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Richard Chase

Born: 1950-05-23 - Died: 1980-12-26
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Richard Trenton Chase was captured by police after leaving several hand and shoe prints in blood at his last victims residence. They found even more blood caked evidence in his apartment.

In 1979 Chase stood trial on six counts of murder, his attorneys tried to avoid the death penalty by going the insanity route… the plea was rejected. On May 8th, the jury found Chase guilty on all six counts and he was sentenced to the gas chamber.

While in prison, Chase had been seeing a doctor who had prescribed him with antidepressants that he hoarded for weeks. He was found dead on December 26, 1980 of an apparent overdose-suicide, taking all the pills he had been saving.

Who was Richard Chase : Chase was a serial killer who killed six people in California over the span of one month. He was given the nickname “The Vampire of Sacramento” because he would cannibalize and drink the blood of his victims.

Early in his life he moved out of his mothers’ house, he thought she was trying to poison him. He rented an apartment with some friends, and soon became a huge burden. Chase boarded up his bedroom and created an escape hatch in his closet. He would walk around nude constantly. His roommates soon moved out.

Now on his own, Chase began to capture and kill small animals. He would eat them raw, sometimes mixing parts in a blender with Coca-Cola and drinking it like a milkshake.

Chase was involuntarily committed to mental health facility after he’d been taken to the hospital for blood poisoning. He had contracted this after he had injected rabbit’s blood into his veins. While in the facility he had begun to catch birds and drink their blood, this led to the staff giving him the nickname of “Dracula” (which was a character created by Bram Stoker based on Vlad the Impaler and Elizabeth Báthory.

About a year later Chase was released, according to the facility “he was no longer a danger to society”.

Two years after being released Chase begun his killings. They spanned from December 29, 1977 to January 23, 1978.

Without going into grave detail, lets just say they involved more blood drinking, cannibalism, necrophilia, etc. If you wish to read in depth about the heinous crimes go here.
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32 Signatures in Richard Chase's guestbook

  1. Shelby Mitchell Says:

    I am a teeager pregnante and i don’t see how you can kill a woman that is expecting. I also don’t understand how you can look at a young child and kill them. a person like this deserved to die.

  2. Mike Rowe Says:

    you’re one sick fuck!

  3. Fireflies Says:

    cause i get one million hugs from ten thousand lighting bugs!

  4. bambi Says:

    vengance is not mine..go to God, forgiveness is there..rest in peace

  5. A Niece Says:

    You are right, he was a very sick person! And it is so sad after so many years of my Aunt and Cousins gone, the pain doesn’t go away! If the State of California never release him out of the hospital we wouldnt have go on with our lives with out our loved ones…

  6. nathan davis Says:

    I wished I knew him he seemed like fun

  7. Amelia Dawson Says:

    People!!!! He was schizophrenic !!! a little understanding to the country that spends more than 8 million dollars in killing someone with an electric chair intead of using that money to give treatment!

  8. sue Says:

    think the hospital who said he was sane was insane themselves! rip his victims

  9. AnonymousGirl Says:

    He actually looks like someone who would do exactly what he did. Too bad he was allowed too commit suicide someone like this should have been placed under 24 hour observation and kept alive too face his justice. I am sickened by the fact that he waited until he was in prison too kill himself instead of maybe doing it when he thought about killing the first person, should have killed himself then. He should not have been allowed to die by his own hand in prison, This sickens me.

  10. Roxan Says:

    does any one know who wrote this documentary

  11. Belphegor Says:

    Sigh!!! How nice you can kill in just a month!! I give you a special place hell!! whores will wipe your sorry ass man!

  12. jim Says:

    wow dude. deep


  13. whatevaaaaaaaaaaa Says:

    ewwwwwww dude! tard

  14. whatevaaaaaaaaaaa Says:


  15. loufoxy Says:

    One disturbed individual!! How could you of done the things you did, especially to those innocent little boys and that pregnant woman. Beggers belief. And then you took the cowards way out!! Scum. Rot in hell.

  16. Cierrah Says:

    As for yuh Chase. Yuh make ppl who agree with meh sick.!
    Yuh kill ppl, and eat animals. Your a sick person. I hope yuh know that. The only smart thing about this case is that You KILLEd YOURSELF. Yuh did your self a favor and the rest of Society.!

  17. OHHS Law Enforcement II Says:

    Hes sick and disgusting. How can you do that to people? Having mental issues aside, he still knew what he was doing. Even with his beliefs that he would dissapear. They should have made sure he took his medication instead of thinking he did. He needs it bad. It’s a good thing hes not around anymore. Because hes one sick individual.

  18. Jay-Rock Says:

    This guy was an obviously mentally ill individual. He had a history of mental illness and due to lack of help, these unfortunate crimes took place. He was mentally insane, he should have been given treatment but it was too late. This is one reason why our country needs better funding to assist the mentally ill. If there is no help, these events and the shooting in AZ happen.

  19. wierd00 Says:

    u know quyzz their such tinq as 4givness all yuu guys sayinq u shud be in hell remember CARMA!

  20. eman Says:

    I soppused crime would be crime but there is always another evil in our evil ways.

  21. victoria murphy Says:

    people like u disgust me.

  22. torrence Says:

    sick basterd

  23. josh Says:

    man you are sick rust in hell

  24. Richard Chase's dad Says:

    this dude is awesome. he shld of been put in a zoo with animals so people could watch him eat them

  25. Jess Says:

    Nobody will ever truly understand why Chase committed these heinous crimes. However, there were many early warning signs that nobody seemed to catch on to and in my mind, those people who examined him but found nothing wrong are just as guilty as Chase himself. What kind of person could possibly believe that this man was not insane? Obviously our country needs better people to decide on insanity so future cases like this never happen. To all of Chase’s victims, you will never be forgotten. And to the family of the victim’s, i mourn for your losses and the situation that your lives are now engulfed in. As for Chase, I am personally not a believer in religion, especially hell. But if by some chance there is a hell, I hope that the devil treats you 100,000,000 times worse than you treated your victims. Rot in peace.

  26. Cassandra Lynn Says:

    This is a very interesting fellow and also disturbing. Knowing the fact he drank blood is overwhelming.

  27. Cassandra Lynn Says:

    I am doing a research on Richard Chase for my Psychology class and I have come across some rather interesting details.

  28. Hatt Says:

    ‘Obviously’ not crazy, he just ate some people and thought people had stolen his intestines, nothing unusual here! I love how they let him out of the mental hospital to begin with after he killed some birds…

  29. brittany Says:

    hw sad

  30. Toni Anita Says:

    When I’ve watched videos of him in court, I don’t get angry at him, I wouldn’t say he was a bad person. I think he was just in desperate need of professional, psychological help – which he didn’t get, even though he had been in mental institutions. His face looks so tortured, and like a little boy. I feel sorry for him, I just want to give him a hug.

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