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Mama Cass Elliot

Born: 1941-09-19 - Died: 1974-07-29
Cause of Death:
Heart Attack

Death Summary: Mama Cass Elliot had just finished performing two sold out shows at the London Palladium. When she retired to her room for the night, she died of a heart attack in her sleep. Cass died in the same flat, No. 12 at 9 Curzon Place, Mayfair that The Who drummer Keith Moon would die in some four years later.

There is an urban legend that Mama Cass died choking on a ham sandwich. This rumor came when the police who were first on the scene spotted a half eaten sandwich and speculated that she may have choked on the part that had been eaten. According to Wikipedia, the actual cause of Mama Cass’s death is rarely discussed.

Who was Mama Cass Elliot : Cass was a well-known singer and member of the pop quartet “The Mamas & the Papas”. After the group broke up, she went on to have a successful singing career.

Though she is simply known as Mama Cass, her real name was Ellen Naomi Cohen. She adopted the name “Cass” in high school… borrowing it from actress Peggy Cass. A short time later she picked up “Elliot” to honor a friend that had died.

After she had gone through a few groups, Cass finally hit gold with the group “The Mamas & the Papas”. They had a few hits which included “California Dreamin’” and “Monday Monday”.

Cass went on to have a successful solo career, and she continued her acting. She was a frequent guest on The New Scooby-Doo Movies, Young Dr. Kildar, Love, American Style and The Red Skeleton Show.
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43 Signatures in Mama Cass Elliot's guestbook

  1. Gale Says:

    Mama Cass, you had the most amazing voice ever. You will always be missed, sing with the Heavenly choir sweetheart. You are loved and not forgotten.

  2. peter j macintyre Says:

    a lovely sweet woman who will be sadly missed

  3. Scarlett Says:

    I think it was the coacaine that did her in really

  4. michael fortner Says:

    Cass – I truly worshiped you – you were fabulous.
    Sweet dreams until I find you –
    You are one of a kind – I’ll always miss you.

  5. katie Says:

    i just love mama cass.i do also know that she used to be a witch in puffenstuff,(thats a old kids program)she was wonderful with her voice and even though she was big i still love her voice.r.i.p girl.

  6. pikachu_gal Says:

    🙂 🙁
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. duncanw Says:

    Naomi Elliott had not eaten ANY of the ham sandwich that was on her night stand. It was NOT ‘half-eaten’. duncanw. http://www.LennonSongss@aol.com .

  8. The Bluenose Says:

    Raise a ham sandwich today on the anniversary

  9. Nick Simmons Says:

    We loved Mama Cass and she will never be forgoten she is eternal R.I.P love ya Mama Cass.

  10. Dave Gish Says:

    Can’t I?

  11. Barb Cooley Says:

    Barb Cooley- So sorry for her.

  12. Jorgie-do Says:

    mama cass! i didnt even know who you were till i went on a trip with my mom and she bought a cd with you on it! i imeadiatly loved your voice and started researching! i am so sad i didnt get a chance to see you live! RIP MAMA CASS I LOVE YOU!

  13. George Cundari Says:

    My sister used to look like her.

  14. maggie Says:

    still listen to your music

  15. Michael Says:

    What a wonderfull voice and a beautiful lady. Full of life. I’ve got so much enjoyment from you music. Thanks Michael

  16. Agnes Says:


  17. chief buffalo bigsky Says:

    You’ll never be forgotten. A gift voice of sultry softness and raw power. You just wanted to be accepted…you were kid. You’ll go down with ages.

  18. Randy Says:

    Cass, Your golden voice defined America’s last, sane generation. Certainly the last generation who were able to look at a larger lady and still see plenty of beauty. God bless you always for the gift you left behind . . . fond recollections of your voice and our youth.

  19. Judy Bird Says:

    Rest in Peace.

    Love your songs.

  20. The Big Lebowsky Says:

    Wonderful music. Beautiful woman.

  21. evelyn Says:

    piece & love to all my 1960s singers and groups music jus aint the same

  22. Jackie p Says:

    Love to hear your voice and music still today.Fond memories especially when I played softball always listened to your songs after the games

  23. Chris Thorne Says:

    She died of a broken heart.

  24. Sal Cav Says:

    Mama Cass, you had an amazing voice. You will always be missed by true music lovers everywhere, you are singing with the Heavenly choir now, which is heavens gain and our loss. May you Rest in Peace knowing that You are loved and not forgotten.

  25. deborah m. Says:

    truly missed and a legend that never got the respect she earned and deserved….

  26. Pat Brennan Says:

    I remember back when I was a child and my auants Barb and Jayne would air band your songs. They loved you and I wil always remember you. Thanks for the good times. God Bless your Soul!

  27. Peggy Teasley Says:

    A beautiful person with a beautiful voice. I still miss her.

  28. Mike Kaufman Says:

    One of the best voices of the 60’s. Dream a little dream is one of my favorite songs.

  29. Chris Says:

    Wow! All these years later, I hope no one forgets her. What a voice. Today she would have not been shun because of her size, but today she may have been saved. She was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!! She was the Mamas and the Papas!!!!!!

  30. angela Says:

    God rest your soul, swet lady with the great voice. I was so young when I first heard your voice, but I’ll always remember you

  31. mohamed gebali Says:

    May god have mercy on you Mama Cass. You made the world a better place for us to live in. I remember your songs helped me move in life in my teen years.

  32. Lin Somers Says:

    Cass, you are still missed, and always will be. <3

  33. Isabelle Says:

    Best all time singer of my young days RIP MAMA

  34. terry houts Says:

    Gone but not forgotten by any means. Terry Houts

  35. Alan Youens Says:

    Her voice was a class above the rest , perfect !

  36. foxylady Says:

    your music will go on for ever

  37. jose Says:

    gone a very special one and she and her music never will be forgotten. RIP Mama Cass

  38. Janet Neate Says:

    The hit ‘It’s getting better’ was played a lot when I was 21 and in hospital with a severe illness and it cheered me up to here it, specially when nurses used to sing ‘YOUR getting better every day’ which I was. That was in l969.

  39. llanis Says:

    My big sister and I really grew close having fun dancing to your music

  40. Poetic Discourse and Artistic Modernism &raquo Sweet Dreams – A Rendition Says:

    […] performed by Elliot Mama Cass. This version, vocalised by Karen Eastland in […]

  41. Sally Says:

    What a briliant singsr you were. So sad that you have left us.

  42. Elva Says:

    Thank you for the sweet memories… the music to my past

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