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Osama bin Laden

Born: 1957-03-10 - Died: 2011-05-01
Cause of Death:
Covert operation in Abbottabad

Death Summary: On May 1, 2011 President Obama announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed by a covert operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

A DNA sample from bin Laden's body was taken and compared with DNA samples on record from his dead sister, which confirmed bin Laden's identity.

It was also reported that the body was recovered by the US military and is currently in their custody.

Who was Osama bin Laden : bin Laden was a member of the wealthy Saudi bin Laden family and founder of infamousjihadist organization al-Qaeda, who is most known for the September 11th attacks on the United States of America.

As a result of his dealings with violent extermists, his Saudi citizenship was revoked and he was on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives and Most Wanted Terrorists lists.

Since 2001 bin Laden, and his organization, had been serious targets for U.S. and the War on Terror. bin Laden had avoided capture for nearly a decade.
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153 Signatures in Osama bin Laden's guestbook

  1. Lloyd Says:

    U.S. lies will be exposed and real perpetrators of 9/11 murders will be caught

  2. J.R. Peters Says:

    bahahahahaha screw u Bin Laden. gotcha mutherfucker. And we are commin for u Pakistani fucks hiding that cock sucker. We are on to ur shit and now u will pay…..

  3. markw Says:

    why have you put this fucking killer on here he isnt famous get the evil cunt off you sick fucks

  4. Victor Young Says:

    J. R. Perters
    This is not the thing that Pakistanis made him hide in their country. Its the fact that NO one knew about his hideouts, even he could have gone to some other country and hid over there without letting anyone know about him. Same goes for the Pakistan, that he went there to hide without anyone knowing that he is there at Pakistan, and as soon as Pakistan got to know about it, they told US. Otherwise no one was able to EVEN LOCATE him for over a decade.

  5. Tracy Says:

    Well done USA for killing this piece of shit. I hope the son of a bitch rots on hell! Lloyd you are talking crap as well, we all know he organised the death of all those people.

  6. brian Says:

    he was a big dick brain

  7. brian Says:

    they should have turned him into dog food

  8. Daley Says:

    fuck you fucker

  9. Osama bin Laden Says:


  10. fester Says:

    i wonder who’ll be the next dark prince of terror,hope we’ll nip that one on the bud…

  11. LMenges Says:

    We all deserve an apology that you would choose to list Osama bin Laden on your dead list and leave off so many other more valuable individuals. This decision was tasteless. A correction needs to be made, bin Laden was not among the famous, he was infamous and he didn’t die, he was killed. Thank you.

  12. frenky Says:

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  13. Achmed The Dead Terrorist Says:

    It’s a flesh wound!

  14. brettfromoz Says:

    Hey its virgin time! Rock out with your cock out… death to america… i hear ya buddy :) right… that should annoy a few people…

  15. brettfromoz Says:

    Ps. J.R. Peters sounds like a clever fellow… i’ll bet he’s a philosophy lecturer or rocket scientist… definitely something that requires a sophisticated mind capable of analysis and critical thought processes… . That guy is one smart douchequeen… if only we could meet up so he could enlighten and dazzle me with his incredible and amazing intellect… and maybe i could help him by smashing the left side of his head with a thesaurus and the right side with a dictionary and if any intelligence has seeped in then maybe i could show him some evidence about the last 50-60 years of foreign policy aund he might understand how an arse like osama can get so many people behind him…time to get the old brainbox working J.R….

  16. Atuba bin laden Says:

    You killed my brother americans!!!!! i will avenge his death by killing pickachu!!!!!!

  17. Atuba bin laden Says:

    You killed my brother americans!!! but my brother will see his 72 virginians LONG LIVE GEORGE WASHINGTON!!!!!!

  18. you dont realy care do you? Says:

    hey bitches ;D haha osama ur dead (:

  19. julio Says:

    so, now…this chump is dead or alive, we close the file while the real perpetrators of 9-11 are zipping margaritas in Texas.

