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Lena Horne

Born: 1917-06-30 - Died: 2010-05-09
Cause of Death:
No details have been released at this time.

Death Summary: Horne died at the age of 92, at New York - Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. There have been no details announced about the cause of her death, but age is being listed as the main factor.

Who was Lena Horne : Lena Horne is known mostly for her career in entertainment, and her role during the Civil Rights movement. She got her start singing, and performing for a variety of nightclubs in New York City.

She also appeared in a couple of movies during the 30's, where her singing was highlighted. Her big break would come during a performance in Hollywood in 1943, where talent scouts approached her about working in motion pictures. Eventually, Lorne would sign a deal with MGM Studios, solidifying her as the first black performer to sign a long-term deal with a major Hollywood studio.

Her MGM debut was with the film Panama Hattie. She would go on to appear in numerous MGM musicals, but would be turned down for one role which she tried to lobby for: Julie LaVerne in MGM's Show Boat. She was turned down for the role due to a ban on interracial relationships in movies.

During the mid-late 50's, Lorne grew tired of movie making and went back to her nightclub scene. During this period she was blacklisted by the studios due to her political views. Going into the 60's and 70's, Lorne became hot on the variety show scene, making appearances on: Kraft Music Hall, The Ed Sullivan Show, and The Dean Martin Show.

Along with her entertainment, Horne is recognized for her civil rights involvement. She worked with Eleanor Roosevelt to help pass anti-lynching laws. She attended numerous NAACP rallies, and was present during the March on Washington. She spoke and performed at the March, on behalf of the NAACP, and the National Council of Negro Women.
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26 Signatures in Lena Horne's guestbook

  1. Vicki Boston Says:

    Lena-this past semester, at my school-I’ve done a presentation of your movie STORMY WEATHER.
    And I saw the movie CABIN IN THE SKY.
    Anyway RIP.
    Bye Lena. Just believe in yourself as we believed in you.

  2. Kathy / Statesville NC Says:

    Beautiful lady, voice & mind. You will be missed.

  3. alondra:) Says:

    I’m using her in one of my school projects.

  4. ungh Says:

    dont be fooled by the picture, its not recent. she done a song wih NWA that made it to number 82 on the charts

  5. Alexander Sarojz Says:

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to my parents wedding and my birth. My mother still has the img of you holding me, I will cherish it for the rest of my life. Sleep well my beautiful queen you have truly earned a well deserved rest.

  6. john hardaker Says:

    a stunner and legendary entertainer.The BBC Jules Holland tribute was abysmal and pathetic.A brief black and white image from an old movie…and that was it….she deserved more xxxx


    Lena Horne Was Truley One Of The Worlds 10 Most BEAUTIFUL Woman.

  8. Jonathan Hilton Says:

    In accordance with RCW 9A.72.085, I declare under the Probate Laws of Essex-London, United Kingdom that l have a record of an unclaimed Estate proceed left in a codicil by a deceased Lena Horne,you can contact my email as soon as possible for further details,Barristerhiltonoffice.esq@gmail.com.
    Thank you

  9. Jackie Says:

    Lena was truly one of the greats. 92 years of life says it all. RIP you beautiful queen

  10. David Says:

    Truly and beautiful and gifted actress who will be truly missed. Her looks were stunning!

  11. Sarah Schwass Says:

    To me, you were a goddess. Rest in peace beautiful lady.



  13. Lisa Palmgren Hogg Says:

    Lena You Fabulous Woman…You Inspired so many others….You are such a beautiful woman….even in your older years…Great Icon woman……and so deeply More words cannot say……sorry to hear of your Passing……Love u
    …So Very sorry to hear of the Loss to the World…God will take good care of them….Their Passing is Never easy…I know..It is never easy..Blessings to the Family…
    Sincerely,Lisa Palmgren Hogg

  14. Frank Says:

    Stormy weather and goosebumps

  15. Frank Says:

    I have her heard her called a beautiful black women, she was just a truly beautiful women with a voice to match

  16. Juanita Branch Says:

    A elegant woman

  17. crime stopper Says:

    sorry rest in heaven and god will keep you safe

  18. nancy arellano Says:

    beautiful woman…truly a lady indeed.
    we will miss you always

  19. ALONDRA:) Says:

    What I meant was I am using her at school for a projec. I have the body a few more weeks.

  20. Jean Paul Says:

    The Sands hotel in Vegas drained the pool after she went for a swim in the 1950s. That was segregation folks. What a great time in our history. Bless that hotel manager.

  21. salazar Says:

    im doing a project on her & dident now anything about her but she sings beautiful & she was a very strong women & taleented & beautiful women <3

  22. Rene A. Daigneault Jr Says:

    She played chocka in the tv series land of the lost.

  23. Marsha olden Says:


  24. Joey Stephano Says:

    Miss Horne was great and I had the pleasure of meeting her a few times. Her halitosis was horrible though, sometimes I had to leave the room before vomiting. Anyways good night baby. You were the best.

  25. Mac Reynolds Says:

    I sees her at the theater in town one time. She be singing up a storm and doin her two step.

  26. Yukari Says:

    She is absolutely beftuiaul and she sung this from her heart. She was a beauty and will always be she represented for the black women of today. Rest in Peace with the Lord Lena we love you but God loves you best and Shelia thank you for this video of her. She was truly a shining star.

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