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Lynn Samuels

Born: 1942-09-02 - Died: 2011-12-24
Cause of Death:
As of yet undetermined

Death Summary: Samuels died on Christmas eve of causes that have yet to be announced. Her body was discovered after she didn't show up for her shift to appear on radio.

Who was Lynn Samuels : Lynn Samuels was a political radio host. She hosted a show on SiriusXM, also made available in podcast form. From Queens, New York, she worked in radio since 1979.

From 2003 to 2011, she hosted The Lynn Samuels Show from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM ET on the Sirius Satellite Radio channel SIRIUS Left. This became Sirius XM Left, and she also started a show on Sirius XM Stars.
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39 Signatures in Lynn Samuels's guestbook

  1. David Burnett Says:

    We shall all miss Lynn’s unique slant on things, and her keen wit. She will be sorely missed.

  2. Linda Bates Says:

    Count me in with the group that was really irritated sometimes (birther) and other times really entertained by a very unusual person, Lynn. Airwaves will never by the same. Ever.

  3. Sandy Lewis Says:

    I had just started listening to her a couple months ago, I didn’t agree with a lot of her views, but she was quite entertaining. Rest in Peace Lynn.

  4. Bertram Miller Says:

    As a listener since the ’80s, who had a chance to meet this remarkable woman when I worked in Greenwich Village in the ’90s, I will always remember Lynn as a good person who naturally and deeply cared about others. I will miss her deeply.

  5. Leah Weich Says:

    As a longtime listener,since Lynn’s ‘BAI days, I will miss her unique and humorous perspective on politics, culture and life. She is irreplaceable. If there is a heaven, I know she has brought it some true humanity. Rest In Peace, Lynn, I never met you, but I loved you for many years.

  6. Cindy T Says:

    RIP Lynn-You will be missed. You truly were Our voice and told it like it is.

  7. David Peters Says:

    So sorry I won’t hear your voice again. You were you right up to the end. Radio won’t be the same without you…

  8. Chip Gass Says:

    My family and I were all shocked to here of the death of Lynn. Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow.

  9. John Says:

    She was a bitter, lonely old windbag who refused to do anything but bitch and complain. If you all didn’t see this coming, you’re living in a fantasy land. She created her own hell and allowed it to blacken her heart. Take a lesson from this people.

  10. Nancy Rogers Says:

    I fondly remember Lynn from WBAI in the late 70s. I loved her show back then. She had such a unique voice, like Mike Feder. I never missed her show, which was sort of stream of consciousness, some politics, but more geared toward the artistic community. I remember she adored John Lennon. I met her once at a Jerry Brown for President rally in Manhattan. She could not have been more friendly, but as long-time fan, I choked up and didnt say much, except that I loved her show. I’m sorry I missed the Sirus Radio years. She was a treasure!

  11. Sharon Says:

    Well that old windbag made me laugh every Saturday and Sunday morning.She was herself thats for sure!! I was shocked to hear..will miss her on the radio.

  12. chris metivier Says:

    My heart is broken for the loss of Lynn Samuels. I listened to her for five years, and called her many times. I feel like a lost a friend. Thanks for everything you did Lynn.

  13. Phyllis Lowe Says:

    I am saddened to hear of Lynn’s passing. She was a unique individual and in my view one of the best talk show hosts around. There are very few that could match her. I always appreciated her fairness, and the way she would let callers talk who did not agree with her. That made the conversation more interesting, opposing view points that were handled with graciousness and dignity. Which is what Lynn did. God’s speed Lynn.

  14. Lucia Santoro Says:

    Many more people than you ever knew admired, loved and cherished you. We will now remember you and miss you more than you will know.

  15. Marylin Harris Says:

    Say it isn’t so….it’s not fair. Lynn you were supposed to stay on the radio til you were 90. God keep you and I hope you weren’t in pain.

  16. Christina Sizemore Says:

    Lynn, you will be missed…America does not have enough objective reporters….rest in peace

  17. Lori Friedman Says:

    A remarkable voice and energy has now left us. I did not agree with everything she said but most of it and I found her to be an amazing woman. She was a role model and a voice of intelligence.
    RIP Lynn. Sure gonna miss ya!

  18. Barbara Says:

    I have enjoyed Lynn’s show since her WABC days and will miss hearing her great voice. Lynn new exactly what these shows should be and that is entertainment. She was so funny and brash. Her opinions were her own, and never “the company line” which is why so many of her listeners loved her. During her WABC days, she would tell stories about her neighborhood or other happenings in NYC and you had to laugh with her as she talked about her experiences. So enjoyable. Her political views were hers, they may differ from mine, but I certainly enjoyed her delivery. I am so sad that I will not hear her rich NY accent again.

