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Michael Jeter

Born: 1952-08-26 - Died: 2003-03-30
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Jeter was very open about his previous troubles with drug and alcohol addiction, and his being HIV positive… but it’s unclear if any of this led to his death.

Who was Michael Jeter : Jeter was a very talented actor who mainly had supporting small roles, though very memorable.

Tommy Tune cast Jeter in the Off-Broadway Cloud 9, and the Broadway role in the musical Grand Hotel, which he would win a Tony Award for in 1990.

Most of his early television and movie acting had him playing “wimpy” characters, mainly due to his scrawny build and overall demeanor.

Jeter won an Emmy Award in 1992 for his role on the show Evening Shade.
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39 Signatures in Michael Jeter's guestbook

  1. khaled Says:

    r.i.p mikey

  2. Adrian Says:

    You were a great guy 🙂

  3. Kayla Says:

    omg i love u soo much u made an amazing Mr.Noodle and i dont think anyone could ever replace u! 🙂

  4. Tereka Smith Says:

    I just think he was the sweetest little thing. It came through in all his roles and that is just something you can not fake. I would of loved to have met him and felt that sincerity first hand. God Bless him so much.

  5. John Says:

    RIP, Michael. You were a very talented man. I saw you in ‘Tango & Cash’, Drop Zone’, etcetera

  6. David Llewellyn Says:

    I was just watching ‘The Fisher King’, and I remembered what a great actor Michael Jeter was. I looked him up on Wikipedia, and what I saw was lots of films where he worked with the same people; Robin Williams in ‘The Fisher King’ and ‘Patch Adams’, Terry Gilliam on ‘The Fisher King’ and ‘Fear And Loathing’, Tom Hanks on ‘Polar Express’ and ‘The Green Mile’. Sounds like people were either happy to work with him again and again, or recommend him to their friends. Says a lot about the kind of actor and person he must have been. RIP.

  7. Chuck Snyder Says:

    I found all your characters amazingly memorable. I especially loved you on “Evening Shade” with Burt Reynolds. “The Green Mile” was another favorite, but my all-time fav was your last work in “The Polar Express.” Thanks for your honesty about your lifestyle, as well. You are greatly missed.

  8. Carlos Martinez Says:

    Seen so many movies with him you in them. You were great!

  9. Carlos Martinez Says:

    To mention a few more Jurrasic Park 3 and Air Bud

  10. sue Says:

    isnt he the lil french guy in the green mile? i loved that lil french guy in that … rip

  11. Len Wright Says:


  12. James Cameron Peery Says:

    you always added that thing to everything you did. no one can ever really explain what that thing is but some people have it and you had it. you will be missed and we will forever cherish your memeory.

  13. cameron Says:

    i just watched air bud yesterday and looked him up and found out he passed. but it says his death was unknown so if anyone was wandering he died from an epileptic seizure

  14. Margo Says:

    Always a joy to watch, I was saddened in 2003 to learn of Michael’s passing. I knew he was HIV but his positive attitude and delightful persona were a reminder that, with a strong attitude and love of life, one can still LIVE. RIP

  15. Jackie Davis Says:

    I remember seeing you at the Circuit Playhouse in Memphis in the early days. Your performance in The Fisher King was an exuberant masterpiece! And SO many young people will never forget Mr. Noodle. You are sorely missed, my man!

  16. Elvee O'Kelley Says:

    You will be missed. I loved you in every movie I saw you in. May you rest in peace.

  17. Bass drum Says:

    Micheal jeater you r my idol and I loved your acting in Jurassic park 3 and air bud you rock and god bless u. Rip 

  18. shena Says:

    woow ima misses michael a.k.a mr.noodle but he played on other awsome movies…i wonder how he died..wow so sad he always made me laugh on sesame street….

  19. Val Says:

    An amazing talent,i remember “Del”in the Green Mile and The Fisher King well and fondly.Rest in peace.
    You will be missed.

  20. pat Says:

    He was good in green mile and open range. Hate that he’s dead but changed my thoughts towards him when I found out he was a queer with aids. Too bad his high quality acting life didn’t match his personal life.

  21. misty hindmon Says:

    Fear && loathing && the green mile 2 of my favorite movies you was amazing RIP

  22. Raúl Says:

    Your roles in film and television always reminded me of how great actors (not just the handsome and buffed)CAN have a successful career in acting. RIP, Michael.

  23. Cynthia Rhodes Says:

    I just got done watching THE POLAR EXSPRESS and seen they had him up at the end of the movie. I don’t watch much tv and did not know he died. he always put a smile on my face in everything he did. he is missed much. THE GREENMILE my favorite.

  24. Zelda Fitzgerald Says:

    You always made me smile. Rest in peace, Micael. I bet you make a hell of an angel!

  25. Tara Buffington Says:

    I just learned of his death a few moments ago while watching the ending credits of The Polar Express. I will miss “Mr. Noodles’ brother, Mr. Noodles”. My daughter loved his character from Sesame Street.
    RIP Mr. Noodles.

  26. Daniel Casanova Says:

    one of my best actor…like plaza sesamo….polar expres….wow..bye mr, noodle

  27. Zgranger Says:

    I had no idea Jeter had been gone since 2003. There will never be another like you Michael. My kids grew up watching you on Sesame Street as Mr. Noodle and regularly went into a fit of giggles at your antics.

  28. maxie Says:

    Always to be remembered and never forgotten.

  29. Ali Says:

    You wer AWESOME in Jurassic Park 3!! You will be deeply missed!

  30. Elaine Clemens Says:

    You were a fantastic actor in the Movie of “Open Range”. It is the loss to the world that you went away, way to early in life.

  31. David Doyle Says:

    You were awesome in the Green Mile.

  32. Don Parsley Says:


  33. Kaydanice Says:

    You were a great actor. With respect, RIP.

  34. Richard Says:

    I’m watching Open Range for the 10th time?
    You were one great part of that movie and I always look forward to you reading the catalog page about the china tea set Princess style. Miss you and your many roles.

  35. judy orr Says:

    Loved del grandkids loved Mr noodles rip mike

  36. Bill Blankenship Says:

    I went to elementary school In Delray Beach Florida with a Michael Jeter and I’m wondering could this be the same person. Also, I loved all his work. Some of his work that depicted such a wide range of tallent was Sesame Street and then Open Range. Wow, what an actor!!

  37. ed Says:

    Enjoyed you in open range. sorry to see you had passed.

  38. ed Says:

    Loved seeing you read the note about the princess pattern. and the cuban cigar that got you “all riled up”!

  39. william lee Says:

    u will be missed a lot

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