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Robert Urich

Born: 1946-12-19 - Died: 2002-04-16
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: It was a rare form of cancer that took Robert Urich's life. It was called synovial cell sarcoma, and he had been diagnosed with it back in 1996. He continued to work through it however. His last television appearance was on Emeril in 2001.

Who was Robert Urich : Robert Urich was an actor who usually played private investigators and similar roles. His shows included: Spenser: For Hire, Vega$, S.W.A.T., Soap, and The Lazarus Man.

He played a combination of leading roles and supporting roles on as many as 19 TV series and miniseries.
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67 Signatures in Robert Urich's guestbook

  1. Melissa Says:

    Robert was a great actor and will be missed.

  2. mitchell weiss Says:

    thank you for the memories

  3. rosie Says:

    robert was a wonderful actor he will be deeply missed they will never be another spencer or dan tanner he made the shows

  4. Joe A. Cerda, Sr. Says:

    I grew up watching Robert Urich as Dan Tanna on Vegas and have been a fan ever since. Mr Urich’s was a rare talent that only few people have and I know that I am not alone in saying that he will be sorely missed. Rest in peace sir.

  5. cindy bojack Says:

    i think robert urich was one of the best actors of all time. he will be missed by many

  6. Marlene U. Says:

    I love you darling.

  7. Heather Says:

    Robert you will be missed RIP swatman

  8. alison Says:

    they will never be another dantanner sadly missed

  9. Marjorie Says:

    You are really missed. You came across my mind earlier this week and I’ve being watching your memories. Thank you so much for them.

  10. Alex Main Says:

    Taken but not Forgotten.

  11. Heather Says:

    we have lost a great Actor he will be sadly missed by all.

  12. Robert B. Parker | FamousDEAD Says:

    […] show for the ABC Network during the late 1980s entitled Spenser: For Hire, starring the late Robert Urich. The Jesse Stone series has also ben turned into several made for TV movies starring Tom Selleck. […]

  13. Antonio, from Brazil Says:

    I saw Urich on a S.W.A.T. rerun yesterday, and was curious about him. I remember him starring Vega$ and many of the other things he did. It’s really sad he passed away years ago. I really miss him…

  14. satyro Says:

    Great actor!

  15. MtShasta Says:

    Fantastic actor – no matter what show or movie he did – he was soooo believe able! Thank you so much. Thank goodness for reruns and the internet

  16. Says:

    A great and handsome actor. I used to watch him on Vegas and I really liked his performance. I’m so sorry about his death. :(

  17. Lucy Says:

    Actor carismático, atrayente Personalidad, nos Hacia y suspirar, ese porte tan apuesto Con.

  18. Ljohnt Says:

    You’re one of my favorite actors and I just watched a show of your I hadn’t seen preciously. As much as I miss you here I’m comforted by knowing you’re in God’s hands and in a far better palce now. Enjoy Haven Robert!

  19. ROBERT L.COEN Says:

    I just watch “Ice Pirates” and “Crack Up” then I remembered that he gone from us. He was truly versatile,talented person and we are lessor without him “sigh”

  20. tina Says:

    love you in vegas will c u again some day sadly missed

  21. Stallonemare Says:

    You were a great actor. RIP

  22. Kathy Tickell Says:

    I was blessed with being an extra in a movie that Mr. Urich was in (filmed in Toronto Canada). He was a tall & handsome talented actor. Sad to hear of his death. RIP.
    Kathy (Ontario Canada)

  23. maggie Says:

    loved you as dan tanner miss you

  24. alicia l. montaño Says:

    lo siento en verdad, me siento consternada, en donde quiera que esté y en cualquier que se encuentra siempre le llevare dentro y le recordare…..querido Alex…Bob Urich I LOVE YOU FOREVER

  25. stella ruth hutchinson bernard Says:

    I love and admire Robert,still. I ALWAYS will.

  26. robert stephens Says:

    i liked him best in lonesome dove…why do we miss them the most when there gone..there is a way all of us can see robert urich again and talk to him and we all know how to do that..dont we

  27. Marina C. Parry Says:

    loved you in whatever you did. Never forgotten. Love you aalways xxx

  28. Alan Legg Says:

    you will be missed my favorite was spenser for hire even though there were many great roles

  29. Alan Legg Says:

    You will be missed.My favorite was spenser for hire even though there were great roles you played God Bless

  30. lnyk Says:

    Happy Birthday and RIP Robert Urich.One of our FAVORITE ACTORS.A GREAT family man!!!

  31. Brooke Raymond Says:

    I so miss seeing him on our screens as he was defintely a presence to be watched and appreciated. He was also a gentleman. I loved his voice and watched everything he ever did.

  32. Velma Bruchmiller Says:


  33. Velma Bruchmiller Says:


  34. Richard Hoover Says:

    His Spenser was my hero. He was like the Father I wish I had. A sad day for me when he died. A great man. I think of you often. I named my son Spenser (with an s), I loved the character so much. God Bless You RIP.

  35. solomon juma Says:

    i never learnt about his death until this day that i went thro one of his celeb books . bro rest in peace

  36. Wioletta Says:

    Trudno pogodzić się, że tak wspaniałego aktora już tyle lat nie ma, jego wspaniały uśmiech pozostał już tylko w jego filmach, Love you

  37. Darlene Mitchell Says:

    Your light was extingushed too soon.

