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Jonathan Brandis

Born: 1976-04-13 - Died: 2003-11-12
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Brandis was 27 years old when he committed suicide by hanging himself. He was found hanging before he was dead and ended up passing away in the hospital from his hanging injuries a little while later.

He did not leave a note, but people close to him say that he had been depressed. According to Wikipedia, he was upset about an appearance that he had made in the film Hart's War that had been cut. A scene that he had anticipated being his comeback role. Could this have been the straw that broke the camel's back for Brandis's depression over his struggling career?

Who was Jonathan Brandis : Jonathan Brandis was a young American Actor who is probably best known for his roles on the television series Sequest DSV and in The NeverEnding Story II as well as the made for television adaptation of Stephen King's masterpiece novel IT, in which he played the story's lead character.

Brandis also played in movies like Sidekicks alongside Chuck Norris and Ladybugs with Rodney Dangerfield, and had achieved teen idol status appearing in all of the Teen Beat-type magazines driving young girls crazy all over the U.S. He dated Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Tatyana Ali for nearly 6 years.
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464 Signatures in Jonathan Brandis's guestbook

  1. David Says:

    So sad. It is hard to believe that this could be the end for somebody like that.

  2. Kai Says:

    He was a wonderful actor and I honestly didn’t know he was gone.

  3. JIMMIE Says:


  4. Denise and Alex Says:

    We are sorry to hear of his death he was a great

  5. nima Says:

    je suis trés triste de sa mort c’est un acteur que j’aimer beaucoup je le trouver trs baeu et trés sympas il former un trés jolie côuple avec Talyna Ali il restera dans ma mémoire bonne nuit Jonathan Brandis R.I.P gros bizoux

  6. Gar Says:

    Almost five years, my friend, and people still keep finding out. “May God come between you and harm in all the empty places you must walk.”

  7. Crystal Butterfy Says:

    Dear Jonathan,
    My heart sank and I cried when I found out the tragic news! I’m so deeply saddened to think that you were in such a dark place that you believed in your hear the only solution was to leave this world. Never forget that you were and are loved, by your family friends and by all you many fans.

    I hope wherever you are that your pain is forever gone and that you are now free and fulfilled by peace! You will never be forgotten and your memory will stay alive in all our hearts!

  8. daisy Says:

    i thought you were so cute. when i was younger i thought it was the scariest movie ever made. i hate that you felt so sad. but i guess ill never know what you felt, i never have been nor will i ever be famous. well your in a better place away from this crazy often scary world. you will and are always missed.

  9. Julie Says:

    It’s hard to believe he’s gone but it’s easy to remember him. Always. So talented, I wish he could have seen that in himself.

  10. Tracy Pevich Says:


  11. Marisa Says:

    I dont want to believe it, I cant. He was such a wonderful actor with so much talent, I just wish he could’ve seen it. He will forever be missed by me and alot of other fans of his. I MISS YOU JONATHAN=[

  12. Antonia Hickey Says:

    I am sooo sad about this :( I didn’t find out until yrs later and I am still devastated :( I love u jonathan!

  13. Joojoobee Says:

    Jonathan, I will never forget you. I think your death is one of the saddest. I wish there had been something someone could have done but there is nothing really someone can do when one decides to take their own lives. Your light shines on for eternity. May you feel all the love sent your way by all who admired you and cared. You are Never Forgotten.

  14. jennifer Says:

    i can’t believe he’s gone. I had such a crush on him . he was a great actor and he will be missed

  15. lamer Says:


  16. Jonathan Michaels Says:

    In the Arts Entertainment business, can be a cut throat business, they make you, and can break you. It’s such a same how some great talent end up.
    I seen Jonathan’s work from “IT” to “Ladybugs” and other guest appearances was good performances in all. RIP Jonathan, you will be missed. It sad that he had no other family (brothers or sisters) or have kids (not that anyone knows?) the only way to remember him is to re-lived the motion pictures that he had worked in

    + R.I.P Jonathan Brandis +

  17. Debbie Talo Says:

    He was an amazing actor and I just recently knew about his death. I miss you and may you rest in peace…………

  18. Alisha Adamsen Says:

    I cant believe he is gone. I didnt know he died until now. I’m sitting in front my friends computer crying and speechless. well I guess all I can say is good bye to my first crush and that I hope hes happy now and having lots of fun.

  19. jim wood Says:

    did not know he was ead.
    He was fantastic actor and should have gone far and reached his never ending stardom

  20. Margaret Says:

    Jonathan you were such a good actor and I will always remember you.You were truly a great talent.I wish you happiness & peace.

  21. aubrey Says:

    i can not believe he died he was the #1 actor i used to like him and why did he do such a thing no one knows but r.i.p. and alot of people miss you

  22. aubrey Says:

    i think he is a great actor and rip because i used to like him and alot of people will miss you so will i..

  23. louisa Says:

    u were a unique actor JB. i will miss u. R.I.P. in our hearts always.

  24. dilek Says:

    you missed…ı wish you were still here!

  25. Marcin from Poland Says:

    I just didn’t know what to think… It came as such a total surprise that the feeling was overhelming and I shed some tears to my astonishment. I couldn’t even think about more than two appearances of his that I can recall, but … Maybe it’s the way he loooked like make you feel that it wasn’t the way it was supposed to be; his boyish, childish passion, the immaculate sight, so innocent and honest the way I remembered him from the SeaQuest series. Just to think about the ultimate darkness and seclusion that he must have found himself in before he attempted the final suicadal trial …

  26. Martina Lewerenz Says:

    I´m so sorry ´couse his death! But he was a very good actor. I liked him specialy in SeaQest, when he speak and played with Darwin, or concepted the Comuter, that Darwin can speak on Board the SeaQest. He realy was a specialist! May Good take him wiht him in Heaven and forgive him the suicid.

  27. Wow Says:

    This guy has more signatures than Mr. Rogers and Marilyn Monroe. Shows America today *sigh*

  28. Suzy Says:

    5 years later, it still hurts. Be at peace, J.

  29. wilma rubia Says:

    I didn’t know jb was already dead. I like her since i watch him in the movie “sidekick” in 1995. I was very shocked.

  30. Ana Says:

    i love you JONATHAN…

  31. lanz r. bernardo Says:

    i m sad what happen on him i’m no. fan of him here in Philippines

  32. Imelda M. Says:

    I still don’t belive it. And I don’t think he is death. Well at least for me he will always be alive.

  33. Luaren Says:

    Great talent, R.I.P Jonathan.

  34. liz Says:

    i still cant stop watching jonathan on tv ive been watching the seasons of seaquest every day

  35. kath,lucy Says:

    we want to see u topless

  36. kath,lucy Says:

    ur so hot

  37. kath,lucy Says:

    we was so upset when we heard he was dead and we love him so much

  38. kath,lucy Says:

    we want to see jonathan brandis topless only him

  39. ~ADRI~ Says:

    we will all miss you and you were the best actor alive until youre fytile attemp turned for the worse we all love you and will never forget you especially in memorie…~ADRI~

  40. michelle cidro Says:

    I couldn’t believe when I heard the news, Im so sad because hes one of the best actor nowadays Im sure alot of fans really misses him ! I will never forget you !! I love you! and goodbye!!

  41. Andrea Says:

    Its sad to have lost such a young handsome taleted young man you’ll be missed much.

  42. judycellis Says:

    i was really upset when i found out that jonathan died!!!!!!

  43. tracey Says:

    its a shame ur dead,ppl kill to be rich im very poor n i think that u should have handled ur situtation better,killing urself is not the answer. r.i.p

  44. l-inuyasha Says:

    I just knew abt his death 6 yrs later. How can this be happening? I just can’t believe his gone, just like that. It’s so devastating. I really luv him as an actor. I MISS YOU JONATHAN! May God bless your soul & may you rest in peace surrounding by the angels. You will always be in my heart & prayers. I love you.

  45. Jodi Says:

    You were the first boy I ever loved on tv.

  46. a.hekimoglou Says:

    is very sad and also without logic to make this step .I believe in after life so he will be free.

  47. dani christine lamb post Says:

    i really like never ending story

  48. Shavonda Says:

    I feel you. I just found this out but I remember you. I feel so alone in this world I’m going to end this too. I feel you. I hope you rest in peace. I hope I rest in peace too when I get there.

  49. shannon clark Says:

    god bless you. u will be missed!

  50. robert parker Says:

    john your death was not needed you had so much to live for taking the easy way out is never the good thing to do i feel sorry for you . i hope you rest in peace

  51. negus Says:

    stupid faggot wasn’t good for anything piece of shit. you’ll neva be remembered!!! and for all da faggots dat signed dis they jus retarded!!

  52. negus Says:


  53. KC Says:

    so to see someone kill themselves. It’s very selfish to do that because they are gone but it leaves so much hurt for the family who loved them so much.

  54. adhiv Says:

    Goodbye little angel… Rest in peace… Jonathan still smile in the heaven…

  55. cv Says:

    Shavonda-hope you haven’t followed through with leaving this world…not always the most wonderful place, yet if you stick it out you will discover what you were meant to do…I pray your loneliness leaves and you can help someone else in the same dark place

  56. Aleksandar Says:

    He will forever be missed.
    “The hour of departure has arrived and we go our ways; I to die, and you to live. Which is better? Only God knows”.

