is to short, sometimes you just have to let things go. May peace be with the both of you.

  22. Sonny Liston Says:

    I always can see what we have said in the past that such an explosive talent like this mans will never be forgotten. The decades of success really will let his memory live on for twenty lifetimes.

  23. Rhonda Says:

    R.I.P. Keep Them Laughing In Heaven.

  24. rick macgregor Says:

    We had a nice chat one saturday morning…may you rest in peace .

  25. Mr. Kotter Says:

    I loved having him in my classroom each day.

  26. Eddie 9409 Says:

    a fine actor that gave all he had in any role that you were given, God has a good man , blessed now, home now…

  27. Piston moskowitz Says:

    Lavern and Shirley in the army. Now that was a classic to say the least. I certainly Pray that it comes out on blue ray so I can witness the jewery in hi-def.

  28. Heanes Says:

    I heard he was burried with his favorite Jeff Stryker dildo inserted. What an eternity that must be.

  29. Amila Says:

    wooooooow!!.. un altro gioco scemo sul wii!! ne serviva priopro un altro vista l’estrema carenza.. magari saranno addirittura capaci di farci una edizione speciale con tanto di blob di pezza ( o qualunque cosa sia quella cosa che il ragazzino si porta dietro..)ma poi, perche fermarsi al pupazzetto? quando si pu benissimo inserirci anche un bel dvd con il make-up del gioco!!, 3 ore di video sulle tragiche esperienze adolescenziali degli sviluppatori, e su come abbiano fatto ad incontrarsi e a partorire un’idea cosi malsana!..dai dai, che se va tutto come non deve andare a natale ci fanno il film.

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