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Karl Slover

Born: 1918-09-21 - Died: 2011-11-15
Cause of Death:
Natural Causes

Death Summary: Slover, a lifelong bachelor, lived in Dublin, Georgia until his death.

Who was Karl Slover : Slover was a Slovak-born actor who is best known for being one of the munchkin actors in The Wizard of Oz. Currently only three munchkins remain alive: Jerry Maren, Margaret Williams Pellegrini and Ruth Robinson Duccini.
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20 Signatures in Karl Slover's guestbook

  1. Joy Moore Says:

    Every time the movie The Wizard of Oz comes on I watch it.I am a number one fan.I have a room at my house in the color Yellow Brick Road.Thank you for being a great show.

  2. Debra Little Says:

    I am almost 49 now but I was an big fan of Wizard of Oz and loved the munchkins starting at age 4!!

  3. Flora Bateman Says:

    The Wizard of Oz was the first book I ever read. I love it now as much as then and watch the movie every chance I get. RIP Karl Slover

  4. John Says:

    Goodbye Karl You Had Some Really Big Ears!!!

  5. Peter Says:

    We will miss you Karl see you in munchkin heaven
    you little shit!!!

  6. Marty Says:

    I’ve seen Wizard of Oz so many times since I was a kid that I’ll say a line right before the actor does and as my grandkids came along they would just look at me in amazement…..then after they’re hooked on it they can do the same thing and we see who can say the line(s) first. We LOVE Wizard of Oz!!!!! “Follow the yellow brick road…” and “We’re off to see the wizard….” rest easy, Karl Slover

  7. Jean Paul Says:

    Was he the abortionist in munchkin land or the baker? I can’t tell the difference.

  8. James Porter Says:

    He was the abortionist at that time. His office was on lollipop lane next to the anus bleaching stand. I was the bucket man for him. 25 years of buckets of munckin fetuses.

  9. Jean Paul Says:

    Thank you for clearing that up. I remember you were the bucket man.

  10. Swaynus Says:

    I envy your ability as a bucket man. Almost no spills in all those years. Bravo sir, bravo to you.

  11. Shopvac munckin Says:

    I was the repair man for the studio fetus vacums. They were the finest years of my life and alot of munchkins that didn’t make it passed through my vacum tubes.

  12. Katie Hudson Says:


  13. Jean Paul Says:

    I hope you come back swaynus I have a few other items I am foggy on. If I am not mistaken didn’t the one legged munchkin try grow a new leg from one of the fetuses. I heard he had a secret lab under the gumdrop house. It was perhaps the scariest time in munchkin land. I do wonder about some of my memories though. At that time I was addicted to sniffing Negro anuses. Which can cloud a memory, those anuses were very powerful.

  14. Swaynus Says:

    He did have a labratory and it was a nightmare. He was stealing fetuses from the tanks or so we thought. It was really shopvac munchkin selling them to him instead of filling the tanks and incinerating them. He says the finest passed through his tubes? Well sir I know the truth and will not stop untill I have you behind bars at gumdrop prison

  15. Super munhkin Says:

    RIP my tiny brothers. Shame is a man can’t help gettin sucked out his mini mama when he just a midget fetus.

  16. stanofslofsky Says:

    I Found a midget fetus burial ground in dew drop creek. That munchkin land has been abondoned for over 40 years now. You can still hear the whistleing fetuses every night.

  17. Swaynus Says:

    I have heard the whistleing fetuses myself. That munchkin land is a scary place. I saw the vacumes man I saw them and it hurt.

  18. Lt. Lollipop Says:

    They all think they got away with it, well I ain’t resting my tiny feet until they are all put away.

  19. Heanes Says:

    Why ain’t there none black munchkins?

  20. p57 hodia Says:

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