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Mitchell Guist

Born: 1940-01-01 - Died: 2012-05-14
Cause of Death:
Unknown at this time

Death Summary: Local reports say Guist suffered a seizure and fell from his boat. He was taken to Teche Regional hospital, in Morgan City, where he was later pronounced dead. The exact cause of his death has yet to be determined.

Who was Mitchell Guist : Guist was an alligator hunter, who was featured on History Channel's hit television show "Swamp People", which is shot in Louisiana’s Atchafalaya swamp.
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42 Signatures in Mitchell Guist's guestbook

  1. fathairymexicankid Says:


  2. TP Macon, GA Says:

    I love watching Glenn and Mitchell on Swamp People. I will be praying for Glenn because he not only lost his brother, he lost his best friend. I will miss seeing Mitchell on swamp people. They always made me smile.

  3. Kent A. Spainhour Says:

    May you rest in peace brother. I always enjoyed Swamp People and the Guist Brothers were in my opinion one of my favorite segments. God be with your family during this difficult time esp Glenn.

  4. jamie- ontario, canada Says:

    I loved watching Glenn and Mitchell on Swamp People. My heart goes out to the Guist family at their time of loss.

  5. Lori Campbell Says:

    My prayers and thoughts are with the Guist’s family at this time. Loved watching Mitchell and his brother Glen on the Swamp People, we always look forward to Thursday’s.:) Rest in Peace Mitchell you will be missed.

  6. Steve Fryer Says:

    I feel like I have lost a friend! There are surely gar fish in heaven!

  7. Steve Fryer Says:

    I feel like I have lost a friend! There surely are gar fish in heaven!

  8. Jonathon Barnhill Says:

    RIP brother. Mitchell and Glenn were respectable guys who loved life. I loved watching them on Swamp People. Prayers go out to the family.

  9. mario boulet Says:

    After making a living from killing crocodiles, the most logical thing to do was to left him in the water as dinner for those innocent reptilians whose deaths made him so popular.

  10. Arnold Britannia Says:

    Shut your fucking mouth Mario. You stinking frog greaseball, dego cunt.

  11. Lola Says:

    To everyone affected by Mitchell’s death we send our condolences. Glenn, you are not alone with your grief though there will be times you feel no other way. Thousands of people are praying for you and your family. God Bless!!

  12. charlie & debbie C Says:

    we will miss you Mitchell. Our throughts and prayers go out to Glenn and his family.

  13. H L "Woody" Woodland Says:

    May God take you into his loving arms. You were a wonderful fellow. We will miss you very much. God bless Glenn and all of the family. Mitchell and Glenn always made us smile.

  14. Michelle McGriff Says:

    I will truely miss seeing Mitchell every Thuusday night. Him and Glenn are the only reason I watch Swamp People. So down to earth. Love yall.

  15. Pam Ellis Says:

    My husband and I watched every Thursday night hoping to see Glenn and Mitchell on Swamp People.
    I just ordered their t-shirt last week; it’s one shirt I will take pride in wearing. God be with Mitchell and God bless Glenn and rest of the family.

  16. Randy Fletcher Says:

    Sorry for the loss.I have enjoyed Mitch and his brother in there adventure’s in the SWAMP,he will be missed very much,R.I.P.

  17. sarah Says:

    My words may not be read online and I know this will not ease your pain… your family reminds me of my father and I love him and his family so much. I will miss your brother and know you are strong but I feel your sadness and cried tonight for your brother. I am so sad for your loss.

    So sad,

  18. mario boulet Says:

    To Arnold Britannia,
    One day the world will be free of hillbilly shit like you and the animals will live in peace.

  19. Hilary S. Clark Says:

    You will be greatly missed Mitchell!

  20. jessica howell Says:

    rip mitch we will miss you

  21. terry walker Says:

    rip swamp king theres more gators and gar fish where your at bubba

  22. Captain PaulM. Kornexl Says:

    HEY! The chicken gettin cold.

  23. Ryan Beard Says:

    You two where my favorite of all the swamp people, RIP.

  24. Elliott Baker, Ottawa, Canada Says:

    Glen, be strong. Alot of people are praying for you. We will miss Mitchell, and we just got to know him. Thank you for opening up your life to us and we will replay you with respect and admiration. Goodbye Mitchell, safe trip to heaven. We will miss you.

  25. joseph hayes Says:

    im sorry for your loss

  26. Poultry king Says:

    All I can say is these guys can make big money. That is awsome and I love the spirit of America. He and his brother are the American dream doing what they love and doing it well. He and his brother are great Americans and deserve alot of respect. These folks that do what they want and live how they want to are my idea of this great country. Thank you sir for being a great American and thank you for giving many people hope in what they can be. Which my friends is truly free. I watch this show with my son and we love it.

  27. robert Says:

    ya know i bet he was or would have been one fun guy to drink a beer and have a bar b q with

  28. Gloria Smith Says:

    God rest your soul Mitchell. God bless your family.

  29. Velma Bruchmiller Says:

    sure enjoyed watching him and his brother on swamp people, Mitchell Guist will be missed. MAY YOU REST IN PEACE.

  30. Velma Bruchmiller Says:


  31. Jordan Andrew Glenn Ramsey Simpson Says:

    God rest your soul Mitchell Guist. We shall all miss you. may you rest in peace and enjoy Gods eternal happiness. God bless you and we will be praying for your Brother Glenn

  32. Paul Says:

    What a shame. Glenn and Mitchell made the whole show worth watching. Hang in there Glenn, your in my prayers.

  33. Joe Irving Says:

    Will be mised

  34. Joe Irving Says:

    Mitch will be missed . A great lose to the show.

  35. Dale @ MRCI Burden Says:

    Enjoyed myou on
    swamp people Dale Marcia Burden

  36. dustin zurney Says:

    swamp people is a good show rip michell guist

  37. gail wyatt Says:

    I love watching swamp people. Would not want to catch gators for a living, but the way they beleive in family is awesome! You will be missed!

  38. Velma Bruchmiller Says:

    They were our favorite ones on swamp people. They predict the way life is for alot of other people. They had a good personally. So ready to help anyone who needed their helping hand. Mitchell Guist will be missed. God bless him and his brother.

  39. Merven Says:

    Glenn,Consider staying a month in low seaosn; September would be fine. It’s going to be warm, humid, and subject to rain. If you complete 30 days and love it then you’ve a good chance that you’ll do fine. All the low rent, good restaurants, palms trees and beach in the world won’t do you a bit of good if the off seaosn weather proves to be overwhelming to you.

  40. Roberta Daniel (OH) Says:

    I was devistated when I heard of Mitchell’s death he was a true cajun with such whit and humor and the way that he and his brother interacted with each other it was great to know that true family still exsists.God bless you Glenn Rest In Peace Mitchell

  41. matthew williams Says:

    May you rest in peace brother.

  42. william lee Says:

    u will be missed

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