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Raul Julia

Born: 1940-03-09 - Died: 1994-10-24
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Raul Julia was 54 years old when he died in a coma brought on by a stroke 8 days prior.

Previous to the stroke, he had been battling stomach cancer and had became very sick from it. By the time he was filming his last movie, the made for TV Down Came a Blackbird, he could hardly walk.

Julia's body was flown to his homeland in Puerto Rico and interred at San Juan's Buxeda Cemetery.

Who was Raul Julia : Raúl Rafael Juliá y Arcelay (more commonly known as Raul Julia) was a Puerto Rican Actor who appeared in a number of American films.

Notable films included Tequila Sunrise, Presumed Innocent, Kiss of the Spiderwoman, Mack the Knife, the Adams Family, and Addams Family values. His last film before the aforementioned Down Came the Blackbird, was Street Fighter, a movie based on the hit video game franchise in which he starred opposite Jean-Claude Van Damme.
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72 Signatures in Raul Julia's guestbook

  1. A viewer Says:

    Raul, you were such a talent!, Rest easy in God,s hands in heaven!,,,Peace!,,,Tim

  2. Vicki Boston Says:

    Buenos Dios Raul.
    Loved you in MOON OVER PARADOR! Funny movie.
    I liked you in NINE/MAN OF LA MANCHA.
    Would you believe they’re making THE ADDAMS FAMILY
    into a Broadway Musical?
    Too bad you weren’t able to do Gomez in the musical.Loved you in The Addams family movie.
    RIP Raul. Adios amigo.
    PS. I’m learning a bit about Puerto Rico.
    Nice beautiful country.

  3. Rafael Irizarry Says:

    Raul, do not forget: OMNE RARUM CARUM, our fraternity, Phi Sigma Alpha motto… We will mett at the “Eternal Chapter” someday, God bless you.

  4. Ahmed Hassan Says:

    R.I.P Raul..
    from middle east

  5. Diamond Smith Says:

    i was really in love with the addams family really i just sad u r not around to do anymore movies {LOVE ALWAYS DIAMOND AKA COCA}

  6. muriell Says:

    ooooohhhh!!!!!!! no sabía que había muerto…amaba A Omero Adams =(=(=(=(!!!!!

  7. Sharon Says:

    Loved your work and giving spirit

  8. logan Caners Says:

    street fighter forever

  9. Tirso Tlantoani Says:

    You left us much to soon. A great loss. Rest in peace brother.

  10. Barbara Vaughan Says:

    You will be very very missed. What a talent you were. Loved everything you did.
    A loving fan

  11. Lucy Hdz. Says:

    te extranhamos Raul, deskansa en paz uwu

  12. Maddie Says:

    Loved all your movies..Proud of you as a puerto rican woman

  13. james hodgson Says:

    He was a great actor, a real presence on film…I just finished watching him in “The Rookie” with Clint eastwood and Charlie Sheen…a great classic. He will most certainly be missed, even after all of these years.

  14. kasiopeja naumoska Says:

    mojot omilen glumec….za sekogas

  15. kasiopeja naumoska Says:

    mojot omilen glumec zasekogas…..

  16. Milagros Bevins Says:

    You will be missed!Love you always……Gomez!

  17. Milagros Bevins Says:

    You will be missed, we love you Gomez!

  18. Jelena Says:

    RIP… one and only one… Raul Julia!!!!

  19. Dominique Davis Says:

    Gone far too soon. Rest in Peace, you are in my prayers.

  20. Gino Says:

    Rest in peace Raul you will always have a place in history your films are unforgettable :)

  21. maggie Says:

    i was just watching one of your films last night you was a great actor

  22. Adryan2098 Says:

    We will miss u Gomez :((

  23. RP4EVR Says:

    Love from the UK as I am watching the Addams family, genius

  24. joyphie Says:

    Raul…wherever you are I send my love xxx

  25. Sheila Baker Says:

    In life you played Romero. You provided a voice for the hungry and poor. God Bless Your Spirit.

  26. mother teresa pankey Says:

    RIP so talented gone too soon

  27. AKI Williams Says:

    Great job as Gomez. RIP. (I’m doing a Spanish ppt on you.)

  28. Dylan uk Says:

    RIP! Addams rules

  29. madeline Says:

    un gran orgullo para todo los puertoriquenos.
    you made us puertoricans proud.

  30. Marisol Ruiz Says:

    You were a glory of Puerto Rico it is been almost 20 years of your death and we still remember you. RIP and live forever in our hearts.

  31. Iscela Says:

    Great actor huge talent great personality some say the gratest leaves first……… RIP Raul Julia

  32. Aaron Says:

    I am watching the rookie and I forgot that Raul was in that movie. It seems so long ago that he left us. R.I.P Raul.

  33. Irene Macias Says:

    I loved you in everything you did Mr.Julia,
    you were an original and I miss you. Hope you are entertaining the angels now, and are no longer suffering. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of you!!!!!!

  34. Yvonne and Teresa Says:

    We LOVE U in the Addams Family Mr Julia’s, you bring such good childhood memories to us and we will always remember you. Thank you so much!!! :-)

  35. Jeff Feiser Says:

    I was reminded what a great and versitile actor you were while I watched Presumed Innocent yesterday. You left us too soon. Walk with God.

  36. Lee Duke Says:

    You had “IT”, “Style” Charisma, something severely lacking in male film stars today. Such a lovely smile even when you must have been in terrible pain. Taken too soon, You are Missed. xxx

  37. John Says:

    May you look upon the sky and see yourself in the light that come toward you. Vitam Impendere Vero.

