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Kurt Eberling, Sr.

Born: 1931-01-01 - Died: 2008-03-10
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Kurt Eberling, Sr. died from cancer on March 10, 2008.

Who was Kurt Eberling, Sr. : Eberling was a German-American chef who invented SpaghettiOs, and won over the hearts of children everywhere.

After the Korean War Eberling began working in the development department at Campbell Soup Co., this is where he got his idea for “spaghetti and meatballs” in a can. He got the idea for the “O” when he saw a curled up spaghetti noodle laying in a sink basin.
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6 Signatures in Kurt Eberling, Sr.'s guestbook

  1. Eric Says:

    Grandpa I miss you SSSOOO much. I’ll never forget the good times we had.

  2. Jenna Hemphill Says:

    Heyy Kurt thank you so much for inventing SpaghettiO’s they are my life i eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a snack!!! i wish you were still here to concoct some more fabulous spaghetti recipes.. I LOVE YOU MANN!!

  3. Tyler Huff Says:

    Good Morning im so blessed with your invention you are deeply and greatly missed.. if i was gay i would want you to be my partner.. its too bad that you left this earth so soon 🙁

  4. Brooke Williams Says:

    Hello kurt..i miss you ohhh so very much..i know the sources say you died from cancer but is it possible you got cancer from SpaghettiO’s ?? im doing some research and i have come to the configuration that you ate to many spaghettiO’s and died from eating too much of your own creation!!! so now i fear to eat spaghettiO’s inspite that i might have my life rudely interrupted with death of your invention. my boyfriend also has been very sick and he eats spaghettiO’s all the time and if he dies im coming to heaven and getting you!! also who comes up with spaghettiO’s by a swirled up noodle in the sink..i honestly believe that was the craziest concoction in my whole entire life. i can’t believe you scarred the whole world with your lame invention!! well bye im going to the store to destroy every can of spaghettiO’s in sight!!!!!!! p.s. i hate spaghettiO’s (:

  5. Jeff Gross Says:

    To: Kurt Jr…. I know how much you loved your Dad by the display of pictures and memorabilia in your own home. You’re blessed from his memory. -=Jeff=-

  6. Jeremy Says:

    You will be missed RIP buddy

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