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Mike Wallace

Born: 1918-05-09 - Died: 2012-04-07
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Wallace died in Connecticut, where he lived, at the age of 93 on April 7 at around 8:00 PM. The exact cause was not immediately specified, though he had been reportedly been ill for years, and had heart surgery in 2008.

Who was Mike Wallace : Mike Wallace was a journalist, and was most well-known for his work on CBS' 60 Minutes. He was one of the original reporters, when the program began in 1968. He retired from the show in 2006, though he appeared occasionally for the following couple of years.

Wallace was also a game show host, having hosted The Big Surprise, Who's the Boss? and Who Pays? back in the 1950's.

Wallace won numerous awards, including many emmy's for his journalism.
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25 Signatures in Mike Wallace's guestbook

  1. CBS Says:

    He had amazing hair and a voice that would put downs syndrome children into a transe like state. I say this because when he was alive he would not allow us to discuss this research. If a downs child becomes upset play his voice on you tube or an old tape. The child will be soothed within seconds. Let us know how you make out with this one. The results should be good. We had mike talk for hours and the test subjects would just smile and relax. He was the downs whisperer.
    Thank you sir,
    avi bramash

  2. mario boulet Says:

    Another great icon that has left us.
    My deepest warm feelings to his family.

  3. Sal Clark Says:

    Liberal A-hole to the end. Even your family ditched you in care facility. God loves even liberals, if you accepted him as your saviour.

  4. Tony smith Says:

    the very best mike RIP

  5. Gord, Vancouver Says:

    Always enjoyed watching him because whatever he said was the real deal.

  6. Ups & Downs Says:

    We tried this downs syndrome experiment with our son and it actually worked. What a great man to have such a gift.

  7. Slippery slope Says:

    When i was just a kid I would always stop and watch him on 60 minutes. He was something special to our country. Thank you for what you accomplished for all of us. We sure could use a real man like you on the air again.

  8. Downs parent Says:

    We tried this when our son Benny was getting upset. Well it worked,mike Wallace’s voice was like a soothing sound to Benny. He relaxed and just watched the screen. Then he ate a frosty chocolate cake and passed out on the sofa. He slept for 17 hours and we were delighted. Who ever thought of this was amazing. The voice will sooth them each time they year it. We at mikes voice any time we want to be alone and not listen to Benny ramble. He is out in 15 minutes and he sleeps as long as he hears the voice. We are thinking about seeing if we can have Benny sleep for 2 days. Well thank you whoever you are.

  9. Sparks williamina Says:

    We also tried this technique when our son Jason was in a rage. It calmed him to the point of him curling up on the floor and nodding off. His room is full of mikes memerobilia. We still are in shock it worked.

  10. Downs to earth Says:

    I could not believe it but my grandson has downs and is not in good spirits sometimes. We tried this method and played Mr. Wallace’s voice for him. Well he forgot that we ran out of pudding and had another snack of carrots and lettuce. It’s amazing how well it worked out for all of us. Stuart really has been much calmer from the daily dose of mikes voice. As someone said above he can sooth even the most feeble minded. It’s like a miracle and we are all grateful to mike Wallace for soothing the simple minds of the small headed angles on this planet.

  11. Downs But Not Out Says:

    It works like a wonder drug they actually just slouch and listen. I put on an old tape I had from the 80’s of mikes tv show and it took all of two minutes for my son to settle in and watch him in a trance like state. He ate diner there at the sofa all the time. Only to use the rest room or sleep is when he left that den. Well it worked great and our son is almost non verbal but adores mikes voice and face.

  12. Frustrated no more Says:

    We tried it with mikes voice from you tube and it worked. Our daughter stopped screaming and holdind her head when she finally listed to it. We then played it through the house and she stays calm. No more stomping feet and soiling her pants. No more biting or full on eye gouging anymore. Just a happy lady who knows her manners now. We have a special tea with lala and squizzy her imaginary friends each day. It’s a new world for us now, no more basket holds or tranquilizeres. Even in death mike is still giving back.

  13. Ok results Says:

    I put on some Mike Wallace interviews for my grandson and he went into a two minute rage then was ok. Josh is severely retarded and truly has no idea what’s going on next to him. Maybe that’s why he kept going back and forth screaming then sleeping. Truth be told when he went out it was for 16 hours. That gives the family time to breath without worrying if he is going to burn the house down or attack us when we are not looking. Really the only complaint is when he wakes up we find a puddle of drool and mop it up after he looks at the drool and whines that he is losing all his juicies. How my daughter and her husband do it everyday taking care of him I will never know. If this drops him like a tranquilizer dart then so be it. He just never stops at all.

  14. Touch of the Syndrome Says:

    Worked for our son Quintas Detray.

  15. Chris Burke Says:

    It does not work for me I try it and no it no work.

  16. Putain Says:

    My 260 lb daughter who has the strength of three normal women now is in love with Mike Wallace. I know now how the Hebrews felt when the red sea parted. My exhusband and I were actually thinking of going to Mexico with her and getting a lobotamy for her. Not because she has downs but because of her violent rages and destructive nature. Trying to get her settled down was like being a sooth sayer for a rhIno. Instead of lobotamizing our scary girl we tried the Wallace method and bang it worked like a charm. Janice is a totally different person when the tapes are in. I wish we could find these interviews on DVD. We looked and looked online to no avail. If these tapes wear out I don’t want o think of the rage that will come with it. Bless MIke Wallace

  17. Scandalous Says:

    All I can say is this works like a freakin dream. I can get some sleep now and take a shower without fear my son will harm himself or me. This thing works!!! It’s that simple and easy to do because you just play an old video of mike. His voice alone though should be enough to sooth these people. My love and baby, my son Frankie!!!! I feel like a bucket of love. Just when you think your whole life will be a mess of loneliness and regret something this easy comes along.

  18. Poopskies on the curtains Says:

    I can remember when my nephew would wipe his bum on the curtains. He now listens to Mike and uses the charming now. My sister can finnally get light colored curtains for her living room.

  19. Poop on the curtains Says:

    I can remember when my nephew would wipe his bum on the curtains. He now listens to Mike and uses the charmin now. My sister can finnally get light colored curtains for her living room and that is a relief to us all. One time she had one of her clients over for diner and when she came home her curtains had about ten skid marks on them. The smell was horrid and her son was stinking like a toilet. The young woman caring for him while my sister was working couldn’t stop him. He is very strong and very slow minded. To shorten this story my nephew saw the reaction he got from her and continued to deficate on the curtains. She did use vertical blinds but he wiped on those also. This Mike Wallace thing has stopped him from doing this. Try it if you want to, it works

  20. Headoftheclass Says:

    It is the most subdued I have ever witnessed my son being.

  21. Mustafa Says:

    He rode in my cab once and farted loudly off the hard seat. He said never mind that and looked out the window. I did as he asked but when the fart hit the heater it almost killed me.

  22. Tammy Stinsonatious Says:

    I think that I performed oral sex on him in 92? There have been so many in my past.

  23. Flopsie Says:

    I remember his talks with me at the CBS studios. That was decades ago and he always talked directly into my mingee. My sweet minge would quiver and shake. .

  24. Gammy Says:

    Lord praise he name. My grandbaby don’t bite no more.

  25. Tammy Stinson Says:

    He was quite the old Casanova and I was a fool for letting him give me that facial.

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