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Paul Harvey

Born: 1918-09-04 - Died: 2009-02-28
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: At the age of 90, Paul Harvey died in a Phoenix area hospital surrounded by family and friends. The exact cause of death isn’t known at this time.

Who was Paul Harvey : Harvey was a radio broadcaster for the ABC Radio Networks. He is probably best known for his News and Comment broadcasts, and his The Rest of the Story segments.

His voice was unmistakable, with his dramatic pauses and undeniable quirks. A large part of Harvey’s success came from being able to blend monologue with reading a commercial. Harvey even stated, “I am fiercely loyal to those willing to put their money where my mouth is.”

Throughout his prestigious career Harvey was given many awards, but probably his best was the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award given to him by President George W. Bush.
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24 Signatures in Paul Harvey's guestbook

  1. Gerry Card Says:


  2. Gerry Card Says:


  3. nicole j Says:

    u will be missed

  4. Carol Says:

    My grandmothers favorite commentator.That unmistakable voice will be greatly missed.

  5. Trena Hardeway- E. Texas Says:

    All my life, I sat in front of the radio to hear “And now, the REST of the story!” from this man. There will never be another trademark comment such as this. I’ll truely miss the famous voice. Interested always even as a child as to what he would say, and held it all as gospel…no matter WHAT it was, because Paul Harvey said it! I’ll miss you. You’ve traveled from Va. to Texas with me from 1960 to now. Rest now and know you will always be remembered. God grant your family peace and comfort.
    Love Forever,

  6. Michael Ward Says:

    Paul there will not be anyone else quite the same as you. There won’t be anyone who can capture the feeling of a story and relate it to us. We miss your thrice daily visits and can only hope Paul Jr. will be on soon to keep us up to date with stories only you would find for us and to keep us entertained and informed. We miss both you and Angel and will remember both of you every day Good Day

  7. Sam Morano Says:

    Thank you for all the good memories. I will miss you greatly.

  8. Lisa Says:

    we’ll miss those stories that brought tears, laughter, and surprise into our lives.

  9. Ingrid Brown Says:

    you will be miss. Rest in Peace!

  10. Marv Says:

    I remember having breakfast with Paul, in the winter. Later, I was able to catch up over dinner. All through the magic of radio. Your voice and style will be missed. You had a hell of a run.

  11. DM Says:

    You bring tears to my eyes

  12. Mike Says:

    …..Good Day.

  13. ed Says:

    i remember paul was breaking wind into a microphone and peeing on a squirrels back while humming the tune black betty. that was just one of several great times we had together. paul will also be known for his hatred of the american eskimo. one time on a trip to alaska paul picked out a cute eskimo hooker. she was no more than 20 at the time he a rugged 77. all started off good then paul became enraged with her views on seal hunting. he screamed you filthy jezabele and broke a bottle across the side of her face. she bled dramtically from the cut. paul smeared whale feces in ghe wond to infect it. that was the only time i saw him that angry at an eskimo hooker. anyways paul was fun he often stuck a funnel up my rectum and would sream into it until i reached climax. i will miss you old friend. sleep well

  14. mike wallace Says:

    One time paul was on 60 Minutes with me,he was brazzen an unafraid of his feelings about American Eskimos. It was pure hatred plain and simple. I asked him about his feelings and he told me that he loved to club baby seals and that the Eskimos were against it. He yelled out in a drunken rage, “fuck them scumbag seals, I’ll rape them cocksukers if its the last thing I ever does do done did”.
    After that we watched Brazillian scat films with quadruple amputees in tthem. That seemed to sooth his blood lust for see snatch. Thats just one funny story you will find in my book UP YOURS HONKEY, it comes out by random house July 15th. good bye my friend we will all miss Rip taylor.

  15. walter cronkite Says:

    Though i dropped dead before Paul I ripped out of my grave to come back and give a brief synapsyse of the times we spent together. Often we would go and fist asian whores together but Pauls true love was deficateing on eskimos. His huge member would get like a telephone pole when he would tie an eskimo up eat his patented beans,cheese and broccoli goulosh. Then taking ever so careful positioning over their round pancake like faces he would let go!!! SCREAMING at the top of his lungs “fuck you filthy seal lovers!!! eat my steaming feces”. That was a great time in history for all of us. I personally raped an eskimo retarded women for Pauls birthday. The more the screams the more he loved it. She kept saying bad boy, bad boy. Paul came over and farted in her mouth while i pounded that retard box. Paul loved tourtureing and being tortured. I took so much to my grave!! The time paul shit in the Whitmans Sampler chocolate box at Mother Theresa’s seventh abortion. She loved chocolates and Paul knew it would be funny. Alas she ate the feces and contracted sepsis. A fatal disease of the blood from the infection of his poop. She of course rolled a seven from this and at her funeral had flies crawling up her nose. Hey fuck her he said. That broad was a nigger lover anyways. Well back to my box with Charles Currault. He still is a fat slob. and that the way it was. good night. we will all miss mandy patinkin.

  16. peter graminiano Says:

    Paul really loved scat stories and sucking miles of dick on a saturdy night. Taking in a Blackhawks game and the blowing the whole team. A regular at the Bijou theater and the baths, this flag waving piece of shit is now dead.

  17. charles currault Says:

    peter is correct paul did love to blow a sports team. if i remember correctly he single handedly introduced bukkake to the western world. i wrote a small poem about it,like the ones i closed my explosive program with. it went like this tiddly widdley diddley do paul loves when i pee on you. how he loved to watch people get peed on. i urinated on betty ford in front of him once as he dropped a cleaveland steamer on sammy davis’s glass eye. those were the days unfortunatley for me being dead i can only ejaculate dust now. a small puff of dust i say. well goodbye and take one in the eye!!!

  18. Sharman Cook Says:

    You are missed.

  19. paulharvey4lyfe Says:


  20. Rod Says:

    Greatest voice on radio. I wil miss your stories. God bless.

  21. Roz Lum Says:

    I truly miss Paul Harvey, as I watched the rest of show, but he was ALWAYS the Highlight of that show! He will be sorely missed. No one will ever be able to fill your shoes. You were One Of A Kind! You enlightened me & entertained me at the same time. You will forever be missed. You are a Great Man! Roz

  22. mr.nazi Says:

    and that is the END OF THE STORY! tho i always did like his program!

  23. David James Says:

    R.I.P., You will be missed. A great broadcaster. I loved your Rest of the Story segments.

  24. Tony Lux Says:

    I miss hearing him on the radio.

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