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Marie Colvin

Born: 1956-01-12 - Died: 2012-02-22
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: On February 22nd of 2012, Colvin died while reporting The Siege of Homs in Syria after Syrian forces announced they would kill "any journalist who set foot on Syrian soil."

Who was Marie Colvin : Marie Colvin was an American-born Journalist who wrote for the British Newspaper The Sunday Times. Colvin was the Middle East Correspondent and Foreign Affairs Correspondent for The Sunday Times, actively reporting on the front lines of Middle Eastern battles. Colvin was also known for her eye patch due to the loss of her eye in shrapnel fire in Sri Lanka in 2001.
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12 Signatures in Marie Colvin's guestbook

  1. Ali Says:

    Everybody will miss you. I am so sorry for the family of Mrs. Colvin (or Ms. I didn’t quite get that part) RIP Marie

  2. abby Says:


  3. _ A 2_ Says:


  4. mark thilmony Says:

    i wonder if i can stick my dick in her eye socket

  5. anita Says:

    suck my big fat penis

  6. Eddie Says:

    you must have a small dick.


    It was her own damn fault.

  8. Lesson Learning Says:

    It’s a tragedy whenever any human being is killed in such a manner. Marie Colvin died for what she truly believed in. I believe that was unequivocal coverage to the real issues in the world and her undying candor to expose the truth at her own risk.

  9. CHJ Says:

    @Mark Thilmony: Making penile jokes about the dead will get you one place: hell, where you will get a lot of poking. Making light of the dead is disgusting and Satanic. Grow up.
    @FAT MEXICAN KID: Whether someone’s in the wrong place or not, she did not ask to die. You have no soul to write off someone’s life. Maybe someone should write yours off. Fair? Sick-o.

  10. Luna Says:

    i agree w/ CHJ u dweeds r sicko’s.
    i am truly srry 4 her family’s loss.
    luv u Marie

  11. Luna Says:

    i agree w/ CHJ u dweebs r sicko’s. Get a life
    i am truly srry 4 her family’s loss.
    luv u Marie

  12. Diane Rocca Says:

    Brave woman, RIP Marie.

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