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Pernell Roberts

Born: 1928-05-18 - Died: 2010-01-24
Cause of Death:
Pancreatic Cancer

Death Summary: Pernell Roberts died from pancreatic cancer at his Malibu, California home on January 24, 2010. He was 81.

Who was Pernell Roberts : Robets was an actor and singer who is probably best known for his role of Adam Cartwright, Ben Cartwright's eldest son, on the popular television western series Bonanza. He was also the star of Trapper John, M.D. in which he played the title role of chief surgeon, Dr. John MacIntyre.

Despite the success of Bonanza, Robets left after the sixth season due to disagreements with the writers. Roberts complained that his character was a well-educated 34 year old man, and he wouldn't be referring to his father as "Pa". Roberts left Bonanza, the show went on for another eight seasons.

After Bonanza Roberts went on to guest star in several shows, including: The Big Valley, Mission: Impossible, The Wild Wild West, Gunsmoke, Mannix, The Odd Couple, Hawaii Five-O, and The Hardy Boys.
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74 Signatures in Pernell Roberts's guestbook

  1. rachel hebert Says:


  2. Loren Lindsay Says:

    Thank you for many years of entertainment. You were a wonderful actor.

  3. karen strickland Says:

    I always liked you the best out of the three boys quite but strong great actor you will sure be missed I know your family is having a hard time I will pray for them

  4. lestleydunnaway Says:

    sorry for your lost.

  5. diku Says:

    aww that’s so sweet……who ever you are………. karen

  6. diku Says:

    so sweet of you…..:):)

  7. kim chavez Says:

    I always enjoyed watching you on Bonanza, you always seemed to be the level headed son in the clad, you will be sadly missed. Say hi to little Joe

  8. Michael Mattlin Says:

    “childhood rolemodel” Adam Cartwright/P.R.-say hello to the rest of the “family”.

  9. Nelda D. Fairley Says:

    You were the handsomest brother on Bonanza and a wonderful actor. Loved watching you on Trapper John MD.

    My prayers go to your family and friends who miss you.

  10. Jo Angevine Says:

    I fell in love with you when I was a teen and you were on Bonanza.all my friends loved Little Joe…..but you had my heart….and always will..I’ve thought of you often on where you were and what you were doing…Now I know you are in God’s hands…rest in peace…miss you alot.

  11. norma Says:

    I always loved to watch Bonanza you were a great actor rip

  12. norma Says:

    I always loved to watch Bonanza you were a great actor rip you were a star

  13. SSG jennifer grooms Says:


  14. adam zamora Says:


  15. Denise Renee Rita Armstrong Says:


  16. sara balis Says:

    you where a wonderful actor. i like you the best. i will miss u. you will be miss

  17. Ron Mosher Says:

    After he left bonanza the show was not the same without him. He made that show. I was aalso a fan of Trapper John M.D.. God bless his family in their time of loss. I am still a big fan watching his old shows on TV Land.

  18. g j rollins Says:

    I loved you in Bonanza…cool..laid back….always dressed in black…and that big beautiful smile! you were the last one alive from the Cartright family… RIP

  19. Flávia Regina Röse Tessari Says:

    Pernel,eterno Adam Cartwright,em Bonanza,big valley enfim,o melhor em tudo que fez no cinema,estará para sempre no meu coração e nos teus fãs,teus trabalhos não permitirão seu esquecimento,obrigado pelo seu legado eternizado no cinema.”Deus” te ilumine.

  20. Rick McPheron Says:

    Truly one of the best actors of all time, You will be missed by many. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of Pernell Robert’s family and friends. R.I.P. Pernell

  21. Kjell Says:


  22. Velma Bruchmiller Says:

    I enjoyed watching Bonanza, it was my favortive show when i was growing up, I still watch it on T.V. land. In fact I watch with my two sons now. You will be missed alot. My heart goes out to his family , and may God bless his family in their time of loss.

  23. Lynette Murray Says:

    I fell in love with Adam & Little Joe it was such a hard choice that which ever one was on the screen was my love for that moment, I started to watch when I was in first grade and on, on Bonanza on Saturday nights. It was the last show we could watch before bed for church on Sunday, it was a routine. Thank you Pernell for all your acting that was more to a little child, you fed all our dreams you let us know that we could be anything. “Rest in Peace.” I know that you are with God now. We all will miss you and I will pray for your family. Love you.

  24. Magali Aparecisa Costa Souza Says:

    Obrigada, Sr. Roberts.
    Nunca o esquecerei, mora em meu coração.
    Para sempre.

  25. r duffer Says:

    never should have left bonanza

  26. Jada Says:

    Dear Pernell,
    You brought joy to a lot of people with your acting and singing abilities. By all accounts, you were a wonderful man. Rest in peace.

  27. Christa Valenti Says:

    R.I.P you are missed

  28. Walter Grebinski Says:

    An amazing actor.
    We will miss you.

  29. Donna Says:

    He was the most handsome, sexy man with an awesome singing voice, even though he was old enough to be my father I absolutely loved him.

  30. Lee Ann Clarke Says:

    I always loveed to watch Bonanza & Trapper John MD you were an amazing actor.

  31. Georgia Says:

    What a great actor you were. I loved everything you did. You will be missed.

  32. Victoria Says:

    I just love him, I watch some reprises of Bonanza, can’t believe. Well, at least he lived happy and for a long time.
    Wish him a better place now. Love Adam.

  33. irene garcia Says:

    u will be missed.i as well as my father use to watch also..u will be in my heart

  34. Andy Thompson Says:

    Best of the group. Without you it was not the same . Thanks for your time

  35. Andy Thompson Says:

    Best of the group. Without you it was not the same. Thanks for many hours of entertainment.