    Socrates (BC 469-BC 399) Greek philosopher of Athens.

  57. Chrissy Says:

    I can’t believe he is gone and I am only finding out about it now! Amazes me how some people will never truly know the talent that they had because it was never told to them while they were alive. His acting went far beyond physical appearances which is the test of true acting. May your family and friends have some peace knowing that you are in a better place.

  58. Charity Says:

    i am totally speechless…i never knew you were gone until like today. its like a swiff of memoria from my high school that i suddenly thought about you and remembered how i adored and followed all your appearances on the magazines (which were pretty expensive in my country back then!Philippines!)…i will miss you….

  59. Lorenia Says:

    I’m really sorry for his family, this must have been hard for them. I really liked him and all his movies. I can’t believe people don’t seek for help when depressed. Friends should be support for this, if you notice something’s wrong with one of your friends and can’t ask for help for him/her self, that’s why God put you in their way.

  60. april Says:

    i was always looking for this guy on t.v. and was wondering what happen. i just youtube and found out today.

  61. Erica Peña Says:

    I sitll can’t believe it…

  62. tracy Says:


  63. jonas Says:

    i never knew that he was dead until a couple hours ago..it was quite a shock for me, still..as i used to had a huge crush on him when i was in secondary school..shame that he had to die that way..suicide is never a way out..you’ll end up hurting others who love you and never even had a chance to apologize..

  64. Candace Says:

    I hadn’t been aware that Johnathan was gone. I remember him and thought he had potential. I’m so saddened that you didn’t have more faith in yourself that fate would eventually change and things would get better for you.

  65. Amanda Says:

    I was shcoked when I heard he was gone. My cousin and I used to have a huge crush on you. You were so hot! I’ll miss you. R.I.P Jonathan.

  66. Sarah & Dianarose Says:

    Dear Jonathan,
    You were a wounderful actor and we are all heart broken that you are now in heaven and you will be missed and you will always be loved by your family,friends and all your fans.

  67. Rebel Says:

    From rising star to shooting star and to then ending as a falling star…he’ll be missed

  68. lanette Says:

    rip jman i didnt kno his was gone.

  69. Lidija Alvarez-Previously Knudtson Says:

    I met Johnatan on the set of “It’s a Digital World” in which my daughters Dijana and Andrea were cast. Later, we were invited to his 18th birthday party.We saw him again at the screening of “It’s a Diggital World”.Sadly, at that time my daughter Dijana was dead- comitted suicide.I kept strong for my daughter Andrea and continued life, so we came to the screening and took pictures as a group with Jonathan. He was so gracious even though he was the only one that has been established as an actor. This was Jessica Biel’s first movie. I stopped keeping track of celebreties we knew after my daughter Andrea refused to act without her sister, so I just now found out about Jonathan. I am watching Ride with the Devil, and I couldn’t recognize him so I Googled him. So sad. I feel for his family because I know first hand how it feels. May God bless them all and give them strenght. And you Jon,will live forever in our hearts. You will be remembered as the sweetest person we knew in the world of Hollywood.

  70. Lidija Alvarez-Previously Knudtson Says:

    Love always, Lidija and Andrea Knudtson

  71. Aleksandra Says:

    Sooo sad:( You will be missed

  72. Jasmin Says:

    I knew Jonathan when I was in elementry school. I was about 8 or 9 years old and we phoned very often and for a long time. At that time he was already doing commercials. Since 1989 I am back in Germany, where I actually come from and I was shocked when I heard about his suicide. May he r.i.p. and hopefully he has found what he was looking for in heaven.
    I wish we would have had spent more time together when we were kids.
    Bye Jonathan

  73. roxanne baptiste Says:

    miss u jonathon

  74. Tauqir Says:

    A loser always choose Suicide

  75. Dana Says:

    So truly sad…. i used to watch his shows all the time…..I had know idea that this had happened…. condolence to the family

  76. S Says:

    i recently watched a movie with jonathan in it and i had seen him before so i decided to google him .. and when i did i was in shock that he had killed himself six years ago … although i am too young to have been a fan of him in his teenage years .. i still cried when i watched one of his youtube memorial video’s … and i now kno what a great actor he was + he was a teenage 90’s heart-throb around the world …..he IS greatly missed!!!!!- S

  77. Marg Says:

    You were talented and smart.Rest in peace,Jonthan

  78. Jessica Palmer Says:

    i feel like crying still i cant believe you are gone. i was such a huge fan!i always wanted to meet you. so i hope in my next life that we do get to meet. you where a great actor! just gone to soon :-(

  79. Mindy Bearden Says:

    u will be missed

  80. Samuel H. Avalos Says:

    u didnt have to go like this man.

  81. Jenny Says:

    i remember him. So sad. So young. Missed

  82. Page Cole Says:

    I am so very sorry.

  83. Samantha Says:

    you were truly an amazing actor and you will be greatly missed

  84. GAILE Says:

    What a great shame that this lovely person has left us….bye

  85. hortin céline Says:

    mon cher jo j’espére que tu heureux là ou tu es maintenant, entouré d’anges comme toi! c’est bientôt la date de ton triste anniversaire et je ne pourrai laisser un petit mot ce jour-là mais est toujours dans mon coeur et dans mes pensées. J’espère que là ou tu es tu as trouvé le repos et le bonheur car tu le mérite. Tu nous manques terriblement…ton sourire, ta “geule” d’ange,tu nous manques tant UNE ADMIRATRICE DE LONGUE DATE à bientôt je t’embrasse MON ANGE

  86. hortin céline Says:

    mon cher jo j’espére que tu heureux là ou tu es maintenant, entouré d’anges comme toi! c’est bientôt la date de ton triste anniversaire et je ne pourrai pas laisser un petit mot ce jour-là mais tu est toujours dans mon coeur et dans mes pensées. J’espère que là ou tu es tu as trouvé le repos et le bonheur car tu le mérites. Tu nous manques terriblement…ton sourire, ta “geule” d’ange,tu nous manques tant UNE ADMIRATRICE DE LONGUE DATE à bientôt je t’embrasse MON ANGE

  87. Pozsgai Judit Says:

    Egy ideje már hiányoltam Jonathant, sehol nem lehetett róla hallani, utánanéztem mi lehet vele, de teljesen megdöbbentem mikor megtudtam, hogy már meghalt. Nagyon szomorú vagyok, hogy egy ilyen végtelen szimpatikus, jóképű és tehetséges színésznek, mint ő, ilyen sors jutott. Hihetetlen. / It’s incredible, I still don’t belive it.

  88. cari kimberlin Says:

    it is sad that a talented person like this is taken from us he will be missed very much he will be always remembered and thought of in are hearts

  89. Sean Breeden Says:

    Jonathan Brandis would be one hell of an actor if he was still alive today. I loved him in Sidekicks. It is a horrible tragedy when someone takes their own life. Very sad.

  90. Ambrosiarose )0( Says:

    sadly missed…deeply loved…never forgotten…RIP Jon )0(

  91. Jon Says:

    What can I say. Hindsight is always 20/20.

  92. Christian James Angelou Says:

    Omg! didnt know…he was my first crush ever…i hope the limelight never gets another one like him…love u john

  93. rachel cook Says:

    i loved you so much john and i’m so sorry that you had to do that to yourself did you know that you had wonderful beautiful fan’s that loved you so much and why did you have to end your life like that for i really had a crush on you when the first time i saw you on the horror movie called stephen king’s IT as bill i couldn’t stop having fantasy dream’s of you and now i just found out that you killed yourself you know when i found out about that i can’t never stop crying my eye’s out when you did that to yourself you are the most lovable person and the world and you had alot of fan’s that looked up to you and that really cared about you alot you know i don’t know why you would just hang yourself like that did you had a horrible life sweetie and if you did you can alway’s pray to the good lord and he well help you out through all your problem’s so i’m just saying that i still love you very much and i can’t wait to see you again on the other side i love you baby love your fan alway’s rachel cook

  94. rachel cook Says:

    and you will alway’s be missed by your lovely fan’s 4-ever take care on the other side baby i’m never gonna be happy for what you did but i’m still going to love you sugar pie.

  95. gabii Says:

    jonathan, i wish you could’ve seen how much more you had to offer the world. i was watching the neverending story and even as a child, i could see what you would grow up to accomplish. you still had so much time left to do so much. i wish you could’ve given yourself a chance. i didn’t know you had died until a couple of days ago and i can honestly say that my heart broke just a little. i hope that wherever you are you can see how much you’re cared for.

  96. Tammi Jephcote Says:

    You was an inspiring actor, i wish you wold have stayed to see and know that. your time would have come for you to show how amazing you are, if only you would have stayed 2 achieve that.R.I.P xx

  97. Stevie Says:

    i just found out today what happened to you and i got to say that my heart aches and my eyes weep. this is a absolute shame and horrible tradgedy and i really pray that you are at peace. i had a huge crush on you when i was growing up and my all time favorite movie of yours was The Never Ending Story. you have touched many lives during your short stay with us and please know that you will be greatly missed by many and in our hearts forever, may you rest in peace Dear Jonathan.xo

  98. SARAH Says:


  99. jenny Says:

    Words can’t express how much I had adored johnathan as a kid growing up. I would look for boys who resembled him and it was easy attracting guys who did look like him, lol. I’m 24 now and it breaks my heart that he’s gone and that other young people still feel that ending their life is easier and realize the pain they leave behind. Suicide is and always never be the answer in solving a problem. Life is hard but it’s the only one you have, make it into whatever you want just don’t give up!

