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Layne Staley

Born: 1967-08-22 - Died: 2002-04-05
Cause of Death:
Drug Overdose

Death Summary: At the age of 34, Staley's body was discovered at his condo surrounded by crack pipes, spray paint cans, cocaine, and misc. drug paraphernalia. They estimated that he had died 15 days earlier. In what must have been a hideous discovery, Stayel's body weighed only 86 pounds. His autopsy results concluded that a "speedball" - a mixture of heroin and cocaine is what killed him in the end.

His estimated death date - April 5th marked the 8 year anniversary of fellow "grunge" band frontman Kurt Cobain. Unfortunately, the media did not make nearly the fuss about Staley's demise.

Who was Layne Staley : Layne Thomas Staley was the lead vocalist and co-founder of the 90's "grunge" rock band Alice in Chains, as well as side project Mad Season.

He battled drug addiction (heroin in particular) for years until it ultimately claimed his life.

Staley's drug abuse eventually became publicized and the rumors inevitablly began to fly. A popular one was that he had contracted gangrene from using dirty needles and had to have his arm amputated. Though he was not in the public eye much during the end, sources close to him have denied any such rumors.

The music of Alice in Chains still gets moderately heavy radio airplay to this day.
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138 Signatures in Layne Staley's guestbook

  1. Jesse Says:

    “My bad habits aren’t my title. My strengths and my talent are my title.” Layne Staley
    RIP Layne

  2. Jessica Says:

    I, too, named my youngest son Layne, to honor a man who helped me so much without ever knowing it. Wherever Layne is now, I hope he knows that if i could have saved him, I would have. I understand his pain more than anyone can imagine and hope that he is finally at peace.

  3. Twyla Herpolsheimer Says:

    Hi Twyla Herpolsheimer here, good write-up about Layne Staley | FamousDEAD. There appear to be an issue with your web web site if visited inside ie, a few details failed to load up adequately… IE still is industry frontrunner and a large portion of individuals will miss your own amazing posting because of this drawback.

  4. Boo Ya Says:

    What a loss. RIP Layne. I’m a huge fan.

  5. Amanda Says:

    You are missed, but I know now your not in pain anymore. Kurt said “It’s better the burn out then fade away… ” RIP LAYNE

  6. david williams Says:

    one of the greatest frontmen ever so much talent

  7. Chino De Leon Says:

    The Greatest soaring voice.ever.The greatest rock vocalist and a charismatic personality.greatly missed!

  8. Chino De Leon Says:

    “The Greatest soaring voice.ever.”The greatest rock vocalist and a charismatic personality.greatly missed!

  9. Lawayne Puckett Says:

    Layne was a great singer. He left this world way too soon. Rest in peace my brother. You will never be forgotton. Your legacy will remain. Turn the page…..

  10. Kip Says:

    No one will ever be as talented as you were .. Your lyrics were soo powerful and meant so much .. Love you Layne

  11. Lawayne Puckett Says:

    Rest in Peace Layne. You will live on forever through your music.

  12. WES HESTER Says:


  13. mariesa Says:

    Layne was a sweet & gentle soul.

  14. mariesa Says:

    Layne was a seet & gentle soul

  15. Danielle Says:

    As the years go by I often wonder what would have become of Layne…and how terrible his life must have been at the end…it boggles the mind to ponder how a man with so many family members, friends and fans could have been SO alone…it’s not right that he died alone…what a sad, sad end…thank you for letting us in through your music Layne…you were the last of your kind…and I choose not to remember the way that you died…but rather the way you lived…

  16. Dylan Bolte Says:

    “If I can’t be my own, I’d feel better dead.”
    as true today as when you spoke them in ’93. Thanks for the inspiration in writing and playing my own music. You were truley one of a kind Layne and there will never be another like you EVER!!! Hands down greatest vocalist to ever pick up the microphone. The one and ONLY vocalist for Alice in Chains. Thanks for all the years of Kicka** music and inspiration. Rest in Peace My brother, you are truley very sorely missed, and you will NEVER be forgotten as long as I’m around.

  17. mariesa Says:

    Layne was such a sweet soul,I will never forget him,he’ll always be in my heart.