  36. rae Says:

    omg i have a huge crush on adam .watch reruns every day sigh….rest in peace luv

  37. Marcela Muñoz Gavilán Says:

    Dear Pernell you were my favorite actor sice always. Thank you for many years of your great work. In my opinion you were the best actor and man in Hollywood. Rest in peace I miss you a lot. Marcela from Chile

  38. john chronicle Says:

    rest well trapper

  39. justin ray Says:

    In my youth what a great role model. One of the good guys always ! God Bless You and Your Love Ones.

  40. Mary F. Elliott Says:

    I will miss him, despite being able to find him in Bonanza Re Runs! I wish he would have been able to work his hearts desire. You are missed!

  41. Rhonda Barber Says:

    Thank you for being a marvelous actor/singer. My heartfelt condolences go out to your family and friends. Thank you for showcasing the talent that can come from Georgia!

  42. Vanessa Says:

    You are my favorite Cartwright son. Quiet, sexy. By far the best. Loved you on Trapper John too. Love your voice too. RIP.

  43. Joanie Coblentz Says:

    You will always remain in my heart and soul, your the best frind I ever had, any time I needed you, you were there for me, Thank you for giving us your talents through music, movies, TV, and pecial apperiances where I found you, I will always love and cherish you, “Peace”

  44. Carolyn Barba Says:

    What a wonderful actor. You will be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of your family and friends.

  45. Lisa Palmgren Hogg Says:

    Yes he was My favorite also on Bonanza….Had a Great Nice Voice…The when he had the Doctor show I loved him there also…You are missed..

  46. Robin Edinger Says:

    Love you since I was 10 years old watching Bonanza on Sunday nights. My favorite episode was “Miss Abigail Jones” because you sang, played guitar and really shined as the star you were. Also watched you as Trapper John. Was so happy that you were back on a weekly series. I always thought of you as a very good actor and was glad you stood by your convictions. It showed your character as a human being. You are sorely missed. Can’t believe it is a year already…..

  47. Enrique Says:

    My family and I used to watch Bonanza at night. I’m sorry. My respects to his family.

  48. gary matthews Says:

    my favorite tv show thank you pernell i forever grateful

  49. Annie Williams Says:

    “Adam”, you were the best. I’m sorry that you had to leave us. Thank you for the wonderful characters that you played. I will always remember you.

  50. Brooke Raymond Says:

    I had a crush on Pernell and stopped watching when he left Bonanza. I eargly awaited each of his other shows and appearances. A gentleman and a good looker to boot!

  51. edith cuervo cuervo Says:

    pernell roberts.. excelente hombre, gran actor y defensor de las minorias…nunca seras olvidado siempre te llevare en mi corazon…has dejado huella en este mudo con tu gran talento.

  52. holly darling Says:

    so long it’s been good to know ya.rest in peace.say hi to joe,hoss, and ben.

  53. Andrea Says:

    Pernell Roberts, he descubierto en uds un gran hombre que ha sido fiel a sus principios a pesar de todas las dificultades. Algunas veces la belleza de una persona se debe a la belleza de su alma y estoy segura que uds es una de esas personas. Descanse en paz junto al Señor y hasta siempre.

  54. Joaquin Cortez Says:

    Rest in Peace Pernell.

  55. Andréa Says:

    Rest in Peace.
    Descanse em paz(from Brazil).

  56. Renae Trabue Says:

    I watched Bonanza every Sunday night. You looked so handsome in black. :You are missed.

  57. Anita Vogel-Hanson Says:

    Mr. Pernell Roberts was one of my very favorite actors, I sent a Gideon Bible rememberance in his name, Rest in Peace,dear MAN.

  58. Anita Vogel-Hanson Says:

    Mr. Pernell Roberts was one of my very favorite actors. I sent a Gideon Bible in his memory Rest in Peace dear Man.

  59. Richard Antoniotti Says:


    You were a “touch of class” on Bonanza and missed big time when you left. The show wasn’t the same without you even though they tried with replacements. And you were right, a 34 year old educated man would not address his father as “Pa”. And in Trapper John, MD, you shined once again. Part of your appealwas your smooth voice, a great delivery and those black cowboy clothes that distinguished you. I was around 8 or 9 when I first watched Bonanza and it was the best show on TV. God Bless you and your family. Wish I had known or met you during your lifetime because you seemed like a great person. And everything I’ve read about you supports that.

  60. Richard Antoniotti Says:


  61. javier Says:

    so long may u rest in peace say hi to everyone up there god bless u

  62. Kim Simon Says:

    Pernell Roberts was a man of principle and a singular talent,…he did not let himself be led by opinions,… he was on the right side of history with his progressive views and staying true to his strong beliefs..

  63. Gloria Schanz Says:

    Rest in Peace Pernell..you were always my favorite on Bonanza!!

  64. Annerose Ward Says:

    Thank you for Bonanza.

  65. Frances Rudland Says:

    R.I.P I have loved that man seens i was a little girl watching Bonanza still love him

  66. Just Bob Says:


  67. Michael Says:

    My mother also died in 2010 and grew up with Pernell Roberts in Waycross, GA. Her name was Minnie just like his Pernell’s mother.

    RIP Mama and Pernell.

  68. CHUCK H Says:


  69. Andrea Says:

    The most gentle eyes I have ever seen on a man, now these are the ultimate puppy dog eyes. Rest those eyes in peace.

  70. sandra regina Says:

    É muito bom conhecer um pouco mais sobre este homem e ator maravilhoso.

  71. Tim & Sharon Perkins Says:

    So sad.

  72. georgia Says:


    I have always been inlove with you

  73. mike Says:

    rest in peace mate i will all ways love your movies

  74. Johan Georfe Says:

    very nice sharing

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