  100. Mari Says:

    this is so sad. I know its been awhile since he died but I still feel so bad about it.

  101. fida Says:

    jonathan, even they cut your scene you already famous in our heart..you shuld not hang yourself coz we all always love you…

  102. fida Says:

    u always in my heart…may god bless you..

  103. fida Says:

    dear god, plss place him with the one you ever love ,pls forgive him for everything that he might done,amin..

  104. Anna Says:

    Jon, I love you so much.

  105. miles dug Says:

    i rock and you make me cry. your words bring tears to my eye

  106. Kendra Tolliver Says:

    We love you, we miss you… RIP

  107. NADIA Says:


  108. Anna Says:

    I am so sad to find this =[ I loved The NeverEnding Story and I have never forgotten your acting even though I was so young. I am shocked to know that you have left us.

  109. Haillebeth Says:

    I feel sorry for his family. he was such a great actor (and cute too!)
    Although, suicide is just stupid, and that is definitely not gonna earn a place in heaven.

  110. Ethan Says:

    Jonathan, I only found out about your death last year and even though my memories of you are very vague, it still came as such a shock. It’s a real shame that we’ll never get to see what else you had to offer and it sucks knowing you were in such a bad place before you died. You had so much talent and your work on screen still affects people now and I’m sure it always will. It would’ve been your 34th birthday tomorrow so Happy Birthday mate, hopefully you’re celebrating in style wherever you are. We miss you!

  111. carrie Says:

    Oh my gosh I was so sorry to hear about his death, I so loved him especially on seaquest dsv. Awesome actor who has been missed. Love You

  112. Sally Says:

    I cannot believe he died! Omg… I was wondering what happened to him.. Rest In Peace :(

  113. megan Says:

    Omg he was so good at acting i really miss him his shows i think he had a show im not so sure havent watched him for a while but i love you and i miss u RIP Johnathan Brandis u will be missed :(

  114. Brittney Elam Says:

    Jonathan Brandis i will miss u it sad that felt the need to take your life when you look like a beautiful person on the inside and out y y y we will never know but you be remembered

  115. GIA Says:

    YOU carried such light, love, and and enthusiam. Your soul transended and radiated in your smile and eyes. Ur memory will forever shine. RIP PRINCE.

  116. Mila Says:


  117. Mila Says:

    YOU carried such light, love, and and enthusiam. Your soul transended and radiated in your smile and eyes. Ur memory will forever shine.

  118. tash Says:

    didn’t even know he passed..so many young actors are dying off. Honestly Hollywood can seriously be a death sentence

  119. victoria murphy Says:

    omg i’ve just found out right now, i feel so sad, i loved the never ending story!

  120. micki Says:

    you were the love of my life when i was a young girl i will never forget the feelings ihad for you and how you made me realize what love is all about

  121. Carol Karm Says:

    Jonathan I thought you were a wonderful actor.and you would have made a great director and screenwriter. you just needed to give it some time and your time would have come. I wish I could have met you to tell you that

  122. Carol Karm Says:

    carol says june 21 2010 at 3:36 Jonathan I wish you were still alive. today I probably would be watching one of the movies you wrote miss you

  123. Claudio Perini Says:

    I’ve already written my think about our Jonathan five days later on this book, and other people writing in this book, like me, a little lot of thinking, therefore the lenght of our writing isn’t the cause of the disappear. Why all my writing non appear ? ‘Cause this is not The Official Book, but simply one of the much memorial guestbook ? How many memorial guestbook does exists ?
    All together bury the hatchet, in memory of Jon.
    You, Jonathan, being made of joy, I have a clear memory of your shining life, and understand your end (I’m depressed too). Ciao, Jon : sooner or later we all meet to you, in Heaven, and living an ethernal and neverending joy all together.
    Claudio from Mestre (Venice) – Italy

  124. Haley Says:

    i have never really known him as an actor. i was watching full house bloopers and there was one with him in it and someone commented asking if it was ture and someone said yes. but i do remember seeing him in some of the older movies, and he was indeed a very good actor.

  125. Carlos Says:

    So Sad that he took that decision , he was great in ladybugs , he seemed like a nice guy , Rest in peace he was good actor , a normal kid

  126. Gemma Says:

    Don’t know why I fond myself on this site today. Just remembered what had happened to him and it made me feel quite sad. What a shame.

  127. wally wilson Says:

    sorry about his death

  128. chelsea Says:


  129. joseph j.d. Says:

    He is one of my favorite people of all time.I love him.

  130. Elizabeth Lynn Says:

    Jonathan Brandis was my all time favorite actor and I will miss him very much…I didnt know that he pass away for a long an I found out bout it on the internet and it was so heartbreaking to find that out bout him….He was the best actor that I had ever seen…Jonathan, I cant believe that you are gone and that you was truely the best actor that I had ever seen an that you would be truely miss…I love you

  131. Gina Says:

    when i was younger i loved jonathon brandis i watched everyting he was in my favorite was ladybugs he was my favorite actor and to this day he remains just that i couldnt beleive when i found out that he took his life he will be greatly missed and loved forever rest in peace jonathon you will never be forgotten <3

  132. heather Says:

    very sad rip

  133. david gasca Says:

    im shocked and upset that i just found out.
    I have missed him.

  134. Matt Says:

    Wow, never knew he passed away. just happened to run across it this morn. Very sad…R.I.P

  135. rachel Says:

    i was so shocked and upset coz i didnt know that he passed away,,i still remember when i was in elementary,,i have a big crush on him bcoz he’s so handsome in SEAQUEST,,i’m so sad,,i think i cant sleep 2night thinking of him,,asking y he do that,,,i will pray for your soul dear jonathan to rest in peace….PAALAM….

  136. Alex Says:

    I just found out two days ago. I was in Iraq in 2003 when Jonathan Brandis killed himself. I had no idea this had happened. Since I was a kid I watched him in Never Ending Story, Ladybugs and Sidekicks and a few others always looking up to him.

    I have these same feelings of suicide due to the PTSD from the Iraq War but I am getting help to fight these temptations and I am very upset that Jonathan killed himself due to depression. I am younger than Jonathan but even as a Marine I always looked up to this guy and never knew what happened to him till recently. You will be missed and I am so sorry I just found out now 7 years later. I’ve had allot to deal with in that time since so I just didn’t know. So sad. Child hood hero gone forever.

  137. Lee Says:

    I just watched Stephen King’s ‘IT’ and really enjoyed the performance of the actor Jonathan Brandis. I looked him up and I was stunned to hear that he had taken his own life 7 years ago. Suggestions were that he was depressed over the state of his career, for someone who had shot to fame at such a young age and seen such highs its a shame that no one prepared him for the inevitable lulls that are always going to happen.

    RIP Jonathan Brandis. Only the good die young.

  138. Lee Says:

    Jonathan Brandis final work before he died was called The Slainesville Boys. Jonathan produced and directed this short film and I found it on funnyordie.com.


  139. Alicia Says:

    Salute to Jonathan Brandis! I loved him as a kid and it’s so sad to hear about these kinds of things happening. He was a pretty good actor and he was so cute!!

  140. Eva Rodrigues Says:

    Why did you do it, Jonathan? You were so lovely and we really miss you. R.I.P –

  141. Maria Castro Says:

    Once there was a time all I can remember praying for was becoming an actress and meeting Jonathan Brandis. Love you forever. See you in heaven :'(

  142. alicja knapik Says:

    bardzo mi przykro z powodu przedwczesnej smierci waszego syna na ręce rodziców składam serdeczne cho doś spóżnione kondolencje

  143. Taylor Says:

    I feel awful, he was an amazing actor, may he rest in peace, “May Godkeep you happy and safe, let no harm come to you”

  144. Darah Says:

    Thank you for the years of continued entertainment. May you rest in peace.

  145. Michelle Says:

    I just found out when I googled him to see pictures.To see what he looked like now. I had such a huge crush on him when I was a teenager, he was my favorite actor!!!!! I was stunned when I read that he had killed himself!

  146. Kerry Russell Says:

    I have only just found out that he died and how he died. He was one of my fave. actors when I was a teenager in the early 90’s. So sad that he didn’t see what everyone else saw him to be. My love and heart goes out to all his family and may his memory live with you forever. God’s comfort to you!

  147. Tom Brown Says:

    I was bored at work and trying to find an E-Book on Stephen King’s IT to download and read. One thing lead to another, and I’m just now finding out he died. 7 years later, but, for me, it’s almost like he just died today. RIP Jonathan Brandis. One of my favorite actors of all time.

  148. Alicia B Says:

    I loved you as a child and I still love you…I am sorry that I didn’t know you personally to be able to show you the many wonderful things that life can offer apart from the superficial things individuals judge us on. Love always <3 RIP

  149. koi Says:

    i can believe this!! i just found out. i actually a JB tattoo when i was 13, i was sooo in love. Seaquest DSV is actually what inspired me to be the marine biologist i am today…so sad…

  150. koi Says:

    i cant believe this! i actually got a JB tatto when i was 13! i was sooo in love…Seaquest DSV is actually what inspired me to be the marine biologist i am today…so sad….

