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Lorenzo Odone

Born: 1978-05-29 - Died: 2008-05-30
Cause of Death:
Aspiration Pneumonia

Death Summary: Lorenzo Odone suddenly came down with aspiration pneumonia after food became lodged in his lungs. He began breathing heavily, and before the ambulance arrived, he was dead.

Lorenzo died just one day after his 30th birthday at his home in Fairfax, Virginia. His father Augusto and lifelong friend Omouri Hassane were by his side.

Even though he died at the young age of 30, he far surpassed the doctors initial assessment by 20 years.

Who was Lorenzo Odone : Lorenzo was known for being a patient with Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), as a result of the 1992 film Lorenzo's Oil, which starred Nick Nolte and Susan Sarandon.

The film depicted how Lorenzo's father invented Lorenzo's Oil, which is the first treatment to show therapeutic benefit for slowing the destruction of the myelin sheathing of nerves caused by ALD.

Below is the trailer for the movie Lorenzo's Oil.
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9 Signatures in Lorenzo Odone's guestbook

  1. Aaron Cantrill Says:

    I have ALD and Addisons Disease i am 23 and live in Australia.

  2. Pam Coothoopermal Says:

    A fascinating, inspirational and moving story.

  3. Andy Says:

    Fighting parents and fighting people like lorenzos .
    Thats the right power .

  4. Elisa Haid Says:

    a very moving story…parents who really loved their child

  5. janet janes Says:

    I believe the Lord places people like Lorenzo and his parents in our world to inspire, help and bring faith and hope to the hopeless hurting millions who suffer from any serious illness, especially orphan diseases and thus they bring a feeling of understanding to those who probably feel immense misunderstanding from the world around them as well as depression that words can’t begin to describe. Lorenzo and his parents and the doctors are true heroes. Their bravery will continue to send out ripples of hope and help forever.

  6. xristos Says:

    kalo taxidi file moy

  7. MaDonna White Says:

    I teach college A&P and use the movie _Lorenzo’s Oil__ to teach about auto immunity, dignity, Myelin damage and the loss of messages from the brain to the muscle due to the dstroyed tissue … and the problems with medical reseach in America. His life was heroic and taught many, as well as did his awesome family!

  8. Ann Says:

    I have see the movie on Lorenzo Oil and I strongly agree with Michaela that Lorenzo Oil should live. I believe that Lorenzo is a person and we should not disrespect him. I am proud of Michaela and Lorenzo. I am proud of Lorenzo because he puts up a good fight and managed to live 30 years. I am proud of Michaela because she doesn’t give up on Lorenzo. Well done, Augusto and Michaela. I am proud of both of you. You show love and courage to your son and I admire that.

  9. Noor Aftab Says:

    A very moving and fascinating story! Extremely proud of Lorenzo and his strong and amazing parents 🙂

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