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Lisa Lopes

Born: 1971-05-27 - Died: 2002-04-25
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Lopes died from severe head injuries after the Mitsubishi Pajero she was driving rolled several times. There were eight people in the vehicle, but she was the only one to die.

Photos of her autopsy had been leaked, and a protest was spearheaded by Dale Earnhardt Jr. who had gone through a similar situation the previous year when his father Dale Earnhardt Sr. was killed in an accident at the Daytona 500.

Who was Lisa Lopes : Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes was one of three singers, which made up the female r&b group of the 90s TLC (standing for the members' stage names T-Boz, Left-Eye and Chili).

They had quite a variety of hit singles such as "Ain't Too Proud to Beg", "What About Your Friends", "Creep", "Waterfalls", and "No Scrubs" to name a few.

Lisa was known as the "wacky" one of the three, sometimes sporting a condom over the left eye of her glasses to promote safe sex.

Disputes with her boyfriend NFL player Andre Rison were widely publicized. He had abused her and she had burned down his mansion, although she claimed that she was only trying to burn his shoes.

Aside from perhaps over-publicized fiascoes like this, she is remembered fondly by those who knew her and those who enjoyed her music.
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117 Signatures in Lisa Lopes's guestbook

  1. Delia Guy Says:

    Lisa was my favorite one in TLC and she will forever be missed….

  2. denise Says:

    hey lisa
    girl i wish u was still here
    but ur forever n my heart
    love denise

  3. peggy Says:

    rest in peace , lisa. your memorey will go on threw your music & your camp . you will be remembered .

  4. Erica Says:

    lisa i loved you guys with all my heart and now it is hard for me to listen to ur guys music cause when i listen to it it makes me fell like crying

    LEFT EYE we will miss you with all our heart


  5. darrian Says:

    Damn I still can’t believe u r gone u inspired me soo much much luv rip lefteye

  6. henry urbaez Says:

    i will all love u lisa

  7. Jatanna Says:

    hey lisa my frined darnlle was your bigest fan

  8. Louisa Says:

    You may have gone but your inspiration, creativity and originality will live on through your music. You belong with the Angels. RIP

  9. Antwine sr Says:

    I love you so much, please keep your head up. tell jesus i love him.

  10. Antwine sr [tiny] broussard Says:

    the greatest he that’s in you than he that’s in this would

  11. alyssa Says:

    omg no way

  12. Youuuss Says:

    Lisa , :'( I miss you <3



  13. BRiiAN MOULTRY Says:


  14. kiera Says:

    miss you

  15. tracey Says:

    i dont know where to start,i always wanted to be just like to smart,beautiful,talented.i miss hearin ur voice n seeing u, i love you.r.i.p

  16. kiera Says:

    love you miss you wish i could kiss you stil thinking of what TLC would be like if you were here today probley be better than they are

    now see you one day in heaven one day very soon


  17. jimmie ashford Says:

    I wish you were still here because TLC will never be the same without you

  18. Jamela Says:

    hi lisa i really wish that you were still here everybody is missing you right now. You are complete with out you here much love!!

  19. Dominique thompson Says:

    rip left eye love you and i miss you always



  21. Jessicah West Says:

    RIP lisa your music was amazing dont go chasen waterfalls is the most amazing song i have ever heard

  22. el. Says:

    I think you were amazing sad to see you wasted talent, you are really beautiful R.I.P your music is old but awesome. Have a nice stay where ever you are.

  23. Reginald James Says:

    Your was to young and to beautyful when you left
    us behind I still play your songs just so I can
    hear you sing R I P little Lady

  24. Makayla Says:

    Makayla Brooks you were a great singer. I even cryed when you died. I was the TLC bigest fans. I know all of the TLC songs by heart. Every last one. Well hope to see u in Heaven.

  25. grim Says:

    better than getting shot.gun are cool obama should give them out in the getto. the world would be a better place

  26. curtina Says:

    Why did you have to die! your so pretty! TLC is the best and yeah.. terri says he loves you to. you will truley be missed.

  27. erin Says:

    tlc will never be the same and there will not b any band like it

  28. sexy girl Says:

    i miss you lisa left eyed lopez of T L C
    i sorry you got a car crash
    april 25 2002

  29. Katrina Says:

    R.I.P Lisa Lopes’s we miss u

  30. Mindy Bearden Says:

    never be forgotten

  31. patty Says:

    you will never be forgoten as your music live on forever

  32. abbi Says:

    i love herr . R.I .P

  33. alesa webb Says:

    i will forever miss you i love your music rest in your heavenly sleep

  34. Lasenta Says:

    It still hard to believe that you’re gone.


  35. t.t Says:

    heyy lisa u will 4ever be missed by me an your fans we all love you.

