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Born: 427 BC - Died: 347 BC
Cause of Death:
Natural causes

Death Summary: It's said that a student invited him to his wedding banquet, he retired and was found dead the next morning.

Who was Plato : He was a Greek philosopher, a student of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle.
He founded the Athens academy.
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17 Signatures in Plato's guestbook

  1. Jaylea. Says:

    wow Plato, look what the Republic is now.

  2. aleeesaaaa Says:

    wow your so amazing dude!!

  3. lester j Says:

    how cool are you

  4. cody runnels Says:

    you were awsome!!!

  5. plato's lover Says:

    shut up all of you!!!!! he was the best man to ever live!!

  6. Koi Says:

    He was a very accomplished
    man one of the best back then.

  7. hungarian123 Says:

    yall r from mexico.

  8. hungarian123 Says:

    i am a mouse.

  9. hungarian123 Says:

    I talked out in class and Mrs. Schelb told me to sign the book… so i am.

  10. hungarian123 Says:

    plato died bc he dryed out bc no one put him in the container.

  11. joe Says:

    wow i cant do my report i cant find anything on u

  12. Raymond K. Nash Says:

    “Common sense is a misnomer, if it was common everyone would have it” so grateful to know Plato.
    Thank you, R K N. Australia.

  13. lisa Says:

    so much info

  14. rajeev Says:

    your awesome


    we r learning about this in History……………kinda.

  16. Alexis Says:


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