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River Phoenix

Born: 1970-08-23 - Died: 1993-10-31
Cause of Death:
Drug Overdose

Death Summary: On Halloween, at the age of 23, Phoenix was partying at a nightclub in Hollywood with his brother Joaquin, his sister Rain, and actress Samantha Mathis, as well as other friends and drug dealers when he took a lethal combination of drugs that led to his overdose and ultimately his demise.

He took the infamous speedball (heroin/cocaine combo) and then snorted some "Persian Brown" which is a methamphetamine mixed with opiates. It was at this point that Phoenix began to feel ill and collapsed.

Joaquin called 911, but River had already stopped breathing and was unable to be resuscitated. They even tried a pacemaker once he was rushed to the hospital.

The club it all happened at was partially owned by Johnny Depp.

Who was River Phoenix : Though River Jude Phoenix was a singer-songwriter as those close to him are more familiar with, he will always be remembered as one hell of an actor who tragically died probably before his best work came to fruition.

Though he was in films such as My Own Private Idaho, That Thing Called Love, and Dogfight to name a few, he is probably most beloved for his role as the outcast kid with a big heart Chris Chambers in the time-honored film Stand By Me (based on the Stephen King story "The Body").

Apart from his movie career and his love for music, he also made a number of television appearances.

Website: http://www.river-phoenix.org/
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65 Signatures in River Phoenix's guestbook

  1. elenor Says:

    i sucks so much that you are not a part of this world… we lost a great actor:(

  2. Jason Says:

    Cut so young… I can relate. Death has many forms. God took the best because beauty is frugal. Feel no pain, remembrance is light.

    Rest in Peace.

  3. arlene scott Says:

    great actor loved stand by me, greatly missed xx

  4. Jason Says:

    Back again. You know I’m around. When the candle stops burning, I don’t forget. I’m a true believer. Been listening to some Marley tunes for ya. lol… And now, I think you give a little bit of life than what was taken away in you. And that’s hard to find.

  5. Tabi Says:

    Whoa I don’t want to beleve it was a drug overdose that killed him because I love River and he is amazing actor I don’t beleve he did that I can’t picture young inosent Chris Chambers doing that !!! :'( rest in peace River I love you XOXO

  6. Jason Says:

    I remember interview with a vampire. It seemed like a regular movie to me. I had no idea. I was 14 back then, now I’m 32. The Eternal River still flows.

    Love and RIP.

  7. Connie Vaughn Says:

    i love your movies river exspecialy stand by me one of the best movies ever i will always remember you when i was a teenager i had your pictures on my wall i couldn’t believe it when you died it was a sad day RIP river the river will always flow

  8. Jason Says:

    Poster child of the ’90s… whad up?

    Years since won’t change, still couldn’t drain…

  9. Melissa M. Heil Says:

    Dearest River, You will ‘never be forgotten’…
    Rest in peace, Sweetheart…

  10. Jason Says:

    If someone through a bob marley shirt into the river and noone was there, would it still make a sound?

  11. Titta Says:

    Rest In Peace dear River. You were the most amazing actor I’ve ever seen and your music was and IS still warming my heart. I hope you are happy. I’ll always remember the day you died as the day of the most beautiful waterfalls xoxo

  12. Sama Says:

    Happy Halloween and R.I.P my dear

  13. Jason Says:

    As the expression goes, get busy livin or get busy dyin – and what lies inbetween, indefinite and beyond are the unpredictable banks of the River.

  14. william lee Says:

    u will be missed a lot

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