  151. Jake Says:

    Usually I don’t care about actors, I am more interested in the gorgeous actresses! However, Jonathan was someone I had known (not personally of course) almost my entire life. I remember going to the movies when I was just 8 years old to see “The Neverending Story 2” – (one of my all time favourite movies). I also loved “Seaquest DSV”. So sad that such a talented man had to rob himself of a life that could have been so successful. R.I.P. Jon dude.

  152. Jake Says:

    I think what is the most upsetting though is the fact that he was only a couple of years older than me. He was old enough to be my brother. I also feel sad that he was so upset that he thought the best solution to was to end it all… which is never the solution. One of my fave actors of all time – gone forever.

  153. SARAH Says:


  154. marini bestarie Says:

    OMG…i’m sorry to hear that… He was so cute and i love him.. May jesus forgive/ mercy all his mistake..and bring him the the best place in heaven…

  155. marini bestarie Says:

    Dear,handsome jonathan… if u still alive, ur age now is 34 years old [Born: 1976-04-13 – Died: 2003-11-12].. If u still alive, maybe rite now u were a handsome daddy for ur kids… If u still alive, and u ask me to marry u…i will not refuse… Oh Dear God, he was gone too soon… :'(

  156. Tonedi Bejko Says:

    You were a great young star on earth, now you will be a great star in the all mighty sky

  157. T.Jozwick Says:

    Rest in Peace

  158. Heather Pinson Says:

    OMG!a random net search lead me to this horrible. brandis was my childhood crush…so sweet. Condolences to his family and friends.

  159. Kristen Says:

    You’ll always be in my dreams…

  160. Camille Says:

    So sorry to see such a wonderful man die.I thought he was such a handsome man.I found him attractive and he was a great actor.I will miss him so.I did not find out till now that he was dead.I also love you Johnathan.

  161. ROBERT MUERTO Says:

    so sad,this is what hollywood does to our youth..

  162. Tonya Says:


  163. mia Says:

    im truly disappoitned that you didnt have as much faith in urself as i had in you but i know your in a better placeRIP

  164. Lacri Says:

    He was a very bright start with strong appearance. Even if he is no longer with us – I wont forget.

  165. kb Says:

    its so sad to go out like that, he was a wonderful actor. will be missed

  166. JohnBenmorgan@yours.com Says:

    well there is only one thing that led him to commit suicide ,harrasment etc and tbh i think the case should be opened again. jonathan had a good life ,good actor and im truly sad that i had to find out so late

  167. Unknown Says:

    RIP Jonathan you were truly talented, one of the best actors I’ve seen

  168. grace Says:

    oh,jonathan,i have no idea..7 years has passed i just knew now.i loved you so much,i`ve watched seaquest episode all of it,and neverending story,oh God,i just cant believe,you were gone..i remember just now about you and looked you up in the net about how u were doin,if you got married or had kids,but what a sad news..
    jonathan,you should`ve hold on a little bit more and believed yourself,because your a great actor…and i know chances will still come for you..i will miss you..i love you forever..

  169. Robert Valle Jr Says:

    I have seen and heard that Hollywood is very fickle and feel a young talent was destroyed by the entertainment business. Jonathan should have fought you never know what tomorrow might bring.
    There is always an alternative except death no one can find a solution for that. God Bless you Jonathan and I hope Jesus will forgive you for ending your life and you find peace, GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER – BOBBY V

  170. Jennifer Says:

    Til today, I knew that he had passed away..

  171. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m miss him he was an amazing actor. R.I.P Jonathan Brandis we love you!

  172. Cassandra Says:

    He was loved and will always be remembered.

  173. Elizabeth Breeding Says:

    R.I.P maybe you can be happy with god now

  174. Katherine Hwang Says:

    Well, what can I say, I am must says that I am quiet shock that he is gone, I am send my deep condolence and my tough to him.

    Jonathan is quiet a good actor, I was start to know him when I was in the high school about 15 years ago and I have been his fans before, but now even I have not see him come out on the TV, but I am still remember him!

    I will still love and support Jonathan forever and I wish him rest in peace, he is such a really good actor and I will always remember him!

  175. Chrissie Says:

    Well, if only he could see all this now. This is the sadness of child actors who never know anything else. When things get bumpy, they don’t know HOW to do anything else and become a mess.

    Parents please learn from this sad and tragic loss and so many others, do not make this your children’s path, very few make it as adults and do not know what to do with themselves. Leading to drug/alcohol abuse, depression and/or unfortunately suicide for many.

    To his parents, I hope they are well and look every so often and see how much love he had. If only he knew how much he had.

    It’s a sad loss for our generation.He had allot more to give if only he could have worked though the darkness he was feeling at the time.


  176. richard Says:

    i have see jonathan brandis on tv on seaquest dsv he was a very good actor and my hart gos out to his family and friends i will allways think of him so jonathan brandis may you rest in peace i miss you lots ,

  177. richard Says:

    i will naver forget you jonathan brandis and may you rest in peace,

  178. Gina Says:

    So sorry for his passing. We will still enjoy his movies. He was a beautiful person.

  179. Linda Says:

    So sad to hear about his death. I liked him movies.

  180. Christopher Says:

    It’s so bad that one of my childhood young actor died.

  181. margie Says:

    i was thinking about you, then all of the sudden they had a clip about celeberties that were gone and i saw your picture, i was shocked and with out words, so were so beautiful i never knew about how lonely you must of felt and alone, and to know that you tryed to take your own life, i will pray for you that you have found the light, and as you know your legacy still lives on, if it did not i would of never known you were gone if it was not for that clip, you were and will always be my heart-throb and i will keep you alive in my memories. love you Jonathan

  182. anna Says:

    RIP jonathan 1976-2003
    i made myself a small jonathan tribute page
    for all new jonathan fans
    i only find in 2008 that jonathan died
    im jonathan from australia

  183. Carol Karm Says:

    I love you and miss you.

  184. Damian Says:

    RIP John. you will be sadly missed. rest easy!!

  185. Pamiekae Says:

    Although I’m saddened to learn of his death, I’m also mad. At 27 he much to offer to the world. Whether it was acting or in some other form, there was always tomorrow to look too and see what it could bring to make like worth living. Now you will never know the wonderful things life still had in store for you and you’ve left friends and family always wondering what else they could have done to stop you. So unfair to do that to them and to those who had yet to see what you had to show the world.

  186. patti Says:

    Dear Jonathan, you inspired through many challenges including my battle with cancer, I wish I could have helped you … please continue to inspire us from where you are…

  187. sarah Says:

    rest in peace, jonathan. <3

  188. joC Says:

    poor Jonathan! how we all love you.. if only you could speak to someone about your problem.. or Im sure someone must’ve approached you for help but you have refused? Of all the good deeds and fame with success your life had.. Im sure nothing of these worldy success can help you out from the place where you are now deeply tormented, in hell. 19 For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: 20 These are the things which defile a man: but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man.
    Matt 15:19-20 (KJV)
    Jonathan signed for an evil spirited filled movie.. nothing is real in the neverending story? just fabricated lies upon lies.. and that spirit of suicidal has took over his life, and that was all satan WANTS from this world, especially our children…STEAL, KILL AND DESTROY!..So better watch what your kids are watching.. Evil spirits dont have bodies but they come in all forms of weird and ungly looking animals.. its the truth!
    It’s too late now!

  189. April Says:

    I just found out that Jonathan brandis had died and it is just so sad and i am now watching him on the neaver ending story 2 and man look how cute he was in that movie man rip Jonathan brandis

  190. April Says:

    I wish i could have met him if anyone thinks of killing themself please think of your family and please call the hotline please

  191. Shar Says:

    he was my first celebrity crush, but his death saved my life, i was 16 and in hearing he had passed away led to me becoming aware that i was suffering from severe depression and had been suffering for a very long time, without his tragic death bring about this realization and treatment i dont know if i would still be here.

  192. LORENZO Says:

    ciao,amico….i remember u…:(

  193. LORENZO Says:


  194. stevie Says:

    Sad to hear the news! Me and collin loved this movie! He will be missed


  195. Charlotte Smith Says:

    We will never forget you…Rest in Peace!!!!

  196. Ema (Brunei) Says:

    I’m watching one of his movies ‘Ladybugs’ now, didn’t realise it was JB in it. Oh how i missed watching him act, miss his blue/green eyes. He was so cute. And he was my first crush hehehehe. I only knew about his his death a few yrs back and still can’t believe that he’s gone. If only he knew that his fans supports him, he might still be alive now. RIP dear JB, u will always be missed. Love u… 

  197. Becky Says:

    you were an amazing actor! r.i.p! hope you find my mum up in heaven! you will be missed!xx

  198. Angela Says:

    I had no idea he had passed away. I have sen every series and movie he was in. He was a teenage heart throb to many of us when we were young.

  199. Kim Pompa Says:

    So sorry to hear of this loss to the world.A handsome and extremely intense young actor, Jonathan would have had more opportunities had he just had more faith. My heart aches or him and his family.

