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Keith Moon

Born: 1946-08-23 - Died: 1978-09-07
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: After spending an evening with Paul and Linda McCartney and attending a screening of The Buddy Holly Story, Moon overdosed on Clomethiazole (Heminevrin), which he was on to help wean him off of alcohol.

He took 32 pills and 26 of them were found in his system undissolved.

He died in the same room at Harry Nilsson's London flat that Mama Cass of The Mamas and the Papas did.

Who was Keith Moon : Keith Moon was the drummer for the band The Who from 1964 to 1978 - the time of his demise.

The Who is of course famous for a plethora of hit songs such as My Generation, Who Are You, Pinball Wizard, Magic Bus, Squeeze Box, and Baba O'Riley to name a few.

Moon was known for his "wild" stage antics where he would proceed to smash his drums. He could perhaps be considered to be a pioneer in on-stage instrument breaking, an antic that would later be employed by bands like Sonic Youth and Nirvana.
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22 Signatures in Keith Moon's guestbook

  1. RANDY BOWEN Says:

    I guess paul really brought you down he’s been known to do that these days. miss you

  2. Handsome Johnny Says:

    Paul who?

  3. Peter Cooper Says:

    Good Drummer,clown ,joker of a great band.

  4. Dale Pluskett Says:

    Shindig Goes To England….Anybody else see it? A big round multiple stage, First time on American TV. About’66??? THE WHO toreitupp!!!I was lucky enough to see it…Luv @ 1st sight…LONG LIVE THE WHO.

  5. anibal rodriguez Says:

    el mejor bateria de todos los tiempos,irremplazable,unico mejor que john boham y mas preciso y creativo que la mayoria de los baterias de su epoca…en la actualidad hay millones de ateristas que tocan rapido y duro…pero ninguno transmite lo que hacia KEITH MOON…read me in spanish friends

  6. anibal rodriguez Says:

    es triste que la mayoria de los bateristas actuales no conoscan el legado de KEITH MOON…revoluciono la forma de tocar bateria sustituyendo el hi-hay por crashes e incluso a pedido suyo fue diseñado el conocido platillo CRASH-RIDE que en esa epoca no existia..alla por el año 1966
    el movimiento punk tiene una gran deuda con THE WHO …antes que iggy pop,antes que los ramones,antes que mc5,antes que the sex pistols o siouxies and the banshees …THE WHO eran la real banda punk…el primer tema punk”my generation” de 1965 inicio un camino que luego deformarian bandas autodenominadas”punk” que carecian de la actitud y sinceridad de THE WHO…

  7. Traci Wiliams Says:

    By the time I really listened to The Who and found out what I had been missing you were long gone. Better late than never. RIP

  8. Roy Andrews Says:

    He was a just an awesome and amazing talent

  9. Shai Says:

    R.I.P you were amazing

  10. Dr. stan. M.E. Says:

    he should have left the drugs alone what a wats of talent.

  11. Rena Grove Says:

    Keith Moon and the boys from The Who was one of thee very best bands I’ve ever seen. Truly Unforgettable. Long live Keith Moon. A true inspiration!

  12. kevin lee Says:

    I’ve listened to the who since 64 and what a truly great band they really were and still are. And keith moon to me was the ultimate drummer there will never be anouther like him god bless you keith


    the anniversary of your death is coming up and thinking so much about you and my love for the Who. I wish you could have thought of better things to do to keep you from boredom like writing your life story. unlike some others, i think you would have grown old gracefully. anyway,i will look for you in the afterlife someday.

  14. Camero McMahon Says:

    One of the best drummer’s ever.

  15. Anj Says:

    there will never be another Keith Moon,drummer or joker, what a wonderful musical legacy left for us all to enjoy, miss you greatly, will never forget you mate, may you live in all our hearts forever R.I.P.

  16. melissa Says:

    dear keith. your energy inspires me to want to stay youthful in heart forever, even if i have to grow up. The Who’s songs always make me feel better and knowing that you provided the heartbeat for the band really is the bees knees. i miss yah Keith and i hope that i can share many bowls with you when my time comes. love you so much, God bless.

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