  19. cynthia Says:

    I loved listening to you every weekend.
    This weekend I was so excited to get in my car and listen to you while driving to work. I was stunned to hear two men who obviously were challenged by the task of talking about your life work They could not hold a candle to you. You were funny, amazing, original, correct, brilliant, well versed, studied, darling, so very loveable. I will miss you so very much. With love, Cindy

  20. Regina Says:

    I was surprised and saddened to hear of Lynns passing.I only found out about it today when I turned on her show at 10am.When I heard a male voice, I thought at first that she was fired again.I remember her from WABC. I then found her again on XM radio last year. Like many others I did not always agree with her.However her tales of Queens brought a smile to my face. She spoke of moving to Arizona. I guess the fates would not allow her to leave Queens. Rest in peace Lynn,you will be missed .

  21. Lisa Says:

    Im heartbroken over losing you. You were like a friend though I never met you. I hope you see how many people have been affected by losing you. God broke the mold when he made you. God bless you. Ill meet you someday

  22. Doris Ann Torres Says:

    Rest In Peace, Lynn.
    You were cherished more than you will ever know.

  23. Briar and D. Says:

    Lynn was one of our favorite radio personalities with a New York voice that kept us in touch with the Big Apple. We miss her.

  24. Dianne Harvel Says:

    I will sooooo miss her. I was really pissed when they cut her time and moved her to Stars–what a terrible thing to do her. I know she was thinking what was coming next was to get rid of her completely. Bless her heart, doing that radio show was her life. It makes me very sad to think I will never hear her voice again. She was an original and can’t be replaced. RIP Lynn.

  25. toni Says:

    i still cant believe shes gone 🙁 i really miss her , she will be missed .

  26. Robert Lofthouse Says:

    I was fortunate enough listen to Lynn for 23 years and to meet Lynn in this life at The Spotlight Cafe’ in The Village. I still smoked at the time and the no-smoking BS was just stating and she was angry that she couldn’t smoke at her own event!
    She was very amusing and cordial to us and afterwards signed our photo of her and chatted with us again.
    I followed her wherever she went on the radio and got Sirius just to hear her!
    I am saddened to know I’ll never hear her wit on new issues again and I’m sorry she never got to hear ABBA’s new song too!
    It seems she meant a lot to more people than she could imagine, esp. in NY.
    Rest in peace Lynn, the airways will never be the same without you!

  27. nancy fitzpatrick Says:

    I am shocked. Loved listening to Lynn show. RIP Lynn

  28. elizabeth samuels Says:

    hi great gramgram i love and miss u very much

  29. Rosemary Salonen Says:

    I only just found out that you have passed. You made listening to Sirius Left the high point of my day. No matter how hard your fans tried to get you back, your employers would not listen. You made me laugh and now I weep with your passing. Farewell Lynn you were truly a genius in your field. Rosemary in Canada

  30. Peggy Bozzi Says:

    I miss her so much. Since she was moved to the weekend show I hadn’t listened much. I was completely shocked when I tried to listen one day and found out she had died. I feel so bad that she was alone when she died. She made my day.

  31. Linda Says:

    I was trying to search what time Lynn samuals aired because I enjoyed her show, ideas, thoughts, etc. I was saddened to hear of here passing. Talk radio just wont be the same

  32. Carolyn smith Says:

    We stopped our serious subscription a few years ago and have missed Lynn ever since. Her program was the only one we listened to.
    So, this am I got on Huffington to see what Ron Paul was up to. Then, we thought, find out what Lynn is saying!!
    We were saddened to hear of her passing, and on Christmas Eve?
    Lynn, we loved listening to your unusual, but well supported views on current events. Lynn,we will never forget the many afternoons in Kentucky as you entertained us while we sat on our screened in porch and laughed together, enjoying the moment, touched by your wonderful sense of humor. You will truely be missed.

  33. Jay B Says:

    Miss you sooo much Lynn. Your voice and opinion is greatly missed!

  34. paul Says:

    25 years ago my grandmother turned me on to lynn
    i loved her
    i miss her
    rip lynn

  35. Dianne Harvel Says:

    I still miss her soooooooo much.

  36. tara shanagher Says:

    lynn your life was all too short. i will hold in my heart for ever. sending much love and blessings

  37. Vanessa Pcholinski Says:

    RIP Lynn
    I truly miss Lynn’s views, her colorful language, and her balls out approach to life. She was my mid-day highlight!

  38. steve lawrence Says:

    lynn grew on me. when i first heard her hated her voice, but grew to love her show.it was often hilarious and the sarchasm was choice.i pictured her in my mind as the mom from every which way but loose (ruth gordon) on the radio.she would probably be pissed off at this thought. r.i.p. lynn, love ya!!

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