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Les Paul

Born: 1915-06-09 - Died: 2009-08-13
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Les Paul died from pneumonia at White Plains Hospital in New York. It's reported that his family and friends were by his side.

Who was Les Paul : Paul was a former jazz guitarist and electronic mastermind. He pioneered the development of the solid-body electric guitar, which paved the way for rock-n-roll.
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39 Signatures in Les Paul's guestbook

  1. Kayla Says:

    You music inspires me and you will be dearly missed.

  2. Tracie Bobb Says:

    A true friend in music, God bless you, you will be missed

  3. Wendy West Says:

    I may have not know you personally but your work was beautiful and will be missed.



  5. david Says:

    a legend…

  6. sexy girl Says:

    i miss you les paul and i need your guitar
    june 9 1915 august 13 2009

  7. sexy girl Says:

    i miss you les paul and i need your guitar
    june 9 1915 august 13 2009
    nice guitar playing RIP

  8. Michelle Angeline Says:

    thanks for the solid body guitar and overdubbing!

  9. Michelle Angeline Says:

    you’re amazing! RIP

  10. JIM Says:

    HI my name is jim i lov your guitars

  11. wendell Says:

    He was my hero, I started playing guitar in 1967

  12. rick s. Says:

    your the most influential man of the century,thank you for the electric guitar,and all who mastered it,tell stevie ray i said hi ,your legacy will never die,im a true fan thank you

  13. SUCKIE149865 Says:


  14. Sean Criswell Says:

    Your inventions will never be forgotten, you where such an amazing inspire r to younger guitar players like myself.

    Rock on mister Les Paul, Rock on~

  15. Emalee Says:

    I miss you. May God be with your family and friends. You were an inspiration.

  16. Anna Says:

    I love you. Rock on!!!

  17. JordanMata Says:

    I did not know you, and im not that old. But i know you made a big impact in the music buss. And everyone loves what you did for the world. You are loved and Missed.!

  18. Кирилл Says:

    Не всем дано получить результат, надо еще что бы руки росли из правильного места…

  19. elvispresleynews.com Says:

    Such humble man…He will be missed
    from all fans at elvispresleynews.com

  20. elizabeth Says:

    i miss you truly you were the best guitar maker ever keep rocking up there

  21. Larry geatureman Says:

    The revolutionarie. We all will miss you.

  22. MBritt Says:

    He was the man who pioneered a whole new industry, who created not only the solid-body guitar but was the most instrumental in creating the multi-track recording invention. These are only 2 of his many, many inventions/innovations. One that many people don’t know about what his unique recording of the song “How High the Moon” sung by his wife, Mary Ford. There is an interesting echo in that song, and it was created by Paul having his wife sing over a vat of water. His genius knew no bounds.

  23. Ian Ratterman Says:

    He will always be remembered

  24. Devin Boisclair Says:

    Your guitars are the best, I love the way they feel when I play them. They are perfect for any kind of music. You are very missed.

  25. John Says:

    I was you biggest fan I will remember you forever

  26. bloyce albert Says:

    farewell to a true legend of rock and roll

  27. MARK THILMONY CALL ME 813 810 1916 Says:


  28. Carlos Santana Says:

    Your music had inspired me to become an artist, and if i may say so a good one. Rest In Peace Bro.

  29. Lynn Lester Says:

    I was a teenager in the late 50’s and I love to dance. Your music will always live in my memory.Thanks to you for developing the electric guitar and giving our teens a ‘new’ sound to dance to.

  30. Christine Reside Says:

    My son sas u rok 1!!!!!

  31. billyfatsacks Says:

    i like your orange sweater in the picc sweeeeeeeeeeeet

  32. Nate Ahearn Says:

    I love this guy, he is amazing,i want to dig up his grave and kiss him!!!!!!

  33. Brooke Raymond Says:

    A true pioneer that gave us the basis of everything we listen to today. He and Chet Atkins were the true pioneers! A great loss but a truer legacy you won’t find anywhere.

  34. James Cramer Says:

    I just bought a 1959 gibson reissue les paul.it is the third les paul that I have owend.Hewas one of the best.

  35. Alecia D. Says:

    i love rock-n-roll! you definitely paved the road for it! thanks so much

  36. Chris C. Says:

    You are dearly missed by everyone who knew you or knew what you did. God Bless.

  37. Ed Gugliotta Says:

    My Les Paul hanging on the studio wall is for me like wearing underpants… so natural and so personal. Thanks Les.

  38. Ted Says:

    You made a major turning point in rock music, and ultimately, music all around. R.I.P.

  39. tyler Says:

    so sad and i am even doing a report on you R.I.P
    really good guy

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