  200. Mia Says:

    CHUCK NORRISSS! sorry btw

  201. ANTONIO Says:


  202. ANTONIO Says:


  203. Howie Jett Says:

    I’m so sad to hear about his death. I just watched the Neverending Story II and enjoyed it so much. He really made the movie and did a wonderful job in his role. I wish him the best and hope he is happy wherever he is.

  204. Robbie Jett Says:

    He was a great actor, and he seemed like he had a lot of potential. He was a great loss and he had a bright future ahead of him.

  205. kc Says:


  206. jennifer Says:

    i was just having a conversation with my girlfriends today about our first loves and your name was the first that came up. i had your picture all over my bedroom walls as a young girl. every week i would tape seaquest so i could watch it throughout the week. i was so sorry to hear of your passing and had to see it for myself. what a handsome talented man. part of my life that will surely be missed.

  207. Beverly Says:

    Many fall into the pit of depression, but some don’t find their way out. Jonathan is unforgettable, and he will always be a bright place in my memories.

  208. Luana Says:

    Didn’t You Know That Life Held Sooo Much More …. I Hope That Your At Peace Now .

  209. LadyD Says:

    miss u a lot…

  210. Tyler Staffen Says:

    Out of my research, shopping for gadgets online may be easily expensive, although there are some tips and tricks that you can use to obtain the best things. There are always ways to locate discount discounts that could help to make one to ge thet best consumer electronics products at the lowest prices. Good blog post.

  211. mats olchondra Says:

    “i will miss you and i love you 4ever”rest in peace

  212. Your friend still. Says:

    Not a day goes by that i don’t still think of you. So many fond memories. I will never forget you.

  213. Sabrina Danas Says:

    Such a wonderful actor, it is ashame that he didn’t see what was right in front of him, what was there to be sad about, we will never know what your heart was going threw, you will always be miss by thousand or millions, may you rest in peace my friend, we will see you again someday

  214. cheryl Says:

    i really never knew, wow what a shock, i love him as a actor.he was a very handsome, but most of all what a shame, such a nice young man. the good die young they say.

  215. Michael Comella Says:

    A very sad end for a young man with so much to live for.

  216. Victoria Says:


  217. Sandra Says:

    Such a loss and at such a young age. Deoression is a terrible thing and has taken a lot of lives-young and old.Sympathy to his family.

  218. lilly Says:

    i so miss him :(

  219. Rob Says:

    r.i.p. bro

  220. Patrick Boyland Says:

    So Sad, I am watching SeaQuest now and reminded of his talent! Never gonna forget.

  221. Lisa Says:

    He was a wonderful actor…R.I.P

  222. josh Says:

    you deffenetly made an impact._in a world where few notice those who fall short of happyness_..God bless the dead_and you bro^R.I.P^_much luv

  223. teresa sosa Says:

    one day i decided to look him up,remembering how i thought he was the cutest guy ever when i was young. i had no idea that he died. he was the best and still the cutest. part of me wishes not to have looked him up-he’d still be alive. however he will in my heart. wherever you are, i hope you found peace.

  224. Marg Says:

    Jonathan,you are missed and remembered. Nothing will ever change the impact you had on so many people.You were very handsome,talented and friendly. R.I.P.

  225. natalee Says:

    R.I.P Jonathan you are sadly missed and deeply loved by your fans all over the world… this is coming from the small island of jamaica… we love you Jonathan… <3

  226. Ruslan Says:

    Замечательнейший актёр.К великому сожалению таких как очень и очень мало.

  227. Mike Says:

    I did not know he died. I still remember watching him in Sidekicks when I was a kid.

  228. Yvonne Newman Says:

    Jonathan Brandis, a wonderful actor, I am so sorry you thought your life worth ending. Watching you grow up was wonderful.

  229. Shannon Says:

    It is extremely sad that Jonathan was in such agony near the end of his life. He had a lot to live for and many, many people cared about him and wanted to see him reach his potential. He was a great actor and seems like a very nice guy. I pray he, his family,friends and fans have found peace. Jonathan is one beautiful angeL that is missed terribly. RIP. <3

  230. Jnik DV Says:

    Forever in our hearts…RIP…

  231. kirsty newlands Says:

    Great actor love sidekicks and IT xx

  232. Julie Says:

    Jonathan was one of my favorite actors when I was young.His role in IT is one that sticks in my memory. Such a shame he is gone. Will always remember you.

  233. EK Says:

    I am v… Sad

  234. Jonas Says:

    Salamat sa mga magagandang pelikulang gawa mu

  235. sotto,jeffrey phil,, Says:

    o i cant belive it his a good actor..in seaq dsv,,his to yung,,

  236. James Benson Says:

    Great actor, great talent, great person. Only the good die young.

  237. "G" Says:

    Wow! just watched sidekick last night and my 23 year old daughter said I wonder what is is doing now. Depression kills so many people. He will be missed. Rest in peace Johathan

  238. Zac Efron Says:

    He had a sexual problem just like me.

  239. sandy Says:

    will miss u forever dude….u were awsome n will be awsome forever for me…..dude i just saw IT…n ur acting was so super man……Rest In Peace..

  240. kelie Says:

    when i watched the movie ladybug and i saw R.I.P. JB i was like who could that be… i was hoping it wasn’t you cause i had a cruse on you. and when i google it in all of a sudden it upset me that you toke you life away so young and handsome. i may not know how you had felt to lead you to that decision but a part of me kind of do. R.I.P hope to see you in heaven with God’s forgivness for you. P.S i still love u J.B.

  241. Jennifer Delgado Says:

    I miss u jonathan you were awsome in every movie you played in. I had a big crush on u growing up. Its hard to belive your gone.

  242. Ellie Says:

    Gone but not forgotten…

  243. mahesh Says:

    we miss u Jon. we are watching seaquest thesedays…we like u very much.

  244. Jackie Says:

    I cannot believe you are gone. I just found out. I was just talking about how much of a teen crush I had on you and loved the movie ‘Ladybugs’. I also lost my father to suicide. I know how hard depression can be, and how hard it is for your family having lost you. I will keep them in my prayers.
    You are truly missed. I hope you are now at peace.

  245. therese Says:

    i cant believe u are gone when i was younger i was hooked on seaquest i wish you would of stayed around as i know you would of made it big … you will be missed..

  246. jack Says:

    is there a neverending story on the other side, i hope so and i hope you’ve found the happiness you deserve over there..

  247. Curtis Magnuson Says:

    I had watched Jonathan when he appeared in Seaquest DSV. Wanted to know what he had done since that time. What a shock and am very sad he was a wondeful person. Hope he finds the peace he desearves.

  248. Ruthie Says:

    I am so sad to find out this wonderful actor & person died due to his depression. Depression needs to be talked about & dealt with so things like this will not happen to another individual. He had so much to give & I loved watching him grow up in the moves he made & people he played. I had no idea he passed until going on this site. He will be greatly missed. My heart goes out to his family…

  249. abbie Says:

    a very good actor…

  250. carrie davis Says:


  251. Jessica Says:

    To this day thinking of Jonathan still saddens me deeply, coming up on the anniversary of his death as well :'(
    My GF’s and I were just talking about how much we loved his work, and how gorgeous he was, such a talent taken away from us much too soon, just like so many other greats in the biz. RIP Jon, you are thought of and greatly missed! XOXO

  252. Aizhan Says:

    OMG, I was in love with Jonathan when I was 10. So sad to realize that he’s gone. He was so young. This is so crazy. I’ll always remember you, J

  253. Bryan Says:

    I was in total shock when I found out he was gone. I was wondering where he had been and why I had not seen him on tv or in movies, never thinking he was gone. Such a loss of a great talent! It will be 8 years tomorrow. I hope you are at peace my friend!

  254. imel Says:

    I really loved him. Too bad he died in such a young age. I am trully sad that he had broke up with tatyana ali. they were such a cute couple.RIP.

  255. imel Says:

    i loved him. Too bad his gone. Too bad to his relationship with tatyana ali broke up. RIP.

  256. Lisa Yanda Says:

    I loved all his movies. He is really missed.

  257. dan martin Says:

    he will be missed..

  258. dan martin Says:

    he was great..

  259. jonathan brandis Says:

    i am not dead, dont worry guys

  260. Maricen bonzon Says:

    I am madly deeply inlove to jonathan, the lonellyest part of my life, is knowning that he been dead my that way, i wish that day, doesnt happen if he know god into his life, and life is not being popular, life is life with the lord with peace of mind ,happiness contentment what you have, and gladness that you can feel with or without, anything in our life, i know am late, to say this to him.=( i hope every people out there that know who really are god is and how god work into our life. Lets share it to others , so they may know how god’s love so sweet. God bless every body

  261. Adam Says:

    I just watched “Sidekicks” again after about 15 years. I wondered what happened to Jonathan and I am deeply upset to hear about this.


  262. everyone and anyone Says:

    Im so very sorry for his family’s loss.He seemed like a great person and actor.God bless him and his loved one’s

  263. Brittany Cheek Says:

    Insane…. im almost speech less!

  264. Yadira Ann Says:

    He was one of my teeny bop favorites.. I was waiting for him to have a break out role I was a huge fan. I am sad to think that he just left us. Wish it wasnt so… So handsome, so talented..

  265. Nadine & Narda Says:

    You were a beautiful and gifted actor, whose innate charm and grace will be forever missed. We hope your infectious smile still shines in heaven. Your presence in this world will never be forgotten. We love you always…’til time and times are done.

