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Kurt Donald Cobain

Born: 1967-02-20 - Died: 1994-04-05
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Kurt Cobain was found dead in his Seattle home, after apparently shooting himself in the head with a shotgun. A suicide note was found at the place. That's the official version, but there are other versions of his death. Some think he was murdered.

Who was Kurt Donald Cobain : Kurt Cobain was the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the Seatlle-based band Nirvana and husband of Hole frontwoman Courtney Love.

Cobain formed Nirvana back in 1987 with Krist Novoselic in their home state of Washington. Within a very short time span the band became a fixture in the up and coming grunge scene.

In 1991 Nirvana released "Smells Like Teen Spirit", the song marked the dawning of a new age for rock music and the death of glam metal, arena rock, and hair bands. Eventually the song would become known as the "anthem-of-a-generation". You can check out the video for "smeels like teen spirit below".

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70 Signatures in Kurt Donald Cobain's guestbook

  1. X Says:

    Thank you for all that you have shared with the world. You are sadly missed. (especially by Dave Grohl also a member of Nirvana, incase anyone forgot).

  2. Justice4Kurt Says:

    We miss u kurt. Justice will be found on ur murder

  3. dakoda Says:

    kurt i always look up to u and u great music. i hope u murder because suicide is a bad way to go.

  4. james black Says:

    gone but not forgotten,thanks for everything kurt

  5. Morghan Says:

    I love you Kurt, and i miss you.
    Thank you for making the music that describes my whole life.
    Rock on forever <3

  6. Kayla Says:

    hey kurt, u were an amazing artist and a sadly missed 1 too. ur a HUGE inspiration to my music and forever you rock!!! :)

  7. DEB Says:


  8. Pete L Says:

    Kurt, You are my idol, Dude You Rock

  9. James Daniel Meade Says:

    Kurt Cobain’s legacy will live on despite what other people say no one will ever look up to you the way we do.

    K.D.C The legend will live on in spirit

  10. Cookie Monster Says:

    Kurt you are the reason i am still alive, listeniing to your music reminded me of how much good the world can have

  11. Kurt Donald Cobain Says:

    I think that Kurt Donald Cobain was murdered and I think that Courtney Love set it up for him to be murdered so that she can get all of his money.

  12. angela Says:

    The day you died, so did all the good music. You brought it hard, and you took it away to fast!!

  13. mel Says:

    you were a gifted artist and was an hero to us, your fans…..and you were the voice in our generation….you are gone but your memory and your music would be in ours hearts….rip

  14. pk Says:

    Kurt i miss you so damn much..
    ”come as you are”

  15. Melyssa Rathbun Says:

    RIP Kurt Cobian. Your music has inspired me so very much.

  16. Jessicah West Says:

    you were amazing and i will never forget you, i used to listen to nervana when i was a baby and i still do

  17. Gvanca Says:

    kurt donald cobain

  18. Gvanca Says:

    i love nirvana

  19. Toryn Says:

    where ever you are i hope you know how much of an impact you made on music and how many people you effected and reached out too. Forever will be in my music and my life. R.i.p

  20. Kazi Golam Sarwar Says:

    U r my ultimate master N I respect U 4m bottom of my
    heart N I will always(till Death) be a fan of yours.

  21. :) Says:

    I still think she killed you.

  22. kris Says:

    rip kurt cobain! you will never fade!!!!!!

  23. sindi-acm Says:


    in fact ,once i said ,
    if my heart really loves someone he is u kurt cobain…
    i love what he has been,
    and what he is still now ,afer his death…
    RIP U kurt,PART OF MY SPIRIT :( <3

  24. austin Says:

    your were an inspiration to grunge music. you are very missed.

  25. kurtcobainluver27 Says:

    Kurt, your death was a tragic thing and nobody should be considering it was a suicide or a murder they should just except the fact that you’ve been gone for about 16 years now and your death case will not be open again… Thanks for the music! I can’t wait to see you someday! And don’t forget that I love you and I miss you a lot! Ur forever in my heart! <3

  26. Friðrik Says:

    I love you kurt,
    forever my hero.