  36. Gabby Says:

    hey lisa, you will always be remembered,! we will always love you,!(:


    Love, Gabby<3

  37. jon Says:


  38. La Tania Says:

    Today is Thanksgiving and all I can think about Lisa and her family who love her dearly.Lisa did so many good too the world but the media don’t talk about that.They only talk about the negative things that happen during her time with us.Lisa just wasn’t a Artist she was a Angel who would give her last dime too make a change in this world.Did she make that change?Yes she did make that change.Her legacy will live on forever.she was my favorite in the group.Without Lisa they would not be no TLC.She was the most talent one out the group.Her brother is on Facebook still carrying on her legacy.R.I.P

  39. Kiara Says:

    Lisa, was the most greatest female rapper of a female R&B group to have ever lived! Her and Aaliyah were the best singers and performers of all time! May they both R.I.P.!

  40. lynette garza Says:

    R.I.P you wre the best i injoyed your music

  41. Ody Says:

    R.I.P x

  42. tunisha Says:

    lisa I just want to say that you have changed my life like the way I see things and the way I am as myself I now know how to respect what I have and not what I don’t have and this is because of you I just want to thank you even if you have gone you have stilled made an impact in my life which is postive what I’m about to say next please take it offences by what I say but lisa would of want this to be remembered by hers music and her flow of lyrics and her realness about her I will always remember you I now know anything is possible such a talent taken away and we all know why? because god needed her so that she can past on her blessing on because she has already done her teachings here and is need in a different place I just wanted to say thank you an rest in peace and when I look up in the sky and see a star I know your there I’m only 15 but I feel like I’m supposed to help people in there understand in life so I’m keeping lisa teaching alive

  43. Kendra Says:

    -Itz Almost That Day Again.. april 26 !!
    and too ur birthday the day after mine ..love alwayz =}Hearts

  44. ARTHUR Says:

    R.I.P. Left Eye

  45. Modupe Says:

    I miss you, you were indeed a star! R.I.P. Xx

  46. Luie Says:

    Lisa i watched your Documentary and i can totally relate to what you were saying. I Luv your energy! You are very wise.

  47. Diyah Says:

    I was really young when Lisa died but as i grew i’ve come to realize how much we have in commom i admire her 4 who she is(i wont say was because she is not dead in my heart) & i see her as inspiration..she is loved & missed but a supernova doesnt belong trapped in earth__live in perfection Lisa *signed Shadiyah

  48. Diyah Says:

    ohh i almost 4got…Happy Birthday girl!__celebrate that she’s been here instead of mourning the fact of her physical disappearence-Shadiyah

  49. Ivonn Elias Says:

    Her music was great forever in my memories growing up listening to Jason Water Falls and many more fabulouse hits Forever Left Eye will be missed but never “FORGOTON REST IN PARADISE LISA LOPEZ “

  50. katie Says:

    Rip Lisa Left Eye Lopez From TLC

  51. Jamrockprincess Says:

    U ma gurl lisa, always RIP baby gurl. Forever u’ll b in my heart.

  52. sherry saultz Says:


  53. kayla barrett Says:

    you are really missed and loved..

  54. brittani meadow Says:

    rip left eye i luv u u will always be remembered neva forgotten u are forever in my heart and ur in a betta place now love, brittani

  55. clayton Says:

    rest in peace Lisa we miss u big tym

  56. Charlette Tucker Says:

    RIP LeftEye you are sadly missed :( you were a hilarious and great artist

  57. SHARON WARD Says:

    Rip dear sweet Lisa

  58. julianna Says:

    R.I.P lisa lope’s

  59. Zuri Carroll Says:

    lisa i wish you were here now from your cuz.

  60. Zuri Carroll Says:

    love and kisses

  61. Davi Carroll Says:


  62. tineka gooch- bailey Says:

    may god bless you
    hate you left us so soon
    much love

  63. Abrina Says:

    Lisa Left Eye Lopes i miss u so much u were one of a kind girl RIP i luv u n i miss u girl n i hope 2 c u soon

  64. TJ Says:

    Lisa Nicole Left eye Lopes. We will all miss you so much and will stay in our hearts forever, and thats a promise. Rest in peace. oooooooooooooooooooooo-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  65. Tashonna williams/CLUK CLUK Says:

    hey my names is tashonna and tlc iz my favortie group i love talke abut tlc the song u gas mand and the thing u gas say helps a lot of p in life lisa iz i nice prson and i love her a lot and t-boz and chili. my and my bff iz gast like u gas we love to have fun and be us that y i love tlc and R.I.P LISA LOPES LOVE U

  66. Tashonna williams/CLUK CLUK Says:

    hey my names is tashonna and tlc iz my favortie group i love talke abut tlc the song u guys mand and the thing u say helps a lot of p in life lisa iz i nice prson and i love her a lot and t-boz and chili. my and my bff iz gast like u guys. we love to have fun and be us. That y i love tlc and R.I.P LISA LOPES LOVE U

  67. Tashonna williams/CLUK CLUK Says:

    hey my names is tashonna and tlc iz my favortie group i love talke abut tlc the song u guys mand and the thing u say helps a lot of p in life. lisa iz a nice prson and i love her a lot and t-boz and chili. my and my bff iz gast like u guys. we love to have fun and be us. That y i love tlc and R.I.P LISA LOPES LOVE U

  68. Joynifer Says:

    hey lisa you got me through alot i love yu rip yu are truely missed like for real i wanna cry so bad ….