  38. Brian Lindy Says:

    Very versatile and talented. A class A act and class A person. All the good die young, too soon or premature. Now that I’ll be 54 this August it reminds me of you. It took me awhile to figure it out but you were ready to meet our maker. Rest in Peace and we’ll all see you again one day. Love ya !

  39. Ken Hinton Says:

    Raul Julia – I think you made an amazing contribution to the movies I have seen you in. Addams Family was never my favourite until I saw the movie you made. Incredible performance… I am sure you were a great person beyond your professional career.
    Thank you.

  40. rito mata Says:

    for raul julias vaya con dios!!!you were a superb actor one of a kind loved all your work especially street fighter.you left too too soon but god wanted you home thank you for your kind hearted spirit.we were lucky to have you tha time we did for that i am gratefull mucho amor y respeto raul REST IN PIECE brother hope to see you in tha next life…

  41. Steven Serious Says:

    I grew up watching the Addams Family. I’m a young kid. I just turned 18 in May. You were always my favorite character in the Addams Family movies. I have a 1 year old son and our plan is to be Gomez Addams n his son this Halloween. Rest In Paradise Raul. I’ll meet u there..

  42. crzysxycool6 Says:

    Hi mr julie. Prayers go to ur friends n family. Rip. I loved the addames family n the rookie.u were a great actor n inspiration for the porto ricans.8-)

  43. ano Says:

    bye raul, you…are good

  44. Rebecca Martinez Says:

    I love this Actor he was great at what he did & was very sexy!!! Love him in the Adams Family.

  45. Larry Says:

    Well done old man

  46. Val Baker Says:

    Rest in peace.
    A great talent who died too soon.

  47. luciano s Says:

    You were a legend in life and are still one in spirit

  48. Patricia from Milwaukee to El Salvador Says:

    RIP, Que en paz descanse
    Thank you for playing “San Romero” in ROMERO.

  49. RPR Says:

    Gone too soon. Great actor. Great man. RIP Raul.

  50. Evan Taylor Says:

    May your work echo eternally

  51. Terence Cowling Says:

    From UK – Have just rediscovered my copy of Nine The original Broadway Musical which I had the privilege in 1982 of seeing you in on Broadway. It bought back just how talented you were and such & master of your Art You are sorely missed Terence

  52. Roslyn Harris Says:

    Just finished watch Julia in “Presumed Innocent.” Such a classy individual and actor. You are missed, Raul Julia. May you RIP.

  53. lisa Says:

    i thought you were so funny in the adams family, and always made me laugh. hope you are resting in peace.

  54. Richard Billington Says:

    His last words “GAME OVER”

  55. Grace Says:

    My sincere and deepest condolences goes out to the entire family of Mr. Julia.

    R.I.P Raul Julia. Gone but will never be forgotten.

  56. Cristina Says:

    Que lastima es que te tengas ido de nosotros tan temprano,dulce Raulito…Para mi siempre seras el mejor!Deseo que descanses en paz,pero la memoria de ti nunca se va de mi mente ni de mi corazon…tus bellos ojos y sonrinsa siempre siguen vivos en mi mente.Jamas te olvidare.*~De una fan portuguesa~*(perdon,si mi espanol no es correcto!)

  57. tan eng hong Says:

    the world has missed a great actor and nobody will be able to replace the carisma in which raul has displayed. A truly sad tale and i will miss him in his movies greatly. May god protect his soul.

  58. Angela K. Says:

    Will always love your work. God bless his family.

  59. levesque Says:

    it;s been so long but i remember well i was 24 now i;m 41 he;s still rememberd

  60. Rene Torres Says:

    Rauli (as we called him) was a university peer, a fraternity brother (Phi Sigma Alpha) and a good friend. We used to go out and serenade girls on weekends (he played guitar and sang, I played the accordion). At the time he truly wanted to go to Hollywood and become a serious actor. I was on a weekly soap opera in Puerto Rico (Hogar Dulce Hogar), but never really wanted it as a career. In 1991 I moved to the LA area and always wanted to reconnect with him, But I kept putting it off for no good reason. I was shocked to learn of his death. I never did get to see him again. I will always miss his sense of humor and camaraderie. Rest in Peace, my friend.

  61. jon Says:

    Amazing actor a truly tragic death so much talent so much more to give I loved you in the Adams family. fester in peace.

  62. Beverly Couch Says:

    He was a great actor and has been and will continue to be missed

  63. jho argote Says:

    you’re a brilliant actor, were and will ALWAYS be. i was born one year after you died but my childhood memories were filled of flashes of the Addams Family films (the first Two). i just looked up the addams family reunion yesterday and i was devastated. you were the REAL gomez and noone can replace you. i wanted to meet you in person, and i guess i will. See you soon, Dad. Adios. Vaya con Dios.

  64. Xenia LT Williamr Says:

    Saw you liue in Dracula. my friends stole my poster of that play. I loved you then and always admired your dignity as a human being. you were a very important model for me. May God Grant you wercy!

  65. David Doyle Says:

    Rest in peace MR.ADAMS.

  66. Gaby Says:

    i really loved the addams family. you crack me up. i love you so much. i am doing a report on you right now, and the least i can do is sign this guestbook. but you deserve so much more. i hope you see this. i think about you everyday and the large you made on this world and on my life. you are an amazing person and i look up to you and wish i were just like you. I LOVE YOU. RIP i miss you so much.

  67. christina lyttle Says:

    Just watching The Addams Family and I always thought it wad great

  68. Jesus Jimenez Says:

    May he rest in peace Gomez

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