  27. tauryn d' Says:

    jus don’t understand….how can you end it that way???…forever R.I.P..

  28. Lincoln Stalnaker Says:

    Kurt, we miss you here. everything’s gone to hell here since you left us, and we wish courtney love wasnt such a bitch. we will have justice for your murdering.

    We miss you man,

  29. Seathy Says:

    my idol i know you died b4 i waas born but still
    love u man

  30. deedee Says:

    kurt i always look up to u and u great music. i hope u murder because suicide is a bad way to go.

    hey kurt, u were an amazing artist and a sadly missed 1 too. ur a HUGE inspiration to my music and forever you rock!!! :)

  31. Christen Stephens Says:

    I love you Kurt Donald Cobain. When I hear your voice I smile. You are the greatest person ever. I love you so much. You are NOT dead. I know that. I love you.
    Christen Stephens

  32. Eddie Says:

    Kurt you rocked Generation X god of the Grunge \m/-_-\m/ you are in a better place. You are the biggest piece in my heart.

  33. Tamara Pussy Says:

    I hate niggers!

  34. Tamara's Pussy Says:

    i hate niggerz they r so jewish n ugly and BLACK!!
    should i go on?
    well ill say one more!!
    they SMELL

  35. Will Says:


  36. Craig Anderson Says:

    Thankyou. Man i remember seeing you on T.V. there was something about the music and you, especially at the end of teen spirit when you closed your mouth. I hope people will remember you for your music and not for the shadows in the tree’s. Hope you have found you’re peace…

  37. Emily Says:

    A truly talented and beautiful man thank you for everything Kurt.
    You will never fade away . – Emily

  38. Marcus Perez Says:

    You have made the best music anyone could make. You will be missed.

  39. AnonymousGirl Says:

    Ok, It’s not fair too say all good music died when Cobain died, It is however fair too say that was the end of Grunge.

  40. anonymous Says:

    You and your music are greatly respected and will be greatly missed.

  41. 90's teen Says:

    There is no way Kurt could of picked up the shotgun. When his body was found Kurt was wearing boots and a shirt that was button on his wrist. The heroin he took would made Kurt pass out. The doors to the green house can only be locked from the Outside. Kurt had a stool held against the doors. when the Police came in the stool was busted. Someone was in that room to pull the trigger of the shotgun wipe his finger prints off and used Kurt’s Prints. Kurts CC was being used the time after his death but was stop when his body was found. R.I.P Kurt Cobain.

  42. Yvonne Moore Says:

    I am a huge fan I just found out who you were and I instently fell in love with your music. In your memory I would like to recognize them: Blew, Paper Cuts, Lake of Fire, Very Ape, Mr. Moustache, Polly, Smells like teen spirit, Even in youth, Negative Creep, All apologies, Hairspray Queen, Scentless Apprentice, You know your right, and the funniest “aint it a shame”

  43. maha windsor Says:

    he became famous when i was 5,,,although i was kid,,i had been in love with him…now im 20..i still love u kurt…u still alive in ma heart…

  44. Cher R Says:

    No other band will ever compare to the legendary Nirvana! Nirvana rocks!

  45. Lourenço Says:

    If I could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, it would be Kurt Cobain. Thank you for the music, Kurt. You may be gone, but you are immortal. Rest in peace.

  46. Bethany S Says:

    i love you kurt, always have and may you rest in peace. your a beautiful angel may you sing in the heavens.

  47. felipe de castelwhite Says:

    to leave this world will always have the paradigm that was truly know what happened to you?

    but your legacy is what really matters to you marked what many wanted but could never

    many laugh at me because I’m different but I laugh at them because they are all equal

    you’re gone in body but your talent will live forever

  48. Harley B. Says:

    Kurt, you’re an amazing person. I do not believe that your death was a suicide in any way. I love you bunches and I miss you everyday. You’re music will forever live on and so will your legacy.
    I’m sure you are somehow spiritually still here with is<3
    Thank you for all the music and talent that you have left with us.
    Happy 44th Birthday, Kurt Donald Cobain.
    You're loved and missed by so many fans!