  20. julio Says:

    Her will get his 72 virgins (NOBODY says they’ll be young and beautiful, though….just VIRGINS)

  21. Johnny Says:

    You played a pretty good round of hide-and-seek, but…

    Tag. You are out.

  22. Jesse Sanner Says:

    Did you get your virgins?

  23. Tanya Says:

    Osama was just someone to point finger to after BUSH blew up the towers….
    Yes he may have been a evil man but was NOT responsible for 9/11 Americans were!

    And Where’s the body…..?? Never seen it don’t believe it !
    So many cover ups its digusting.

  24. Sean Thomas Says:


    nuff said

  25. ben Says:

    hey bitch osama rot in hell u fucking faggot god fucker

  26. Uncle Sam Says:

    no body no death show us his dead body

  27. makaveli shakur Says:


  28. DetroitRedd Says:

    Good-bye, Pest!

  29. Rick Says:

    LOL you dead man! Go join Saddam down there you sick bastard! I would die of laughter if the 72 virgins are fat middle-aged men!

  30. Shey Ellerbruch Says:

    HAHA Cunt

  31. torrence Says:

    they did not do the job right it took these basteards this long to kill the fag wit his dirty ass is fag suck sum u nasty hore

  32. torrence Says:

    they was aleadyy lookin for him why ppl is ceering obma for the promosin

  33. James Gillespie (Glasgow Scotland) Says:

    Rott in hell ye scumbag bastard

  34. D. Palmer Says:

    I hope all of your virgins are heshees.

  35. osama Says:

    hahahahaha im dead now you dont have to woy about me

  36. bill Says:

    hahaha fuck the usa. canada is the place to be dick weeds :)

  37. josh Says:

    haha good for you

  38. Lloyd Says:

    People really are stupid if they believe four commercial jets vaporized into nothingness, leaving no wreckage, on the same day, for first time in aviation history. And three WTC buildings were not imploded from within the building structures on 9/11. PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR BUTTS!

  39. LOOSE CHANGE Says:

    YOU WILL SEE THAT THE LEADERS OF AMERICA WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR 911…watch my video… LOOSE CHANGE…watch my video… LOOSE CHANGE…watch my video… LOOSE CHANGE…watch my video… LOOSE CHANGE…watch my video… LOOSE CHANGE…watch my video… LOOSE CHANGE…watch my video… LOOSE CHANGE…watch my video… LOOSE CHANGE…watch my video… LOOSE CHANGE…

  40. Luana Says:

    Good Riddens !

  41. GetItRightYouPunkBitches Says:

    Osama ain’t dead! And if he is R.I.P baby! To bad these dumb mothafuckas that can’t spell just don’t know what the fuck that bitchass Bush did! That mothafucka should die slow he created this shit get y’all fact str8 you bummy mothafuckas! If it’s true R.I.P OSAMA BABY!!!!!!!!!

  42. April Says:

    He aint dead yet

  43. Deidre Says:

    Burn in hell you sick piece of shit!!!!!!

  44. FatJoemama Says:


  45. sara Says:

    may you rot in hell for ever for all the innocent blood that you shed may you have enternal hell for ever and your soul torture.

  46. chante Says:

    sad but he should not be judged by people only god can judge him now. What he did yes it was cruel and a lot of people suffered especially those who live in Pakistan. Racism should not be an issue degrade him and not the people who have suffered because not only are we the victims but the whole world was too when he was leading this.

  47. Brian S. Byrne Says:

    Osama, hope your virgins are all men!!

  48. Saddam Hussein Says:

    Im in hell partying with hitler,Stalin,ho chi min, and Osama were gettIng wasted muthafucka

  49. Al-Queda Says:


  50. Amanda Says:

    Fu*k u you sorry piece of shit.
    I know u r getting blown up every second in hell.
    U bastard

  51. Tbone Says:

    Thank fuck for the USA they are the only ones with the balls to do anything. The rest of the worlds goverments are pussys

  52. Meat Says:

    Boy was he surprised. They got it all wrong. It’s not 72 virgins is one 72 year old virgin and he’s ready to get it on.