  69. Bettina Lee Says:

    Girl, We miss you!!!

  70. charrisse blackshire Says:

    omg im 13 years old i kno i might nott understand the real concepts of life bt i kno that lisa hadd a alot goin for her and ikno that life was too short for her and the fact that no one was there for her to tell her “no dnt plz dont go yet stay plz sit with me for a while” kinda hurts cuz she rap like nobody else nd her music made mii music!!!!!! ily lisa gne bt neva eva eva forgtten

  71. Ashley Mitchell Says:

    U will always b missed left eye and may we meet sum day I love u girl and say hi to my mom!!! Love u and u di great wonders when u were here and while your gone there still b n done!!!

  72. chris mitchem Says:

    i will miss u

  73. Diamond Glenn Says:

    i know you are probably in a place better than here; but almost a decade later your still missed.

  74. bijana Says:

    u are dearly missed.

  75. nothingbuttheTruth Says:

    never will i forget this celebrity!! was she ready to head on home? or a head-on collision that led her to hell?? its not hard to tell her life story.. In this beautiful life we’re living, its full of surprises, good and evil.. the saddest part is, we dont know our days.. even though our days have been numbered by God. Things happen for reasons.. truly it does! The question is, how were your reactions when you died? unforgiveness, hatred or bitter towards someone?? To have all the fame and money in this world.. it doesnt guaranteed our destination right?? money is good, but to take it seriously like an idol, it will turned into a sour poison. I dont think she’s in heaven.. left eye!
    driving with bitterness in the mind is not safe! another devil driven girl!

  76. Diamond Says:

    Lisa Left Eye Lopes was the best female rapper and she will always be. She will always be in my heart. I loved her spirit so much. She was positive and had a great outlook on life. In some ways, she reminded me of myself. And I’m glad of that because I feel more connected to her. Love u Lisa and I surely will see you in Heaven.

  77. prettyeyez Says:

    as i sit here write i think about how you changed my life. You inspired me to be myself. And that you were. You set many trends just by your originality, creativity, and most importantly being yourself. You were, still is, and will always be a big role model in my life. I miss you dearly and wish that i could have gotten the chance to meet you. May you rest in peace dearly.
    Pretty Eyez

  78. ashley Says:

    Lisa you were and still r the best!you are such a role model. every time i listen to TLC i think of you. Left Eye will truly be missed. P.S.i am going to be left eye for Halloween

  79. charles j. bankston Says:

    She is not dead, but only sleeping until her resurrection occurs. Note what the bible promises at john 5:28,29 “Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, those who practice vile things to a resurrection of judgment.

  80. KJ Says:

    guess she should’ve kept her “left eye” on the road!

  81. KJ Says:

    who’s the scrub now huh?

  82. Shaliah Says:

    I miss you Left-Eye and I love you sooooooooooo much. You remember you and Aaliyah was in my dream and you said you went to heaven? I belive it :). I love you and we all miss you

  83. chanell Says:

    rip bybeeee. ur beautiful n talented… ur songs live on n so doeas ur memories <3 party hard in heaven

  84. shaylah Says:

    r.i.p left eye u were a true mc

  85. Amad hall Says:

    I love you and miss

  86. Margaret Blount Says:

    RIP we miss and love u and u will always be one of a kind

  87. Lala Says:

    *crying* Whenever I listen breathe by her I feel like crying, im twelve and I think TLC is the bomb, much better than music nowadays, I wish you were still her Left Eye.

  88. Tjhma Says:

    I remember lisa from elementary and we went on to junior high and high school and she will always be remebered fondly.

  89. keith coleman Says:

    uaher aint the only one who misses those stankin panties we all do rip.

  90. keith coleman Says:

    usher aint the only one who misses those stankin panties we all do rip.

  91. felicia Says:

    May you rest in peace. You was the best and you always will be. May God take you in his arms and keep you.

  92. Cory Says:

    rip left eye aka Lisa

  93. Angelica Montford Says:

    still i miss you we god blessed love u miss very pretty sweet girl….

  94. Marqui Says:

    I loved you and didnt even know you: ) you were a blessing to us all and you will foever be missed. Definately a beautiful rose gone too soon: (

  95. amiracle Says:

    lisa u r a true rap princess.

  96. Danase floyd Says:



    we miss you and rip

  98. Pissin Boyz Says:

    I bets she asshle looks like balloon knots.

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