  18. Alexandra Says:

    I love you and music sucks today, i wish you people were more inspired by your music then what they sing about today. Rest in peace darling <3

  19. Jackie Coleman Says:

    lane i have been playing … in the med.mind for a long time at least 13-too 19 years man and i dont know what happeded when i heard t=at 11:34 pm tue that you died along time ago.. really i cryed and i think between you and b-verele you have hepled me with sexual problems dead or alive im not crazy i really had no idea you werer deceaced but know now now now anytime to realize it i cant love
    love always.
    jackie elizabeth

  20. Jackie Coleman Says:

    its alreaby happened 1999 ive already sighned and repeated what i saw on others readinges i thing its a definitly repeaditive repeatingn of life i could type it but know piont ive just been herer already aaaa 3-not13/4 stupid aa–76 not 886 get me

  21. Colette p Says:

    Had not thought about laynes death for a long time…then found my old unplugged cd and now can’t stop thinking about him. How sad such great talent what a waste. I wish he could have saved himself. He was so alone at the end it sickens me that no one could reach him. Rip Layne miss you so much!

  22. Chris Thompson Says:

    Almost 10 years since the tragic death of Layne.One thing is for sure his music will live forever.RIP Layne

  23. jesse ramsey Says:

    grew up listening to Alice In Chains..still listen to them daily!!!!!!RIP Layne Staley

  24. Luis Says:

    Thank you for all the music and memories. Your music has influenced me and has helped me through many tough times ups and downs. You were an incredible talent and one of the greatest and unique rock vocalists of the 20th century. I love you

  25. Christian Rosacker Says:

    I’m a 14 year old boy and Layne Staley is my favorite Singer of all time. Although when I was five and i did not know you or know that you died i will always remember my dad playing Alice in Chains in the car. It was only 2 years ago that i discoved your amazing god like singing talents and your achivments with that talent have changed my life forever. Layne Staley is my most favorite singer of all time, and alice in chains is my most favorite band of all time. Although i just discovered that you died 2 years ago I will remember you as one of the most important people in my life even though i have never met you. Thank you for everything you have done you have changed my life forever. It breaks my heart so much that you are my favorite singer and i have never met you and now you are gone. R.I.P i hope you are using the peace you deserve after going through all of that. We miss you so much Layne Staley.

  26. James Says:

    Hard to believe it’s been ten years tomorrow, R.I.P. Layne

  27. Sherry Ann M Says:

    10 yrs later,we are still remembering a great voice unlike no other.We will always remember Layne and the entire group,”Alice in Chains”,without him,they would of never been the great band they were!XOXO R.I.P Layne:(

  28. Eric Says:

    Seems so sick..to the hypocrit norm…

  29. Eric Says:

    greatest singer to live…Why is there no place to visit a memorial to him…to celebrate his life and contribution to music and enrichment of our lives??

  30. Mariesa Huthwaite Says:

    Layne was an amazing person,he will always be remembered.

  31. Mariesa Huthwaite Says:

    Layne was an amazing person,he will be truly missed.

  32. cn Says:

    Amazing vocalist…sad life…Seattle needs a memorial

  33. Alicia Jordan Says:

    I’ve carried his music with me since I was 6yrs old,I’m now 26.I constantly think about the greater good his music is doing.It got me through the best n worst times.It changed my life in so many ways & I couldn’t thank alice n chains enough for it.

  34. Austin Says:

    Very young guy,Just couldnt beat the problem.

  35. Elizabeth Says:

    We will never forget you. You were beautiful inside and out. We love you Layne

  36. steven murphy Says:

    layne your voice is like no other. its up there with Ozzy and Ronnie James Dio” when they first came out’ they were terrible live. and but as the years gone by they worked on there Sound. And song Writing witch became there Best effort to Date’ but Jar Of Flies was a little more Radio Friendly Album But’ My Favorite song of all time is on the Mini EP’ Drugs Got him in the end” ive been there” and its too bad’ he wasetn strong enough” the human mind and body can take a beating he just couldnt find himself” its to bad” i blame is Friend and family” throw him in Prison” for 2 years’ and hire the best of people to keep hi eye on him” he would be alive today

  37. Jason Thomas Says:

    you had the greatset voice i have ever heard and your lyrics will always be in my mind…..RIP Layne

  38. Christopher Seegars Says:

    Layne Thomas Staley, as I listen to songs like “Nutshell”, “Am I Inside”, and “River Of Deceit”, I feel as if you were talking to me. When I write music and songs, I see your inspiration coming out, and you are an awesome dude…I’m thankful to have had ran across the band Alice In Chains during my life, because your inspiration lives on…I will lovingly carry that inspiration, and you my dear friend, brother…Will always be remembered greatly not for what you were, but who you were…Rest in Peace bro.

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