  53. marmont Says:

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  54. john Says:

    hes a mungrle

  55. John Brantley Says:

    I have seen it all, why would anyone consider putting something like this especially in “memory of” to a killer that changed the United States and killed so many people that did not deserve to die such a horrible death in 9/11 especially the poor having to go through this. Just remember who had that last call. GOD HELP YOU.

  56. will Says:

    HEY bin, is it HOT DOWN THERE!!!!!! burn baby burn!!!!!

  57. Roberto Rodriguez Says:

    I have to agree was very surprised to see this person together with such famous loved people…..I really don’t know what to say but that god have mercy on his soul….and may he stay in percutory until his soul is ready…to move on…..there will be over two thousand souls he will have to face before that happens

  58. Us Marine Says:

    Got you you dumb fucker rest in hell asshole

  59. helen/adam Says:

    so glad your dead you evil sick twisted sticking dirty piece of shit couldnt have happened to better person shame you didnt suffer more!!!!

  60. adolf hitler Says:

    hey osama

  61. Lydia Valentine Says:

    Two chips in a bucket and mother F–k it!

  62. J.J.R Says:

    Glad your dead you scum!!!!!!!!

  63. phi norwood Says:

    evil incarnate

  64. Vishnoo Says:


  65. Justin Says:

    He’s not dead..its a hoaz

  66. unknown22 Says:

    fuck you dude you dont deserve a nice funeral message GO BURN BITCH,OHHHHH BURN OSAMA BUUURN, OH YAAH SING IT OSAMA BURN BURN OSAAAMAAA(in the tune of the shrek tune).

  67. hi2u Says:


  68. benjamin garcia Says:


  69. benjamin garcia Says:

    i mean the sea

  70. Candice dikfit Says:

    Osamas My Hero

  71. djkatafal Says:

    you was my hero and you will always be i will remember you for the person that you was and that you will always be from the people that love you. you will always be missing rest in peace

  72. Hello7734 Says:

    rot in hell but we all know it was bush. rot in texas with those wildfires

  73. eirys Says:

    to markw because he is well known for being a shit ass son of a bitch.

  74. tiff galbraith Says:

    Death isn’t enough for you…torture woulda been better..

  75. Bois Says:

    I think it is really funny that American’s are so out of touch with reason that they still believe this guy had anything to do with the 911 attack on the USA. Why would he or anyone else attack the USA when almost every bit of food, every weapon and every bit of resources the country has to defeat the Russians came from the USA. Obviously it was not him. However in hindsight, if you review the events, you will find that G.W. (Greasy Weasle) Bush with only about 60 seconds notification of the attacks on the WTC declaired war on whoever they suspect of the act. This is absurd that he didn’t have prior knowledge of the events. It was a very well planned and executed method to overthrow not just one country but many others via the opium trade aquired and Oil in Afganistan. Through these trade revenues they now have access to Trillions of $ in drug and oil money that is outside of congress to pay for loyalties and activities of moving the right people in the right jobs in other countries.

  76. Bois Says:

    BTW Mr. Osama bin Laden. You were a good man overall. I never heard any reports about you except that you were a fighter and leader of your people with strong moral character. Not even the American press could dig up dirt on you and that is almost impossible for any American.

  77. adolf hitler Says:

    hey osama u wanna go for a drink tonight all of us supposadly dead people i mean the americans think they killed u man they are dumbasses they can’t even spell the word discombobulation properly without looking on the internet they are dumb fuck who start wars with countrys that are different to them they think theyr’e all good at going in and doing army shit well gues wat america FUCK U i hope most of u die apart from a select few who all of us supposadly dead people pick out for unique abilitys that will be useful to everyone apart from u amaerica u start wars then don’t finish them like in pakistan at least germany and pakistan had a plan what was urs to blow the shit out of everything that comes within a 500 mile radius of all ur peoples fat arses u know what when the polar ice caps melt we can float on u and ur fat peoples arses

  78. Arlene Alvarez (: Says:

    WTf? ^^^^^
    ahaha (x

  79. garret alvarez Says:

    FTW X)

  80. Arlene Alvarez (: Says:

    You’re fuckin’ weird Garett (x

  81. garret alvarez Says:


  82. garret alvarez Says:


  83. americannightmare Says:

    Im such a huge fan rest in piece brother!