  266. Brittany Says:

    I was one of your biggest fans; I even wrote you a letter when I was in kindergarten, you never wrote back. I know you were busy. I will never forget when I found out about your death, I had just graduated high school a few months before. I still watch all of your movies. *YOU WILL BE MISSED*

  267. adam arriola Says:

    jonathan is one my favorite actors i grew up watching him as kid and am so saddended by his death. But hes still such an inspriration to me and was the one to influence me to start acting and writing. Thank you jonathan. You will always be loved and missed

  268. Robert Cather Says:

    What a terrible way to go. So sad, really. Maybe he had problems he never divulged to his friends and family, and holding them inside could have made suicide look logical, at that moment. We’ll never know. He will be missed always.

  269. Daisha Says:

    I am so sorry that he killed his-self i wish that he could have stayed a while longer i know that he is in a better places :(

  270. Sarah Says:

    You have left your handprint in my teenage life — Talk about daydreams!! LOL incredible tho… the print is still pristine^^

  271. Laura Cole Says:

    I just now found out that he passed, 1.1.2012. I always wondered what happened to him but never looked anything up. I would have never thought that this would happen. Its a shame how suicide is such an easy answer for young people with so much potential and great things ahead of them :(. *sigh*

  272. Tabi Says:

    I can not believe he hung himself. He is a great actor and very cute it is so so hard to believe!! /: Its always the cute,talented,and amazing actors that die young.. like Corey Haim(Lost Boys,Dream a little dream,Liscenc to drive) and River Pheonix (Stand by me.). They’re great. It’s just so sad. )): Rest In Peace Jonathan Brandis<33. I love you!!(: XOXO.

  273. Mary Says:

    I loved seeing his films and shows. If his name was in the film I was there. Your start wil always shine so bright for me J.B. R I P!! Love You!!

  274. Gary Loper Says:

    I use watch Sea Quest years ago, and started watching them again last month. I asked my wife where did he go I haven’t seen him in a while she told me about his passing. Even though its years later, I wish his family the best, Im sorry the world lost a young man this way.

  275. Barbara Says:

    When i first heard many years ago now it broke my heart i have been in love with Johnathan and his acting for a long time and followed his career..he was an angel and i was and am still upset by his life being cut so tragically short. I still cry when i see him in Seaquest .. Rest in Peace Angel missing u always x

  276. lessy Says:

    he was my teenage crush…

  277. anita Says:

    Rest In Peace Jonathan.

  278. luis vanegas Says:

    he was a good kid. plus i enjoy his movies and attitide.Is sad how some people just take life for granted and end it. in this country most people eat what they want and sleep under air conditioning and still get depress/ compare to my country nicaragua your lucky if you eat meat ones a week. spoiled young people!! god bless him hope he forgives him.

  279. Franchessica Hankins Says:

    Only the Lord above knows the why’s but I truly am heartbroken bout this news…I didnt know he was gone…My deepest sympathies and condolences go out to his family friends fans and other loved ones…rip Johnathan!!!!

  280. charmaine Says:

    TOO SAD.i am truly gonna miss his beautiful face.He was the best teen actor.I always had a crush on him since i saw him in the movie “IT”.

  281. charmaine Says:

    This is too sad,he had such a beautiful face.Gonna be missin him,he was my favourite teen actor.

  282. Amy Sincoff Says:

    I am sorry that he felt he needed to die. I recently reviewed some clippings of Jonathan and didnt realize he was in some of those tv shows. He took on many roles and would have been able to flesh more out in the future. I liked him the best at SeaquestDSV. I hope he rests in peace and his family finally made peace even though they still don’t have the complete answer to why.

  283. nicola boyle Says:

    I really sad ending to someone so young rip johnthon you alway be apart of a neverending story in my heart x

  284. falisha Says:

    this is a painful world, and sometimes it feels like the rain will never go away but it will, its sad he couldnt wait for the sunshine. what a handome talented guy :(

  285. jordan carter Says:

    i really loved his work he was a awesome actor R.I.P jonathan brandis

  286. meghan Says:

    i really wish he didn’t die I suffered doing suicide
    and i failed but i learned a very good lesson that suicide is never the answer. RIP JONATHAN WE WILL MISS U

  287. Jamie W Says:

    You will be missed

  288. nicole goupil Says:

    all be back in the life futur

  289. ghada Says:

    i didnt know him but i feel sad for him

  290. Kamala Shoop Says:

    I’m a female. Well i have not met Johathan Brandis.But i feel sorry for him.

  291. Becki Says:

    I loved him in ladybugs. I find out that he died 5 years after.

  292. jon Says:

    hum,I was reading some of these,first of all,thank you for the support.I am sorry for what I did,but you guys do not know is the hell I went through in my life.My Mom and Dad were so proud of me,I couldn`t let them down.Yes,Hart`s War was the breaking point for me,but I realized that suicied was not the answer,OK!And, I am sorry that I broke everyone`s heart,especially my parents!I am fine now and I am happy,I have living at a couples` house over in North Carolina,luckily Sandy likes ghosts,funny thing is,she can see me.I just want to say I`m sorry Mom and Dad,I never to hurt you,I told Sandy evrything there is to about what happened,if by chance you`re reading this,please understand it was not because of guys.Yes I was in pain,I did drink,and did other stuff,but PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE ME on what I did on that night!Mom,I would stay with you as a ghost,but I can`t take watching you so sadden for what I did,that`s why I left after a month of my death.Sandy is a ghost whisperer and at the moment I am happy being with her.She treats me like I am normal,not a movie star,I even asked her if she`d ever heard of me,she said,no.I just hope she dosen`t find I`m using her computer for this.So,I`m just asking everyone not be sad about me,just be happy for me,ok,that`s allI want,Bye.

  293. Jeff Eagar Says:

    I just found out jonathan and i am really sorry jeff

  294. Jeff Eagar Says:

    I just found out about jonathan after all these years and am i am so sorry .your friend jeff

  295. Kim Says:

    Thats so sad , i was just watching neverending story 2 and didnt even know abot this .

  296. lillijana Says:

    Firstly I’d like to say how very sad I am to read this news. Such a waste. A great loss to many. Secondly, for the half wit, insensitive morons pretending to be Jonathan, you disgust me. How dare you? Show some respect you foul pigs!

  297. enrico Says:

    oh.. que tristeza han de sentir sus padres y demas familiaridades oh oh oh cuanto lo siento hemos perdido un gran artista…… realmente es triste….. oh lo siento atte. enrico

  298. Carolyn Says:

    It’s been eight years since you’ve been gone and it still feels like yesterday that I heard the news of your death. I miss seeing you and TV and hearing about your life.

  299. Bitia Says:

    Sigh, i didnt even know Jonathan Brandis that much i first saw him on the movie IT and i completely fell inlove with him and his acting i cant believe hes dead… Committed suicide? Why oh why did you do that? When i heard that you died.. Tears literally started rollin down my eyes.. Its just not right for you to have left us like this your acting was such a part of your fans , We loved you! Im just still in shock , just finding that you passed away now is what hurts the most.. I never knew you were gone…
    But R.I.P i hope god in haven spare your soul
    Always love, from Bitia.



  301. Krystal Says:

    im sorry you lost hope i miss u your smile ur big blue eyes and the talent had and will miss all the aspects of you hope you have peace now

  302. CHIKARA OFFEY Says:


  303. Sad Says:

    He didn’t know his worth… Acting was not who you were. It was what you did…

  304. Whoah! Says:

    Wow! It’s so sa to read about this stuff because I loved to watch him in the never ending story part 2.. He looks just like my friend Bryce! It’s insane! Anyways he is dearly missed !

  305. Whoah! Says:

    You are dearly missed my love!

  306. meri Says:

    lost but not forgotten

  307. Kstew Says:

    Hey dude I just wanted to come by and pay my respects just in case you might see it. You had the most amazing voice and warm smile. So many people cared I just hope you now realize. Rip bro.

  308. mark Says:

    Im just now finding out now that he pass very sad. like his acting

  309. michael gerhartz Says:

    wow ididnt know he killed himself so sad he couldnt have talked to someone

  310. Kimmi Says:

    It’s a shame that you took your own life. You had so much potential and were a brilliant writer and actor. You are still loved by so many and will never be forgotten.

  311. jon Says:

    Little do you know,miss Lillijana.You don`t believe in ghosts,do you?GUESS WHAT,GHOSTS ARE AMONG YOU PEOPLE.AND LEAVE MY SPIRIT WIFE OUT OF IT,GOT IT?I was talking to my parents,NOT YOU!!!Unless your names are Mary and Gregory,I suggest you back off.

  312. Laurise Pendergrass Says:

    i, am sorry for your lost he the greaters actor

  313. jojo aldarion Says:

    beloved jonathan,always you will be loved.

  314. Marg Says:

    Remembering Jonathan,everyday and may you rest in peace.

  315. Lover girl Says:


  316. Jane Says:

    Jonathan always had such a good attitude in every movie I have seen him in and he was such a good actor I was just watching sea quest dsv and I had not seen him in along time he was sooooo cute I love u J.G.B

  317. Paige Says:

    wow for some reason i just now found out about his death, it is hard to believe i had the biggest crush on him growing up… rip jonathan

  318. morgan Says:

    dude why you go and do that now life aint so bad but you my man were amazing in my favorite movie in this world!

