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John Wayne

Born: 1907-05-26 - Died: 1979-06-11
Cause of Death:
Stomach Cancer

Death Summary: John Wayne died of stomach cancer on June 11, 1979. He was 72.

Who was John Wayne : The most famous American actor of western movies. Duke, as he was also known, was involved in more than 200 films and won an Oscar for best actor for "True Grit" (1969).
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59 Signatures in John Wayne's guestbook

  1. BRIAN W SMITH Says:

    Hi Duke,thanks for many hours of pleasure Susan and I have had sharing your company in the films you have made. Sorry we could not meet you in person.Love Susan and Brian

  2. Michael Parr Says:

    Mr.Wayne.You are still my Hero.If i could have ever wished to meet an actor to been able to sit down and talk to. It would have been you “Duke” My favorite westerns that you filmed. Was “True Grit”and “Big Jake”. You have touched many lives with your words. Thanks for being a true American. I will allways miss you and love ya! You will allways go on living in our eyes in the movies. You will never be forgotten. May you Rest in Peace John Wayne.

  3. mike james Says:

    i grew up watching the duke and i have missed his presents on many films,i will always be thinking of him

  4. Steve Johannes Says:

    Mr Wanye there is only one thing I can say “simply the best that ever was”. Thank you for the memories sir.

  5. Misty Says:

    There has never been a better Duke and Never will. You will be missed my friend. Happy Hunting on the other side. I really enjoyed your films..my favorite, Mclintock!. See you on the flipside.

  6. Mark Noble Says:

    Ive loved The Duke as far back as I can remember. I would beg my Dad to let me stay up late to watch a John Wayne movie My Favs The Alamo,True Grit,Big Jake,McQ,and Brannigan. I didnt realize He died on june 11th both my children were born in june one on the 10th and the other on the 14th,Rest well my friend I will see you soon.

  7. Paddy Mc Says:

    You are my hero and always will be I was only young when you passed away. I which I could hav e met you, there will never be another Duke or any one close to it. R.I.P.

  8. bk bonamy jr Says:

    bernard k bonamy jr

  9. bk bonamy jr Says:

    i love every movie the duke star in may god bless his family and friends

  10. joe foster Says:

    john wayne is my fav actor i like all his movieone of my fav movie is the searchers, big jake and a lot more that can not list here rest in peace duke everyone’s hero



  12. J.T. mcgv Says:

    one of a kind, top notch

  13. robert parker Says:

    i grew up watch you john youy were and still are my hero and i still today watdh your movies you were and will always be great

  14. Jos Baker Jr. Says:

    My most favored actor. Was raised watching all of his movies with my dad and granddad. He was a family hero and always will be.

  15. Jim King Says:

    goffy bastard

  16. RUSTY CRAIG Says:


  17. Dennis Scott Says:

    I grew up with you in my life and still watch all the old films again and again. My father never missed a single show of you, God rest his soul. A true great. Im 41 yrs old but as soon as i see you on film, i close my eyes and im right back in my childhood with all the shooting and the shouting. Great stuff of legends never grows old and i will still enjoy watching your films with my children and grand children. Your my number one actor and hero.

  18. John W Dudley Says:

    Dear Friend:
    I express my sincere condolences to you and your family.
    When death separates family members, such great loss can result in deep sorrow. Abraham wept over the death of his beloved wife, Sarah. (Genesis 23:2) Even the perfect man Jesus “gave way to tears” when his friend Lazarus died. (John 11:35) So it is natural to experience sadness when death claims someone you love. However, Christians know that there will be a resurrection. (Acts 24:15)
    Think what it would mean to see a time when death would be no more! Never would you have to go to a cemetery and mourn the loss of someone you loved. Never would you experience the heartache of looking at a marker that tells where your loved one is lying in the ground beneath your feet. Instead, your loved ones would always be with you in the land of the living. That such a time will come is not empty imagination. It will be a reality as surely as the sun rises every morning. It is a dependable promise, given by the only One capable of fulfilling it.
    Jehovah is eager to bestow blessings. We have every reason to place complete confidence in the promises of Jehovah, “the God of truth.”—Psalm 31:5.

    May Jehovah bless you and your family with peace.
    John W Dudley
    http://www.deafusa.com “Death is Swallowed Up Forever!”