  84. Bera dabe dah Says:

    You will be missed long live osama fucking americans you will be avenged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :OOOOOOOOOOO

  85. Shaun Says:

    jIz haha haha http://bitly.com/uKguOx i3H

  86. cathal goulding Says:

    Bye Bye Osama you murderous motherfucker.Hope your cock was blasted off in case you do get one never mind 32 virgins

  87. Sarah Says:

    I dont understand how some of you people can say “r.i.p” to this scummbag…you people are fucking idiots.

  88. rabia Says:

    Please do not show bad language at is a disrespect to our loved people … Osama do not worry in your after life you will be questions meanwhile we all wish you your best of luck x

  89. Crystal Brock-King Says:

    Another reason I am voting for Barak Obama.

  90. Osama bin Laden Says:

    I hate myself

  91. Bingo Says:

    Sup bin laden

  92. Bingo Says:

    good for you

  93. Osama bin Laden Says:

    my wife was a man

  94. Bingo Says:

    Thats a little weird……..

  95. hollie cosgrove Says:

    fuck you bin laden you a gay ass homo that killd my mom so fuck u i will never forget you dumb ass

  96. marcus Says:

    f u

  97. vhgkjhjhh Says:

    dick u

  98. wrfwefgrZ#$ Says:

    fuck off

  99. kam Says:

    screw him

  100. WHS Says:

    Ha. What now people. Now pikachu gonna get it!

  101. Ali Says:


  102. Rene A. Daigneault Jr Says:

    If any one deserves to burn in hell it is you. The news of your death was a redemption for Americans.

  103. hi Says:

    good ridinces

  104. hi Says:

    good ridence
    i am so GO TO HELL

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  110. hannah Says:

    can you please stop hateing on all packistani ppl cuz you dont kno whta they are like and r kinda pissing me off so please stfu

  111. lacey Says:

    hannah is a fake name… ^ her name is sam!!!

  112. Christy moore Says:

    low life piece of fuckin shit!!!!! U didn’t deserve to go so easy!!! We shoulda tortured ur fuckin ass!!! I hope u fucking burn in hell for eternity. What now BITCH???? What do u have to say now??? Hahaha..THATS FOR ALL 9/11 victims and their families. all the people that support him… I hope u fucking burn right next to him!! fuck u.

  113. Alchamed Crosavkc Says:

    What a hero he will be missed so much he has done for my country
    one of the most memorable 9/11

  114. Ali Says:


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  116. dee snyder Says:


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  118. JOSEPH HYDE Says:

    why would u put that sick fuck picture on here for so what yes uyall killed him and thats a good thing but he dont need to be remmebered fuck bin laden and im out bitches.

  119. amy dudds Says:

    suck ass eat shit bin laden burn in hell

  120. Greg Says:

    O.B.L. has absolutely no link, to the attacks on 911. You people need to open up your eyes, and “critically think” for a change.


    Furthermore, and I understand why, O.B.L. was NEVER, on the FBI’s most wanted list regarding 911. NEVER!!

    Stop listening to the fairy tales, that your shadow government has given you. Most of the information regarding the REAL CRIMINALS, are posted at the above link.

    The truth behind the real perpetrators, is simply


    Bush and Cheney should be hung from the highest tree!!

  121. John Says:

    The next Dark Prince Of Terror is sitting in the Oval Office right now, coming up with ways to completely fuck over the citizens of the United States

  122. kevin Says:

    osamam bin laden is not dead the illuminati would never let it happen

  123. john Says:

    bye bye.

  124. Osama Bin Laden Says:

    I’m the biggest faggot in history

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  130. Adolh Hitler Says:

    I’m not dead either Osama.

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