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Phil Harris

Born: 1956-12-21 - Died: 2010-02-09
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Phil Harris suffered a stroke while offloading crab in port at Saint Paul Island, Alaska on January 29, 2010. He later died on February 9, 2010.

Who was Phil Harris : Harris was the owner and captain of the crab fishing boat F/V Cornelia Marie, which was featured on the Discovery Channel's hit reality television show Deadliest Catch.
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95 Signatures in Phil Harris's guestbook

  1. Lisa B Says:

    You will be missed, thank you for all the laughs, and insight you gave my family.RIP… Only the good die young,

  2. Phillip Hurd Says:

    RIP. Phil you will be missed so much by all of your friends, family, and fans like me!

  3. Cindy R Says:

    R.I.P Captain Phil. You will be greatly missed. we love you.

  4. john reynolds Says:


  5. Linda Abbott Says:

    May you rest in peace Phil..Your son Josh seems to be really stepping up and being the man you wanted him to be..And I pray that Jake finished the rehab and will too step up..You can be proud of your boys Phil…And I know you will keep an eye on them.

  6. Abbi Says:

    I will miss you Phil. You were my favorite skipper.

  7. Jim Bobrowich Says:

    We just watched the show where Phil passed away,that was very sad.It just goes to show how tough it is on a body no sleep chain smoking coffee/red bull drinks to keep going on that job.Rest In Peace Phil you will be missed my heart goes out to his sons.Take care….Jim

  8. Jeremy (HITMAN) Davidsmeyer Says:

    I will never forget when he said “this is why lions eat their young” I can relate being a father of two boys myself R.I.P. SKIPPER you will never be forgotten.

  9. james bishop Says:

    rip phill..i wish yer two boys the best of luck and you both were very lucky ta have such a cool father.yer old man is up there watchen ya make him proud…..

  10. Eric Gunn Says:

    Rest in peace Mr Harris. Prayers to the sons, be strong.

  11. Stacy Says:

    You felt like family, Captain Phil. You will be sorely missed.

  12. Tiana warner Says:

    Tiana Warner I miss phill harris

  13. hector Says:

    we will alwqays miss you phil

  14. Barbara Teston Says:

    Phil Harris was my favorite. Those baby blues, laugh, raspy voice and honest personality were endearing, loved and admired by so many. We love you Phil and will miss you!

  15. Gabriel RDV Says:

    God bless your soul.

  16. kathryn Says:

    i loved him. my mom and i cried when we saw the episode when he was on his death bed.. my family together would watch deadliest catch. we still do but its not the same,

  17. kathryn Says:

    Phil Harris.

  18. josh Says:

    you were the best crab boat captain. to your kids,do what your dad would have done

  19. Aaron Says:

    I agree with josh, he was. we all wish he would come back and put joy in our live once again watching deadliest catch.

    MR. Phil Harris 🙁

  20. brian mac Says:

    u will be missed man deadliest catch wont be the same without you phil

  21. Raul Puente A. Says:

    Captain Phill Harris R.I.P. we miss you on the show you did an amazing job, and you were my favorite captain because you treat your son the same you treat the rest of your sailors no special treatment for anybody that means everybody is the same in a workplace. thats why your sons are now a great sailors and fishermans and I’am sure that you will be proud of them and again we miss you. CAPITAN..

  22. Dirk Gätjen Says:

    I/M boatsun on german fishing vessel. he was an great captain. I sow some of his actions. Very good Captain. I/ lost my Father 2 years ago. I know, what feeling his son and wife and family now. But Family: I was dead for 4 minutes. And that was realy good. Believe me. He is in a better world graetings Dirk

  23. tadeo Says:

    wielka szkoda

  24. catarino Says:

    philum grande homem sem duvida k deus o tenha

  25. dlc Says:

    sail on sailor, rip

  26. Marius Says:

    He was my favourite captain !God rest him in peace !

  27. Lisa Palmgren Hogg Says:

    I am a Big Fan to that show….Loved all the Captains and all they went thru…so sad to hear he had Passed away….He seemed like a good Man….They are real people and become like your friends….Sorry for the Family’s Loss he will be Greatly Missed

  28. Rosane Says:

    Sempre assisto pesca mortal, e ver o capitão Phil era uma dadiva, pois ele passava a imagem do homem meigo(raro hoje em dia). Lamento muito sua morte edesejo muita paz a sua familía, tenho certeza que DEUS está com ele. Vá em PAZ PHIL!!!

  29. chris sturgess Says:

    A genuine bloke,few & far between. Rest easy,Mr Harris & that your sons feel your your warmth & love for ever blowing over them. x

  30. Susan Says:

    I am a huge fan of the show, and it’s just not the same with Capt. Phil gone. R.I.P. Phil

  31. Jefferson Côrtes Says:

    Valeu Grande Captain, Netuno o irá rever quando das cinzas forem jogadas no Mar de Behring, vá com Deus…

  32. Michael Ruiz Says:

    My family and I will never forget a GREAT Captain and a great Fisherman. the Lord always takes the good ones early.

  33. joseph jason Says:

    rest in peace may your son recover from drugs amen

  34. kelly Says:

    Phil I hope now you are at peace I know that things were hard on you here but now there is no more pain we miss you dearly

  35. pam Says:

    You are missed…..

  36. dennis donald Says:

    rest in peace phil keep on fishing in heaven

  37. Lee Normanton Says:

    You were great phil a proper man. My mum would of loved you im sure your having a ciggie with her know have fun. xxx

  38. Marika Says:

    Rest in peace, Phil. I will miss you.

    The show is very popular in Finland, and I’m not the only one missing u here.

  39. Jenny Says:

    I’m still shocked that this happened. Rest in peace Phil, we’ll miss you.

  40. Ali Says:

    You were awesome!! Loved the show,

  41. Zachary Dube Says:

    RIP Phil you will be greatly missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Roberta Daniel (OH) Says:

    The death of captain Phil was devastating to the show I’m glad I had the chance to get to know Phil if it was only through a Television show I thought you were a great father first then a great fisherman and I am greatful to the other captains in the fleet for stepping up to help the boys continue the crab fishing tradition that there father started for them. God Bless you Phil and God Bess Josh and Jake

  43. Tiffany Says:

    I loved this book. Its strongest weeknass is the whole issue with Phil lacking self esteem and constantly thinking I’m not good enough. Its a theme that’s found in so many gay novels. On the flip side, I have no issues with Chris being the rich, handsome plastic surgeon just looking for love. He’s too good to be true but that’s why we read romances after all. This is a solid story. Its definitely both a romance and erotica. The scenes between Phil and Chris are beyond hot and that alone makes this a must buy. But the romance the develops between the two men (skimming the slightly tedious self doubt parts) is worth it. This is a solid 4/5. Not G.A. Hauser’s best but its up there.

  44. Joey Says:

    Mr. Phil Harris will always be remembered as the toughest man in those seas. R.I.P.

  45. william lee Says:

    u will be missed

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