  319. Aaron Douthitt Says:

    He will not be forgotten. We prey God forgives. His sadness.

  320. Aaron Douthitt Says:

    He will not be forgotten. We pray, God forgive his sadness.

  321. Grymm Says:

    I remember him most in his role of “The Never Ending Story 2” he had potential and it’s sad to see a rising star fall…My condolences to his fans, family and friends.

  322. Amy Says:

    I miss hearing your voice and your smile..I remember that day like it was yesterday…calling your house and the sound of you NOT answering the phone I think was worse than the initial news….UGH…still miss you after all this time…

  323. KELLY TODD Says:

    he was my favorite person when i was a young teen.cant believe its been 9 years since his death

  324. frank Says:

    too short

  325. weenie blister Says:

    you made my snatch so moist ide eat a greasy booger out of ur nose any day

  326. Mikael Nubee Says:

    There are few people in this world that have eyes like yours, deep, true, and so vibrant. I always admired your versatility as an actor, and your ability to portray emotion on screen. I was not only shocked about this, but also deeply saddened like many others . I look into your pictures, trying to see in those eyes what was so fearful, so lonely that pushed you away from this world, but no one will ever know… May you rest well, you were loved by many.

  327. Jackie Says:

    Happy Birthday Jonathon! You have been greatly missed, may God bless you and your family.

  328. john Says:


  329. Sarah brown Says:

    I can’t believe it’s real, feels so fresh and like a dream… Much love as always

  330. Jessica Says:

    It broke my heart to hear of his death. I will always remember him.

  331. tam Says:

    i cant belive it sow sad :(

  332. tam Says:

    i just cant i still think he is alive

  333. tam Says:

    i wish he was alive agian

  334. Shakeitta Says:

    Wow. It still hurts after all these years. Strange to have such feelings for someone I never knew, someone I didn’t even know ABOUT when he was at the heydey of his career, someone I had only seen in about two or three films when I was a child and only came to love some 7 years after he was popular. Your death hit me like no other had before at the time. I still don’t understand why it was that way. Maybe the nature of the passing? So sad and sorry about how things went. So sad for your family, especially since I now know what it is like to lose someone so so close. I lost my sister recently. Terrible thing: death. I will never forget Jonathan Brandis. I wish he were still here.

  335. CHJ Says:

    Wow…I am so out of the loop! I am just seeing this and so realizing he died nearly 9 years ago! I remember him in films and that he was an impressionable and enthusiastic actor. He had alot of character. I don’t know why he was depressed, but I wish he woulda stuck it out because now he’ll never know what could’ve been. That is one reason why suicide’s not the answer: you kill yourself and you will NEVER know how things could have turned out. Patience and prayer helps.

  336. Joshua Says:

    Jonathan Brandis… you will always hold a special place in my heart. I am an actor… I used to have a striking resemblance to him. It made me want to become an actor. In Jr.high I used to get asked all the time if I was the kid from never ending story 2. R.I.P bro.

  337. melanie Says:

    Wow I just heard this I never even knew. you were a great actor and I loved watching you on tv R.I.P

  338. Jane Says:

    I have just seen an episode with Jonathon in it and I was sad that he had passed away. What a talented young man he was. So very sad.

  339. aaron elliott Says:

    sad to hear that your gone…. i hope that peace has found u…..

  340. dita Says:

    Jon, just know that u are missed everyday.

  341. Marilyn Says:

    In my childhood, I did too grow up with a little crush on JB.Completely forgot about him,until oneday I started thinking about the Never Ending Story.Looked it up on Wikapedia.Just to find out what the cute one is up to.You know the one with the big blue beautiful eyes.Wondered how he turned our.Nine Years too late.Oh he,hanged himself WTF. Very shocked and sad.Just wish Australia had told me.Just like River.P.Such sweet boys.With full lives ahead of them.Never Forgotten.xoxo RIP JB

  342. Kirstie Says:

    I am shocked, to hear of his passing a few months ago, while watching him in the movie “Outside Providence”. Rest In Peace ~

  343. natasha norman Says:

    you are my childhood actor I was so young watching
    you on t.v. shows like blossom

  344. Stephanie Jones Says:

    Its so sad to hear that this young man thought he had nothing left to live for therefore taking his own life seemed to him the most plausible thing to do when in the end it just made everyone that knew him and loved him miss him even more…RIP Jonathan/Lucas may your spirit sore with angels…you will be missed but never forgoten

  345. pr Says:

    I have just this moment read of Jonathan’s death and it is very sad to read about someone taking their own life like this. But it always strikes me, i do not mean to be insensitive why someone would do that? With no thought or consideration for the people around him, his friends having to find him, his family. Yes depression is a mental illness but does that negate all responsibility, surely there are times of clarity, you are not in a dark place 100% of the time. R.I.P Jonathan, undeniably you are a great loss from this world but i hope you have found peace wherever you may be.

  346. mimi Says:

    i love you whit all my heart jonathan brandis

  347. Christie Graham Says:

    Jonathan Brandis R.I.P.

  348. meera Says:

    RIP to U Jonathan Brandis
    *fan frm Brunei*

  349. miranda ray Says:

    Till this day I still get teary eyed he had so many ppl that loved him, I know ur in a better place rest in paradise and sleep with the angels love you gone but never forgotten R.I.P. Jonathan brandis

  350. Ray Ramtahal Says:

    I have been watching the series Seaquest Dsv on Netflix , and outof curiousity i googled Jonathan’s name to see what he is doing now , and to my shock I find that he died….I am very sorry for this amazing life that was lost, please accept my condolences….he was just amazing he had soo much to give….

  351. Helen S Says:

    He is my biggest fan! i was sad to know he passed away…. I do think of him all the time… He is so adorable to be missed,, hugs…

  352. Rachel Says:

    I was a great actor!! Watched his movies over and over again. RIP Jonathan Brandis’s You will be missed.

  353. mimi Says:

    i will always love you and you only i love you so much when i new that you where death i whas crying for 3 hours i prey for you every night the only time that i could be whit you is when i dream.

  354. shanee Says:

    Hello, I was searching online and I came across this website that has tributes to jon and there is this women on there claiming to be his mother and she basically says that he had a daughter. Check it out.www.respectance.com/brandis

  355. Jill Says:

    I loved all his movies and its so sad he is not with us now. You will be missed.

  356. karen Says:

    This is the first I have heard that Jonathan had passed away. You will be greatly missed and your talent will never be forgotton. Love and pray for you.

  357. Melinda Says:

    I knew you best, From The Never Ending Story 2 and the movie Sidekicks, Such a bright young guy you are/were. You will always sadly be missed

  358. Jessie Says:

    I was such a fan…well I still am but I feel so sad of his passing and don’t evan know him!):

  359. L.M. Says:

    He shall indeed be missed and remembered. He was a very talented and handsome being. R>I>P> Johnathan- May God Bless and watch over you and yours. Love ya.

  360. cheyenne Says:

    I’m so in love with him :'( I can’t belive he has gone , I have such a bad crush on him I didn’t even no he had died? , I cried for hours watching memorial videos on youtube , its so bad I love you so much jon , I won’t forgtet you! An when I have children I’m making sure they watch your films an love u as much as I do/did when I was your age mwah love you baby … XxxxxxxxxxX

  361. ADY LOPEZ Says:


  362. Dee Says:

    I just wanted to say that i remember him and didn’t know that he killed himself. It is so sad he was a great actor. I don’t understand when people get so depressed and they give up.

  363. Aw Says:

    I was just talking to my husband about jonathan and wondered what ever happened to him. I am so sad to have just found out he killed himself. I had such a crush on him. He was a good actor!!! He was hot!!!

  364. Cat Says:

    You may not be with us anymore but you are still remembered.

  365. Leanne Hubbard Says:

    I am so sad to discover that Jonathan Brandis has passed away, he was my first crush as a girl, I lived for Seaquest so I could see his handsome face. A real shame.

  366. Millisa Says:

    I had no clue that he had died and in a horrible way.. You will never be forgotten. You were such a shining star.

  367. Jordan Says:

    He had only to wait, he would have made a GREAT comeback. He had everything but was too sad to see it. Someone should have seen the signs. So Sad!!!

  368. Danny Glastonbury Says:

    When i was younger my peers thought i was he splitting image of Jonathan Brandis, I only just ofund out… I feel somehow a heavy heart in my chest… my sincerest appoligys to his family friends and fans.

  369. Danny Glastonbury Says:

    And i only just realised he was born in Danbury.. the first 3 and last 4 letters of my name… weird

  370. Danny Glastonbury Says:

    want proof i looked like him? email me at dvs_dannyat hotmail dotcom

  371. angel Says:

    What an idiot! This is what happens when rich white kids don’t get what they want! They throw themselves a pitty party. Sucks is was a cutie

  372. Olivia Says:

    I still miss you.

  373. Colin Says:

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  374. ROCCO Says:


  375. Paola Says:

    He was 18 years older than me, but I just fell in love of him

  376. Noddy Says:

    I just found out that he died, that’s so sad I was a big fan of him.

