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Mitch Hedberg

Born: 1968-02-24 - Died: 2005-03-29
Cause of Death:
Drug Overdose

Death Summary: Hedberg was found dead in his hotel room in Livingston, New Jersey on March 29, 2005 of an apparent drug overdose.

A few days after his death his autopsy and toxicology reports were made public. They showed that Hedberg had "multiple drug toxicity" in his system, which included cocaine and heroin.

It was a pretty well known fact that he was a drug user; he referred to it often in his standup. Just two years before his death he was arrested in Austin Texas for possession of heroin.

Who was Mitch Hedberg : Hedberg was a moderately well known comedian, who was well known for the distinctive delivery of his jokes. His comedy was predominately one-liners, and observational comedy.

He developed a cult following, with the audience shouting out punch lines before he could finish the joke. Hedberg was a frequent guest on The Late Show with David Letterman, in total he did the show 10 times.

It's been said that Hedberg sometimes suffered from stage fright, and often had to do his show with his eyes closed.
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39 Signatures in Mitch Hedberg's guestbook

  1. Steph Says:

    I am a big fan of Mitch. I think he was such an original comic, and laugh like crazy when I hear him. What a sad loss!

  2. Dylan Flanagan Says:

    he was a very funny guy and we all miss him alot

  3. EDDIE Says:

    Too soon man, you left to soon.

  4. EDDIE Says:

    We miss you.

  5. BRITT Says:

    Just saw a guy hacking mitch on a new HBO comedy special….thought that was pretty cool.I still bust out laughing when i think of him telling a joke! MUCH LOVE BROTHER

  6. Jade Says:

    I hope you found a vending machine full of vending machines. I love you! 🙂

  7. Ashlee N. Cain Says:

    Unfortunately, I never saw Mitch in person because I’d only heard of him AFTER he died… but he’s a really funny dude n I bet he’s keeping Jesus entertained up there… lmao =)

  8. KRISSY Says:

    I heard you man. Too bad you had to leave and they let you out……. Bye… Love ya

  9. chad Says:

    i heard he pooped himself to death.

  10. chad Says:

    i hope he does a comeback tour.

  11. chad Says:

    i hate blacks.

  12. chad Says:

    its only 11:16 here damn it.

  13. Joe Rodriguez Says:

    The world lost a great comedian! Man it stinks when that happens.

  14. Coby Says:

    Man, I loved this guy’s act. Only got to see him live one time, but it changed the way I look at stand-up comedy. To me, Mitch was the most underrated comic in the country. He had massive potential to be a huge comedy star. Sorry you were taken from us Mitch, but I have all your stand-up on DvD. And a pack of your cinnamon roll incense. Never opened, never will be. W.L.

  15. Sunnie Says:

    Seen a LOT of comedy, and you’re still my favorite. Just saw your movie “Los Enchiladas” and felt pissed off at the end that you’d never release more stuff. Missing you much.

  16. josh sutton Says:

    “I put spot remover on my dog and now he’s gone.” I miss you bro…

  17. Tristan Says:

    the best comedian ever. you will be missed. too soon

  18. Esteban Says:

    One liners are the bread & butter of modern comedia!!!!!

  19. jim Says:

    Just started to hear him on Sirius Radio over the last two years, truly a great talent. A big loss!

  20. john baumhartner Says:

    my favorite comedian, you were awesome, miss you man

  21. Tionna C. Says:

    I beat myself up for not knowing who he was just till a couple of weeks ago, btw, I’m 14 and in love with a dead man.. Him lol, I have the biggest crush on him and I’ll never ever be able to meet him. He’s my all top favorite comedian, his humour was unique and I love him for that. DAMN YOU HEROINE!

  22. Ed Says:

    Got to met Mitch and his Wife a a party in Orlando only a few months before he passed… to be exact it was the fourth of July before he passed… we both hit it off and were friends for a short time… wish I had met him sooner! miss you Mitch!

  23. Rusty Shackleford Says:

    I think I first heard of him in 2008 (?), but I only recently discovered that he’s been dead since 2005. So sad. 🙁

  24. CARL Says:

    My favorite comedian. I didn’t know he was dead and was watching one his shows on “improv” on vacation in Florida. A week later someone told me he was dead. Always thought he would be bigger than Steven Wright.

  25. denny Says:

    He owed me for H, now I will never see that money, lets not glamorize this loser

  26. BreakThru Radio Says:

    […] done so, drug-referencing jokes were a heavy part of his act and he was an open user. In 2005, his addictions got the best of him when he was found dead in his New Jersey home from a cocaine and heroin overdose. As one of my […]

  27. jacob amos Says:

    noone made me laugh as hard as him.and noone ever will.

  28. Richard Verreault Says:

    Are they serious??? Drug overdose???Naaaaaa

  29. lolol Says:

    he was lol

  30. AnniePK Says:

    Hell he may be dead but he is well alive. And all because he left a huge impression on the world. Rest in peace man!

  31. sonja Says:

    Hey guy, let’s not glamorize the dumbass, H pushin murders who were in direct relation a cause of this man’s death. Sound good? I thought so too. And regardless of his addiction, Mitch Hedberg will forever be canonized as one of my all time favorite comedians. My brother introduced me to his comedic stylings and my brother passed shortly after Mitch did, so he will forever remind me of one of the other funniest people in the history of my world. RIP guys!

  32. Dallas Says:

    Wow what a talent, wish I would have seen one of his shows, mabey in the next life.

  33. Rick Says:

    I unfortunately “found” his comedy after he had passed. His is my favorite comedy of all time. He could find humor in anything. We need more like him but I don’t believe there ever will be another of his quality. Rest in peace Mitch. I’m sure he’s headlining Heaven’s Comedy Club!

  34. Ben Dickson Says:

    Seen a stand up years ago of you. I found out your name and looked you up out of the blue. Just found out that your now blue too! RIP Brotha You were a funny dude!

  35. Amanda Says:

    Just found out last night that Mitch is no longer with us and has not been for awhile. I just discovered this guy and it literally brings a tear to my eye that I will never see him live. Mitch: you are a comedy legend <3

  36. Bob Pederson Says:

    Lost another brilliant mind to addiction to drugs and alcohol. Please let Mitch’s life and death be a reminded to any of us in recovery. In this, his death will not be in vain. God bless you, Mitch.

  37. Bob Pederson Says:

    Lost another brilliant mind to addiction to drugs and alcohol. Please let Mitch’s life and death be a reminder to any of us in recovery. In this, his death will not be in vain. God bless you, Mitch.

  38. fleahead Says:

    A broken escalator is just stairs.

  39. Mary Magdalane Says:

    One less Jew acting like a fool.

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