  38. Darlene Mitchell Says:

    Your light was extinguished too soon. You are missed

  39. Donna Says:

    Robert will be missed, he was such a cutie and great actor. RIP

  40. Jane Says:

    I loved, and will always love, Robert Uhrich. He is, and always will be one of my favorite actos. He will be greatly missed..

  41. Sherri Says:

    Still remember him like it was yesterday and i was just a kid watching his shows missed very much but glad to see his son Skeet is carrying on his dad’s legacy love them both

  42. nancy Says:

    you and your beautiful wife were the best ken and barbie of hollywood and withstood the test of time. you are deeply missed.

  43. tanya barr Says:

    i liked him very much, great actor

  44. Puline Eastham Says:

    Lovely actor always made me feel safe – know he was an actor but seem to be honest and straight forward – loved that he was married forever

  45. Charles Sizemore Says:

    I really think he was a very kind and gental soul, he had this smile that lit up a room, and being from Ohio I guess I am a little partial, but hey that’s alright, he was this star and yet he and his family were regular people, he knew how to treat his fellow man, I can’t believe he will be gone ten years this april of 2012, but I am sure he’s making all the angel’s and the lord smile, Heather has done one hell of a good job keeping things together, and his faith has also was a big part of his life, and I am happy to say I also am Catholic.

  46. Charles Sizemore Says:

    I remember the day I woke up on a Tuesday and learned about his death, I believe even today that we lost a truly caring soul, and in this cold world he was a rare gem, and and his beautiful family, I became catholic because of Robert Urich.

  47. Susan Says:

    Wonderful actor, amazing person

  48. Donia Smith-Mrozek Says:

    Can’t say enough about Robert Urich……an outstanding actor, sexy, strong, and mysterious. Loved every movie and show he was in. He is an actor you cannot get enough of………..

  49. Clint Says:

    Robert Urich grew up in Toronto, Ohio thats about 4 miles North from where Singer Dean Martin was born (Steubenville, Ohio). I have always lived in Steubenville, Ohio and people still talk about these 2 actors all time here.. They are sorely missed !!!

  50. dayna winter Says:

    robert urich was a brilliant actor i deeply miss him everyday. i know him from playing captain lucky singer in the movie final descent alongside annette otoole and also just from being a brilliant person.i would recommend that anyone who likes him watches final descent as i think he is brilliant and one of his best films. i will miss him allways.

  51. dayna winter Says:

    i would just like to add. that he was one of the most good looking men alive. im sad that i will never meet him. im 8mths pregnant and im having a boy his name will be robert michael. in honour of robert.

  52. Sheryl Says:

    I watched a movie last night with Robert acting and looked up to find out that he died so long ago. He will be missed. Now he is performing for God and the angels.

  53. Tanya barr | Jdunplugged Says:

    […] Robert Urich | FamousDEAD […]

  54. Santia pons Says:

    You gave so much…heartbroken. Gone so soon.

  55. Nina Says:

    R.I.P. you were such a wonderful and handsome man. Anything you were ever on I watch because you were also a great actor.

  56. Masilah Says:

    I am feeling pain deep my heart. i didn’t hear abt him news. so i am respect and admire his career for great man….. anyway, he is still young and healthy. Too bad, i miss him actors

  57. Preston Says:

    Grew up watching you in Spencer, which is why i became an investigator and a boxer
    sadly missed

  58. Bob Mayer Says:

    all reports says he was an all round nice guy, good actor Hollywood should have given him a blockbuster. taken far to early in life.

  59. david locker Says:

    ROBERT u were the renassance man and the cooooooooooooolest of them. the worlds besttt detective on tv most versatile. all american fav show SPENSER FOR HIRE. now that ur gonbe will never be the same:( r.i.p. got swat dvds u the icon. god blesss ur family. I KNOW if u were alive u still would be the tough slick machhhhhho man still going supersonic. u did it alll and pulledddd it off. u my hero. willllll misssssss u.

  60. david locker Says:

    bet if u were alive u would have been in swat movie few years back and been wayyyy better then SAMUEL JACKSON. U WERE MADE FOR THAT ROLE. u had lottts of charisma liked in vegas too. clint eastwood movie with DAVID SOUL. HEATHER u picked a winnnnner. u are also a winner. my mom loveddddd sound of music. I LIKED MUSIC 2 AND MOVIE.

  61. Jimmy Garcia Says:

    So sad for such a young actor to die from a rare cancer….i shall miss him….Recently i bought DVD’s of Vegas and Swat…..Spencer for hire is next….RIP Bob….

  62. Shereen Maslin Says:

    I enjoyed ur shows very much cause i thought u were hot and sexy. The one i would never miss was Spencer for hire. You will be truly missed

  63. steve karas Says:

    i miss you rob watching all the shows when i was growing up i had cancer my self love always miss your friend steve.

  64. Elaine Warczynski Says:

    I will never forget you and the happiness you brought into my life. Thank you so much!

  65. Elaine Warczynski Says:

    I will never forget him and his acting as long as I live. We are all better because of him!I’m sure it is so comforting to his family to know that he made such a difference in our lives. Thank you!

  66. Betty Walpool Says:

    I loved Robert Urich in Vega$, Spenser For Hire, and many other TV shows and movies. He was so handsome and he was a unique actor with a great voice. I often watch one of his movies, (Danielle Steels’ – A Perfect Stranger) over and over again on VHS because he played such an awesome role in this movie! Robert, you will always be very sadly missed!! Continue to R.I.P.

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