  377. Kristen Says:

    I loved him in the movie “IT”, and am so saddened by his passing almost 9 years ago. I wish he had been able to find something worth living for. He really was an awesome actor and still had so much potential. I adored him growing up and cry every time I see one of his movies. So much lost potential. His presence is missed.

  378. Marilyn Says:

    Just watching a rerun of ‘It’ and was reminded of the fact Jonathan tragically took his own life. I can’t help wondering what he imagined his life would be like when he played this role … and whether losing some big roles and experiencing disappointment could lead to such a desperate act. If only he had given it time and dealt with his pain … I hope he’s at peace now.

  379. Stephanie Says:

    So very sad…. I remember watching you on TV and just loving everything about you. I wish there would have been more signs so that someone could have prevented this. May your soul rest peacefully in heaven….

  380. ๋Jenifir Says:

    The NeverEnding Story II was showing on TV this morning and that’s when I found out he was gone since 2003. Never understand why he did what he did – but it is sad indeed.

    The world has lost another bright star.

  381. Barbara C Says:

    I miss you Angel and i will always love you sleep well and be at peace. Maybe we will meet someday on the other side xx

  382. shancai70 Says:

    just learned about his death now. so sad, he was such a talented boy back then :-(

  383. cleodette tubigan Says:

    that why I can’t find you anywhere and my waiting for another movie of yours is fruitless….

  384. erika Says:

    i will miss u you were a great actor

  385. slim Says:

    He is so freaking gorgeous I’m watching it&I’m like dang I haven’t seen him so I looked him up& thas when I found out about the suicide tears

  386. Mike Wilson Says:

    I loved you for years, Jonathan. I will always miss you. See you in heaven.

  387. Kerri Says:

    I only found out last year about this because that same year he died I had just had my first child and wasn’t paying attention to much else. It breaks my heart that he felt he needed to give up. Don’t blame the family and friends for not seeing signs of his sadness, I have a sister in law who took her life on December 8th 2011 and we knew she was sad and had her living with her mom and dad seeing councilors and she still killed herself in the upstairs bathroom while her mother and father were home. If someone wants to die you can’t stop them all we can do is love them the best we can when there here ,blame helps no one. I loved Jonathan as a teen and I loved SeaQuest DSV, it was a big part of my life and I will always remember Jonathan and the stinger whipping through the ocean going on another awesome adventure with Bridger and Darwin! RIP Jonathan, you will not be forgotten. My son is almost 9 and Im making sure your stories go to the next generation and I’m showing him all your SeaQuest adventures!!!

  388. Nina Says:

    Jonathan you were just too young to die. R.I.P

  389. Heather Says:

    I was total shocked that Jonathan’s life end and I was behind news lately. he was the best actor in few movies/shows, good bye.

  390. Ritz from Philippines Says:

    I was devastated to know about this only now.I run into the nearest room where i can hide and shed all my tears, ‘cuz people will surely not understand why I’m shedding tears for someone I haven’t met but only admired from afar and was dead for almost 9 years. I thought he was juz having a hiatus in his career, but today i was astonished and devastated to find out that he was gone and I can no longer see him in a new movie. I won’t be saying any ‘what if’s’ now since it is no longer necessary. Regrets can’t change anything. He must’ve no one out there to light his dark moments of his life, no one he thought could help him take out his desperation, or whatever is the reason. I could only wish that if only I got the chance to meet him and talk to him(a wish that is not new to every die-hard fans).I’ve been saying a prayer for Jon soon as i found out about his death. For almost 9 years since his death,I am hoping he is now in Heaven with God and a real angel looking down at all of us smiling with his very sweet smile. I hope he knows how much he is loved and missed. My greatest dream above all dreams is to reach Heaven and meet God, but now there’s an additional to that, I will be looking forward to finally meet Jonathan Brandis there(of course that’s not now,yet. lol. I still got lots to accomplish on Earth). I miss you, Jon. and hope to see you will come visit me in my dreams.


  391. Carole Says:

    I was watching Murder She Wrote “If the shoe fits” and looked up the cast. I always look at the biographies, especially the young actors to see what they are doing now. (And the shows from the 70’s,80’s,90’s). I loved Jonathan Brandis on the show…he was so good & cute & personable…I thought this kid has got to be doing good now…when I saw his death date, I almost screamed. It was shocking…I had to look up his name to find out what happened & saw he committed suicide…he had such a brilliant career ahead of him…I know it’s late but I offer my sympathies to his family and friends…he was such a beautiful and handsome young man that died entirely too soon…

  392. leah Says:

    neverending story 2 was my favorite movie and i loved it i still do im actully watching it right now lol but when i was younger my mom would tell me that he died and i was sad im 13 now and just to remember his awesome self im going to watch the never ending story2 and IT on his birthday and they day he passed away just so i can remember him one of my favorite actors he will be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo missed
    rest in peace jonathan :)

  393. sara Says:


  394. Lois Says:

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  395. Alexa Says:

    He was such a good kid he had lots of potencital its so sad

  396. Roger Howman Says:

    Sorry to hear you have left us. Good people like you leave footprints on peoples hearts.

  397. Mathias Says:

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  398. Christopher Northington Says:

    Jonathan, you were and awesome actor!!! I wished you knew how much people loved you and cared about you… I still think of you everyday…

  399. Tamara Cuenca: September 1st, 2012 at 17:40 pm Says:

    Jonathan’ll always be for me the best actor. You know, things are dead say they forget, but you will never be dead because you do not forget…my Guardian Angel.

  400. Tamara Cuenca Says:

    I love you!!!

  401. Eddie Says:

    Out of a hunch, I looked up in 2005 and I saw how big the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and I said, “whatever happened to Brandis.” When I looked it up it and found out what happened it blew me away. Such a great actor.

  402. Candyce Says:

    He was definently someone that I grew up with. You will always be loved and missedxoxo

  403. jonno Says:

    did not realize he was dead!. totally shocked. very sad ending.the media never talk about it, so no one ever realises what happend. r.i.p .

  404. khairul anwar Says:

    i love u jb we always remmeber you always…….. go in peace my friends…

  405. khairul anwar Says:

    the neverending story was nice movie i see

  406. khairul anwar Says:

    you are my number 1 in my heart jonathan brandis i your big fan

  407. Pam watson Says:

    So young so sad had his whole life before him RIP Jonathan

  408. olaf stamer Says:

    he was a bright guy that had a good career ahead of him but we will never know why may you have found peace johnathan r.i.p

  409. flicka Says:

    tonight I just search in google for his name, I’m shocking when reading this news…he’s a good actor…hope he rest in peace…

  410. Patricia Says:

    I did not know he died. He was an excellent actor in Seaquest I watched the show faithfully. He will truelly be missed.

  411. myrna taylor Says:

    thought he was great, and very talented. it’s always sad to lose anyone with so much promise. loved him in seaQuestDSV. may there be comfort for all whom adored him, knowing he brought so much joy to his fans!

  412. Carlos Marmo Says:

    Deus Está Contigo!!!

  413. Lovella Says:

    i heard about it years ago. never believed it. geeze, such a wonderful actor. i wonder though, if he had a close friend he could really talk to, then maybe he wouldn’t have done what he thought he had to do.

  414. Angela Moore Says:

    I was heart broken and shocked that Jonathan Brandis had died he will always be my favorite actor

  415. Angela Moore Says:

    I was hoping to meet him someday and try to get him to work on one of my script that I had written after film school :-(

  416. ingrid K zicher Says:

    i ahve been your fan since 1992 and i found out that you had committed suicide in 2006 i love u and will always love u no matter what. Megan, ur dog, Mary ur mother, and Gregory ur father. I dont know them but i love them too. Jon: u will always be in my heart even though i think it is silly to do something like that. u had my home-girl: yep Tatiana ali (ashley)

  417. angelique Says:

    repose en paix cher Jonathan ont t aime tes fans sont toujour la et ne t on pas oublier

  418. Nene Says:


  419. Alyson Doherty Says:

    So sorry that your gone. I was a member of your fan club and still have your picture you signed. You are truly missed all these years later. Rest in peace Jonathan

  420. kyle Says:

    ladybugs is my favourite movie

  421. Tea Says:

    I wrote a love letter to Brandis when I was a teen crushing on him. Such a tragedy. Your truly missed ! So sad that more directors didn’t try to cast him- wasted talent :(

  422. Alexandra Says:

    He was a handsome young man. I cant believe that he killed himself

  423. mimi Says:

    i am all dressed in black because today ist been 10 year that jonathan died xxxxxxooooooooo!!!!!

  424. mimi Says:

    sorry for the xo its my friend that did that


  425. mimi Says:


  426. mimi Says:

    my friend did it again

  427. mimi Says:


  428. mimi Says:

    i am sick of my fried

  429. Janey Says:

    He looked Sooo much like Matthew Gray Gubler! He will live on That way- and depression is an illness- it’s like appendicitis of the soul, and it never quits- poor baby! I think it’s bad to be sad for an entire afternoon- but years- unfathomable. Poor baby- maybe you’ll be happier in this next life!

  430. BOSTON MAN Says:


  431. mimiki Says:

    i have whatch 40 time the neverending story 2

  432. mimi kiki Says:

    jonathan will always be in my heart no matter what i will always love you i alway whatch is movies r.i.p

  433. william lee Says:

    u will be missed a lot

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