  49. Jason M Says:

    R.I.P. kurt!we all love you.You never deserved to die.Justice WILL be found on your muder.once again…R.I.P

  50. Tristan Pelletier Says:

    Rest in Peace Kurt! Wished you were here to see another day with your daughter and fans.

  51. Lana Lane Says:

    You will always be in our hearts kurt and we will make sure you music lives on for the younger generations still to come………

  52. Caragh. Says:

    I miss you, even though I never got the chance to know you.
    Thankyou for helping mould me into the person I am today, through your music. If it weren’t for you, I would have given up a long time ago.
    We love you Kurt. I hope you’re at peace now, wherever you are.

  53. Taylor Pessin Says:

    Kurt, your end was so unfair. We miss you and we love you and we wish you were still here. Even though I never met you, you have been such a life saver. I hope to see you one day. Love, Taylor

  54. Chris Says:

    Fuck Courtney Love we will miss Mr. Kurt Cobain and his music will always live on Truly he Found Imortaility

  55. nikki lafreniere Says:

    thank u4 the new next genration music that will never leave our minds and our souls

  56. dimas grunge Says:

    knang lah cobaens ……
    buat pra pncinta grunge …….

    grunge is not dead..

  57. Adhy Paulus Nainggolan Says:

    thanks for your beautiful music.
    always make me high..

  58. chris Says:

    You left your daughter behind man..no matter how good the music you made was, I can’t respect someone that does that. Did you not love her? I don’t think anything you were going thru was more important then your daughter. You didn’t have it that bad to leave her without her daddy. I really hope you didn’t kill yourself. I can’t imagine ending my life and leaving my little girl behind. Fuck you coward

  59. Anurag Sethi Says:

    RIP cobain…

  60. edmun berja hernandez Says:

    thanks for the wonderful music kurt cobain!! rip

  61. dopey Says:

    Kurt Cobain was a modern day jesus christ,
    and inspired many to think more about the world around them and showed us how music and words can allow you to express,feel and experience more than you would rehaps normaly.
    His life and music taught everyone somthing valuable, you cant buy happyness, the biggest loser walking the earth can be the coolest and wisest man alive, be careful what you wish for!
    the thing I liked most about him is his honesty and the fact he just didnt give a F***!! lol 😀 RIP kurt…..

  62. pedarce Says:

    u have the most beautiful face i have ever seen and died extremely horrible, and u dont deserved it, may our Father above embrace u, mentally disturbed like u and me hope i can have the strength u didnt have before, u will be my inspiration forever on that, RIP my beautiful face i have admired too late =)

  63. yassin ussene Says:

    “voçê vive dentro das nossas almas para sempre”

  64. Luis Says:

    Music died with you in 1994. Love you Kurt

  65. Ted Says:

    Hey Kurt, you are one of the most influential people in music to me. I have been listening to Nirvana since I was born. YOUR AAWWWEESOMME

  66. Sri Shankar Kathir Says:

    Kurt… We all miss you so much!!! Love you always… Cheers… =)


  67. Kurt Was Murdered Says:

    Everyone knows Courtney killed him to inherit his money. He was divorcing her and she’d signed a prenuptial agreement which would’ve denied her Kurt’s millions so she hired a hitman to murder him. I fucking hate her and hope Courtney dies slowly of AIDS. RIP Kurt, we know the truth.

  68. Brendon Says:

    You’re always going to be beautiful and missed. I love you, Kurdt. Thanks for the beautiful gifts you’ve given this world.

  69. tailor payne Says:

    I personaly don’t think bs dead I think he’s in hidding

  70. william lee Says:

    u will be missed a lot

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