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Oral Roberts

Born: 1918-01-24 - Died: 2009-12-15
Cause of Death:
Natural Causes

Death Summary: Roberts died at the age of 91 in Newport Beach, California.

Who was Oral Roberts : Oral Roberts was a renowned televangelist and claimed Jesus had appeared to him numerous times asking him to undertake various tasks. Under the order of Jesus, Roberts opened his own university in 1963.
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25 Signatures in Oral Roberts's guestbook

  1. Bishop G. Albert Enlow Says:

    From the Enlow and the Bread of Life Christian Holiness Church of God family our prayers are with you. Earth has no sorry that heaven can not heal. Keep Looking up.

  2. bob marley Says:


  3. Rev. H Kunbi Imonitie Says:

    Oral Roberts drew me to Christ at age 10 (1968) through his telecast and his teachings on Miracle Seed Faith. This message changed my life even at that age as I belived and practised what he taught from the scriptures and saw God respond. Through the practice of seed faith planting, my uncle who lived in Tulsa at that time (now 1975) paid $20 for my TOEFL Exams in Nigeria West Africa. He and Rex Humbard were my mentors then. I thank God for his exemplary life and for his obedience to the call of God to preach what must have seemed like heresy then but financial liberation for those who dared to believe God. I will see you in Glory sir. God bless and comfort your family.

  4. Rev. H Kunbi Imonitie Says:

    Oral Roberts was a great man of God who touched the lives of millions of people all over the word.
    I can categorically say that on behalf of myself and my entire family.
    May the Lord continue to bless and prosper the work that he started and may His peace, strength and comfort abide by Oral’s Family, biological & spiritual, both far and near….

  5. Abimbola Ajayi Says:

    Oral Roberts was a great man of God who touched the lives of millions of people all over the word.
    I can categorically say that on behalf of myself and my entire family.
    May the Lord continue to bless and prosper the work that he started and may His peace, strength and comfort abide by Oral’s Family, biological & spiritual, both far and near…

  6. john martin Says:

    IK worked for Oral for ten years, spoke with him often, took deliveries to his Tulsa home, knew his wife, Evelyn and had great respect for the entire family. He was a good, honest man and I miss him.

  7. james dramis Says:

    great man he will be missed

  8. bob Says:

    he cheated old ladys out of there money he almost got my moms money .the letter said if my mom did not send 500.oo god was going to take him he was a good con man

  9. kudo Says:


  10. Mike Says:

    good bye pastor roberts you are now with the angels and with our savior you have done your work on this earth and i wanted to say thank you for every thing you have done to bring people to jesus and i belive that we will see you again in heaven so when i see people like bob all i can say is we all need to pray for him god bless brother roberts

  11. lady bird johnson Says:

    I was with Oral the night before he made up that story about wrestleing the devil and saying he would die if he didn’t get 7 million dollars. We laughed at ho dumb some people are. Oral made literal millons off of poor weak minded folks thinking their is a man in the sky watching everything. Oral would often say “who knows whose right there are so many religions hindu, buddist,cathloic,jewish,muslim,baptist,shinto and dozens more. You cant tell their scholars that they are wrong. So he started the university all about the study of a fictional book with fantastic stories in it. What a great bussiness man he was. If you dont get what you want you didnt believe enough. I wish I had that ability to lie and swindle.

  12. craig mcfadyen Says:

    very sorry ill miss him very much. but ill see him some day.

  13. Tony Rhodes Says:

    Oral Roberts took money from those that could not afford to give it. He promised things that were untrue. I have heard it said that hell has a special place for those that preach falsehoods.

  14. Alicia Says:

    I heard about this guy only yesterday and the reviews weren’t good at all. I know someone that also studied at is university…pretty good teaching…but not condoning the thngs I heard about him. Why do people use God’s name for their own greed and selfishness 🙁

  15. alec Says:


  16. Aubrey harris Says:

    Thank whomever is out there took him away because he was really a phony money hungry bastard. I hope your suffering in death because y0ou sure took advantage of delusional fools over the years.

  17. joC Says:

    who are we to judge this servant of God?? the world has witnessed his good works done here on earth; a faithfull follower of God, ordained and was called by the Almighty God to take the gospel to the world.. and so he did it with humility and honor for our Lord.
    Why do people complain?..Dont ever try to argue with the Devil, he’s better at arguing than you are.. so stop all the nonsense!! take a clear look at your own self, check to see if you.. who is complaining is right with God.. point your finger at your nose and ask if your heading to HEAVEN or hell..
    God Bless

  18. mark thilmony Says:

    suck my cock u dirty bastard thats why ur name is oral sex u asshole

  19. jason Says:

    What a piece of shit…. Earth is a much better place now without this hypocrite bastard. All he ever did was prey on desperate people in the name of christ, and made a fortune doing so. Good riddance……

  20. Ms Jaja Says:

    May God forgive all of you who spoke ill of his anointed servant. He was a great man of God and the world has missed a rear germ. He is in a much better place now where i will one day met up with him.

  21. John Howard Says:


  22. Ms. Jaja Says:

    You called him a germ ms. Jaja

  23. Anal Roberts Says:

    I am orals brother anal roberts we have a sister whom is named vaginal roberts. Our dear mother Mamory Roberts would always say to our dad Testicle Roberts that oral would be a big sucsess in life. She was right about that one. Granpa Prostate would always agree with her. But grandma Vulva disagreed and said he was a sneak. Well that’s about it.

  24. Draisdila Says:

    see here

  25. Jesus Christ Says:

    I sent that fucking money grubber straight to hell with the rest of the filthy Jew scum.

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