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Robert Hazard

Born: 1949-01-01 - Died: 2008-08-05
Cause of Death:
Pancreatic Cancer

Death Summary: Robert Hazard, born Robert Rimato, died unexpectedly after surgery for pancreatic cancer at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He was 59.

Who was Robert Hazard : Hazard was a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania musician who is probably best known for writing and recording the song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. Cyndi Lauper went on to cover the song and made it a best seller.

It only took Hazard 15 minutes to write the song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, and surprisingly enough he wrote the song while in the bath. Hazard also had is own punk band, Robert Hazard and the Heroes, that was a bar scene fixture throughout 1980's. They also had a few hits on MTV such as "Escalator Life" and "Change Reaction".
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10 Signatures in Robert Hazard's guestbook

  1. sharon zirin Says:

    i was greatly saddened to hear of robert hazard’s passing. looking back at some of these videos transports me back to those moments. they were so much fun..just perfect. i am happy to know that he went on to have a full and happy life. he gave all of us many many happy, joyful moments.
    best wishes to robert’s family.

  2. Patsy Bocchicchio Buffo Says:

    I was shocked and saddened by the news of Robert’s passing. Robert introduced himself to me at J.C.Dobbs one night in 1978 and had to convince me he was in a band…I have to laugh when I think back to those times. Just recently though we reconnected and I was able to catch a show with the new music at Milkboys in April. He and the band sounded great! What an incredible transformation from the Hazard of Heroes’ time.
    We talked afterwards and it was hard to believe 30 some years had passed.
    He had wrote and said he was feeling under the weather, I just had no idea how bad it was. I will surely miss my old buddy. I loved him dearly. My deepest sympathies to Susan, Corinna, Rex, and Remi. The world has lost a special man who touched a lot of people without even realizing it.

  3. Beverly Coe Ehrhardt Says:

    I was in Philadelphia at a time when Robert was at the top of the local music sceen. I, a progressive/alternative rocker from the Jersey Shore, was transplanted into the local area. Robert Hazzard and the Heros were on a weekly schedule for me. I really enjoyed his music live. I now also live in Upstate NY< Lewis County, and recently found some of his more recent CD’s and was looking forward greatly to perhaps local shows. I, then looking him up on internet, found this news and am greatly saddened and give my respects to his family.

    Patsy, I remember you and Julie very fondly. I hope you are all well. Memories………….

  4. Anita Brozoski Says:

    I was looking up 80s music on you tube and came across Robert’s last show. I was shocked and saddened to hear of his death. I knew him personally in the 80’s. My sympathies to his family.

  5. ted DeCerchio Says:

    I miss Robert, saw him & the Heroes @ Ripley’s 6th & South Sts. Philly in nostalgic eary,mid-80’s (time of Hooters, A’s),it was a great time for music locally,he was a large contributor & “a personal friend of Gloria Vanderbilt.” I won’t forget 80’s.

  6. b rambler Says:

    bob was and old friend from sansom street when we were kids……great guy…bar

  7. Peter M RANOIA Says:

    Goin thru celeberties deaths I have discovered Robert passed away. I had no idea because I have relocated. Bob and I hung out in NJ. We were going to do certain things. i am so sad to learn of this “tradegy” God Bless you and all. What a shame. What a guy.

    Petey Bear

  8. Phyllis Grever Says:

    I miss Robert. I had the honor of being his real estate agent when he lived in South Jersey. He sent me a copy of his new CD a year or so before he died. The album had no name, just a picture of Robert sitting in front of a wood shed, looking down at the ground with his guitar next to him. The songs are 1.Pretty Little Thing (about his daughter,Corinna)great keyboard – sounds like Jerry Lee Lewis 2.Whole Lot of Water 3. Shadow (love it, about his dog)4.Everybody’s Talkin’ 5. Shanty Town (great)6.Open My Heart 7. In the Middle 8. Lookin’ for Love 9. Route 666 (scary one) 10 Born to Fly 11. Hell’s Gate, Georgia. Country soft rock music at it’s best – a nice combination of fast and slow. I believe Robert wrote all of the songs. I wish someone could tell me if this CD was ever published. I would love to hear it played on radio. It deserves attention.

  9. TRACY Says:

    I got to meet during my high school years. Great person and singer.

  10. Rosie Says:

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