  19. dave Says:

    one hell of a model american man r.i.p duke alive in out hearts

  20. gail harwood Says:

    love you sexy been watching you since 1954 and still do

  21. Beth Says:

    Hi Mr Wayne,
    You have been my hero since, l was 5yrs and you still. Seen all your movies and now my grandchildren are. You will live on in all our hearts, and you will never be forgotten. May you rest in peace

  22. Keith Pearce Says:

    ALL time hero what a star, sadly missed, they certainly don’t make them like the Duke anymore

  23. Velma Bruchmiller Says:

    You are the best movie star in the world,they don’t make western’s like that any more. My husband and I have all of your movies you ever made, we love to watch them over and over on the weekends. You will never be forgotten in our home. May you rest in peace John WAYNE.

  24. JOHN WAYNE Says:


  25. Clarence Grochowski Says:

    YOU WERE TRULY THE GREATEST “Actor” to ever play Cowboys & Western Movies. Our world will be lost, without you, lighting up our lives with the old westen days, I have been watching your movies since I was 8 years old, that’s 59 years ago. God Bless you Mr. Wayne. C. J. Grochowski

  26. arthur ,j,gallagher ,sr Says:

    if i could have been any one else in this world i would have chosen to be you/ reast in peace john (DUKE) wayne ==youll never be forgottin

  27. john walker Says:

    your always in my heart. your the best of all the actors. I love true grit because you had grit, most people dont know what that is, Ill miss you, god bless you always.

  28. mark crego Says:

    you may not have been wronged, or laid a hand on, but we sure was when we lost you. Rest in peace, duke.

  29. maggie Says:

    best cowboy ever loved your walk

  30. Dann Wayne Says:

    God Bless ya, John.

  31. Robert Werdann Says:

    A real Man, Where have all the men gone.

  32. Jimmy Wilkins Says:

    Simply the best.You will be missed.

  33. T.Jozwick Says:

    31 years ago I lost my hero.

  34. Elizabeth Breeding Says:

    R.I.p with lots of love

  35. michael davis Says:

    i enjoyed many hours of entertaimenment and great acting from the duke glad i grew up with his movies

  36. antonio rocha Says:

    great duke

  37. Geoff Gane Says:

    A phenomenon. Icon

  38. Kim G Says:

    Love McClintock. My favorite of all. You will always be the DUKE

  39. dave bartnes Says:

    you were and still are the best western actor that ever lived

  40. BOB SPURGEON Says:


  41. Pamela Osburn Says:

    Goodbye Pilgrim. You were my hero.

  42. diann becker Says:

    John Wayne was and always will be the “DUKE” of Hollywood. A great actor and Humanitarian!

  43. mary Says:

    He was a true american and will never be forgotten.

  44. Kathy Lashley Cannon Says:

    For my mom who was a true fan

  45. Nigel Harper Says:

    The most inspirational and influential actors that I idolised as a kid and even today I will watch the old films and admire his acting skills. I went to Monument valley and followed in his footsteps. “Dont look now but there are ingins on the hill” Always Duke

  46. Nigel Harper Says:

    The most inspirational and influential actor that I idolised as a kid and even today I will watch the old films and admire his acting skills. I went to Monument valley and followed in his footsteps. “Dont look now but there are ingins on the hill” Always Duke

  47. Clint Says:

    John Wayne was the greatest actor, hollywood has ever seen. He made nothing but great movies through his career… The world hasn’t been the same since he passed away !! I loved him ….


    the one and only cowboy hero RIP

  49. josh Says:

    john wayne was and always will be my hero rip john wayne

  50. Jodie Jimenez Says:

    You have always been my hero…love and miss you

  51. patrick p boyles sr Says:

    the greatest american. we need him now.

  52. Eric S Slippey Says:

    There will never be another actor of your caliber.

  53. Doo Dad Says:

    John you were the best, RIP pardner, and I for one miss you very much

  54. Patrick Doyle Says:

    “Courage is being scared and saddling up anyway”, my motto for my 28 years in the military, thanks John.

  55. Tom Timberman Says:

    God wanted an angel with “True Grit” Thanks for the memories Mr.Wayne … Thanks!

  56. w h parker, jr (hal) Says:

    You were the best! I wish I could have met you. Love, Hal Parker

  57. Steve C. Says:

    I wish I could have met this MAN. A true American that was a serious role model for a lot folks. This man helped make some people the honest hard working Americans that they are today.

  58. jan Says:

    Thank you Lord for reruns. Love ya Duke.

  59. Pam watson Says:

    Such a great actor still missed but never forgotten RIP Mr wayne

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