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Martin Luther King Jr.

Born: 1929-01-15 - Died: 1968-04-04
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: King was shot with a rifle on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. He was killed by a man named James Earl Ray.

Who was Martin Luther King Jr. : Civil rights leader.
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19 Signatures in Martin Luther King Jr.'s guestbook

  1. Lauren Burkhart Says:


  2. laura Says:

    dont be a hater rip martin luther king jr.

  3. Marco Tulio Pettinato Pereira Says:

    Martin Luther King is a heroe and many times heroes have to die for the world to hear the request of help against all the badly committed against the humanity.
    Site: http://www.pettinato.info

  4. tracey Says:

    u were very smart n very remembered ill never forget ur words i wish we could all live together n just forget about the past n about color i dont care what color a person is ill be friends with anyone who wants to be friends with me.traceyserafini@yahoo.com if anyone reads this and wants a true friends come to myspace n find me.i love all ppl. r.i.p u truly are a blessin.love u mlk jr

  5. Jess..xX Says:

    martin luther king was an amzing person in my eyes and as tracy said colour doesnt matter it insidre that counts if it wasnt for you then we wouldnt be living in the world we live in to day so thankyou xoxo

  6. Sam and Grace Says:

    Hey! glad ur not a hater love you babe!

  7. callie Says:

    we love you thank for all you have done for everyone

  8. josh Says:

    he was great i wish he was still alive cause there are still some raisits people out there

  9. angel Says:

    you rock rip!!!!!!!!!!

  10. deja Says:

    hey u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ChOzEnFeW666 Says:

    The world wud of been a better peacefull place if you hadnt been assassinated by the government..R.I.P

  12. arland Says:

    The ideas you spread still shape america

  13. Cameron Eades Says:

    he was terrific man and I am really upset that he had to die.

  14. delisa Says:

    AWSOMEE he is a hero to blacks

  15. Freedom Says:

    He was a great and kind silverback.

  16. Shirley Caldwell Says:

    You will never be forgotten. We wish you
    were still here.

  17. Gloria Lightfoot Harper Says:

    Thank you for what you helped our people

  18. jada williams Says:

    im living the dream u spoke about

  19. Deception, Misplaced Loyalty and the state of Palo Mayombe. | Palo Mayombe Says:

    […] Martin Luther King Jr.: Born: 1929-01-15 – Died: 1968-04-04 […]

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